36 氪 It is learned that Hangzhou Yufan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yufan Intelligent”), a provider of smart vision solutions for the Internet of Things, has recently announced that it has completed a B1 round of financing of nearly 100 million yuan from Weicao Venture Capital, which will be used to continueImprove the efficiency of meeting the needs of customization and provide more SMEs with better intelligent vision solutions for the Internet of Things.Previously, 36 氪 reported Yufan Intelligence. The company was established in Hangzhou in 2014. Its main products are embedded dynamic intelligent terminal devices based on artificial intelligence technologies such as dynamic face recognition and video structuring.Scenario solution.At present, Yufan Intelligent has completed the implementation of customized solutions with Shanxi Taigang Group, Landsea Real Estate, Zhejiang Gongshang University and other units, covering multiple scenarios such as office, community, and campus.It is reported that during the epidemic, Yufan Intelligent made use of the features of face recognition without perception, non-contact, and high convenience. It developed a face recognition algorithm for the hood and integrated an infrared temperature measurement module to launch a series of facial recognition temperature measurement integrated machines.End products.In terms of solutions, Yufan Intelligent has launched epidemic prevention and control solutions such as temperature detection in AI parks, electronic passes for community epidemic prevention, and mini-procedures for access to transportation hubs. It has settled in Beijing East Ring Commercial Plaza and a customs anti-smuggling bureau in Guangdong.It is reported that Yufan Smart won a multi-million-dollar angel round investment from Angel Bay Ventures in 2015 and completed a Pre-A round of financing in 10th of the same year; in 2018, it completed a round of A financing such as Pricewater Capital.8 ⽉ Obtained a round of A + round of investment of tens of millions of yuan from Lukang New Investment. In July 2019, it received a 45 million RMB Pre-B round of financing led by Sanjiang Holdings.The following is a 36 氪 July, 2019 report on Yufan Intelligent: Specifically, Yufan Intelligent’s hardware products include access control attendance terminals, visitor machines, building video intercom equipment, passenger analysis cameras, intelligent video analysis terminals,The identity verification machine can not only complete the face recognition function, but also perform visual recognition algorithms such as helmet detection and battery car detection.In addition to hardware products, Yufan Intelligent also built the Uface open platform (WO platform), which can provide developers with face detection, face recognition, and certificate matching technologies in the form of APIs or SDKs, while providing perfect edges.The device management service of the computing terminal provides customers with a more convenient way to complete the docking of the terminal to the data background in the way of PAAS.To evaluate the quality of AI visual recognition equipment, the two most basic criteria are recognition accuracy and recognition speed.At present, Yufan Intelligent’s embedded IoT intelligent dynamic terminal equipment has a recognition accuracy of 99.99% and a recognition speed of less than 1s.To continue to improve product performance, it is necessary to continuously improve the deep learning capabilities of AI algorithms. Not only that, Yufan Intelligent believes that hardware iteration is equally important. Yufan Intelligent has always insisted on designing hardware products by itself.”Including product circuit design, structure design, etc., because the product design is the company’s entire responsibility, we can better integrate technology and products. Compared with those manufacturers who use solution providers, we have customer fragmentation requirements.The response speed is faster, and it also saves the design cost of the solution provider, making the overall cost of the product lower. “Su Liangliang told 36 氪.In terms of customers, the main customers of AI vision security companies such as Deaf and Shangtang are public security, government departments, and large enterprises. Yufan Intelligent is positioned in the pan-security field of “TO B”, and customers can be divided into three categories.: ⼀ is a process contractor, such as a building construction contractor, office building, residential dwelling system, etc., this type of customer group is covered by distribution channels; ⼆ is a system integrator, such as smart cities, urbanContractors of similar projects; Third, companies in vertical fields, such as companies providing solutions to smart communities and banks.”Before, our customers were mainly concentrated in categories ⼀ and ⼩. ⼩ B customer groups are very sensitive, and they are often sensitive to the price of products. Integrators have fixed requirements for customization. For these threeWe have explored a set of models that can meet their needs. “Su Liangliang said.In terms of team, the company currently has more than 270 employees, of which R & D personnel account for more than 70%, covering the fields of hardware, operating system, algorithm, AIOT platform and SaaS platform, as well as a professional sales and customer service team..

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