Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “burning Finance” (ID: rancaijing), Author: Zhao Lei, editor: Allen, 36 krypton release authorized.More than two months have passed since the internal test of WeChat video was first launched. The first batch of crab eaters has tasted some sweetness.Public account KOL (Key Opinion Leader) “Liu Xingliang”, opened the video number for 50 days, accumulated 20,000 followers, published more than 200 videos, ranging from 20,000 to 200,000, and more than 20 reached 100,000+; Uncle Akiba, a PPT expert who teaches people how to play video numbers, used a video with a volume of 400,000 to divert 3,000 fans to the public number, and paid articles related to the videos received 20,000 yuan in income; online celebrity bloggersLi Ziyu ’s debut video debuted 59,000 likes and nearly 8,000 comments.Stars, influencers, media, public account KOLs, and some individuals who already have content influence on other platforms, became the first batch of content providers for video accounts, and also received the first wave of traffic bonuses, and more ordinary people,Also blocked from the door of the video number, eager to try, ready to invest in this “new revolution of WeChat content ecology.””Dividends are definitely there, but they must be viewed rationally. The video number and the public number are very different. It is a semi-open relationship circle with different forms. In addition to internal testing factors, this order of magnitude data is normal.It is foreseeable that after the video account is fully released in the future, the average playback volume will far exceed the number of clicks on public account articles. “Said Yi Chen, a senior product manager of a major Internet company.With 1.1 billion users, WeChat’s every move has attracted much attention. Yi Chen’s circle attaches great importance to the video number. “No target product can be found. The shape may be similar, but the lizi is different.” This is the consensus of many of them.Another consensus is that the video number is still a new species. “No one can tell what it will be”, but the video number will follow the inherent consistency of WeChat product philosophy.”WeChat should be the best tool to keep pace with the times, even the tools of lifestyle. It should also help those who truly create value to reflect their values. These are the two driving forces of WeChat.” Zhang Xiaolong once said.01 Unlike Douyin and Quick Hand On January 22, the WeChat video number opened the internal test. After one month, the first internal test stopped. After that, if you want to open the video number, you must use the WeChat directed invitation method orApplying for manual review via email does not guarantee success.It is reported that in late March, in the near future, the video number will start the second internal test, and due to the epidemic situation, the full opening of the video number may have to wait until May.At present, there are two types of users who are qualified to test the video number. One can browse the video number, and can also follow, comment, like, and share. A small number of users have been granted permission to create and publish videos. In addition to WeChat targeted invitations andExcept for individual applications, others are random tests. Some users have indicated that more participation in video number interaction can get priority in the next internal test.Video number entry The video number entry is on the WeChat discovery page, just behind the circle of friends. Compared to the secret entry of the video dynamics, it shows the importance of WeChat to the video number.Enter the video number, the main interface is clean and tidy, to continue WeChat’s consistent experience. There are two buttons in the upper right corner, one is to shoot or upload a video number, and the other is a personal homepage, similar to the personal circle personal homepage, you can view your own posting and interaction.Video.Video number main interface The video number presents the content in the form of a single row of waterfalls, which is different from the big screen immersion and sliding switch of Douyin and the double row of fast hands.”From the perspective of the form, it really looks like a video version of Weibo,” Yi Chen said. “But like Guixiang, the video number is not any other product on the market. Every simple design difference will lead the product to different developments.path”.The video number does not have a recommendation page and a follow page. There is only a simple search box. In the video waterfall, videos posted by friends, videos posted by followers, and other videos appear randomly according to a certain algorithm logic. Viewers can be below the videoLike, comment, or share videos to chats and circles of friends, but cannot reshare and save.”Do something, do something, every detail reflects the principles and intent of WeChat. On the whole, there are still many principles, but the changes are very cautious.For example, you can see comments other than friends, and you can interact with strangers in the comment area. This shows that the video number broke through the acquaintance relationship chain of WeChat, but you still cannot add friends through comments, indicating that WeChat does not want to completely change itself intoA public domain; for example, you cannot forward and save downloads. The purpose is to protect the original and encourage originals. Of course, there are considerations to support the platform’s exclusive content.”Yi Chen said. Ma Huateng commented on the source below the video / Baijiahao Yi Chen believes that based on WeChat’s concepts and principles to do some design suitable for video content, but will not let this newly added part change the ecology of WeChat at once., WeChat has always been cautious and restrained; another product manager, Hu Yu, believes that WeChat provides users with a vest and gives users the right to choose. When creating a video number, they can set their own names so that users can socialize with acquaintances.You can also express yourself with videos in circles. “The video number is indeed dimension-reduced. The threshold for the public number is too high. Zhang Xiaolong’s desire to be a public number is to make even the smallest individual have his brand. In such a personIn the era when it can be created, the video number provides users with a new creative method. It will pay attention to the living space of the long tail trumpet, and will also lower the threshold for video production. For example, the video number can directly select 9 pictures to send as a video.And there are no dazzling auxiliary tools.Hu Yu said. It can be said that the design of the video number is more based on the needs of users. If you send videos and photos in the circle of friends, there will be social pressure, then WeChat will provide a new place; everyone ’s expression on the public number will haveIf it ’s a certain difficulty, then use video to reduce the difficulty and stimulate more people’s desire to express. The subscription expression of public account is becoming more and more centralized, and the video number introduces diversifications such as social recommendation, interest recommendation, geographical location recommendation and hotspot recommendation.Recommended method, so that long tail content can also be followed. “I boldly predict that the content of the future video number will definitely not be as hot as the beginning of the vibrato, everyone will follow what is shot, and it will not be the beginning of the fast hand.That way, using a gimmick to catch people ’s attention, it will be a decentralized platform that is extremely rich in content and can meet the needs of different users from the creative end and the viewing end. Everyone will have opportunities, including but not limited to business opportunities.”Hu Yu said. People in the social field of acquaintances are very contradictory. They want to express, but are also afraid of expressing it. WeChat has given them a tool to keep up with the times, waiting for more people to create content and reflect their value..02 What content is the most popular? The video number that was born shortly needed content urgently, but what kind of content will be affirmed is a question that everyone cares about at present. Since the internal test of the video number, the first batch of creations settled inMost of them are celebrities, influencers, media, and public accounts KOL. From the perspective of content types, celebrities often publish daily life clips, such as actor Shu Qi drying cats in video numbers, and Fan Bingbing made a meal; Internet celebrities refer to themselvesExisting video materials are reprocessed and released. For example, Li Zichen cut his long video into fragments within one minute and uploaded it in sections; most of the media are copying and handling of content and sending it on multiple platforms; WeChat’s original subscription number isKOL, often combines original videos with the content of his articles to guide the public account, and Rancai Finance has also tried. The home page of the video account of Li Ziyu currently has a small number of users, and the content is not onlyThe amount is small, and there are many inferior content rubbing the side ball to suck powder and diversion, which is unsightly. For these traffic locusts, WeChat, which has been tested for two months, will be filtered out by the product mechanism in a later update to ensure user experience. According to Yi Chen’s observationThe recommendation content of the video number is continuously changing, which indicates that WeChat is continuously optimizing the recommendation logic. There is only one thing that is certain, the content standard, tone and orientation of the video number are still unknown. For some organizations that obtain traffic for commercial purposes andUsers can try different styles. For ordinary users, it ’s good to shoot as much as you like. The video number needs more people to participate and have fun. Yi Chen also has a piece of advice, all video numbers on the market have been successfully learned.Do n’t believe it, “He did n’t play it by himself. What is it to teach you?”While we can’t predict what kind of content will be successful, we can see what content WeChat encourages from WeChat’s setting of the video number.The video number supports less than one minute in length, and videos within 30M in size, both horizontal and vertical. The size cannot exceed 1230×1080 pixels, and the aspect ratio can be up to 11:10. If it exceeds, it will be filled or cropped.At the same time, the video number supports less than 9 pictures, a single picture does not exceed 5M, and the text description is best within 55 words, and it will be folded, and the maximum is 1,000 words.When publishing a video, you can select a location, a tag, and add a public account article link, explaining that WeChat encourages regional creation, creation of hot topics, and interactive creation of WeChat native content. You cannot forward or download videos. WeChat encourages original content.Conversely, if the platform machine recognizes that your content has a high risk of infringement, it will also limit the flow. If it induces sharing, attention, likes, and comments, it will violate the bottom line of WeChat and may be blocked.In the WeChat Open Class of 2020, Zhang Xiaolong talked about his thoughts on the extensive connection of information. He said, “It is difficult for us to use technology as a criterion for determining the quality of content, but we also have many ways, such as using moreParticipants and strong mechanisms to help the platform make arbitration. “On the video number, WeChat’s attitude towards originality and plagiarism will continue. In the long run, when the content and creator of the video number reach a certain level, the original content andThe proportion of original content must far exceed that of moving content. This is a new opportunity for creators beyond vibrato and quick hands.Similarly, in terms of the difficulty of information selection and the diversity of information, Zhang Xiaolong has repeatedly emphasized to avoid the existence of “information cocoon room”. He prefers “recommendation” rather than the word “distribution”, and should not help the user to choose completely by the platform.What they watch, whether WeChat video numbers from creation or recommendation, will encourage a variety of content, especially those inspirational content that can help users break the cognitive limitations, will be more encouraged, which provides professional knowledge contentA window.In the public class one year earlier, Zhang Xiaolong also talked about thinking about WeChat videos. The reason why the entrance of the video dynamics is so deep is that I hope users can bravely send a video that is not so beautiful but really records life.Intentionally making others invisible, this is the opposite of the circle of friends.”What if someone sends a video with an additional attribute called public, so that people around him or people who follow him, but not his friends, can see it?” Zhang Xiaolong said.Now the video number has changed a way, giving users a vest, but still hope that users will shoot real videos, and WeChat will encourage such creation.UGC users ‘original life content without filters and PUGC and PGC users’ original professional field content may stand out in the content ecosystem of future video numbers.Hu Yu feels that the video number is different from Douyin and Kuaishou’s platform logic. Douyin attaches importance to immersion and hopes to occupy more user time, which directly affects its business model. However, WeChat has always emphasized that it is an efficiency tool.Provide users with the value they need in the shortest possible time, so when making a video number, pay attention to what value the content can bring to the user.03 I want to play well and I can only rely on myself. “Now everyone thinks this is a big vent, and they are all looking for ways to enjoy the first wave of dividends, but I personally think that I ca n’t eat hot tofu on the video number.”Founder Jin Hua told Ran Cai Finance.It is basically impossible to get the official creative guidance and traffic support of WeChat. Like other content in the WeChat ecosystem, Zhang Xiaolong’s style is to formulate some simple rules for you, and then let many participants evolve complex things together.Instead of starting with a complicated rule in the beginning, there is no room for evolution.”Everyone can only try different content types and explore the recommendation mechanism of the video number, but as you explore, the WeChat side is constantly adjusting, and only one thing is certain, they are very disgusted to those who only have traffic in their eyes., Will deliberately suppress those who run fast, make them unable to quickly obtain traffic for monetization, and will not say that you will have some basic traffic to test the content dissemination ability, the video number will set up many rules to ensure decentralization, everything can only beRely on your own, “Jin Hua said.In Hu Yu’s view, WeChat officials will only try to do one thing, that is, “weed removal”, to guide users and creators to develop forward, and to avoid bad coins expelling good coins. This requires the video number to be large in the recommendation mechanism.Time, design a set of extremely complex algorithms.At present, the recommendation mechanism of the video number is similar to “Look at it”. Social recommendation is used to complete the first layer of content screening. Friends watched or interacted with the content. Due to the existence of social pressure, this method can filter out some inferior content. Second,Layer, the video number will be combined with the user’s own viewing data to form a label for personalized recommendations. According to Jin Hua’s speculation, the personalized recommendations will be filtered first, and the content of reports, complaints and creators with bad records will be reduced.Referral opportunity.Many people in the industry believe that the video number is more important to individual creators than institutional professional creators. The original relationship chain can enable individual video content to be cold-started, and the opening of the secondary relationship chain can allow ordinary people to get more in WeChat.Attention, this is exactly what Douyin has always wanted to do but cannot do.The picture / visual China video number is also like a public number. It is not prepared for professional institutions such as the media, but professional content agencies can obtain other values ​​than individual identity, namely business and influence.”A good product must be designed around the needs of users, and it will naturally realize business value. People who want to share a share in the WeChat ecosystem must remember that you provide valuable content to users. WeChatThen you can use your own design to help you grow yourself. WeChat is very patient, so you have to have that patience. “Yi Chen said.Looking back at the public account and small programs, they have all gone through a long period of ecological cultivation. Zhang Xiaolong firmly believes that if he does not take it slowly, he will only make the first wave of people who use it as a bonus to abuse its traffic, and people who use it as a traffic bonus.It does not create value, it is not good for users, and it causes damage to the platform.”Dividends are never what we think about,” he said.WeChat’s product philosophy has attracted 1.1 billion users. These users also give WeChat more confidence to do things that only WeChat can do.The video number is still in its infancy, and there is limited guidance for creators, but don’t worry, I believe that as users become more familiar with the gameplay of the product, the content is richer, and the algorithm is more intelligent, the collaboration between the video number and the public number, mini-program, and WeChat paymentMore and more will eventually form a unique content ecology.* The title picture is from Visual China.At the request of the interviewees, Yi Chen, Hu Yu, and Jin Hua were changed their names..

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