Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “investment community” (ID: pedaily2012), Author: Yang Li, 36 krypton release authorized.Whether it is to reduce the holding of Light Media or the acquisition of Galaxy Cool Entertainment, it may ultimately be the fight between Ali and Tencent, the two entertainment empires.Last night, Ali Ventures’ plan to reduce its holding of Light Media was completed.The investment community (WeChat ID: pedaily2012) was informed that on the evening of March 25, Guangguang Media announced that as of March 24, 2020, Ali Ventures had reduced its holdings of 57,664,784 shares in the company.Based on the average reduction of 9.72 yuan, the total cash out was more than RMB 560 million.Ali Ventures just cashed out 560 million, and Ali Pictures immediately spent 400 million to acquire a 60% stake in Galaxy Cool Entertainment.Between this reduction and the acquisition, there is a hint of information: the fight between Ali and Tencent, the two entertainment empires, may be intensified.With cash over 560 million yuan, Alibaba Ventures ’plan to reduce its holdings of Light Media was completed on the evening of March 25. Light Media issued an announcement saying that the company received a“ Notice of Shareholders ’Progress on Shareholding Reduction” on March 24, 2020.As of March 24, 2020, Ali Ventures had reduced its holdings of 57,664,784 shares of the company.Based on the average reduction of 9.72 yuan, a total of RMB 560 million was cashed out.Guangguang Media announced that the shares of Ali Ventures this time are the non-public shares issued by the company to Ali Ventures in 2015 (including the non-public issuance of shares after the implementation of the distribution of capital public reserve funds to increase the share capital), the number of reductionsFor 7 times, the reduction price range is 8.71 yuan / share to 12.16 yuan / share.Previously, Guangguang Media had received the “Shareholding Reduction Plan Notification Letter” from Ali Ventures on September 2, 2019, and Alibaba Ventures planned to six months after fifteen trading days from the date of the pre-disclosure announcement of the reduction plan.During the period (without reduction in the window period), the total number of shares held by the company through centralized bidding transactions or block transactions shall not exceed 58,672,168 shares (the proportion of the total share capital of the company shall not exceed 2.00%).Ali Ventures has begun to reduce its holdings.On December 23, 2019, Guangguang Media announced that Ali Ventures had completed part of its reduction plan. As of December 20, 2019, Ali Ventures had reduced its holdings in Guangguang Media by 29,336,084 shares, and the number of reduced shares had exceeded its reduction.Holding half the number of shares in the plan and reaching 1.00% of the company’s total share capital.This time, Alibaba Ventures has cumulatively reduced its holdings in Light Media by 57,664,784 shares, a reduction of 1.97%.Since then, Alibaba Ventures’ holding of Light Media has been reduced from 8.78% to 6.82%, and it remains the second largest shareholder of Light Media.At this point, Ali Ventures’ plan to reduce its stake in Light Media has come to an end.The giants fought, Light Media approached Tencent, and Ali acquired Galaxy Cool Entertainment. Ali reduced its holdings of Light Media, and spent 400 million to acquire 60% of Galaxy Cool Entertainment.On March 18, 2020, Alibaba Pictures announced that it intends to acquire 60% of Tianjin Yinhe Cool Entertainment for less than 400 million yuan.After the acquisition, Alibaba Pictures and Youku Information accounted for 60% and 20% of the shares, respectively. Founding shareholders Bofang Rongzhi and Tianjin Lihe accounted for 11.55% and 8.45%.Ali paid 400 million yuan to buy 60% of the shares. Where is Galaxy Cool Entertainment sacred?In fact, Galaxy Entertainment and Ali have long been inextricably linked.In 2016, the “Mars Intelligence Bureau”, a variety show that used the variety technique to test the novelty of the whole nation, was born.It is worth noting that this program was produced by Youku and Galaxy Cool Entertainment, and the variety shows of the “Mars Intelligence Bureau” series were broadcast on Youku video alone, showing that the relationship is profound.Now, what is Ali’s plan to buy Galaxy Cool Entertainment?Ali Pictures announced that Galaxy Cool Entertainment has rich variety show production experience, which will help build Ali Pictures ’variety show production team and complement the production capacity of all categories of” movie + drama + variety show “;At the same time, the variety show format is flexible, and can cooperate with various business lines such as Taobao (movie announcement), drama production, Ali fish (derivatives development) and other synergy effects.Ali spares no effort to expand the territory of culture and entertainment, and Tencent has not relented in building a pan-entertainment empire.It must be mentioned that in September 2017, Guangguang Media disclosed that the company and its affiliates held a total of 50.79% equity in Maoyan.Tencent appeared in the shareholder camp, holding 15% of the shares. In March 2018, Guangguang Media transferred 27.64% of its shares in Xinli Media to Tencent, which was then wholly-owned by Tencent’s Reading Group …… The successive movements of Light Media seem to reveal a message: the balance has tilted, Light Media is gradually moving closer to Tencent, and the relationship with Ali has undergone subtle changes.As the saying goes, one mountain cannot accommodate two tigers.Whether it is Ali’s reduction of light media, or Ali’s acquisition of Galaxy Cool Entertainment, it is out of consideration for the strategic layout of the cultural and entertainment industry.And this reduction and acquisition, in the final analysis, may be the fight between Ali and Tencent, two entertainment empires..

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