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Live broadcast e-commerce?
Many people may give a very affirmative answer to this question without thinking.
Since Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya broke the circle in 2019, a myth of live streaming with over 100 million goods has always stimulated the industry.From the corporate boss, to the anchor of the goods delivery, to the audience who are picking their hands, suddenly everyone started to have great enthusiasm and expectations for the live broadcast of the goods.Above the tuyere.
Unlike group-buying networks, shared bicycles, and even traditional show live broadcasts, live e-commerce has not experienced such battles and breakthroughs as the battle of a hundred regiments and thousands of broadcasts. Instead, it has formed a three-point pattern from the top of the station..
Taobao, Douyin, and Kuaishou stand side by side, seizing one side.But just like all the world’s major events must be together for a long time, when the live broadcast e-commerce develops to meet the short soldiers, the once peaceful ones will greet each other.Prior to this, each family needed to accumulate strength and polish its internal strengths in order to fully improve its ability to cope with this battle.
However, it has always been a big problem for traffic-oriented live broadcast e-commerce companies to supplement their shortcomings to gain a greater advantage, but recently, Kuaishou has given us a new answer.
On May 27th, with the announcement, the industry’s long-rumored JD United Express has finally been confirmed that the boots are on the ground, and it is no longer a secret that the quicker intends to join JD to supplement its own shortcomings.So, can live up to expectations and become a fast-moving old iron?
Outlet and change
If you talk about live broadcast e-commerce, many people may think it is a new product in 2019.But in fact, as early as 2016, Taobao, Mushroom Street, and had already started live broadcasting.The pattern has basically been finalized.
As the live-streaming e-commerce spurred along, Wei Ya and Li Jiaqi broke through. Suning, Pinduoduo, Xiaohongshu and other platforms have also tried out the water.According to data from Huajing Consulting, the live-streaming e-commerce market has reached 440 billion yuan in 2019, of which Taobao’s live-streaming GMV volume is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan, fast-handed wide-caliber GMV exceeds 100 billion, and vibrato is about 40 billion (narrow-caliber).
Since then, with the peak of traffic and the lock of the head players on the pattern, the live broadcast e-commerce quickly entered the second half after a hot year.
Although the industry pattern has been set, the undercurrent of live broadcast e-commerce is still surging.On the one hand, Taobao monopolizes Wei Ya Li Jiaqi’s two head anchors, and at the same time holds traffic and commodities to block the road at the same time, on the other hand, fights frequently, and investing in Gome intends to get offline.This makes the quick hands caught in the middle have to start to think carefully about their situation.
Therefore, on May 27, under the joint witness of Xu Lei, CEO of Jingdong Retail Group and Su Hua, the founder and CEO of Kuaishou, Shao Jingping, vice president of Jingdong Group and Yu Shuang, senior vice president of Kuaishou E-commerce, signed on behalf of Jingdong Retail and Kuaishou Technology, respectivelyStrategic cooperation agreement, after which the two parties will carry out in-depth cooperation in supply chain capacity building, brand marketing and data capacity co-building.
It can be seen from such a luxurious configuration that both and Kuaishou have paid great attention to this cooperation.So quick hands with, what changes can the so-called taking advantage of the shortcomings bring to oneself?
Can you fight, not just look at the fist
After the live broadcast e-commerce became popular, in most people’s eyes, this is a sunrise industry standing on the wind.But behind the light, not all practitioners are as bright and beautiful as people see it.
According to data from Mob Research Institute, Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya accounted for 71% of the total live content viewing of Taobao ’s top 13 anchors in a month.Moreover, the traffic gap between the anchors at different levels is also very large. The traffic of the third place is reduced by more than 80% than that of the second place, and the traffic of the sixth place is reduced by nearly half than that of the fifth place.
We all know whether the anchor can successfully deliver goods in a live broadcast. In addition to the anchor’s delivery skills, sufficient exposure, high-quality products and competitive prices are the guarantee of sales.For the brand side, the anchor has higher traffic is almost equivalent to higher sales and brand exposure.
Therefore, when the brand chooses to cooperate, the head anchor is often able to obtain more advantageous resources including price and brand, which in turn promotes the further growth of their traffic.On the contrary, small and medium-sized anchors have no traffic, so it is difficult to obtain high-quality products and competitive prices, and eventually fall into a strange circle between traffic and growth.
Because of the inclination of superior resources to the head anchors, it is foreseeable that the stronger the live broadcast industry in the future, the more small and medium anchors will be squeezed, and the development of the entire ecology will be tested.
In addition to the preemption of the dominant resources by the head anchor, Quick Hand has another problem.
At the end of April, Kuaishou’s two main anchors boarded the hot search because of the battle.Affected by this incident, on April 24, Simba announced that he would temporarily quit the network, and then Sanda also issued a message saying that he would withdraw from the network indefinitely.This time, Kuaishou lost two big head anchors. At the same time, along with the exposure of this matter, there are also the disadvantages of the platform being too dependent on the head anchor.
For fast players, after Simba and Sanda have retired from the Internet, will they concentrate on cultivating another Simba or Sanda second, or will they reallocate resources to help those larger and more stable waist anchors?Obviously, Kuaishou chose the latter.
In the cooperation between JD and Kuaishou, the first point is the access to the supply chain.Since then, JD Retail has provided superior categories of products to Kuaishou stores, and the two parties have jointly built a high-quality commodity pool, which will be sold by Kuaishou anchors.
If it is said that in the live broadcast e-commerce, the small and medium-sized anchors are caught in the deadlock of first traffic or first advantage resources, then Jingdong’s commodity library is undoubtedly a strong break.
With the access of’s super “shelf”, Quick Hand solves the problem of small and medium anchors in the product supply of the platform, so that those anchors who don’t have so much traffic for the time can also get competitive products.At the same time, for more practitioners who are interested in the career of anchors, the threshold of monetization and entry is being levelled, which will fundamentally boost the anchor structure in the field of live broadcast e-commerce and allow more high-quality anchors to emerge continuously.
Therefore, the admission of, which balances the problem of resource allocation between head anchors and small and medium anchors, also promotes the healthy development of the platform ecology. From this perspective, quick hands have to give Jingdong this old iron a 666.
The three armies haven’t moved, and the grass grain first
Of course, to win a battle, relying on brave soldiers is not enough. Logistic support must also be given equal attention.For the battle of live broadcast e-commerce, the anchor is not just selling the goods, because any problems in the logistics and after-sales of the goods will cause a disastrous blow to the anchor.
On May 20, Luo Luo, who soon joined the live broadcast e-commerce industry, apologized on Weibo on this supposedly passionate day. This time he lost almost 1 million.The reason is that the flowers sold through his live studio have a large-scale quality problem.
The flowers were pre-sold by Luo Yonghao for 520 in the live broadcast on May 15.However, when the time really came to 520, the eager couples found that the flowers ordered in advance were either not delivered on time, or there were quality problems such as dryness, curling, and blackening.
Therefore, on the afternoon of the same day, affected consumers have reported the quality problems of the products online @ 罗永浩.This also led Luo Yonghao to apologize for 520 and compensate consumers for nearly 1 million things.
In hindsight, although there was a certain chance of this incident, it truly exposed the neglect of logistics and after-sales issues in the live broadcast e-commerce industry in the process of rapid running.
Generally speaking, as a sales agent, the anchor only needs to be responsible for selling the goods. As for the logistics and after-sales problems, the brand is responsible for solving the problem.But in fact, because consumers buy products directly through the anchor, when quality problems or other bad experiences occur, it is the consumers’ trust in the anchor that is directly hurt.
Of course, for Lao Luo, when such problems arise, he has the ability to restore his image through huge monetary compensation, but for more anchors, once a similar problem occurs, it is almost equal to the live broadcast career.End.
So as a platform, Kuaishou has more considerations in this regard. Choosing a partner based on the supply chain and having sufficient competitive advantages to provide protection for the platform’s anchors and consumers has become an inevitable choice.
This time, Kuaishou reached a strategic cooperation with, not only to enable consumers to buy products directly on Kuaishou, but also to enjoy Jingdong logistics and after-sales service after consumers placed orders.
Of course, for fast-handed merchants, the access benefits of JD’s supply chain are far more than that.
Due to the uncertainty of the market, the anchor still has more risks in the supply chain during the live broadcast.This is especially evident in the brand’s own live broadcast process.
For example, the wrong estimated traffic caused the live broadcast to be very hot but the stock was insufficient, or because of the wrong estimated sales volume with the goods, resulting in a large inventory backlog.Once such a problem occurs, it will bring a lot of economic losses to the brand.
But with the access of’s supply chain, these problems have been solved.Because it can provide security for the anchor and brand through intelligent prediction, intelligent replenishment, C2M and other aspects.
So for Kuaishou, the access to ’s supply chain not only solves the worries of anchors to bring goods through high-quality logistics and after-sales service, but also strengthens Kuaishou ’s ability to serve as a platform for the brand to independently carry out live broadcasts.Of course, the most important thing is that the solution of all these problems will eventually bring consumers a better consumer experience.It is also of far-reaching significance for the long-term development of the platform.
Tap your potential and open the ceiling
If the source of supply is training, and the solution to after-sales is to guarantee logistics, then in addition to this, quick hands have a bigger ambition to cooperate with
On May 10th, Miss Dong, who experienced the first live broadcast rollover accident, ushered in the second live broadcast in Kuaishou. This time, although netizens still gave great attention, they did not have much expectations for sales..
The reason is not because of the rollover of the previous live broadcast, but because in the inherent impression of everyone, the fast-handed consumers have always been a group that pursues the ultimate low price.According to the feedback of the anchors who have live broadcasted on Taobao and Kuaishou, for Kuaishou consumers, quality and branding are not the primary choices. What they value more is the visible low prices and strong discounts.It is precisely because of this background that netizens are not optimistic about Gree’s live broadcast in Kuaishou.
However, the development of things is always unexpected.According to previous reports from Tiger Sniff, the cumulative number of viewers on Gree’s special sale on that day exceeded 16 million, with a maximum of 1 million people online at the same time, and the turnover in 3 hours of bringing goods exceeded 310 million.The sales volume of the new crown sterilized air purifier with a price of 12,000 yuan exceeded 100, and the original high-end Jinbei air conditioner with a price of 15,899 yuan was basically sold out in seconds after the subsidy of 8,999 yuan.
A consumer group pursuing the ultimate value for money has exploded into the strong consumption potential in Gree’s live broadcast, which makes people have to start to re-examine the image of fast-handed old iron.Of course, in the eyes of outsiders, the outbreak of the consumption potential of fast-hand old iron is relatively sudden, but inside the fast hand, in fact, there have been attempts to initiate exploration of mid-to-high-end brands.
On April 14 this year, Kuaishou has officially launched the Super Brand Day event. In the first seven brand events, there are already many brands that do not win at low prices, such as Li Ning, Adidas, Perfect Diary, and Cleaning. So Gree ’sThe appearance seems to be just a quick boost from the low-end to the mid-to-high-end consumer advancement, and is the last mile to complete this advancement.
But why must it be Jingdong?There are actually two aspects that fit together.
On the one hand, it is in product selection. Although has grown into a full-scale e-commerce platform, it is still one of the preferred shopping platforms for male consumers.Judging from the user portraits of Kuaishou, the male users of Kuaishou platform also account for 53%, matching the most suitable consumption scenarios for their users, which seems incumbent to Kuaishou.
On the other hand, it is no longer news that intends to create another JD in the sinking market.Since last year, has launched the “surprise” of daily consumption of low-end users and the JD Express version of the app that targets low-cost and good things.
Judging from JD’s Q1 financial report for 2020, 70% of users in third-tier cities accounted for 70% of surprise users.The ratio is as high as 69.2%.
Therefore, if there is a platform that can fully satisfy Kuaishou’s imagination of partners, then Jingdong is undoubtedly the most suitable choice.
By cooperating with and relying on ’s extensive mid- to high-end brand resources, Kuaishou can maximize its upper limit, and the agreement with “Jingxi” users in the sinking market allows Kuaishou to protect its basic plate to the maximum extent.The cooperation seems to have no reason to refuse for quick hands.
In addition, due to the connection between Kuaishou and in terms of data capabilities, consumers can directly purchase products in Kuaishou stores without jumping to JD. This shortens the consumption path for consumers and makes the shopping experience moreFriendly, but for quick hands, it is more significant and far-reaching to let the entire process of the transaction be completed on its own platform to ensure that traffic does not flow out.
Therefore, either quick hands or, with the rapid development of the Internet, e-commerce is facing more diversified and more complicated consumption scenarios.
Live broadcast e-commerce as a new form of shopping and consumption, the future competition will no longer be limited to traffic, and the competition with the head anchor.How to comprehensively improve the service capabilities of the platform to users and anchors is the key to gaining advantages.
Therefore, in the face of complex market changes, the introduction of external high-quality partners to complement their own shortcomings, comprehensively improve their combat effectiveness, and to better serve users will become a better choice for the platform.

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