36 氪 was informed that “Dreaming Yintong” announced today that it has successfully completed a new round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, led by Yongye Investment, which is mainly used to solicit high-end talents and launch “Voiceprint +” trusted AI for 5G.New technology research and development and new business development.Established in 2002, Deyi Yintong is a technology developer, product developer and service provider with voiceprint recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, speech emotion recognition and other fields with completely independent intellectual property rights. Founder Zheng FangHe is the director of the Auditory Center of the Tsinghua Institute of Artificial Intelligence and the executive deputy director of the Intelligent Science Department of the National Research Center of Information Science and Technology.The company’s main product is a set of identity authentication system “voice secret protection” developed based on voiceprint recognition technology and voice recognition technology.When the system performs identity authentication, a set of digital strings are randomly generated for the user to read, and the system recognizes the user’s voice by digital strings and voiceprints, thereby achieving user identity authentication.At present, the voiceprint identity authentication scheme has been successfully applied in the fields of finance, social security, government affairs, public security, and the Internet of Things. According to Zero One Business Report, in 2017, “Sound Secret Protection” was launched in Guiyang Bank, Lanzhou Bank, and Minsheng Bank.application.By the end of 2019, there were nearly 20 banks with “Sound Secret Protection” landing, including China UnionPay, National Information Center, China Mutual Fund Association, and National Government Service Platform.At present, the voiceprint recognition technology of Deecom has accounted for more than 75% of the mobile financial market.Voiceprint recognition is a biometric method. According to a report from MITRE, a non-profit federally funded research and development company in the United States, voiceprint recognition ranks second in accuracy in all biometric fields, second only to iris recognition.Its advantages are that it is not easy to lose, difficult to forge, and has weak privacy.According to the data of Tianyan Check, Deyi Yintong completed the A + round of financing from BAIC Investment in 2015, and obtained the Pre-B round of financing from Sunrise Oriental and Tsinghua Holdings in 2016.In China, 36 氪, a company focused on voiceprint recognition, has also reported on Junlin Technology, VoiceAI Technology, VoiceAI, SpeakIn, Kuaishangtong, etc.Deyi Yintong financing history Source: Tianyancha Related reading: Based on “Sound Secret Security 3.0”, Deyi Yintong wants to use voiceprint recognition technology to solve identity authentication problems

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