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Yesterday, it was said that a screen titled “Behind the Battle of Xiao: Tencent’s Backwater Battle”, but Uncle was busy during the day and didn’t pay attention to brushing his circle of friends until night.The screen is refreshed.
Uncle saw that the public relations circle and the TMT circle are discussing two things:
1. Why is it possible to refresh the screen?
2. What is the self-hacking response of Tencent PR?
As the meeting point of the two circles, the uncle believes that this crisis public relations is a landmark event for Tencent public relations. Tencent’s ability to read and handle crisis public relations is improving. The most important thing is that the Buddhist system has become more networked.Feeling, but can lift weight as lightly as possible.
The specific analysis is as follows.
1 Why can “Fighting the Backwaters” refresh the screen?
Before analysing “One World War”, “Tencent has no dream” can’t be bypassed. That article also caused a sensation in the circle and outside the circle. Of course, it cannot be separated from the “help” of the screenshot of the fake WeChat chat record of Xiaoma.
Uncle saw that many colleagues have given a summary, such as Feng Dahui, he summarized two key points:
1. Write articles for large companies, with enough titles to bluff people;
2. The content is long enough (note that this is a necessary condition).
There is also a netizen @ 蒋 弄臣 ‘s point of view, the uncle agrees, he believes: “Tencent’s battle against the water” is a mimo pretending to be Pan Ran.
Explain that Pan Ran is the author of “Tencent has no dreams”, and here mentions Mimon. Uncle thinks not to belittle anyone, but only a routine writing method. Uncle once specifically analyzed it in “Brush Screen”.The key to the “Fighting the Back” battle is to use a routine of refreshing articles, namely:
Traffic Star (Xiao Zhan-Tucao Point + Emotion + Circle Layer) + Hot Topic (Reading Disturbance-Hotspot) + Big Company (Tencent-Feeling of Participation) + Singing Core Business (Traffic) + Examples (Nokia-Identity) + Short title (within 6 words can be quickly disseminated by the topic) & article long (if you do n’t want to read it, it makes sense) + Financial report release (good performance but more conflict-curiosity).
Uncle believes that these points are the key to refreshing this article.
Tencent’s back-to-back battle did not replicate the logic of the explosion of Tencent’s dream, but was met with many ridicules from industry insiders.
In particular, the crisis of public opinion that Xiao Zhan has not clarified has once again attracted two waves of circles-fans and black powder fighting. They each used this article as a medium, while continuing to “black” Xiao Zhan, and quickly passing eachA way to maintain idols, a typical entertainment topic, from fan circles and nets circles, and eventually back to the TMT circle, is indeed very different from the screen logic of “Tencent has no dream”.
It is also very interesting. This time the TMT circle is surprisingly united. Everyone thinks that this article is full of loopholes, which is far from the previous one.
The response given by the group’s director of public relations Zhang Jun in the circle of friends is also a similar conclusion:
Put together ideas and find a bunch of true and false materials to demonstrate.This kind of writing technique really makes people cry and laugh.Just blame too many visitors in this era.When someone talks about harvesting traffic, this kind of article is a typical traffic harvest, and all living beings are leeks.
Uncle saw that this article was quickly blocked on WeChat twice, citing “infringement” and the author’s account was suspended.It can be seen that Tencent PR has moved the real thing and reported it.
Is there any problem with the logic of this article?Uncle found the original text on Weibo, looked at it, and just found a comment. You feel:
The first half of this article first used various facts to prove that Nokia was actually facing a crisis when it was in full swing, and thus concluded that the seemingly beautiful Tencent is now in despair.
The second half tells you that the future should be a certain world, and Tencent no longer has traffic.So now Tencent discovered this and had to fight back, fighting the ultimate secret weapon they had cultivated for many years, and the final trump card: Xiao Zhan, attempting to turn things around.
The ultimate conclusion of this article is finally derived: “Xiao Zhan mode” is Tencent’s last hope.
This example can be applied to almost all big factories. No wonder the uncle was in the comment area and saw many netizens pointing out: According to this logic, “Headline Backwaters”, “Ali Backwaters”, “Baidu Backwaters”, “Huawei Backwaters”, “”Trump Backwaters”, “Yu Shuxin Backwaters” …
2 What is the self-hacking response of Tencent PR?
Do you think that with only one response from Zhang Jun and title closure, Tencent’s crisis public relations is over?not at all.
Although Zhang Jun, as the person in charge of public relations, pointed out the problem of the article and dealt with the author and the article through actual actions, Tencent’s natural ownership of the WeChat public account would inevitably be considered as “abuse of power” by Tencent.
Uncle guessed that Tencent’s public relations researched and judged the screen articles and comments from netizens and people in the circle, and then looked at the “ammunition” in his hand and formulated at least three strategies:
1. Decline from black.
Tencent Public Relations deliberately adopted a “self-incriminating” response method, lowering the latitude of a seemingly serious article and returning to the dimension of entertainment topics.
But here is very clever, did not touch Xiao Zhan, otherwise they will be bitten by those two circles, and instead use crisis public relations recruitment as an entry point.The uncle believes that the most ingenious place is the “back water” photo matching, which hit the heavy pressure of the original title “back water battle” on the cotton.
2. Financial report dissemination.
On the same day, it was exactly the release date of Tencent’s financial report. Speaking with performance, Tencent’s public relations increased the spread of performance. After all, more than 99% of netizens are seeing is believing, of course, this is more truth than eloquence.In the scenario of strong financial reports, it is more persuasive to inadvertently mention “the battle against the water”.
3. Increase self-black.
We say that crisis public relations are all dynamic.After the first wave of “back water” posters were screened, Tencent began to increase its efforts to confess itself.This time, Tencent even performed a second creation on the B station account, spoofing Pony and Baby Penguin.
Of course, the second creation of netizens is also very exciting.
Even the author of “The Battle of the Backwaters” was “convinced” by this wave of “God” operation and forwarded this poster.
To be honest, this is what the uncle did not anticipate as a public relations practitioner. Generally speaking, if a self-media article is swiped, but if its article and account are blocked, it will definitely clamor on the line, and “The author of “Fight Against the Water” has also “cooperated” with Tencent’s crisis public relations.
Briefly summarize.
Uncle believes that Tencent PR has three points to learn from in response to this crisis:
1. Ability to read crisis.
This is the first board that the uncle believes is the “key three-axe” of crisis public relations. The other two axes are caliber and communication.
Only by understanding the crisis can we provide the correct response plan.The core of Tencent’s crisis screen is the “shifting flowers” of the crisis topic of entertainment stars. The argument of bad streets like Nokia is not enough to support logic and conclusions.Since the TMT circle is also based on this feedback, it will be pierced first, so Zhang Jun is dispatched and Tencent PR also reported to WeChat.
2. Visualize the misplacement of “One World War”.
This trick is very powerful.The uncle often said that without pictures and no truth, the efficiency of picture transmission is much higher than the stinky and long textual statement.
During the epidemic, Uncle wrote two articles about the public relations wars of three companies, Ali, Toutiao and Tencent.At that time, Ali won the “sympathy” of the post-00s by virtue of his hacking and “begging for mercy” at station B.
This time, Tencent Public Relations did not “harden” with the author of the article, but used the core keyword of “backwater battle” in a self-discriminatory way to achieve a rapid entertainment and latitude reduction of topics through dislocation visualization.Everyone saw Tencent’s tolerance, which is one of the keys to the rapid cooling of the crisis, and it is also the cultural gene of the post-90s generation of netizens.
3. Do not touch sensitive people.
This is actually the key to the success of this crisis public relations.Throughout the crisis, Tencent PR has wisely avoided the sensitive topic of Xiao Zhan. Not to disturb the two circles of fans and fans is the second key to quickly cooling the incident.
Uncle often said that in crisis public relations, it is important not to do (say) anything, not to do (say) anything.
A responsible person in charge of public relations at Tencent told the uncle that after last night’s “recruitment” public relations recruitment, he received nearly 300 resumes overnight.
You think people are pure black, in fact, Tencent PR is really lacking …

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