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On May 19, Bilibili released its Q1 financial report for 2020.The data shows that station B is still opening higher this year, with monthly active users increasing by 70% year-on-year, while the number of main users who have more than 10,000 fans has surged by 80%.
Station B has become the blue ocean most favored by creators in 2020. More and more graphic creators have begun to transform station B to create and operate video.
In April 2019, “IC Lab” had just released the first graphic content on the public account.By the end of 2019, we began to try to do the first video submission on the B station, less than half a year, nearly 800,000 fans on the B station.Since the transition from graphic content to video, we have received many questions from creators about how to make videos and how to operate at station B. Here we will focus on our video creation principles and experiences.
The underlying logic of video and graphics is the same
Among the many questions I have been asked, “Which field should I do?” And “Who should I set up?” Are mentioned repeatedly.And the most important question has never been asked-how should the content be done?
This is weird because everyone seems to attribute success to the field and the person, but ignores what is decisive.
Especially if you do n’t know what you ’re good at and what you ’re doing, if you do n’t know what you ’re good at, and you do n’t know your personality traits, then others will be even more unable to answer you.
From this point of view, there is no difference in the underlying logic of graphic content and video content.There is no clear difference between the readers who read the graphic content and the viewers who watch the video, or even the same group of people.
To determine how to do it, the easiest way is to think about which field you can output continuously for more than one year.For example, some people think that they are good at cooking and can be a food blogger, and they find that they are only good at only a dozen dishes.This makes no sense in an awkward situation.
The difference between graphics and video is only the medium and the way of expression. The core logic is still to make good content.
Which graphic content is suitable for video?
In theory, any good graphic content is suitable for video.However, it should be noted that the current types of mid-length video are not rich enough, so there are still some restrictions on the type of conversion from graphics to video.
This problem can be referred to in the film industry. First-class novels are often difficult to adapt into first-class movies. On the contrary, second-rate novels or popular novels are relatively easy to achieve in film history classics.
The maturity of the film and television industry far exceeds that of the video industry. If they all solve the bad “text-to-image problem”, if they want to make video, it is best to avoid it.
In fact, in the final analysis, it is very simple, and the graphic content suitable for changing into an image is generally strong in story and relatively literary.It’s a huge problem for you to give “A Century of Solitude” to any director, but Steve King’s novel has a strong room for adaptation.
The same goes for medium and long videos. It is easy to make videos with strong story content.However, it should be noted that mid-length videos are not movies after all, and do not require very complicated editing. At the same time, in order to take care of the audience’s feelings, it is best not to jump in the timeline.Therefore, like some special interview articles, it is wonderful to read in the text. It takes a lot of effort to adapt it into a video.
In addition, besides the strong story, the audience is most concerned about the density of information.So you can see that in the hot areas of the graphic era, such as voicing, emotions, and articles, etc., video is very difficult.On the contrary, various industry analysis articles are not well read on the WeChat public account, but it is very popular to make videos.
Angle is more important than anything
Current mid-length videos are generally longer than 10 minutes.You can imagine under what circumstances you will spend ten minutes or even twenty minutes to watch a video.
The fact is that most people will not finish watching your video.
Every video producer will try his best to improve the completion rate of the work, but there are always a few people who are willing to watch your video.In terms of sensory stimulation, medium and long videos are generally inferior to short videos.
The logic of short videos is addictive, but medium and long videos are not.
Limited by the length of time, short videos need to quickly create suspense and eye-catching, while medium and long videos have plenty of time to talk about one thing and one point of view.
So what should medium and long videos rely on to attract viewers?I think the most important thing is to cut into the angle.
Now the mid-long video track is gradually crowded. Some social hot events, such as Ruixing, almost every blogger will say a few words.At this time, the decision is to cut into the angle.
Most people like to use “bring you to understand why Ruixing’s stock price plummeted” as a problem-solving idea, which is not impossible, but eight out of ten people will do this, and the argument method is almost difficult to bring new ideas, and finally it becomes a descriptionEvent, this is what the news should do, the audience is not here to watch the news.
Your point of view can be described in one sentence, such as “Ruixing is cutting capitalist leeks”, “The Shenzhou system behind Ruixing has intricate capital transactions”, “Chinese people do not like coffee originally” and so on.After watching most of the audience, the main thing you remember is your opinions. When he spread it to others, he also output these opinions.
The best example is classmate He.The 5g video that made him popular, described earlier how fast 5g is, and it does very well, but it can’t be distinguished from other digital bloggers.Finally, search for the past evaluation of 4g to compare with the current 5g.This sublimation of viewpoints and ways of thinking led him to open up several positions with ordinary digital bloggers.
I have watched many bloggers ’videos, and the editing, soundtrack, and copywriting are wonderful, but there is no unique way of thinking, and I ca n’t give out information beyond what the audience knows. The result is boring.
Must do a series of videos
I have given my friends countless examples from time to time. One of the answerers quickly gained popularity by analyzing the song of ice and fire, accumulated a large number of fans, updated one episode every week, and many people would come over after watching the TV series.s answer.
There are also some music bloggers on Weibo, which also accumulated raw traffic by evaluating programs like “I am a singer” in each issue.
In fact, since the last two years, there have been countless seniors in the content industry who have sincerely warned novices that they must be vertical, and the more they hang, the better.Especially like medium and long videos, the contention is in the subdivided field. Only by obtaining professional recognition in the subdivided field can there be a competitive advantage.
I know many authors, and there is a common illusion that I can write anything.I always think that another explanation for writing anything is that it is not good at writing anything.
The whole world is a minority, so do n’t overestimate your knowledge reserves.I feel that I can write anything. In most cases, I only have a strong “stitching ability”. I can find a lot of materials to piece together, but I often can’t sum up my views.
When you become a full-time video blogger, you are far away from front-line work, and thinking about the industry is often dull.It is useless to just look at the information, and the most efficient way is to talk to the frontline staff.Find the right person, you talk to him for two hours, the other person’s opinion may be enough for you to make three videos.
Once you have these knowledge reserves, you must do content in series.For example, I watch many bloggers in the field of film and television and like to analyze a single film, or some science and technology knowledge of science and technology. This is not wrong, but have you ever thought that every film and television blogger is doing this.
If you think about this content in a series, you can make a Hollywood series. First, use six videos to talk about the six major production companies (now the top five), which basically covers the history of Hollywood.
After that, I will do extensions, such as the Hollywood movie star series, like the four talented actors Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Nicholson.In this way, the audience is always looking forward to your content, and then interspersed to tell the stories of Chinese film companies and actors, and they can always fit the hot spots.
It’s a pity that I haven’t seen any film and television blogger doing this well.If anything, I think I am happy to pay attention.
The average video update frequency is much slower than that of graphics and text. The content of graphics and text can be hot spots during the day and articles at night. Videos are often not as time-sensitive, and the role of series can help you operate for a long time.
The last thing I want to say is that the attitude is stable.Too many people start to make videos with too much utilitarian heart at the beginning, why would they ask how to set up people and do what?Because I was too eager to achieve success and eager to monetize, I neglected the basic and critical steps of polishing content.
Judging from the current market for medium and long videos, good content is always found or detonated.So it is enough to determine the direction, understand what you are good at and what you are not good at, and tell the audience the stories and opinions you want to tell.
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