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Yesterday was not right. I watched the Apple 2020 Developer Conference this morning and felt a little bland in my heart. Only Airpods Pro is always a god!
After the conference, I briefly summarized the content of the conference.
The only bright spot is the new technology of Airpods and the Arm version of Mac. Although it will take 2 years to completely convert, this is indeed a new breakthrough.
IOS has become more like Android + WeChat, SIRI positioning is more like Xiao Ai classmates, the map is more virtuous, ipad system is mac-based, Mac system is compatible, most software functions have nothing to do with us, privacy is a bit interesting,But only guard against gentlemen and not villains.
But I am very confident of the domestic APP gangsters. They can have 100 ways to make you willingly hand over your teeth, playing gangsters, but their old skills are dead.
My feelings for Apple are more complicated.
On the one hand, I am not satisfied with Apple’s products, so I don’t use Apple as the main force in daily use. Of course, using ipad pro to brush the B station is not counted.
On the other hand, I am full of respect for Apple.
So today I want to talk to everyone, why can Apple beat the user’s needs, drain the user’s wallet and become the big daddy of the user’s kneeling?
Apple’s many anti-human product logics and more anti-human prices, how to make users want to stop crying dad I want?
Could it be that the legendary father-to-child filial piety is proverbal love?
So today, I plan to talk about the logic behind the Apple Cow X.
In my personal opinion, although the Apple series products are good-looking, they generally have a low cost performance. In order to sacrifice performance for design, the price of accessories is outrageous, the durability is comparable to Okamoto, the signal is at midnight, the endurance is used to generate electricity, and the power is thermal power.A series of problems such as severe fever, sand sculptures for interface design, etc.
But Apple’s sales, profits, and even word of mouth are still beating its peers, and there must be some magical posture behind this.
Many friends mentioned Apple, always talking about the sense of design, thrilling details and experience, the concept of daring to be the first in the world, etc. These are all right, but they are not the real threshold.
Leading-edge design, thrilling details, and the concept of daring to be the first in the world. These products have already achieved the ultimate.
Is my Nokia blocking bullets enough?Not enough bullets, can I stop the bombs enough?
A certain mobile phone can even be directly transformed into a bomb. For a while, the plane is not allowed to bring it, is it enough to be awsome?
More extreme is designed for high-end people, man-machine separation of 10 meters automatically explode without leaving privacy of the top mobile phone, is it thrilling enough?
And when it comes to daring to dominate the world, the 8848 titanium mobile phone showed a disdainful smile. In front of the gorgeous combination of 8848 and E people and E books, Apple really can only be regarded as a small tool for young people to work, and others are called real.Mountain high artificial peak?
Only with a sterling silver tray holding a piece of paper with a wifi password on it, will it have an internal taste.
So these things are not the essential reason for Apple’s success.
In my opinion, there are four core reasons for Apple’s success, the first three are science, and the fourth is metaphysics.
Science and metaphysics have strong power, such as fortune telling with big data.
A few days ago, Newton’s ID card was lost. He found a big data fortune teller. He collected 99 pieces. He calculated the ID card at the northwest corner of the bed.Whose bed needs to add 99.
After Newton teacher paid another 99, they couldn’t figure it out directly, because everyone’s IQ was not on the line, because they had no fate, and then blacked him directly.
Until now, Teacher Niu is still guessing whose bed is it. Will I tell him that it is my bed?Obviously not.
He didn’t know how many wild men he had to go outside when he got his ID card. I had to take good care of him for his wife.
The friendship of men is sometimes so pure.
Where is Apple’s core competitiveness?
First, lead the supply chain system of an era, the ultimate control of the supply chain, the ultimate efficiency of inventory turnover and the product strategy of draining the potential of the supply chain.
Many people mention Apple, the first word is design sense, yes, Apple products have a sense of design no matter whether they look good or not, just like many models look like the scene of the old eight, but there is a so-called advancedThe metaphysics of sense is in it.
Although Apple has also designed Qi Liuhai and the rear Yuba, such ugly things, but the overall design level of Apple is no problem.
But design is not Apple’s core competitiveness.
Designing this thing is always drawn on paper, and the pen is for you, and you can start it.
Concept maps of products made by various gods on the Internet, from mobile phones to cars to spaceships, one game is one punk, one is cooler than one, and one is bigger than a brain, but it has no value.
And in front of Teacher Chuan’s idea of ​​metaphysical rocket design, it is simply not creative.
Moreover, when it comes to design, the design skills of peers in the mobile phone industry are not insignificant.
Does Mix have no sense of design?Xiaomi has always been the best design without design. To put it bluntly, there is no design.When the mix screen appeared, who would dare to say that Xiaomi’s design would not work?
Mix uses its own efforts to promote millet to match the ecological coarse grains.
Does Nex have a sense of design?The ground-breaking lifting camera is not only cool, but also makes many apps secretly using the front camera to shoot in a mess, because the nex camera will rise as soon as it is called, just like a middle finger, poked inOn their big ass, they were prompted to peek at another posture.
Nex has used its own efforts to improve the technology of big data companies peeping into user privacy.
Does the hammer TNT have a design sense?Watching Teacher Luo sweating on the stage and shouting Sister Long live, can you still see the art of crosstalk bridge design more pinnacle than this?When Guo Degang watched the live broadcast, he called out to an expert.
TNT has subverted the crosstalk industry with its own efforts.
Everyone will design this thing, but Apple’s core competitiveness is that it can not only design, but also allow these designs to be landed at a reasonable cost, and mass production and supply, and it is the earliest belt before the collective evolution of the industry.Into this world.
Everyone feel the power of this sentence.
Not only come early, but also by coincidence;
Not only crazy during the day, but also fierce at night;
Not only the quantity is rich, but the flow is sufficient;
Who can stand this?
When MP3 and MP4 are both Tetris, ipod suffle, ipod nano, ipod classic, ipod mini, ipodtouch, etc. lead the industry for an era, and mass production is listed, relying on the sales of these hardware, hit the itunes ecology, for the backThe accumulation of the app store ecosystem in the smart era has been completed.
When mobile phones are bricks with different shapes + buttons, iphone is ahead of the times, and mass production is listed. Relying on hardware sales, it has sharply polished the high level of A series chips.The A12Z processor used by the Mac is even comparable to Intel. Of course, compatibility is another aspect. This needs to be seen and waited for, but it is a breakthrough step. It is not an exaggeration. This requires a lot of capital investment and trial, and a large number of products.Powered by Apple’s hardware foundation.
In addition to the A series of chips, there is the Appstore ecology, which is a money printing machine.
Ever heard of the Apple tax?
In the past, appstore only divided app download sales, and later, the scope became wider.
As long as you are an APP listed in the appstore, your virtual recharge will pay Apple a 30% Apple tax, not to mention the game. Even many female anchors are asking for rewards when they are trying to win the rewards.Because I want to be drawn 30% by Apple, it can be called the king of the old bustard, and even WeChat and Weibo are enough cattle, and they are not exempt from Apple tax. Recently, everyone is tearing X. Weibo even directly recommends that you use Android to recharge.
While abroad, Spotify and Netflix are also protesting the Apple tax, and even the EU.
Whether this thing is done by Apple is good or not, but it is possible to collect money on such a large scale, relying on the huge hardware base of the iPhone. In my site, you have to listen to me.
Teacher Jay Chou has seen everything through.
When the notebooks are all silly and thick black books that are essential for Xiwu people, the moment when the macbook was taken out of the envelope by Joe’s helper, it shocked the world, saying it was a violation of advertising laws.
These are all achieved by relying on hardware strength and supply chain system.
Apple’s so-called software ecosystem closed-loop is essentially brought about by its own powerful hardware industry. No matter how strong the ecology is, no one uses your hardware to count as a fart ecology.
Without hardware foundation, how to charge Apple tax?
Oh by the way, all kinds of expensive first-party accessories of Apple, as well as lighting charging ports like sand sculptures on iphone, are essentially a hardware-based Apple tax, so in terms of accessories, I will always support Huaqiangbei, Huaqiangbei, Forever.
But no matter what, Apple’s ecology and design, in the final analysis, stem from Apple’s horrible ability to control the supply chain.
In the supply chain, Apple is the real dad. Various exclusive design solutions, exclusive parts customization, exclusive molds, various priority supply rights, Apple will even throw money on suppliers to help them improve their craft, and thenFeed huge orders.
Some people have heard the word, Apple concept stocks, refers to companies in Apple’s supplier system. When a company can be absorbed by Apple as a supplier, it means that this company is good enough to be seen by Apple.Often the stock price will go up.
Conversely, when a company is kicked out of Apple’s suppliers, it brings avalanche of stock prices.
This is the power of Apple.
Foxconn has existed for many years, but only after OEM Apple was it really recognized by consumers as its cattle X. Everyone’s knowledge of major foundries was also inspired from the Apple era.
The entire domestic electronics manufacturing industry cannot be said to have been brought up by Apple, but Apple has contributed here. Although Apple’s subjective purpose is to reduce costs and obtain benefits, the objective is indeed to leave behind technical precipitation and manufacturing.The technical upgrading of the industry and solving the employment problem of a large number of workers are very real.
This will help companies in my country’s industrial upgrading, more and more good, otherwise why Tesla’s factory construction is so smooth, is to see the powerful effect of Apple in the electronics industry, want to repeat a wave of cars.
Compared with the scale of the automobile industry, mobile phones are just younger brothers.
In addition to its status as a dad in the supply chain, Apple’s own control over inventory turnover is beyond its peers.
For the digital industry, inventory is very fatal, because digital products not only have high capital costs, but also technology iterations are too fast and depreciation is too fast. After the season, they may be worthless and become electronic waste. Inventory consumption is notIf it is lost, it may be finished.
Why Xiaomi has been playing the monkey, is afraid of suppressing goods, this is not stupid or bad, this is a last resort, suppressing goods is really terrible.
Even before, Lu Shiwa proudly said that he has consumed all 4G mobile phone inventory and only does 5G.
Why can he be so proud that he is out of state, because the previous position of Jin Li has fallen, although the direct reason is the chairman’s gambling, but before the gambling, Jin Li was not good enough. Teacher Lu really experienced the despair of inventory squeeze.
So in 618, Lu Shiwa slapped his own face. Redmi K30P was scolded by the old users for the price reduction, but there is no way. The inventory is life-threatening.It’s a thorough look, it’s a macho guy.
What is the point of Apple’s inventory management? I said a detail. Wasn’t the new ipad pro listed some time ago? Many people set their ipad pro on Apple’s official website before responding to themselves online, but shortly after the new version was released, AppleDirectly notify the replacement of the new version of iPad Pro delivery.
What does this stand for?
On behalf of Apple, when the new version of the iPad Pro was released and shipped, the old version of the inventory was basically cleared. This kind of turnover ability is a bit exaggerated, which can be said to be the dream of peers.
In addition, if you look closely at the outer packaging of Apple products, you can find that these years have been getting smaller, using less material and smaller area, packaging the same product.
Is it to save money on packaging?
No, it is because an aircraft can load more products at once, and inventory turnover can be faster.
Apple’s iteration and sensitivity to turnover rate is really the industry’s peak.
The ultimate pursuit of supply chain control and turnover rate control is derived from the squeezing of the potential of the supply chain, commonly known as eating the last bit of Origen.
This year’s new iPhone SE is a representative of the typical supply chain accessories destocking. Each part has a historical atmosphere, which can be called a historical record in mobile phones.
It is recommended that Cook be renamed Sima Ku.
Although the product style is extremely Sima, it has to be said that this product is beautiful, not only squeezing the surplus value of the previous generation supply chain, but also using brand value and lower prices to grab many users from Android.
Oh yes, in the past 618 e-commerce war, in addition to subsidies from major platforms, Apple officials also came to the end for price reduction for the first time, in order to squeeze out the last trace of the potential of these molds, clean up inventory, and harvest the final glory of 4G.Happy to welcome the arrival of 5G.
So why did Jobs, a Zuan and punk man, give up position to Cook instead of Mr. Luo?
Because Jobs is very clear, Apple has been relying on product design and ecology in recent years, but it is inseparable from the support of hardware and supply chain. There is no supply chain, and radical design alone, Jobs has already died by himself..
The person in charge of Apple’s supply chain has always been Mr. Cook. Cook has always been the man behind Jobs, the real pillar.
Behind every successful man, there is a strong man.
When it comes to radical design, but the death of the supply chain, you have to mention the entrepreneurial master Luo Yonghao.
If Teacher Luo could eat the supply chain when T1 was released, Hammer might have acquired Apple.
Second, Apple is good at perceiving users’ minds, redefining product concepts, and is good at using ecosystems to trap users.
Looking closely at Apple’s products, the positioning is actually very special. It belongs to both being able to play and not being able to play. The advantages and disadvantages are as outstanding.
Apple’s product positioning is different from other brands. In essence, everyone is playing a misplaced competition, which is why Apple is so different.
You thought he would take out a long gun and a cannon, but in fact he took out a toilet and scratched it, making you feel the pleasure of the prostate all at once, and couldn’t stop it.
I take 2 products as examples.
One is macbook.
I have used this product for a long time. Seriously, I find it difficult to use, because the MAC OS system does not meet my habits, and the office three-piece support is very unfriendly. With such a high configuration, I used a spreadsheetWriting a function keeps crashing, the keyboard is extremely difficult to use, and the fever is very serious, and the battery life is not good.
In particular, the high configuration coordination is actually a single heat pipe. This Sima design makes me really do not understand what this thing is thinking. This operation is simply a pear flower pressing a begonia.Pity me.
But this is not important.
Because a careful analysis will reveal that there are three core users of macbook.
The first one is for users who have design needs. Many software wins under the MAC OS ecosystem are not or not convenient enough, and the screen of Macbook is really good.
The second type, the programmer community, a small part is because the MAC OS is generated based on unix, and many things will run on it and the configuration environment will be simple, or just agree with the Apple brand.
Most programmers are macbooks directly issued by many technology companies, and programmers usually use them.
In fact, if you count IT programmers, not just the Internet, WIN’s coverage will be wider, but the MAC is the MAC.
The third, very mild users, is not important for what you use, it may really be word typing, and it has a very weak perception of performance, but a very strong perception of the appearance of the product. It can be used to install X, especially if it is worthy.Starbucks, X is the first productive force.
The first two people don’t have to say whether they’re doing it themselves, but the demand and the company have the final say. The third person represents the majority. It doesn’t have such strong requirements for notebook performance, but the appearance is more important.
In any case, these three users have different needs for price and performance from traditional notebook users, and Apple accurately caught this difference.
So did you find out that in front of macbooks, my kind of users who have strong demand for productivity and performance of win series are only a few.
This is where Apple’s products are positioned very well. You think he has a different approach. In fact, his coverage is the public.
Otherwise, after the Macbook, all integrated ultrabooks on the market have the shadow of this product.
The second example is Airpods, this headset.
Seriously, when it comes to what is most needed for headphones, what is your first response?
It is sound quality.
Before Apple, the main promotion of headphones was sound quality, and everyone agreed.
The sound quality of the headset has entered the category of metaphysics, and even began to discuss the impact of thermal power, wind power, hydropower and even nuclear power on the sound quality of the headset.
Compared with the headphone ring, the shoe ring is already the right light.
Apple’s definition of headphones is completely different.
From Apple’s point of view, the sound quality of the headphones is not important. The most important thing is the ultimate portability. It is a seamless feeling and a gentle touch. It is similar to the design concept of Sophie, Anerle, and Seven Degrees Space.
So Airpods appeared, the main wireless thin.
When Airpods was first released in 2016, the market was stale, because the sound quality of this headset is really not good, perfectly inheriting the sound quality of beats acquired by Apple, and piracy is better than the genuine sound quality.
However, this is not important.
Because this headset is really extremely portable, the product interaction design is excellent, and it is comfortable to wear, so comfortable that you always forget to take it off or even the headset is dropped.
And more importantly, the profit of Airpods is extremely high. The net profit of Apple’s single Airpods product is tens of billions of scale, which exceeds the annual net profit of a giant mobile phone manufacturer’s group.
So in this press conference, an important technical update for Apple was given to Airpods, because it is really making money.
Airpods gave a lesson directly to the headset industry. Your understanding of user needs is limited. You think users want hard-core sound quality. In fact, users want gentle touch.
After Airpods, not only the happy cottage of Huaqiang North, but also the outbreak of the entire TWS headset industry, various brands have begun to make such headsets, all with the shadow of Airpods.
This ability to gain insight into the user’s mind, redefine product concepts, and cleverly grasp the market is indeed strong.
In addition, Apple has been doing one thing, in addition to using ecological taxation, is to use ecological stickiness to stick users.
The typical representative is icloud.
Many Apple users around me are actually far from admiring the Apple series, and have complained about all kinds of problems with Apple’s stuff all day. But when I changed the machine, I chose Apple.
Because it is convenient.
Because Apple accounts are common to multiple devices, as long as icloud is connected to the Internet, it can be synchronized to change machines. Of course, icloud, which has been accidentally logged in to the family, syncs with many thrilling photos, which leads to pure natural green hair coloring.
I know that the Android system can be implemented now, but the problem is that many Apple users are reluctant to toss this thing.
The mobile phone is a tool, and the various materials and contents in the mobile phone are important. People don’t want to take this risk, so they trap a user.
Of course, every mobile phone factory is trying to do this. Huawei is currently the best.
But the Apple Cattle and Fork is that it has been doing this for more than ten years. This moat is like a heifer to the Mariana Trench, and the cow X has reached the bottom.
In fact, Apple users don’t necessarily like Apple, but human nature just doesn’t like toss or laziness, and the number of these people is very large, which forms Apple’s basic market.
Apple itself is clearly aware of this, so when iterating the product, it is obvious that the product rhythm is designed in consideration of the existence of stock users changing machines, and the supply chain is also fully cooperating.
So have you found out, why the minimum storage capacity of Apple products has been rising, is it their conscience that they have discovered, or is it that they are actually in order to undertake the capacity needs of replacement users?
When supply chain and product awareness are at their best, it is not surprising that Apple has achieved this predictive effect.
Just like human beings who understand that Wang Zizi has returned from the sun and mastered the disinfectant injection method and Twitter self-detonation technique, no one knows the world better than him.
Third, Apple’s brand marketing has achieved the point of direct PUA users’ minds.
When you mention the Apple brand, what is your reaction?
Even if it is not high-end, extreme, elegant, geek and other words, it must be a variety of neutral words, such as unique.
In any case, it will not be linked to Low.
Even if it is said that Apple’s cost-effectiveness is low, it is X, it will not say Apple Low.
Apple may not be considered high-end this year, but it has no chance with Low.
This is the effect of Apple’s brand marketing over the years. Everyone’s perception of this brand is of high added value. Even if you don’t like it, you have to admit that Apple has merit.
If you have a chance, you should try Apple products at least.
Think about whether your feelings for Apple are like this.
This is almost the same as scum man playing PUA, as long as there is a chance, you will fall.
Due to highly developed supply chain management and higher pricing, the profit margin of Apple products has been quite high.
And the brand achieves this level is the key to Apple can support a high profit cycle.
Although everyone knows that Apple’s profit margin is extremely high, and it is recognized that Apple is indeed more expensive, it is accepted that Apple’s premium, and that Apple sells so expensive is a matter of course.
When people talk about IQ tax, they rarely use Apple as an example.
Whether it is the so-called system uniqueness or behavior habits, or the reasons such as the high efficiency of Apple’s family bucket, everyone generally accepts this logic.
Except for Sony Dafa, all other brands, no matter how good they are, will always be constrained by cost performance.
Of course, Apple also has a price-performance ratio, but this price-performance ratio is relatively expensive compared to Apple’s previous pricing.
As long as the minimum memory is slightly increased, the new product will be defaulted to true fragrance, and other products at the same price, double the configuration.
This is the power of brand marketing, which can reconstruct everyone’s perception of brand and cost performance.
Because Apple is a brand that does not mention the price/performance ratio at the beginning. Since the era of Steve Jobs and the well-known Think Different series of commercials, Apple has not mentioned the price/performance ratio, only the concepts of technology, innovation, adventure, and geeks.Since the beginning of the year, Apple is the ultimate in technology.
The ultimate in technology, it’s more expensive to sell, it’s not surprising.
Many Apple fans have a belief that Apple is spending money to buy a belief.
As long as something involves the so-called faith, then there really is no reason to speak.
Even in the early years, Apple’s position in the country has already achieved the concept of general equivalents or distinguishing people.
At that time, you used Apple, and you didn’t use Apple, it was already a type 2 person, which led a large number of people to blindly pursue Apple, and some of them were in debt and even more excessive.
Now everyone says that selling the kidney terrier is actually a joke, but at that time, this thing was not exactly a joke.
This is almost the same as the routine of luxury goods, not talking about the price, only talking about the unique temperament, but you will just pay for it, because what you buy is a self-label and a sense of identity.
Although the unit price of luxury goods is higher, it still loses compared with Apple.
Because Apple is a rare brand that believes in standardized industrial products, and under the premise that everyone knows Apple’s high profits, it also protects the reputation of the brand, which can even be called a miracle.
Strong supply chain capabilities, and derived strong cargo turnover capabilities.
Unique understanding of product positioning and user mentality.
Brand propaganda for users like brainwashing.
The above three points can be said to be scientific, but this is not irreproducible.
Apple’s true competitiveness also has a metaphysical advantage that other brands do not have, that is, gifts from ancestors.
Now we have to say the fourth point, the ancestral graves are smoking.
Perhaps many people will be confused, what is the gift?
We all know that there is an old saying that failure is the mother of success.
As we all know, Apple’s parent company is called a hammer.
The hammer phone failed.
What are these friends?
This is the standard failure is the mother of success.
This is almost the same standard sacrificial flow as foul play.
It can’t be said that the ancestral graves were burning blue smoke. It was possible to fly a gundam directly into the ancestral graves and rush towards the sun. Then, when returning, the sun was brought back to bring the earth down.
I even suspected that Apple was in a dilemma of innovation. In order to get out of the dilemma, I opened the tips left by Mr. Jobs before leaving, and then found a way to directly use my right to speak in the supply chain to give the hammer mobile phone that is about to take off.The hammer, which caused the hammer to eventually explode in the supply chain, completed the sacrifice.
A few days ago, I also saw Mr. Luo carrying an Apple mobile phone in the live broadcast room. In a trance, I seemed to see Mr. Jobs laughing in the sky.
Everything is the best arrangement.
So everyone understand, why is Apple so bullish?
Science plus metaphysics is the most powerful force of this era.
I would call it quantum mechanics.
Therefore, quantum mechanics is the origin of this world.

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