Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “TouchPal Big Data” (ID: bigdata_touchpal), 36 氪 released with permission.Foreword Action games have always attracted users with a strong sense of strike, heavy gameplay and teamwork strategies, while IO games, as a new type of action gameplay, combine the low threshold of casual games, simple art, low frustration and action.The original sense of victory and satisfaction quickly expanded the user base and tapped their user blue ocean.At the same time, the original head type MOBA, FPS is still the mainstream of gameplay, and effective operation through game live broadcast.In this report, TouchPal (NYSE: CTK) Institute of Big Data will discuss this type of gameplay and user habits, and give a comparison of different action games.Note: Based on statistical fairness, the products under TouchPal will not be included in the statistics of the list. The classification of games in this statistic is based on the classification of Google has gradually risen since entering the top 10 of action games last December, and has maintained the number one position since the first week of February. IO games are different from previous heavy-strike and fighting-style games. WormsZone ’s overall gameplay is simple and multi-People fight online but do not need to form a team. It is more random than the previous stand-alone greedy snake, but it is more strategic than developing or eliminating games. The satisfaction of devouring gameplay also extends the boundaries of action games.In addition, such light sports games also occupy 33% of the top 15 action games (remove the installation packages in different regions of the same game), and a large number of similar gameplay is expected to appear.The Jedi Survival and other games require extremely high strategic and engaged mobile games, not only action-oriented head applications, but also game-type head applications. They have extremely high gameplay and community stickiness, and the life cycle is still being extended.However, this type of application requires a relatively large up-front research and development cost and insights on new gameplay methods that users like, and it is difficult for new developers to enter the market.Among action games, FPS (first-person shooting game) is still a major force in growth. Shooting games give users the strongest sense of blow, which can quickly give users a gaming experience, while their learning costs are lower, but theirThe differentiation is low, basically the single-player monster mode is mainly used to meet the immediate satisfaction of users, and there are no cultural barriers.MOBA games are relatively expensive to develop and operate. Competition is fierce, but online teams such as Hook and Run have simple gameplay, short duration of single rounds, and mainly fragmented casual gameplay. This is an opportunity for this type of game.Action head games are more diverse. It can also be considered that most players in action games have higher requirements on gameplay and gameplay. Therefore, only breakthrough gameplay, a strong sense of participation and impact can make up for their conversion.Cost, on the other hand, this type of game has a longer life cycle because of the variety of gameplay and the strategic nature of it.In addition to their advantages in customer acquisition and monetization, such games are also profitable in other aspects of the industry chain.The popular gameplay of IO games is devouring, which meets the player’s sense of control and development. The interface is relatively simple and the matching speed is fast. It is compatible with the randomness of casual games and the visual, audio, and tactile feedback of action games. Currently in the headThe proportion in the game is still growing.At present, domestic developers have an advantage in this point. Head applications such as Jedi Survival and King Glory have gained high profits overseas. At present, the moat is also relatively deep and it is difficult for new developers to enter.Compared with casual games, users of action head games spend longer time per week. MOBA head game users spend more than 300 minutes per week, and on average they have to play more than 40 minutes a day. This type of games requires high strategicAt the same time, they need to interact with their teammates and opponents, and have a good viewing experience, but so the user’s immersion and emotional connection are catalyzed to the peak in such games.IO games lag behind heavy games in terms of the number of open games and the average length of stays. It is similar to parkour. The user’s demand for games is mainly to provide fragmented entertainment. However, it can be seen that the time per single time is longer than parkour.The simple gameplay allows users to quickly become familiar with the rules and extend the breakthrough experience brought by the game market, and the game market will be extended as users become familiar with the process.In terms of activity in various regions, as a globally popular game mode, action is currently popular in Southeast Asia and North America. Users in this market have strong game stickiness, high acceptance of new game modes, and a sense of pan-entertainment applications.interest.In addition to being interested in heavy games, Southeast Asia also spends a lot of time in casual games that do not require too many strategies. Therefore, the more casual swallowing IO games have a higher recognition. This region is also the IO game in the head action game.The largest proportion.In addition, the preferences for action games in Europe are relatively self-contained. They pay more attention to battle royale games and light MOBA games. Their casual games are more active than action applications, and text is also a unique preference area. UsersEducational level is high. There is a certain demand for the way of casual games and the exercise of logical thinking.The hot game WormsZone has swept the rankings of overseas action game activity. Such applications are more active in North America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions. Such live games will also attract users interested in growth-type gameplay.The game has a sense of impact and caters to casual game target users. Similar IO gameplay can quickly expand the user base, while at the same time, the input and output are relatively high, allowing users to quickly develop game habits and realize cash, while European and American users familiar with devouring gameplayThere is also a preference for this type of application.Among the installations of applications in action countries, mature game markets such as Germany and South Korea are more diversified, and the tastes of users are more diverse. They do not focus on shooting or MOBA types, indicating that developed market users have more opinions on the game.However, the installation rate of IO games in various countries is obviously higher than the ranking of the active rate, which also indicates that IO games are currently being put into such markets. Perhaps such newly installed IO games will become the action market.A trend with outposts.Thailand has always had a high degree of acceptance of games. They are also the countries with the most action games installed in various popular markets. On average, 1.63 action games are installed in a mobile phone. Compared with their hobby for casual games, they have a larger footprint and higher performance.Action games have a lighter preference, and IO games with a mix of striking and casual habits are also more likely to gain their preference.From the aspect of gameplay, users prefer IO games. Although Free Fire and MOBA King Glory occupy the head application position, but the devouring IO games occupy 30% of the list, which are all above the midstream.This fully shows that users who originally liked casual gameplay were attracted by this type of gameplay. Developers of this type of game can tap this type of market. At the same time, in Thai action games, overseas games are more focused on the operation of heavy games.The market for games is also worth exploring.From the comparison of user portraits, Thailand ’s overall action game users account for 70% of men, which is similar to other countries. The majority of users are male users who seek to combat cool feeling and strategic warfare, while IO games users have a higher proportion of women., Increased to 40%, indicating that more female users are willing to participate in IO games, but it should also be noted that, unlike casual games that are extended to middle-aged or even extended, more young users appreciate this simplicityAesthetic devouring game.Conclusion The addition of IO-type games to action games has enriched the gameplay and expanded the user population.Wormszone has occupied the top of the list for a quarter of a year, and devouring gameplay has become the mainstream gameplay of this type of IO game. This kind of game has a short single game time, low cross-cultural threshold, and has leisure elements.However, at present, the head of action games is still mainly MOBA group battle strategy games, allowing users to enjoy the game in the sense of strike and team strategy.At present, IO games represented by WormsZone have gained widespread attention in mature markets in Europe, America, Oceania and other places. This is different from casual games such as chess and card games. These old players are very familiar with single-player engulfing games, andThe IO game’s sense of engulfment and growth is more real.In terms of time, IO games are more inclined to casual applications. The opening time is short. The length of a single game is similar to parkour. The gameplay and user experience are also similar. It does not interact with other players. It is a fragmented gameplay.It also makes their acquisition and monetization methods more inclined to casual games.Thai users are the countries with the most installed action games. They are more interested in entertainment applications, have higher game acceptance, and are willing to spend more energy on various games.And for casual IO games, more young female users have become incremental users.On the other hand, Thai users are more enthusiastic about live games, and this type of IP can also easily attract users to install and start games through live games.Editor | Yun 晞 @ 36 氪 出 图 | Pexels.

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