Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Chen Po daily observation” (ID :), Author: Chen Po, 36 krypton release authorized.At 14:00 on March 24th, Redmi held the K30 Pro new product launch conference as scheduled.Lu Weibing announced in a high-profile manner: “In 2020, Red Rice will fully surpass Glory and its crushing will begin.” As a result, the entire press conference continued to advertise Glory.The audience felt that the conference was worthwhile. In addition to watching the Redmi conference, they reviewed the glorious conference again.In my impression, Redmi has always been a Qianyuan machine brand, so I have not paid much attention to Redmi.But this time Lu Weibing shouted such a big slogan, it also made me curious to study it. However, from the current point of view, I personally think that the Redmi brand wants to surpass the glorious brand, and the road is relatively long.After watching the press conference, the first thing I did was to open and Tmall, and search for glory and red rice respectively. As a result, I found that on and Tmall, glory has its own official flagship store.It is a glorious product. There is no Huawei product, and the classification is clear.The mobile phone category is divided into V series, HONOR series, X series and Play series, four products with different positioning; notebook & tablet categories have multiple MagicBooks and tablets; smart wearable categories include smart watches and smart bracelets; glory smart screensThe category includes multiple smart screen products and accessories; there are also many smart home ecological products and so on.According to the operation of the Honor flagship store, it can be seen that the Honor brand has been particularly well-built in the past few years. It is a set of young brands that are independent of the Huawei brand, mainly aimed at the student party or young people who have just graduated.Let’s take a look at the Redmi brand that wants to defeat Glory and fully surpass the Glory brand.The result is very regrettable, whether it is Tmall or, Redmi does not have its own official flagship store, only Xiaomi official flagship store, which means that Redmi is still a sub-brand under Xiaomi.I don’t understand why Xiaomi does this?Does Redmi not even have the ability to open an independent Tmall flagship store by itself?So from the perspective of the brand’s status, Redmi has lost.At this time, I was not completely desperate until I clicked into the official Xiaomi flagship store.Xiaomi’s official flagship store has a navigation bar with mobile phones, TVs, home appliances, and so on. After clicking into the mobile phone category, it is still the content of the home page, and it cannot jump to the page of mobile phone products.From a professional’s point of view, the homepage of the mobile phone is simply a grocery store. It is very confusing. There are all kinds of messy products in it, which are mixed with a lot of Xiaomi brand products and products of other brands under Xiaomi.If you say to someone who does n’t know Xiaomi that Redmi is an independent brand, you wo n’t believe it.In the TV / box category, there is no way to find the Redmi brand directly. It took me a long time to hide a bunch of Xiaomi TVs with a 40-inch Redmi TV worth 999 yuan and a 70-inch red worth 3199 yuan.M TV.However, a giant screen TV released yesterday, the Redmi Smart TV MAX 98-inch, was not found in the official flagship store and has not been updated.In the category of household appliances, there is no red rice in the refrigerator, air conditioner and kitchen appliances. In the washing machine, there are two red rice washing machines that are also submerged in a bunch of rice home washing machines.In the computer office category, there are two Redmi computers, one RedmiBook 13 and the other RedmiBook 14.There is only one Redmi router in the router category.In the categories of household appliances, kitchen appliances, smart wearables and smart homes, I looked for a product that didn’t seem to have red rice.In the category of digital accessories, I finally found a Redmi AirDots Bluetooth headset and a Redmi charging treasure worth 59 yuan.Most unfortunately, the 8-inch Redmi touch screen speaker released yesterday was not found in the official flagship store.If you are a fan of the Redmi brand and want to find Redmi products in Xiaomi’s official flagship store, it is really too much of an eye.In order to study Redmi products more carefully, I opened the official website of Xiaomi Mall. Redmi also does not have its own independent website, and can only be hosted in Xiaomi Mall.After a look around, I was very surprised to find that there is a Redmi 98-inch TV and Xiaoai touch screen speakers in the Xiaomi Mall.Both of these products are very good and very powdery. Many people in my circle of friends praised these two products after the press conference yesterday, so I don’t quite understand why there is no such product in Tmall and Jingdong.In my opinion, as an independent brand, as the most important second-tier brand under Xiaomi, its existence in the entire Xiaomi system is rather chaotic, and it is completely mixed with the entire Xiaomi product.For users who are not familiar with the Xiaomi product line, they will feel a headache.It is too early for such a brand to want to face glory.Closer to home, let’s take a look at Redmi’s phone.K30 Pro’s price is 2999-3799; K30 series mobile phones have two price points of 1699 and 2299; Note8 and Note8 Pro prices are 899 and 1199 respectively; 7A, 8 and 8A prices are 549, 699 and 599 respectively.Overall, Xiaomi’s product line is a bit messy. The K series spans from 1699 to 3799, and the digital series and the Note series are particularly low-end products, so I didn’t understand what the Redmi phone really is.In contrast, the positioning of the Honor phone is clearer.On the official website of Honor, it is very clear that there are four series of Honor mobile phones, among which the highest-end V series products cost from 2199 to 3699, which is equivalent to Red Rice’s K series; the price gap of HONOR series is relatively large, from 999 to 2499The range is equivalent to covering the Xiaomi K series non-Pro products; the X series is the main young brand, the price is from 899 to 1999, barely can be regarded as the benchmark Note series; the Play series is the main game, the cheapest price, only 899, basicallyBenchmark Xiaomi’s digital series.However, the four series of Honor are relatively clear in positioning and the price range is more reasonable.As for smart wear, smart home, accessories, etc., Honor has almost crushed Red Rice.Honor has a full range of products, but Redmi does not form a product line at all. Only in the notebook field, Redmi has several products that can be benchmarked against Honor.In terms of brand building, Honor ’s brand ambassador has invited Li Xian, one of the hottest little fresh meat today, and Honor has clearly placed Li Xian on the homepage of the official website. There are also Li Xian on the product map.Although Redmi has invited Wang Yibo as the global ambassador, it has not been clearly displayed on the mobile phone product. If it was not for a search, I would not know that Redmi has also found a spokesperson.I think the spokesperson is very important for shaping young brands.Compared to Red Rice, Honor has done a better job in this regard.All in all, my conclusion is that Honor has formed its own independent brand, has its own brand banner store, and has its own official website. The brand’s series of products cover mobile phones, notebooks, tablets, smart homes, smart wearable devices, and mobile phone-related accessories.And many other products.However, Redmi is still in a relatively messy state. First of all, it does not have its own official website and its own flagship store. Secondly, its product positioning is also chaotic. In addition to mobile phones and notebooks with a certain number of products, all other product lines are stillFragmented.Fortunately, Redmi has already begun to make positive changes.Three new products were launched this time, and the products alone are very good.The K series can compete with the Honor V series; the newly released large-screen TV is also very attractive and the price is very cheap. From the current point of view, Redmi has taken the initiative to enter the large-screen field; in terms of smart homeA good step has also been taken. Redmi’s smart speakers are also attractive from a product perspective.But I think the entire Redmi product line still needs a lot of adjustments to have enough ability to challenge the Honor brand.Therefore, Lu Weibing’s words wanting to surpass the glory brand within a year can be said to be delusional, can only be said to earn an eyeball.But as long as Lu Weibing can clarify Redmi’s future strategy, Redmi may have an opportunity in the future.Come on, boy!.

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