During the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, in order to reduce personnel contact, the public’s acceptance of automation and unmannedness has been significantly enhanced. As a result, autonomous driving companies specializing in short-distance logistics and distribution have obtained more opportunities for commercialization.

Recently, the American self-driving startup Nuro announced that it has cooperated with the famous pharmacy chain CVS Pharmacy to deliver CVS medicines to residents of Houston, Texas.Nuro will use Toyota Prius models for delivery, and will gradually use its customized R2 self-driving delivery van in the future.
Source: Nuro
After purchasing medicines and daily necessities from the CVS official website or APP, consumers can choose the free delivery service of Nuro self-driving cars. The delivery area covers parts of Bellaire, Texas.When the autonomous vehicle arrives, customers can verify their identity and pick up the goods themselves.There are no drivers, no passengers, only cargo in the car.
Ryan Rumbarger, senior vice president of store operations at CVS Health, said in a statement that during the epidemic, demand for drug distribution increased.When customers are inconvenient to go to the store to buy medicines, home delivery is a good choice.
This cooperation with CVS means that the distribution of Nuro’s unmanned vehicles will expand from supermarket groceries to medical care.Of course, Nuro’s exploration in the medical and health field has begun since last month.During the New Coronary Pneumonia epidemic, Nuro has already distributed food and medicine and other epidemic prevention materials to some hospitals in San Mateo and Sacramento, California.
Nuro started to launch a self-driving car delivery service for the public with Kroger, a famous American grocery retailer, at the end of 2018. It is currently operating in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Arizona; and at the end of 2019, Nuro beganCooperate with Wal-Mart to provide home delivery service for Wal-Mart customers in the Houston area.
Nuro and Wal-Mart’s unmanned delivery vehicle (Source: Wal-Mart)
Founded in 2016, Nuro was co-founded by Zhu Jiajun and Dave Ferguson, the former chief engineer of the Google Autopilot team. In February 2019, he announced that he received a $ 940 million financing from the Softbank Vision Fund and announced the completion of $ 92 million in early 2018.A round of financing, investment institutions include Gao Rong Capital, Netease founder Ding Lei, Zhenge Fund, Greylock Partners.
In February of this year, Nuro was approved by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) and the National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), and its Nuro R2, a completely unmanned logistics distribution vehicle with no steering wheel, no rearview mirror, and no side mirrorDriving on public roads, the time limit is 2 years, and the number does not exceed 5000 units.
In April, Nuro was approved by the California Vehicle Administration (DMV) to test two unmanned vehicles on public roads in 9 cities in Santa Clara and San Mateo, California (no need for a safety officer).Unmanned vehicles can only drive on roads with a speed limit of 35 mph in good weather, and the speed should not exceed 25 mph.Despite stringent conditions, Nuro is the second company in California to receive this approval, and the first is Waymo.
The R2 unmanned car for Nuro was produced by Detroit automaker Roush, who also produced the retired “Firefly” autonomous driving prototype for Google.A number of industry insiders told Krypton that the Nuro R2’s bicycle cost exceeded 1 million yuan.
The cost is high, and it will become the constraint of the unprecedented scale of unmanned vehicles, but after continuously expanding the customer base and improving the supply chain, the cost reduction is just around the corner.And new commercialization opportunities will also provide support for its valuation in the capital market.
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