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On March 26, Ali Health, Ping An Good Doctor’s stock price rose for the third consecutive day.As of press time, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index fell 0.79%, Ali Health gained 5.25%, and Ping An Good Doctor increased 4.31%.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the development prospects of the Internet medical and health industry have been optimistic about many brokers.Now Morgan Stanley (Morgan Stanley) has also joined this bullish camp.On March 25, Morgan Stanley first covered Ali’s healthy and safe doctors, and they all gave an “overmatch” rating.It believes that both companies are leaders in the online sales of pharmaceuticals in China and have strong shareholder support.Morgan Stanley analyst Yolanda Hu and others said in the report that the new crown pneumonia epidemic will not only stimulate short-term demand for Internet medical services, but also promote more favorable policies.In the next 6-12 months, the online sales policy of prescription drugs may be relaxed, and online consultation may also be supported by medical insurance. The Chinese Internet medical industry is expected to grow strongly in the next few years.Specifically, Morgan Stanley expects that Alibaba Health will benefit from the steady growth of online transactions, asset injection from Alibaba Group and high operating leverage; Ping An Good Doctor’s income is expected to achieve a 33% compounding in 2019-2022The annual growth rate will reach the break-even point in 2022.As of press time, Bloomberg data shows that Ping An Good Doctor has 13 “buy” ratings, no “hold” or “sell” ratings, and a 12-month average target price of HK $ 84.99; Ali Health has 9 “buy””, There is also no” hold “or” sell “rating, 12-month target price of 15.5 Hong Kong dollars.However, it should be noted that since January 20th, the shares of Ali Health and Ping An Good Doctor have risen sharply, and the stock prices have exceeded or approached the 12-month average target price of the securities firm.Among them, Ali Health’s stock price reached 16.54 Hong Kong dollars during the year, and Ping An Good Doctor’s stock price reached 82.2 Hong Kong dollars during the year.Both stock prices have now fallen with the Hong Kong Hang Seng Index.From the high point of the year to the present, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index has fallen by about 20%, Ali Health’s share price has fallen by nearly 20%, and Ping An Good Doctor’s share price has fallen by 16%.

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