“When you come to Watermelon Video, the income will increase 10-20 times compared to the previous one, and you will also enjoy our numerous recommended rights and traffic support from the Douyin platform.” A B station UP host told 36 氪, this is when Watermelon Video was recently digging a cornerGive him “temptation”.This is a UP host in the game area of ​​station B, with 40W + fans in station B.He mentioned that in the past year, Watermelon Video has sought him many times, and he and many of his UP friends have received “enthusiastic” invitations from Watermelon Video.Earlier last year, Watermelon Video released a new positioning, “a comprehensive video platform that aggregates multiculturalism.”In the middle of the year, Xie Dongsheng, General Manager of Watermelon Video Market and Entertainment Center, said in an interview again that the positioning of Watermelon Video is the PUGC video platform.Under the guidance of the new platform strategy, watermelon video began to attack everywhere, and the first thing to do was to grab people.According to the news from the short video workshop of the media, recently, Watermelon Video has dug a group of UP masters in the B station, including the old UP masters such as the fisherman’s grandma, the fourth child in the sea, and the Yu Ge brothers. Previously they were called “Catch Haitian Mission. “The picture is from: Fisherman’s video on the A station B. Screenshots of the “Digging People” of the watermelon video have been foreshadowed. In February of this year, BYTE invested in Fengma Niu Media with a 25% shareholding.He is the expert of the company.A noteworthy trend is that, whether it is watermelon video or station B, Douyu, and Douyin Fast, they are all deeply binding with experts by investing in MCN institutions.But for the watermelon video that wants to be “China YouTube”, the catch-up UP master can’t realize the richness of the platform.Prior to this, Watermelon Video also played against many UP masters in the ghost station and game area of ​​station B.Under the situation of increasingly fierce competition for content platforms, grabbing people between platforms has become a common phenomenon.However, for watermelon videos, it is easy to smash money to grab people, but it is difficult to become a YouTube in China.Watermelon Video Attacking The Watermelon Video The most successful mining of the watermelon is the “Ao Factory Manager”.Previously, he was a well-known UP host in the game area of ​​Station B. His pepper and salty “Trump” and spicy and humorous style made his game commentary eye-catching.He is one of the well-known game podcasts with the highest hit rate in the country, and currently has 6.868 million fans at station B.However, in the second half of last year, the director of Ao also added a new label, the signer of watermelon video. At present, he has 1.64 million fans on the platform.After ending the exclusive agreement with station B, he chose “two blossoms”.On the one hand, he created many solo shows for Watermelon Video, such as “The Factory Director MC”, “The Factory Director Comes” and “MC Factory Director’s Museum Season”. The factory director Ao said that the last two video audiences are aimed at children.So I chose the watermelon video solo.On the other hand, he is also taking into account the B station, saying that he will launch a new issue of “The Call of the Badger” on the platform recently.However, from time to time, the factory manager Ao also shouted to users at station B, “Go to the tubing and headlines to help increase clicks.”Image source: Ao plant director watermelon video screenshot A UP host in the food station of station B told 36 氪 that many platforms such as plant manager Ao are not in the minority. Many of them have grown up from station B and cannot be separated from it.I can’t bear the atmosphere of station B, but I don’t want to miss the chance of full bloom.Half a year ago, the UP host told 36 氪 that he had not signed an exclusive agreement with station B. Currently he is still bigger and stronger (there may be new opportunities later), and he also mentioned that he has not settled in watermelon yet.Now, when 36 氪 searches for his account on the watermelon video platform, he finds that many contents have been updated.In terms of knowing, search for the question “Why did the host of station B go to watermelon video”, and you will find that there are many messages from the host of UP that answer the recommendation algorithm and benefits of watermelon video, and the traffic distribution of station B will be relatively biased.Centralization.But everyone is also saying that the station atmosphere, user stickiness, and tolerance for specific cultures are better.This is also the reason why many “Ao factory directors” take care of both.Although the watermelon video gives a lot of rights, compared to the B station, the popular UP host will still get great exposure.36 氪 Comparison with the video of the director Ao on two platforms, he found that the play volume of the watermelon video was “suddenly high and low”, ranging from 500,000 to 600,000, and tens of thousands in bad, and the video posted on station B was almostIt’s all three or four million.For the watermelon video, people grabbed it, but it hasn’t turned into an attacking weapon.On the other hand, station B, after realizing that the mainstream of the UP has failed, has continued to liberalize its rights and give UP owners more cargo support and commercial resources, rather than just let them “generate power for love.”In addition, station B is also supporting newcomers to master and de-vibrate, quick hands and other sites to grab people.Half of the top 100 UP main awards in 2019 at Station B were new faces, and the replacement rate was close to 50%.In this award, the outstanding Ao factory manager, gourmet Wang Gang, and Huanong Brothers were not selected. The common feature of these UP owners is that they all have cooperation or signing relationships with the headlines.This is also understood by the outside world as the defensive behavior of station B.In China, Wsns, an old B site user who has not yet visited YouTube, once said in an interview with the Alphabet List, “Watermelon Video is obviously trying to grab the B site market, but it is more appropriate to say” counterattack “than to grab, because manyThe main station of station B is very hot. For example, the Huanong brothers came from watermelon videos. “Today, the content of station B’s living area is already the largest area, and food and daily sharing have also become the fastest-growing content in this area..These new additions are the key points for station B to attract non-core secondary users. At the same time, it also means that station B will have more collisions with watermelon video on user grabs.The previous sinking watermelon videos are changing to a new direction, and naturally new people need to complement each other.Today, it is similar to the model of station B, and there will inevitably be more intense competition.In addition to creator resources, there will be multi-dimensional confrontations in betting on live broadcasts, purchasing long video rights, and motivating vlog short video content creation.Previously, watermelon videos were also called YouTube, but whether the ecology of watermelon videos can be retained is also a problem.YouTube started in UGC and developed in PUGC has been the target of many domestic content platforms. Its early C2C model quickly accumulates a core audience for YouTube at a low cost. They like sharing, enthusiastic expression, and loyalty to the platform.Degree is high.Because of this, both Tudou and Youku became YouTube followers in the beginning.IQiyi also recently launched a short-term video, benchmarking YouTube.Gong Yu, iQiyi’s founder, director and CEO, said that the YouTube model has not yet grown to scale in China.However, low market share does not mean easy. The YouTube model not only tests the continued creativity and level of creativity of the platform creators, but also depends on whether the platform atmosphere can give positive feedback.In China, only stations B are similar to YouTube.Whether it’s a community atmosphere or a content format, it’s the closest to YouTube.The B station, which started from the second dimension, gathered a group of extremely loyal users, thus forming a high-quality community atmosphere.At the latest quarterly financial report meeting, Chen Rui, Chairman and CEO of Station B, said that Station B has maintained a good retention against the background of the expansion, and the station retention rate of Station B has exceeded 80% in the past year.Although watermelon video is also in PUGC mode, it still has a gap with station B in the platform atmosphere and high-quality barrage.In terms of commercial realization, although domestic apprentices of YouTube are trying to implement the commercial closed loop of YouTube’s “user content consumption-platform advertisement realization-creator content sharing”, in fact, they are not very successful.Head picture from: Bilibili.

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