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After the death of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, the technology industry once discussed who will be the next “Jobs” (or “Next Apple”), the maverick Musk, and the Tesla company that upended the automotive industry.Quite high.In the context of the existence and development of Tesla and Apple in the same era, what will be the relationship between the two companies?
According to the latest news from foreign media, Morgan Stanley analyst Katie Huberty said in a customer report released on Thursday that Apple and Tesla are more likely to become opponents rather than partners in the future, and in the next 20 yearsTesla may embark on a development path similar to the “iPhone giant”.
According to foreign media reports, Huberty is an influential Wall Street analyst with a good track record in accurately predicting Apple ’s quarterly results.She said that the two companies will be regarded as competitors in the next few years, and vertically integrated solutions will make cooperation between the two parties unlikely.
Huberti said that today ’s technology investors “look at Tesla the way they looked at Apple 20 years ago: a company with a different way of thinking has made incredible innovations in an industry that needs rapid innovation.”
The analyst said: “This has aroused the interest of investors. If Tesla has a path to profitability and has reason to believe that the scale will continue to expand, then technology investors will often not care too much about the current valuation.They are willing to target Tesla ’s prospects for many years to come, when Tesla ’s scale and profitability will support today ’s market value. ”
In the past six months, Tesla’s stock price has risen madly, and the increase so far this year has doubled.Tesla’s market value has surpassed the three major US auto companies and German Volkswagen, becoming the world’s second largest auto company after Japan’s Toyota.Tesla’s excessive market value also caused disagreements among Wall Street analysts.The company’s head, Musk, even posted on Twitter that he believes Tesla’s current stock price is too high.
There are multiple fundamental positive factors behind Tesla’s stock price surge. For example, the factory in Shanghai, China is completed and put into operation within one year, and it is raising the level of localization. Tesla’s electric vehicle plant in Brandenburg, Germany, has begun construction.In addition, Tesla launched a new model at the end of last year-the electric pickup truck, and began mass production of Model 3’s sister model Model Y earlier this year.Recently, Tesla has started to find a place to prepare to build the second electric car factory in the United States for the production of electric pickup trucks.The factors driving stock prices also include continuous profitability, and delivery volume has set a new record.
In sharp contrast to Tesla, Apple’s stock price has only risen 8.5% so far this year, but the situation is better than the US stock Dow Jones index that has fallen 13.8%.
In the three months to March, Tesla produced less than about 100,000 electric vehicles with a delivery volume of 88,400, which was the best delivery in the company ’s history in the first quarter.The company continues to maintain its goal of delivering 500,000 vehicles this year.
Apple ’s revenue and profit in the first quarter exceeded Wall Street ’s expectations. In the three months to March, sales were $ 58.3 billion and earnings per share were $ 2.55.Considering that Apple retail stores in China and around the world were closed due to the outbreak of the New Crown epidemic, iPhone revenue fell 6.7% to $ 29 billion, so Apple ’s overall performance in the first quarter was even more impressive.
Apple said that service revenue made up for some of its shortfalls, up 17% to a record $ 13.3 billion. The main reason is that the home order policy has attracted new users to join the company’s Internet-based product family, such as Apple Music and Apple Pay.
Cook said that Apple ’s Internet service user base reached 515 million in the second quarter, while Apple ’s device installation base (statistics on the number of Apple phones, tablets, and computers in use) exceeded 1.5 billion.
Car internet
Previously, the media reported that Apple was preparing to develop self-driving electric vehicles, and even prepared to bring a disruption to the car.This means that Apple will become a car company competing with Tesla.But later, Apple adjusted the car project and turned to the development of autonomous driving systems, hoping to be able to license it to external car manufacturers like Waymo.
The outside world generally believes that an important purpose of Apple’s research and development of self-driving cars is to build its own car Internet ecosystem in future self-driving electric cars like the iPhone, so that iOS users can continue to use Apple’s various Internet services in the car.
According to foreign media analysis, in the field of automotive Internet, Tesla may have a head-on conflict with Apple.Wall Street analysts said that Tesla still has a business space with huge growth potential in the future, that is, various Internet services for Tesla owners, such as providing video on demand services through the main control screen (played when the vehicle is stationary),Or provide music on demand, intranet car payment and so on.

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