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At the national “two sessions” held at the end of May, blockchain and industrial Internet were once again hot topics, and the focus of the discussion was mainly on how to integrate blockchain technology with industry, which also means that blockchain and industrial InternetThe combination began to become tighter.
1 The best times
During the Byzantine Empire, due to the vast territory, the troops stationed in the frontiers were often far apart, and the troops could only pass messages between them through messengers.
In wartime, there is an agreement within the Byzantine army: Only when the general agrees with all the adjutants and agrees that there is a possibility of victory, he can attack the enemy camp.
The starting point of the agreement is good, but it is very likely that there will be a situation where the order is tampered with.
If a spy was mixed in among the many lieutenants and intended to tamper with the decision made by the general, then the result is likely to be that the army should not move, because the army received the tampered information and went alone, leading to the destruction of the whole army.Or maybe it should have been an offensive, but because of the failure to unify the opinions, it finally led to the decision not to attack, delaying the best time.
How can we ensure that the order cannot be tampered with by spies after being notified to the adjutants?This is the famous “Byzantine Generals Problem”.
If you use blockchain technology, the Byzantine Generals problem can be solved.
For example, after reaching agreement, the general decided to send an offensive order to the adjutants stationed in various places. In order to prevent spies from destroying and tampering with information, the general designed a special box with two sets of keys, divided into private keys and public keys.key, spoon.
The adjutant had a public spoon in his hand and could only open the box clockwise.They can see the information inside, but they can’t modify it. Only generals have their own private keys. They can open the box in a counterclockwise direction and modify the information inside.
The box was sent to the first adjutant. After seeing the offensive order issued by the general, he passed it to the second adjutant. The second adjutant tried to tamper with the box’s information, but because there was only a public key in his hand, the information could not beIt was tampered with, so that the box would be safely delivered to the rest of the lieutenant general, and the offensive order could finally be carried out according to the original plan.
This is the function and principle of the blockchain. Its essence is a distributed ledger technology. It belongs to a shared database. The data and information stored in it have many characteristics such as unforgeability, traces throughout, traceability and transparency.
After experiencing the previous brutal growth, blockchain has finally ushered in the best era.The turning point was on April 20 this year. The National Development and Reform Commission held a regular press conference to clarify the latest scope of the new infrastructure and define the blockchain as an important new technology infrastructure equivalent to artificial intelligence and cloud technology.
The climax is also coming. At the national “two sessions” held at the end of May, blockchain and industrial Internet have once again become hot topics, and the focus of the discussion is mainly on how blockchain technology and industry are combined.
This also means that the combination of blockchain and industrial Internet has become more and more tight.
2 Internet giants compete for layout
The industry’s recovery is the biggest feeling of blockchain entrepreneur He Yuchen recently.The attention of the whole people has matured the blockchain industry, “This is a good thing.”
“Judging from the relevant suggestions and proposals made by the representatives of the two sessions on the blockchain, the uniqueness and advanced nature of its technical principles have been widely recognized, and the blockchain technology will soon penetrate into various fields and industries.” He Xiang”Bullet Finance” said.
But this is not a flat road.
According to He Yuchen, the integration of blockchain and industrial Internet must be divided into at least two stages, one is the investment and construction of related infrastructure, and the other is to open up and link every link of traditional industries.”In most areas, the application of blockchain is still in the first stage, and only a few areas have made breakthroughs.”
Tencent first implemented the application scenario.
On August 10, 2018, Shenzhen Guomao Revolving Restaurant issued the nation’s first blockchain electronic invoice, and this blockchain electronic invoice was created by Shenzhen Taxation Bureau and Tencent provided the underlying technology and capabilities.
This is a typical case of the integration of blockchain and industrial Internet. It opens up links such as payers, billing parties, settlement parties, and taxation departments. It truly enables transactions to be invoiced and invoiced to be reimbursed, which greatly simplifies the invoicing process and reduces enterprises.And personal costs, while also eliminating gray operating space.
A year later, under the leadership of the taxation department, Shenzhen Metro and Tencent, Shenzhen issued the country’s first metro block chain electronic invoice.In April this year, Yunnan Province also issued the first local electronic invoice for the subway blockchain.
Figure / Yunnan Province’s first subway block chain electronic invoice
The implementation of the Metro Blockchain electronic invoices on the one hand solves the need for passengers to queue up for invoices for a long time, on the other hand, it also saves the cost of hundreds of thousands of yuan in printing paper invoices for subway operators every year.
The value of blockchain technology is greatly reflected in the traditional industry of transportation.
According to Li Maocai, the head of Tencent’s blockchain technology, blockchain technology and the industrial Internet are very good. “Information between upstream and downstream of an industry is often not symmetrical, or the efficiency is not high enough, the trust mechanism is not strong enough, and the blockChain can help solve these problems.”
The same view can be reflected in Ali’s blockchain layout.
Compared with Tencent, Alibaba’s application of blockchain can be said to be full of tricks, and its direction is mainly concentrated in public welfare, product traceability, medical treatment and intellectual property rights.
In July 2016, Alipay’s love donation platform introduced blockchain technology for the first time; in March 2017, Alibaba and PricewaterhouseCoopers cooperated to create a traceable cross-border food supply chain for tracking products from producers to consumersThe whole process between the two parties; Alibaba Health launched the first medical application-based blockchain application in China, Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, in August 2017, namely the “Medical Union + Blockchain” pilot project.
Ant Financial also accelerated the layout of the blockchain.On April 16, Ant Financial’s Ant Blockchain officially launched an “open alliance chain” for small and medium-sized enterprises. For the first time, the technology and application capabilities of Ant’s Blockchain were fully opened, which greatly reduced the threshold for SMEs to be on the chain, allowingAll SME developers can develop related blockchain applications like building blocks.
On May 18th, Ant Blockchain launched a new product for small and medium-sized enterprises-the blockchain contract service, which fully opened the chain signing era. After the contract is signed, it cannot be tampered with and will not be lost.
Figure / The difference between blockchain contracts and other contracts
An industry source close to the ant blockchain revealed to “Bullet Finance” that the ant blockchain can support 1 billion account size and at the same time can support 1 billion daily transaction volume. TPS (transactions per second) has been achievedOver ten thousand.
It is also worth mentioning that’s exploration in the field of blockchain.
Jingdong Zhizhen Chain Anti-counterfeiting Traceability Platform is a real-time traceability service of the entire supply chain provided by Jingdong using blockchain technology for users and retailers.
According to the above-mentioned industry sources, as of December 2019, the Jingdong Zhizhen anti-counterfeiting traceability platform has recorded important data for each link in the entire life cycle from raw material procurement to after-sales for each product, which has fully covered fresh food and agriculture., Maternal and child, beauty, alcohol, 3C, second-hand goods, cross-border goods, medicine and offline supermarkets and more than ten fields.
According to public data, as of the end of February 2019, Jingdong Zhizhen anti-counterfeiting traceability platform has more than 1.3 billion pieces of data on the chain, more than 700 partner brands, more than 50,000 SKUs settled, and more than 2.8 million after-sales user access queries.Combined with the closed-loop supply chain logistics system, has achieved true full traceability.
3 Integration with Industrial Internet is not easy
What is Industrial Internet?
IResearch described in a research report: Industrial Internet is not a single technology application, but is based on data, comprehensive use of Internet, Internet of Things, cloud computing and artificial intelligence and other technology clusters to promote the efficiency of traditional industries and improveEmerging kinetic energy conversion.As the basic link of the industrial Internet, data is inextricably linked to the blockchain.
“At present, we have not seen the profitability of blockchain, but Internet giants still have to graft blockchain technology into their own business, because blockchain technology may affect the operational efficiency and business of various business lines.Mode and later competition barriers, etc.” He Yuchen said, “Although I don’t know how it will develop in the future, all giants are rushing to the beach.”
Although Internet giants are scrambling to lay out the blockchain, the integration of blockchain and industrial Internet is also facing a lot of challenges.
First of all, as a new technology infrastructure, the development of blockchain is relatively low, and it is still a technology that needs continuous iteration and improvement. Common key technologies and consensus mechanisms such as sharding, cross-chain and side chain, and economic incentive models stillIt is in the testing stage.
Secondly, the integration environment of industrial Internet and blockchain needs to be further improved.From the current point of view, there are still few large-scale commercial cases in which blockchain and industry are deeply integrated.
The blockchain technology platform with unified standards and collaborative mutual recognition has not yet been formed, and its infrastructure architecture system is not clear enough. Compared with new infrastructure such as 5G and cloud computing, blockchain technology is widely used and popularized.Long way to go.
Finally, blockchain may be overestimated.With the help of technologies such as cryptography, consensus algorithm and distributed storage, the blockchain combines a new data sharing method, which reduces the information asymmetry of the entire system through measures such as openness and transparency of data, non-tampering and collective maintenance.Facilitate new trust mechanisms.However, due to the public’s expectation of disruptive innovation, the short-term value of the blockchain has been overestimated.
In He Yuchen’s view, it is the general direction of the industry to use blockchain as the basic platform and to solve the industrial contradictions by combining technologies such as the Internet of Things and AIoT.
In July 2019, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission issued the “Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission on Promoting the Supply Chain Financial Services to the Real Economy” to major banks and insurance companies.New technology is embedded in the transaction.
As a tamper-proof and traceable database account, blockchain can ensure the authenticity of the data chain, but it is still difficult to solve the problem independently by combining blockchain technology online and offline.Only by combining with the Internet of Things, AI and other technologies to complete the deep binding of online and offline, can it be possible to make goods flow, data chain and credit transmission transparent, and further improve efficiency.
“Although the threshold for blockchain learning is high, the public knows very little, and society needs a process from understanding to acceptance, but as a new generation of information technology, blockchain has been included in the construction of new infrastructure, which will enhance the blockThe scope and speed of the chain industry’s landing.” He said, “The development of blockchain technology has not met expectations, but over time, the blockchain will also penetrate deeply into all aspects of life like the Internet.”

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