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36 Krypton was informed that on May 29, Tencent PCG (Platform and Content Business Group) issued a document announcing the adjustment of the organizational structure of Tencent Video.Among them, the short video platform product department within Tencent Video was merged into its video platform department, which triggered the outside world’s association with the development of Tencent’s short video business.Tencent PCG responded to this with 36 krypton, saying that this is the normal organizational structure adjustment in Tencent’s video business. The optimized organizational structure will help further accelerate the construction of Tencent Video’s comprehensive video platform.This time Tencent Video’s structural adjustment has nothing to do with Tencent’s short video business Weishi.In fact, Tencent WeChat belongs to PCG’s separate “Short Video Community Product Department”, which has maintained independent development and is one of the company’s key businesses.According to Tencent’s fourth quarter 2019 financial report, in view of the large amount of time users spend watching short videos, Tencent has significantly increased its investment in the field of short videos.In the fourth quarter of 2019, the number of daily active users of WeChat increased by 80% month-on-month, and the average daily video upload volume increased by 70% month-on-month.Previously, according to the WeChat public account “Penguin Ecology”, on May 29th, Tencent Platform and Content Business Group (PCG) announced a new round of organizational restructuring of the video business.This round of adjustment includes the cancellation and adjustment of three departments: 1. The establishment of a video data science department to establish and evaluate a business indicator system using scientific methods.At the same time, the video data science center was abolished, and related personnel were merged into the video data science department.2. Cancel the product department of short video platform, and the relevant personnel will be merged into Tencent video platform department, video application product technology department, video platform technology department, and video data science department.3. The Tencent Video Market Center will be cancelled, and relevant personnel will be merged into the Scripted Content Production Department, Unscripted Content Production Department, Tencent Video Platform Platform Department, and Video Editor Room.And four department responsibility adjustments: 1. Tencent Video Commercialization Center, whose responsibility is adjusted to be responsible for the commercialization of Tencent video commercials, based on the commercialization of TOB commercialization such as advertising, IP licensing, and artist business competition, and constantly exploring extensional innovative business models and products, Continue to improve Tencent’s video commercial liquidity, and maximize Tencent’s video revenue.2. Tencent Video Editor’s Office. Responsibilities are adjusted to be responsible for the formulation, execution and promotion of Tencent Video Business Development Strategy and business collaborative management. It is responsible for the internal and external effects of Tencent Video.Part of the basic operations and incubation business.3. The video product technology department was renamed the video platform technology department. Responsibilities were adjusted to be responsible for the construction of video business platform related systems, providing platform support and storage capabilities; responsible for the improvement of video research and development efficiency, tool development and process landing work; main construction,Co-construct and participate in the BG mid-stage project, and jointly build the BG technical mid-stage.4. Tencent Video Platform Department, the responsibility is adjusted to be responsible for the content operation of Tencent Video’s full platform and full category, layout the platform’s healthy content ecology, dig and support high-quality creators and content, empower creators, and continue to create value for platform users.

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