Figure | Yi Chong Wireless Article | Xie Meiyun Editor | Lian Jia ([email protected]) In recent years, the speed of electronic product replacement has been increasing day by day, and wireless fast charging is also entering the public’s field of vision.”Sichuan Yichong Technology Co., Ltd.”, which improves wireless charging technology, aims to provide the world’s leading wireless charging chips and solutions.”Sichuan Yichong Technology Co., Ltd.” which belongs to “Echron Wireless” was established on February 17, 2016. The current leading products include wireless charging chips and solutions, energy-efficient power management chips, digital-analog hybrid SOC chips, and high-speed digital-analog interfaces.Chips etc.Mainly used in some low-power electronic products, such as headphones, mobile phones, etc., to achieve wireless charging technology.”Yi Chong Wireless” is a founding member of the Wireless Charging Alliance WPC and a drafter of the Qi agreement, and has more than 150 valuable patents.According to public information, as of late 2019, “Echong Wireless” has established cooperation with more than 30 international brands. Its main customers include many well-known enterprises in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and China. Its wireless charging solutions have beenUsed by Toyota Motor, Google, Microsoft, Sony, Zebao, Haier and other companies.The picture comes from the official website of [Sichuan Yichong Technology Co., Ltd.]. The wireless charging technology has been available for many years, but it has not solved the pain points of users. That is, “wireless” is not really wireless like wireless WiFi, but needs a pass.The charging device connected to the power supply in a wired manner performs “wireless” charging, and at the same time also faces problems such as requirements on the location of the mobile phone and unsatisfactory charging speed effects.The wireless charging chip, the main product of “Yi Chong Wireless”, hopes to greatly improve the user experience of wireless charging through the optimization of the use of the chip.For example, its EC4016 chip is compatible with a variety of wireless charging standards. Not only can it automatically identify the charging protocol at the transmitter, support free position charging, and the maximum output power can reach 15W.According to Pan Siming, CEO of “Easy Wireless”, their chips and solutions have a superior wireless charging experience with large charging area, free placement, and high charging power. The wireless chips they launched have stability, reliability, mass production andThe price advantage, and the solution provided by it also has the advantages of charging speed, foreign object detection, fast response and avoiding heat.Pan Siming, then chairman and general manager, is now a professor at the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at the University of Electronic Science and Technology. His research directions are power electronics design and electromagnetic compatibility and high-speed system design.The core members of the “Yichong Wireless” team all graduated from the Department of Electrical Engineering of Tsinghua University.”Echong Wireless” attaches great importance to technology research and development. Not only has it launched an industry-university-research cooperation with the Energy and Internet Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Sichuan, and it has become a joint R & D center, but it has also cooperated with domestic well-known mobile phone companies to carry out pre-research projects in synchronization with the research and development of mobile phonesThere is also a professional team of engineers.Judging from the current wireless charging market, although the wireless charging technology still has many problems that need to be overcome, such as low charging efficiency, high cost, short charging distance, and chaotic standards, etc., the entire market is in a growing trend. Google, Samsung, Sony and other giants are also in-depth research in the field of wireless charging technology, update technology products.According to industry and commerce information, “Easy Chong Wireless” has had seven rounds of financing since March 4, 2016. The latest one received Qingdao Haier’s RMB 2.46 million on April 3, 2020.Previously, in 2018, B round of investment, Guoke Investment, SDIC Chuanghe, Xinwei Communication, Lanpu Capital, Haichuang Huikang Investment, Zhihe Juyi, and Zhongnan Hato participated in the investment; in 2019, they won Dingxiang Capital,Zhongnan Hongyuan, Sichuan Venture Capital’s strategic investment, the above financing did not disclose the amount.

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