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In the past, the stories that attracted us were capital-led big mergers and acquisitions, the rise and counterattack of unicorns, and the hot and hot roadshow of startup cafes.But now, the news that occupies the top of the major technology media includes: the extreme privacy of the “Qing Yu Nian” couple, the breakup of Luo Zhixiang and Zhou Yangqing in the entertainment circle, and the “time management technique” of the male host.
Especially for some waist companies, the news has become less and less.Perhaps there will be a new wave, based on new and unknown technology, there will also be new areas of coverage that will generate new great reports.But now, the industry is getting calmer, at least for a technology reporter.
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I don’t know when it started, the Internet industry is becoming more and more calm, at least for a technology reporter.
It is difficult to find a clear node, suggesting when to start, and the reports that make science and technology reporters sympathize less and less. In addition to talking about money, this industry is also skilled at starting gossip.Since last year, the “Qing Yu Nian” couple has become a hot spot: the tears in the circle of friends, the extreme privacy of the husband and wife, the high-profile snatch of the official seal, and the wave of advancement in an orderly manner; Tmall President Jiang Fan’s wife Weibo shouted Zhang Dayi,The gossip about the senior executive and the predecessor of the Internet celebrity has swept the hotspot of the technology circle for a few days; the entertainment circle Luo Zhixiang and Zhou Yangqing broke up, and the “time management technique” of the male host, even occupying the top of the major technology media.And those touching reports, such as the destruction of Luo Yonghao’s idealism, the loss of Wei Lai’s car, or the tender past of Douban, are really as rare as Morningstar.
The big companies in the head still have a lot of “big” news: Meituan’s market value exceeds 100 billion US dollars, fulfilling Wang Xing’s aspirations in 2015; the stock price of Pinduoduo, which went online in 2015, doubled in two months, and the market value reached 83.8 billion.US dollar; Didi spent 7 years to burn 50 billion yuan and declared himself profitable, Liu Qing said very low-key: small profits.
But some waist companies, even former stars, can only appear on the fringes of the media: Kuaishou and cooperate to sell goods, Ctrip acquires Dutch OTA group Travix.Sanitary ware retail and furniture retail companies; Vipshop will be mentioned because of the release of the first quarter financial report that is not surprising.
Slightly stripping the name and data, you will find that these messages are related to the same thing-money, of course, is a lot of money.But these former technology reporters Yu Ningkun, who is already in the consulting industry, are “boring” in their eyes. This is nothing new and is not the “news” in his mind.It’s even a bit boring to the point that there is only money left.
Yu Ningkun had already made a personal judgment about this before he changed his career: the Internet is more and more like a traditional industry, that is, more and more like the way it wanted to be subverted.When did all this happen?How did it happen?
I once started to make scientific reports with the mentality of recording the most spectacular business revolution of this era.I believed at the time, and now I also try to believe that the greatness of Internet technology can profoundly change human life, not only at the daily level: unbounded imagination, new technologies that have never been seen before, subversion of products, and subversion of organizational structures.Of course, there are fascinating capital battles and games behind it.When I entered this industry, the editor teacher told me: “We want to find Google in China”, which will excite and excite me.
He Yuansheng, who came to Beijing in 2015, also told himself: “You are a participant of the times and a witness.” He recalled that voice to me, which was a bit “I come, I see, I conquer”.
We are attracted by the ups and downs of the story: 4 big mergers and acquisitions starting in 2015-Didi Kuaidi, Qunar Ctrip, 58 Tongcheng and Ganji, Dazhong Comment and Meituan; Zhongguancun Cafe’s small blackboard is hot and hotEntrepreneurship roadshow; two bicycles reached tens of billions of yuan in two years, and finally buried them; Jia Yueting changed from the ecstasy of ecology to the bankrupt of “to return to tomorrow”; when the blockchain claims to subvert the “classical Internet”,The price of bitcoin reached 20,000 US dollars, and in 2011, a junior student asked about it: there is 6,000 yuan, what are the good financial investment suggestions?A “great god” called blockchain answered: buy bitcoin, save the wallet file, and forget that you have 6000 yuan, and look at it in five years.The price of bitcoin at the time was $1.
Pinduoduo found users on the 4th and 5th lines outside Taobao. They took Huang Zheng to Nasdaq in three years to ring the bell.
My colleagues and predecessors have contributed dazzling fresh and professional reports: the Central Bureau of the Shared Bicycle Capital Bureau, 100 days after Sun Hongbin entered LeTV, China’s VC battle for Southeast Asia, and the entrepreneurial wave of sudden cooling down, these are destined to be at that stageMiniatures or footnotes, the participants also reap the greatest professional achievements and pride.
Yu Ningkun said when chatting here: “The story of the journey and the voyage ends here, the era of idealism and heroism has passed.” These words are “large”, but “the sea of ​​stars” was the most optimistic era.Eye-catching logo.
But the river in this story suddenly dried up.He Yuansheng mentioned that in 2017, they went to dinner together.Suddenly it was suggested that you look at the APP on your phone, how many were installed within 5 years?Everyone took out their phones, and someone unexpectedly discovered that this number was 0.They think that the company is still very young, no matter whether it is station B or knowing it, it is actually an “old man” who is almost 10 years old.
Here may reveal a part of the answer: without the update of the underlying technology, the innovation of technology companies is gradually exhausted, some companies have completed their missions, and the capital-led merger finally ends the story.This is why the Internet is beginning to calm down.The basic power to change society and life comes from innovation, from the inherent openness and avant-garde, but now we have to admit that we are in the second half, this wave has ended, we can only wait for the nextA wave.
In the role of an industry observer, it is difficult for a technology reporter to thoroughly clarify the whole picture and the ins and outs of these forces: Is there a good and evil nature of capital for profit?Are there fear and cruelty to survive?Any collusion in front of the screen?
This may not be a sad story, but an inevitable trend of the times.I think maybe I can get a deeper understanding from the experience and feelings of science and technology journalists in this smaller incision to understand and understand this force and the industries that have been changed by it.
It is normal to change jobs and change careers when young, but Yu Ningkun and He Yuansheng are out of love rather than trying water technology media. Their departure has some deeper meaning.Yu Ningkun has been a TMT reporter for 4 years, and he became a consultant in 2018.He is an atypical TMT reporter.Unlike many active colleagues, Yu Ningkun has been indifferent except for his work. He can’t imagine that he can go directly to the big brother and call him brother in the offline event. If he can choose a meal, he would rather stay at home and playSwitch, or chat with an acquaintance.
Yu Ningkun’s speech is not fast, but the words are professional and accurate.He reported great love for the industry and was extremely harsh on aesthetics and “fun”. If he met good products, he would not hesitate to express his heartfelt admiration.When he graduated from a foreign school, he returned to China and transferred through Hong Kong. He specifically borrowed a local mobile phone number from a friend, spent a long time online, made an appointment for an iPhone 6, and queued up for half an hour offline to get his own.The first iPhone.
In 2014, Apple released the Apple Watch. Yu Ningkun was excited about Apple’s new future. Google soon changed its name to Alphabet. Yu Ningkun was in a high spirit.
He is passionate about this industry.I used to go with him to visit a miraculously transformed old foreign company, and interviewed for 10 hours from morning to night.At dusk, my eyes were straight and my head was swollen. He was still holding on and asked some straightforward questions.
The year he left tech media, he set foot on the land of Las Vegas for the first time for CES.Even if he wants to leave, he still has some expectations. After all, he used to sit in front of the computer and watch the live broadcast.
The casino in the desert is also warm in winter.Thousands of manufacturers are bustling in the 250,000 square meters venue.Yu Ningkun wandered around, but he was more and more disappointed in his heart. “Either it is particularly silly, or it is particularly boring.” As a TMT reporter, he saw through the lively scene that his mature products were supporting: mobile phones, OLEDTVs, smart speakers, or VR devices with minor repairs are not revolutionary or subversive, and there are few innovations at the application level.He walked around boringly and began to have a headache about how to make a mistake.Finally, after spending a full three days in the venue, Guan stayed up at the hotel and worked out a cover article.
The boredom of CES is actually the bottleneck of the technology behind TMT.When CES was brilliant, it happened to be the so-called third wave, which is the era of information.Nintendo’s game consoles, Xbox, and Sony’s first video cassette recorder VCR were all released at CES.Bill Gates also personally represented the Microsoft booth in 2001. He demonstrated the Windows media player in full view. Suddenly the software stuck at the blue screen, which was awkward for a while.
Two years before Yu Ningkun’s trip, VR equipment seemed to have broken a certain singularity and became the focus of the industry. In a dim hotel suite outside the CES exhibition, Digital Trends reporters experienced it on Samsung Gear VRVirtual pornography is said to be difficult to describe in a “dissonant” experience.
In 2017, even though CES has been somewhat declining, Jia Yueting, who brought traffic and is good at speeches, brought Faraday Future cars to the stage, and still made a lot of headlines in Chinese technology media.
Faraday Future announces the first mass-produced electric vehicle FF91 at CES
Figure丨Visual China
After the boring trip to CES, Yu Ningkun left the media and switched completely.He said that he has no positive feedback in this industry.
He Yuansheng usually prefers to think about the meaning behind a technology product.He is also the kind of “media teacher” who doesn’t like to catch up with the crowds and co-prepared with various people.
In 2015, He Yuansheng was not yet a reporter. He was at the bottom of the Internet company’s operations and simply played the role of a user.
In terms of knowledge, he is a little-known big V. In the late winter and early spring, he went to Wangjing to participate in the offline activities of the salt club party in Zhihu-this is also a sign of knowing to put down the shelf and embrace business.Walking out of the venue at night, He Yuansheng was surprised to see that almost everyone around him turned on his mobile phone, used Didi to call the car, and walked away.He could only wander around Wangjing and found a black car before returning home.That was the first time he experienced the change of life on the mobile Internet.
He was lucky to catch the tail of the golden age when he entered the media industry.2016 is the final climax of the hustle and bustle.LeTV and bike sharing contributed the most news. Internet giants began to spend money on the entertainment industry. “One hundred million small target” became the hot word of the year.
During that time, He Yuansheng was writing manuscripts almost every day, and sometimes he had to write two articles a day.By the weekend, he will get used to working overtime as usual.Sometimes I see a piece of news in the morning, and in the afternoon I can get an article of four or five thousand words in one go.Originally, he planned to resign in the second half due to personnel reasons, but the year before him was really exciting. He was reluctant to give up.
Even in 2017, he had a short vacation, but he was in trouble during that time, staying in a rental house and pondering the Internet entertainment industry he once followed: “White Night Chasing the Murder” set a record number of hits,why?The video platform seems to have new actions, what is it?
Almost immediately after Mobike appeared, He Yuansheng realized the significance of this bicycle.He likes to ride a bike and knew Mobike early.After attending the press conference once, he walked 2 kilometers specifically and found a Mobike ride for a while. The car was too heavy to ride. He felt that there were loopholes in the business logic, but he believed that it was “really able to change lives.””
Figure丨Visual China
In a sense, Yu Ningkun and He Yuansheng left with some loss.When they mention technology reports, their biggest expectation is not money, but “First, our world will be better changed by business. Second, business will be scientifically configured by technology and the Internet.”
He Yuansheng and I mentioned a detail. When fun headlines are the most popular, a rural grandmother can swipe the app until 1 or 2 in the morning.He grew up in the countryside and knows how powerful it is that the old man in the village will be completely disrupted by his daily life at sunrise.
He Yuansheng did not know whether this change was good or bad.”They lost their original lives, what compensation did they get?” he asked.He may already have the answer in his heart. He mentioned an American drama “Silicon Valley”. In the play, the villain Gavin Belson, who merged the figures of the Silicon Valley gangsters, said a line: We want to change the world, but I can’t tolerate others to change the world.
When he said this, he had gone to a public relations company as an account manager and soon saw the first “Party A” in his career.
The fact is, when I first started writing a report on startups, although I didn’t find “Future Google”, it was not difficult to find some interesting C-end startup projects. They often have the personal characteristics of the founders.These founders are often young enough and often interesting. Many of their ambitions will be so big as to “change the world.” Their enthusiasm will infect people. Some projects will grow into unicorns a few years later.
The media where Yu Ningkun is working has a column dedicated to entrepreneurship. When Pinduoduo is still called Pingoods, they already chatted with Huang Zheng a lot.Many of the projects written in this column died, but they also recorded the stories of VIPKID and Neo-Oxygen who later became stars.By the time he left, there were fewer and fewer companies worth writing.
One figure is that there are only 1,427 new startups in 2019, and in 2014 and 2015, this number exceeded 9,000. Even in 2016 when the boom retreated, 2053 innovative companies were established.
Another data on traffic can confirm the above data is roughly true: the growth rate of domestic mobile phone shipments in 2015 is still 2.5%, and by 2019, the growth rate of smartphone shipments has become negative.The direct result is that traffic has become very expensive. In terms of e-commerce, Jingdong’s cost of acquiring customers increased from 142 yuan in 2016 to 1503 yuan in 2018.Flat TV money.
Traffic has become a luxury product, and the chances of a startup company growing into a small tadpole are slim. Even if it is a fluke for a while, in the shadow of time and again, nine deaths may not be a lifetime.
Another reason why Yu Ningkun left the media was that he found that the winners all laid down the country with very traditional strategies and tactics, although they packed a futuristic story.Perhaps the more typical case is the story of Uber, a young Silicon Valley company that broke the curse of foreign companies’ unacceptability and persisted in China for 30 months.But the ultimate winner belongs to Didi.
At that point in time, Uber may have symbolized the imagination of a typical technology company by a technology reporter, fashionable, flexible, and upright and lively in a Silicon Valley style.Its three-person urban team and decentralized management were once the targets of domestic entrepreneurs eager to learn.From the person in charge of the city to the employees, almost all have the background of studying abroad. Usually, they use the foreign communication software Telegram to communicate, and often speak English words.
There are beautifying ingredients.But Yu Ningkun said frankly that he didn’t like the actions represented by the powerful words “executive power” and “iron army”, and when he talked about “efficiency” and “massive group warfare”, he didn’t take it seriously.Perhaps, Yu Ningkun’s good company is not simply measured by winning or losing.But in capital-led stories, these things happen more and more frequently.
The little restaurant of Qingdao boy Zhao Xiao died in that kind of war.
Zhao Xiao came to Beijing in 2014, just in time to catch up with the entrepreneurial tide of 2015.At that time, the entire industry had policies, popularity, flow, and capital.As described in the American novel “The Trail of Silas Rafam” more than 100 years ago, “There is no doubt that money is everywhere, he is the legend of our time, the psalm of our time.”
I still remember that there were almost two books in the entrepreneurial circle that year: “From 0 to 1: The Secret of Opening Business and the Future” and “Difficult Entrepreneurship”. The former was listed in the top ten of Amazon’s annual book sales rankings.It is crowded into light readings or best-selling novels such as “Good, Touching the Head”, “Secret Garden”, and the cool-color cover is suddenly inserted into a fresh and elegant little cute.
Zhao Xiao worked at Yilong and was the first batch of users with ease. He also paid by credit card.In 2014, the rent of a single room in the new community near Jiuxianqiao was 1600 yuan.
Living in an internet company, his life was uncomfortable and unreal. He rode a 50-minute bike to work and left when he arrived.Although Yilong and Ctrip and Qunar are fighting each other, tens of millions of tens of millions of dollars are burned, but they did not pick up the lights every night, nor did the leaders justly mention the “996” blessing.
Zhao Xiao is even more optimistic than Ning Kun. They feel that “new events happen every day in the whole society”, and he “thinks about business issues almost every moment.”Until today, Zhao Xiao talked to me about the kind of self-confidence and pride: “All pride comes from opportunity and wealth, and your ideas will be verified.” He explained that it is like an exam in school, a testBefore one, you must be an ordinary student like everyone. Once you have some chance to take the first place, you will often take the first place because you have the confidence that the first place has verified: I can,I can do it.
Zhao Xiao returned to his hometown of Qingdao to start a business, opened a restaurant specializing in takeout, and several peers happily wanted to complete the most important “verification” in life.
Zhao Xiao joined the takeaway platform and started the restaurant with two or three hundred orders a day. The business in 2016 was particularly good. He stayed in the store and didn’t feel hard working from morning to night.
In 2017, both Meituan and Hungry are small giants with backers, but the two are desperate to occupy the head position earlier, the purpose is to completely crush each other, smash money, subsidies, huge BD ground promotion, this isTraditional business has long used overkill.
Are you hungry in Sanlitun, Beijing? Meituan’s takeaway electric car
Figure丨Visual China
Zhao Xiao soon began to lose money. The business manager told him that the store was too busy, too many people poured into the takeaway platform and had to get involved in the price war.”No one subsidizes ordering. You have to lose money for subsidized ordering. You have to lose money for everything you do.”
Later, Zhao Xiao turned around several companies, and finally entered the big factory as a bottom-level employee.Now, he has to go to see a psychiatrist from time to time, watching his peers who haven’t started a business have become leaders, Zhao Xiao can’t help but feel depressed, “starting a business failed, emotional failure.” He summarized 8 words to himself.
After the capital-led merger, there are fewer exciting new discoveries.Investors can’t find projects that surprise them. Bao Fan, the founder of Huaxing Capital, said in an interview with 36 krypton in 2018: “Moving various services to the mobile Internet, there are still many things that big and small companies can do, butFrom an investment perspective, I think this is almost the same.”
On the other side of the ocean, the story follows almost the same script, the technical dividend comes to an end, and Silicon Valley is no longer refreshing.Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Microsoft dominate the headlines-although it is all turbulent news: either Google canceled 2,000 offers, or Facebook was audited, Amazon and Apple turned off themselves in the recent situationShop.
There are a few holders in various fields, and they have been rolling out new features without any hassle, making minor fixes on old products, Netflix has launched new dramas, and Spotify has launched multiplayer features.Of course, if you consider Uber to lay off 6,700 people during the epidemic and Airbnb lay off 1,900 people as news, the waist company is not a dead pool.
There are also some new players who have suddenly risen, and as a result, it will be found that this is just the old domestic model that is reappearing in Silicon Valley: behind it is the new application of quick hands Zynn that drove vibrato out of the first place.
Surprisingly similar to the domestic market, in 2019, Silicon Valley also ushered in a wave of listings.Lyft, Uber, Pinterest, Zoom, these fast-growing emerging companies of the previous generation, have completed their adult gifts.In addition to Zoom, they are all To C companies, which means that they have completed large-scale expansion with novel ideas.However, similar to the companies that bleed into the train domestically, the WeWork IPO failed and the valuation fell to one-twentieth of its peak period, ending the last climax in Silicon Valley.
Pitchbook summarizes the 2019 unicorn list. Of the 70 companies, 7 are self-driving companies, 9 are financial services companies, and 9 do business software-either hard-core technology or B-end business, they are integrated.There is enough money, but either progress is slow, or service providers in traditional industries.A company I have never heard of Flexport ranked first with a valuation of US$3.2 billion. Later, I learned that it is a freight forwarding company, mainly providing air, sea, rail and truck transportation services for major brands. SF Express is also an course, this is a very stable company, and it is also a logistics industry that has enough thresholds. It has little to do with ordinary people. The valuation is closely followed by Horizon Robot and 360 Enterprise Security.
But these people who have experienced the hot scenes of previous years are obviously no longer as sexy as Uber or Snapchat, at least for a consumer who always has a mobile phone in his hand.
The use of “waist company” to refer to medium-sized companies is a blasphemy against the beauty of Chinese.But it is enough image to describe a portrait of a company during a certain period of growth with a wonderful metaphor: start with full of emotions, get several rounds of investment, have enough users, and walk to the place where you can see the head.At this time, the founder had to face a new problem: how to make enough money?How to make capital exit with satisfaction?
Yu Ningkun felt such a pain in his waist when he was 10 years old.It is difficult for him to find a story worth mentioning here.He once made a long report on Zhihu.At that time, he and his colleagues spent a whole day knowing about it, and they interviewed Zhou Yuan, Zhang Liang, and finance in a wheel-fighting style. After seven or eight hours, Yu Ning Kun was exhausted.
He used to be the earliest batch of internal testing users.In his mind, the founders Zhou Yuan and Zhang Liang were the ones who had really seen “good things”.In 2011, Yu Ningkun enjoyed the community atmosphere of Zhihu very much. The “Xie Xie” and “non-stakeholder” Zhihu styles are not ridicule, nor are there any pretending expressions like “People are in the United States, just got off the plane”.Everyone seems to be in an open square, seriously discussing the problem.
The knowledge that Yu Ningkun missed seemed to be a utopia, with very few restrictions. The rules were all negotiated by the users themselves, and the Zhihu-style language of “ask first, then ask why” was born.The earlier sentence was not a paragraph, but a conventional speaking rule. Everyone communicated under a consensus, and there was a rare “harmony and difference”.
When the Wei Zexi incident in 2016 made Zhihu break the circle, Zhihu became a “waist.”For a few years, Zhihu contributed some headlines and became a star company.In 2016 and 2017, the media discussed the fierce knowledge payment trend, which was caused by the knowledge and the nutshell.Both companies are “small and beautiful” companies in the past.
Zhihu began to show visible anxiety.They expect to maintain the quality of the community after the influx of massive users.Knowing the predicament is actually the hidden pain of countless “waist”.The Internet industry is a jungle of full competition from the beginning. If it does not run quickly, occupying the top position of the ecological chain, waiting for their destiny is either a lonely person with cold and anxious capital, or it is swallowed up by opponents.
After going through the listing tide of the head company and waist company in 2018, it seems that overnight, everyone’s topic has become “optimization” and “996”.By 2020, technology reporter Zhu Qing is too lazy to write such stories again.Even if there is a flow assessment, she does not want to sell emotions.It was about two or three years ago, when she first joined the industry, the content that people talked about was “windows”, “opportunities”, then “success” and “financial freedom”, which is very inspirational, but unreliable, nowShe felt the same: the years are indeed no longer quiet.
Zhu Qing also resigned recently. She took a vacation in a small town and wanted to free herself up, and at the same time realized the long-lost peace of mind.
I chatted with Jiang Yufei, who works on the head video site, and she told me that the stagnant life seemed unable to see the head.The aura of the Internet industry no longer has the magic that attracted her in the past.When Jiang Yufei first entered the Internet industry, he saw “live broadcast”, “big acquisition of copyrights”, and “the market value of the demon stock company skyrocketed dozens of times.”
She does things neatly, often works overtime until late at night, and rarely complains that she will share the company’s new products with her friends at parties even at the dinner table.
In the past two years, Jiang Yufei’s enthusiasm has faded away.The science and technology media she followed began to frequently publish articles about “Middle-aged crisis”.Two articles she handed over to me, one theme: desperately working overtime, middle-aged Banpo.The way out is: selling insurance, opening Didi, and doing business.
In the Internet industry, the scale of “middle-aged” is 35 years old, and Jiang Yufei, who is almost 30, feels that this scale is “like a sword of Damocles hanging over his head.”The conversation that day, with Jiang Yufei continuing to work overtime, came to an abrupt halt. It was already 8 o’clock in the evening, and I felt her boredom.
At 4 o’clock in the morning, a girl who just got off work from an Internet company picture丨Visual China
Each wave has its own climax and end.The rise of new companies is always accompanied by what Peter Peter calls “creative destruction.”100 years ago, Bell Telephone Company started at the end of the world. It only took 10 years to defeat the Western Union, which monopolized the telegraph industry, and finally became a giant enterprise AT&T.In the last century, AT&T, which has been a comfortable life for nearly 100 years, was hit by external dimensionality reduction. With instant messaging, no one would pay for long-distance calls.
Only at the node of the replacement of old and new technologies can we discover the rich mine of the story.
In 2000, the .com bubble burst, but it couldn’t stop people’s Internet dreams, which is the most exciting picture that humankind has shown again since the last power revolution.In that year, there were more than 6,000 companies in Zhongguancun, the weekly tax was 60 million yuan, the annual salary for employees was 10 billion yuan, and 300,000 “new immigrants” worked here.At that time, Yang Yuanqing and Liu Chuanzhi were absolute leaders and heroes. The book sought after by the people in Zhongguancun was the regional advantage of American scholar Saxon Nian: Culture and Competition in Silicon Valley and the 128 Highway Area.
With the development of the Internet today, it is becoming more and more difficult for essential revolutions in technology.In 2018, the number of Internet users worldwide exceeded 50% of the total population. Mary Mikel, known as the “Queen of the Internet”, believes that beyond this watershed, market penetration will no longer grow.Whether admitted or not, the exciting wave of information technology revolution has reached its burnout middle age.
Assuming 10 years as a cycle, the mobile Internet, which was opened in 2010, has arrived at the moment of answering papers.After the traffic dividend was eroded by all parties, the waist Internet company also touched the final ceiling.On the same track, in addition to facing higher and higher barriers, it may also face the rolling expansion of giants.Next, the most important thing is conservative stability and non-risk development, which is a natural move in line with the logic of capital.Any innovation that may hurt the bones will make these companies hesitate.After all, not every elephant can dance and can dance.
If we go back to the beginning of the story, the founder of the World Wide Web (World Wide Web), Tim Berners Lee, is shy, gentle, and unspoken, but this programmer has a rare childish innocence and curiosity.”I wanted to build a creative space at the time,” he recalled after a long time, “like a bunker where everyone can play at the same time.” This is a decentralized world, equality and tolerance are the background.
In 1995, Zhang Shuxin, a graduate of the Chinese University of Science and Technology who had written a poem and worked as a science and technology reporter, erected a piece of “How far is the Chinese from the information highway?”billboard.Twenty-five years have passed since the Beijing taxi driver wondered if he could not find the “information superhighway” intersection. The Internet irresistibly stepped out of the world of fairy tales by Tim Berners-Lee.
Maybe we will have a new fairy tale world, a new report area, and a new and greater business report.There will be new waves, based on new and unknown technology, but not now.I think, can I use the words that Jobs said in an interview with Wired magazine in February 1996 to comfort myself: things do not necessarily have to change the world to become important.
Internet companies are brightly lit at night in Beijing’s northwest Wanghouchang Village Picture丨Visual China
*According to the interviewee’s request, they all use pseudonyms.

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