Editor’s note: This article is from Krypton 36 “Future Automotive Daily” (micro-channel public number ID: auto-time), Author: Terence Lee Nan.Author | Editor Li Zinan | Xu Yang FAW Car’s reorganization plan finally came to light.On March 26, FAW Car issued an announcement stating that the company received the “Approval for the Approval of Major Asset Restructuring of FAW Car Co., Ltd. and the Issuance of Shares to Purchase Assets by China FAW Car Co., Ltd.” issued by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.The industrial and commercial change registration procedures for the assets placed and assets involved in this transaction have been completed.At this point, FAW Pentium Car Co., Ltd. will be a non-listed wholly-owned subsidiary of FAW, becoming the operating body of FAW Pentium. At the same time, the commercial vehicle brand FAW Jiefang will successfully land in the capital market.On March 18 and 19, the Changchun City Supervision and Administration Bureau and the Changchun City Supervision and Administration Director Chunxin District Bureau issued the “Notification of Approval of Registration Registration”, which means that FAW Jiefang and FAW Car have transferred the equity involved in the transaction., The registration procedure for business change is completed.FAW Jiefang became a wholly-owned subsidiary of the listed company, and FAW Pentium became a wholly-owned subsidiary of FAW.FAW Car’s asset restructuring began on April 11, 2019.At that time, FAW Car issued an announcement saying that the company used all the assets and liabilities it owns except for the financial company and Xinan Insurance’s equity and some of its retained assets as disposition assets.Liberated 100% of the equity in the equivalent part of the replacement.In the process of transaction settlement, FAW Car intends to establish a wholly-owned subsidiary of FAW Car Co., Ltd. After transferring the assets to the company, it will transfer 100% of the company’s equity to FAW shares.In the past years, since the main businesses of FAW Xiali and FAW Car, which are listed companies of the FAW Group, are passenger car businesses, there is competition in the same industry, which has hindered the overall listing of the FAW Group.In July 2011, FAW Co., Ltd. made an irrevocable commitment and promised to integrate the issue of competition between the two listed companies of FAW Car and FAW Xiali through asset restructuring or other means on June 28, 2016.But as of the restructuring of FAW Car, this problem has not been resolved.In order to solve the problem of competition in the same industry, FAW Xiali also started to promote the company’s asset reorganization.At the end of April 2019, FAW Xiali issued an announcement saying that it had signed a framework agreement with Nanjing Bojun New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd. (“Bojun Automobile”) to jointly establish a new energy automobile joint venture company, of which FAW Xiali was involved in the entire vehicle.Land, plant, equipment and other assets and liabilities are valued at 505 million yuan, holding 19.9% ​​of the shares, and Bo County Motors holds 80.1% of the shares with a cash contribution of 2.034 billion yuan. According to the signed “Shareholders Agreement”, FAW Xiali will assist the joint venture company in applying for vehicle consolidationAutomobile production qualification, then FAW Xiali will no longer have automobile production qualifications and will not be able to continue to engage in vehicle production business.At that time, after the reorganization, the FAW car will be changed to a commercial vehicle manufacturer, and FAW Xiali will basically only have the “shell” of a listed company. However, at that time, the two sides issued a statement saying that the competition in the same industry had not yet been resolved.At the end of 2019, the controlling shareholder FAW shares took action again, transferring 43.73% of its holdings of FAW Xiali to China Railway Materials Co., Ltd. for free. The transfer of the controlling power was completed, and the controlling shareholder of FAW Xiali will be changed to iron stockAt the same time, FAW Xiali intends to issue shares to counterparties such as Tiewu to purchase 98.11% of China Railway Wusheng Technology.On March 11, a FAW Xiali announcement completely ended the automobile brand born in 1997. The company name and legal representative of Tianjin FAW Xiali Automobile Co., Ltd. changed. FAW Xiali eventually withdrew from the historical stage, bothering FAW Xiali.The nine-year industry competition with FAW Car has also been resolved.Coupled with the fact that FAW Group has completed the replacement of assets between FAW Car and FAW Jiefang, the overall listing path of FAW Group is becoming clearer. FAW Car may be the main platform for FAW Group’s overall planning in the future.

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