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Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “DoNews” (ID: ilovedonews), Author: Geng Biao, 36 krypton release authorized.
According to media data, Apple ’s sales have plunged 77% in the past April, down 56% month-on-month, which means that Apple has suffered a huge impact in the global market, and in the future, if the epidemic is no longer effectiveControl, this situation will continue, and Apple ’s situation will be even worse.Especially since Apple ’s annual new product launch is more than four months away, is Cook ready?
Apple iPhones only release one phone a year, usually in September. The time is now when they are in mass production. However, in addition to the Chinese market, the foundries in other regions may still be stagnant, which means that evenApple released the new Apple 12 on time, and it may be out of stock for a long time, which is also a great test for Apple.So, can Apple still lose in the current situation?
Global smartphone manufacturers are not good
In recent years, the smartphone market has not performed very well, especially Apple and Samsung have been repeatedly squeezed by Huawei and Xiaomi in the Chinese market. Several Samsung factories were closed last year. Although they value the Chinese marketHowever, it is very difficult to obtain an advantageous position in the competition.Today, Huawei, Xiaomi, OV, and OnePlus have all launched flagship models, and are among the top in the industry in terms of performance, configuration, and appearance. Although the brand value of Apple’s mobile phones is very high, the market has already been adopted by domestic Android manufacturers.Squeezed a lot.
Because of the epidemic situation, the market in China was at a standstill during the Spring Festival. Basically, all offline stores were closed, people could not go out, and naturally the demand for users who bought mobile phones was not high.Later, in March, the domestic market was finally liberalized, and the epidemic situation was encountered abroad again. The market could only rely on the domestic market to slowly recover, which was already heaven and underground compared to before.Both domestic Android manufacturers and foreign mobile phone manufacturers are going through the most difficult time.
Judging from the several smartphone products currently released, the homogenization phenomenon is very serious. Most processors use Qualcomm’s flagship 865 chip, and then find gimmicks in functions such as screens, cameras, and storage.The function operation is not much different. In these aspects, they have already realized overflow, which is enough for ordinary users.Take Apple’s new IPhone Se 2nd generation, which is similar in function to Apple 11, except that it applies the shell of the previous generation Se, and those real fruit powders must be waiting for the launch of Apple 12.
Therefore, under the premise that the current general environment is not good, global smartphone manufacturers are suffering huge losses and have lowered their annual sales expectations.
Apple 12 is Cook’s life-saving straw?
According to the information exposed by the media, Apple 12 has only undergone a small number of upgrades and updates, such as processors, cameras, screens, etc., 16 million dual cameras at the rear + 12 million single cameras at the front, 4GB of running memory, and battery supportThe capacity can reach the level of 3000mAh, support wireless charging, physical storage starts at 128GB, supports 120Hz screen refresh rate, and the national bank version is expected to start at 5,499 yuan, which is much lower than the previous models..
It is worth mentioning that the upgraded version of Apple 12 requires a rear four-shot lens, which also has a great improvement in memory, and the front bangs have also shrunk a lot.However, whether such a design can be favored by users is still unknown.From the point of view of product design and exposure configuration alone, it does not have much eye-catching features, and it is not much different from the previous generation products. If it is such an Apple 12, it is difficult to attract users to buy.
Now Apple is in a bad situation. Cook launched the small screen model to activate the market and boost sales.But the most important thing in the market is the performance of Apple 12, if it can’t attract users, then Apple will encounter difficulties in the next year, which is also a huge challenge for Cook.Especially when the smartphone market is not performing well, what kind of products Apple can launch is very important.
Where is Apple’s future?
Today’s smartphone products are more and more inclined to homogenization, and the differences between the products are already very small.Therefore, various manufacturers are engaged in gimmicks, China is the main business model, and Xiaomi is the main price-performance ratio. VIVO is also launching a gaming mobile phone. Meizu is making a fuss about design and face value, and seeing the features.And Apple has always been playing the brand and high-end positioning this card.From the performance of Apple in the past two years, Android products are pulling into the gap between Apple and Apple, coupled with its compatibility and price advantage, if Apple no longer carries out major innovations and upgrades, it is likely to be overtaken.
So, where is Apple ’s future? Nowadays, products in the smartphone market are facing development bottlenecks, but whoever can carry out upgrades and reforms on the product side will be the first to gain support and recognition from the market and users.It is inevitable that manufacturers will continue to strengthen the research and development of new technologies in order to enhance the market value of their products.Therefore, Apple must put more effort into the product rather than blindly upgrade it painlessly, so that users will get rid of it sooner or later.
The author believes that Apple’s current situation is not good. Even if it is not affected by the epidemic, Apple will still fall into a difficult situation this year.If Cook can’t build Apple 12 into an explosive product, it will inevitably be affected by a lot. At this time, Apple can’t afford to lose.

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