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Text / Guandu Editor / Shui Sheng
The game layout of ByteDance is still accelerating.
Since the byte beating “Oasis Project” was exposed, its game team has taken shape.
According to “LatePost” report, since the establishment of the “Oasis Project” in 2019, ByteDance has started to develop heavy games in many places. The main game categories include MMORPG (multiplayer online game) and ARPG (action role-playing)).
In terms of organizational structure, ultra-casual games belong to the ByteDance commercialization department; exclusive agents, self-developed games, and small games belong to the ByteDance Strategy Department, and no independent game department has been established.
Anxious is Tencent.
In the issuance business, byte bounce has caught up.According to the interface news report, many game manufacturers have stated that in the game distribution, byte bounce and Tencent are already in the middle.
However, the advantage of ByteDance lies in casual and ultra-casual games, with limited revenue.In businesses with strong gold-absorbing capabilities such as self-developed heavy games, head game copyrights, and e-sports, byte beating is still just getting started.
ByteDance develops the game business and is destined to escape Tencent’s shadow.How big can its gaming business ultimately be?
Tencent’s encirclement
Tencent’s layout in the game industry is a deep-rooted one.
According to public information, Tencent’s advertising business platform, Tencent Advertising and Youlianghui are the platforms for launching and monetizing, and the daily volume of Youlianghui’s cooperation traffic has effectively exceeded 5 billion.
In the product business, Tencent owns many game manufacturers and acquires Fist Company, Epic, Blue Hole, Activision Blizzard, Grinding Gear, etc., and holds 100%, 48.4%, 11.5%, 5%, and 80% of the shares.
Since 2011, Tencent began to invest in the local tyrants. Its investment footprint has spread all over the United States, South Korea, New Zealand, Finland, Sweden, Norway and other countries, and has attracted excellent game manufacturers worldwide.
Its investment in game manufacturers has a wide range of superior game projects. “League of Legends”, which has been around for more than ten years, is still one of the most influential games at present.It is a phenomenon-level popular game product.
Tuyuan Fortress Night Official Weibo
On the one hand, the investment layout of Tencent Games has maintained its current advantages, and rich product cooperation resources have become one of the supporting points of Tencent’s game revenue growth in recent years.
Capital operation also enhances the R & D competitiveness of Tencent games.
Aurora Studios, one of the four self-developed studios in the game business of Tencent Mutual Entertainment Division, has many front-line employees from international game companies such as Ubisoft and Epic invested by Tencent.
In contrast, byte beating, its advertising business has begun to take shape, and its huge marketing platform engine integrates on-site traffic such as Toutiao, watermelon video, vibrato, and off-site traffic from other manufacturers and well-known APPs.The media aggregation video advertising platform under the volume engine).
However, most of the games they represent are domestic small and medium-sized game manufacturers. Although they have begun to develop medium-to-heavy games, the self-developed team is still in the process of forming. The game categories currently covered are almost only casual games.
It is particularly worth noting that in the game content business sector, Tencent already holds the content rights of domestic well-known e-sports events and head games such as LPL, KPL, and even on the popular movies and TV shows and variety shows in the past two years.From the derivative programs of game IP novels such as “Ultimate Master” and “Full-time Master”, there is Tencent behind.
“Full-time master” TV series, the official Weibo official source
In contrast, the young byte beat is still blank in this regard.
ByteDance is eager to move in the game layout. Although it has not yet formed a direct frontal challenge to Tencent, Tencent has also resisted the attack of ByteDance.
In addition to Penguin eSports, Tencent is among the shareholders of Douyu, Huya, Station B, and Kuaishou, which are now the loudest platforms involved in game live broadcasting.
After Tencent’s shareholding in Huya Dust was settled, there was news that Betta, Huya, and Penguin were about to merge, which was considered by the outside world to be a sniper move.
Since the launch of the game live broadcast of the products of ByteDance in 2018, Tencent has repeatedly broadcast unauthorized live broadcasts of products such as watermelon videos, today’s headlines, vibrato, and volcano small videos, and spreading “Cross Fire”, “Glory of the King”, and “Heroes”The “League” filed a lawsuit against three games. Tencent stated that the unauthorized distribution of Tencent games in the form of videos and live broadcasts violated Tencent’s copyright and constituted unfair competition.
Successive prosecutions are also telling ambitious bytes to beat, and the copyright of the most gold-absorbing head game is in Tencent’s hands.
Opportunities born in traffic
The most direct opportunity for byte beating to make games is that it has 700 million daily live traffic in its hand. The initial development also started by selling information flow advertisements.
App Growing’s “Analysis of Mobile Game Buying Market in February 2019” report pointed out that the number of mobile games launched by Toutiao is as high as 47.1%.To undertake the advertising of game manufacturers is the main mode of byte-beating the profit of the game industry.
The monetization method of selling advertisements is simple and rude, and it is not enough to mine the rich ore of games.
Through joint operations, exclusive agency and other cooperation methods, developers can share revenue with ByteDance. Some game studios mentioned to the media that they signed an exclusive generation (exclusive agent) with ByteDance, and the platform brought traffic to the game.Will grow exponentially.
ByteDance’s popularity in the game field is actually standing in the wind of the times when the distribution channels of mobile games are changing.
Since 2011, with the popularity of smart phones, traffic has gone from scarce to wealthy, to the online bonus capping process, and the right to speak of traffic has also been transferred from third-party application stores to super apps, as well as current large-scale integrated factorieson.
According to the research report of the Competitive Research Group, the total purchase volume in 2019 has surpassed the intermodal transport channel, about 6: 4. The gap will continue to widen, and the purchase volume will occupy 70% of the share. Although CP (game developers) have insufficient profits for intermodal transport,Win at fairness.
The byte system can rise rapidly and become the main competitor of Tencent’s Guangdiantong and Baidu’s information flow, that is, the huge traffic gathered in its various APPs.The Competitive Research Group mentioned in the report that the number of headlines is really huge.
Especially in the case of buying materialized video, three different positioning video media products, vibrato short video, watermelon video and volcano small video, have become the new favorite of game developers.
Compared to Tencent’s release of quality and heavy games, lightweight games such as casual and ultra-casual games have become the main battlefield of byte beating.
During the epidemic, the country closed its doors to become a golden period for the development of the game, and ByteDance took advantage of this window of opportunity to exert force.
During the Spring Festival, ByteDance ’s multiple apps have linked activities of “collecting cards into 500 million cash”. For example, downloading “Xiaomeidou Landlord” can increase the chance of 5 card draws, making it fast enough for the game to continue to dominate the list.The first move of the quantity.
Perhaps it was during this period of surging traffic that saw opportunities in the gaming field. ByteDance also began to increase the intensity of self-developed games and overseas game releases.
On April 24th, the head of the byte-beating game business Yan Yan issued a micro-headline in the headline today, saying: I am very optimistic about the direction of the game and will continue to invest patiently. As long as you have patience, the content industry is difficult to be monopolized.More than 1,000 people will be recruited in 2020.
The public statement this time is that byte beating has once again stepped into the game as it continues to penetrate the game industry chain.
Overseas breakout
Since the watermelon video live game live function was launched in January 2018, in the past two years, ByteDance has gradually established the prototype of the game business.
In 2018, the small program features launched by Toutiao APP today include small game applets. Prior to this, the Android version of the APP has also launched the “Today’s Game” module, and Douyin opened the official account of “Douyin Game”.
The official account of Douyin game, picture source Douyin
In 2019, ByteDance launched its first game applet, and successively acquired Shanghai Mo-Ki, an AI game developer with game R & D capabilities, Deep Intelligence, and invested in Shanghe Network.
This year, the organizational structure of the game business has been adjusted.
On the one hand, Zhang Lidong ’s commercialization department focused on casual games through massive engines, game community travel gangs (internal testing), and publishing platform Ohayoo; while the strategic department that strictly entrusted responsibility built its own medium-heavy game studios in many places.According to Insight Insight, the Shenzhen team is building a game event system, which is an important direction for byte beating to get rid of copyright restrictions.
In the process of gradually deepening its business layout, its pace has also shifted from a light casual game to a heavy mobile game with more profitable models.
ByteDance has broken through billions of developer shares and the total number of platform application downloads has stabilized the first place in the distribution of casual games, but in moderate to heavy games, the copyright advantage of senior player Tencent has always been a big mountain on its road.The R & D and exploration of the strategic department cannot be realized overnight.
ByteDance has set its sights on overseas markets.
After Zhang Yiming proposed an internationalization strategy in late 2016, he has established overseas versions of Toutiao, Watermelon Video, Douyin and other products, and has successively acquired Flipagram (North American short video community) and (music short video product)And other products.
In the current situation where the domestic game business is not developing smoothly, it is not impossible to launch game distribution overseas with these ready-made products.
In particular, TikTok, the epidemic that has swept the world, has promoted its access to mobile phones of more nationalities.
The competition research group pointed out in its report that, in addition to super casual game manufacturers such as Voodoo and SayGame, more and more manufacturers have joined the ranks of TikTok purchases.More than 30% of heavy game delivery, and some increased advertising.
The data shows that as of April 2020, TikTok and overseas versions of TikTok have exceeded 2 billion downloads worldwide, with operations in 150 countries and regions around the world.This also brings the possibility of byte jump development game business.
On March 13 this year, Zhang Yiming adjusted the byte-beating organizational structure and handed over the business in China to Zhang Lidong and Zhang Nan, while focusing his efforts on the organizational structure of overseas business.
Although today’s layout is still far from shaking Tencent’s foundation, as the process of byte jumping across the oceans accelerates, the game business can also be developed, or a combination of internal and external forces can be formed.This year, can byte beating eat the hard bones of moderate to severe games?

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