Samsung and SK Telecom launched a 5G quantum mobile phone, Galaxy A Quantum, which is also the world’s first 5G smartphone with a quantum random number generator (QRNG) chipset. The first mass production is expected to reach 1 million units.This phone is not much different from Samsung’s previous Galaxy A71 5G phone. It has a rear four-camera, a 6.7-inch display, and a battery capacity of 4500mAh. The biggest highlight is the integrated quantum random number generator chip. In terms of securityThere will be a substantial improvement.The price is 649,000 won (equivalent to RMB 3751), and sales will begin in Korea on May 22.SKT IDQ S2Q000 QRNG chipset The chipset uses SKT IDQ S2Q000 QRNG, which was developed by SK Telecom’s Swiss subsidiary ID Quantique in 2017.In order to strengthen the security of various applications, the QRNG chipset also added SK Pay, T ID login and Initial. T ID functions for logging in various online services, which have been used by more than 19 million customers.Among them, Initial is a blockchain mobile electronic certification service that can be used to issue and submit various personal certifications. The transmission process does not need to copy the real personal certifications. SK Telecom plans to expand the use of QRNG chipsets and enhance security in the future.Provide more services.LED and CMOS image sensors are also used in the chipset to create truly random numbers with unpredictable patterns.Compared with the current public and private keys and digital certificates and other encryption methods, the chip generates random numbers through quantum cryptography, and the security key cannot be predicted by hackers, thereby enhancing the security of device terminals and data.ID Quantique co-founder and CEO Grégoire Ribord said: “With its compact size and low power consumption, our latest Quantis quantum random number generator chip can be embedded in any smartphone to ensure reliable authentication and encryption of sensitive information.It will bring a new level of security protection to the mobile phone industry. This is indeed the first mass market application of quantum technology. “At present, quantum secret communication technology is still rare in mobile phone applications, but the market application is very broad, such as military, National defense, and financial sectors all have data confidentiality requirements.If Samsung ’s mobile phone market responds well, it will also promote more mobile phone manufacturers to follow up this technology. In the future, quantum confidential communication will also be used on a large scale in the personal field.

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