Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “letter list” (ID: wujicaijing), author Wang Xueqi, 36 氪 released with permission.Luo Yonghao signed Douyin’s boots to the ground.On March 26th, Douyin officially announced that Luo Yonghao will settle in Douyin as the “Chief Recommendation Officer of Making a Friend of Technology” and start his live streaming career.The first live broadcast is scheduled at 8 pm on April 1.Luo Yonghao also posted a short video on his Douyin account, spoke a Northeast dialect, and previewed the live broadcast a few days later. This short video received 75,000 likes.At present, Luo Yonghao has 299,000 followers.The signing of Luo Yonghao was another beautiful battle won by BYTE.Why say “again”?Because the last “Traffic Battle”-competing for “Aunt”-the final winner is also byte beat.Winning two battles in a row after the start of the year proves that ByteDance is fully determined to compete in the field of content ecology-more than 600 million “Aunt” and Luo Yonghao 60 million are not cheap-it is also enough to show that ByteDance is in content operationAdvantages and appeal to content producers.However, the victory of Douyin also means the defeat of the opponent.The opponents are all internet giants.It is foreseeable that in the next battle for traffic, Douyin may have to pay a much higher price than if it wants to continue to win.From a traffic perspective, signing Luo Yonghao is an offense; but from an e-commerce perspective, this is more like a defense.In recent months, due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, live broadcasts have been accepted by more users living at home.Entering the mall, the light stands for live broadcast can be seen everywhere.The bosses of several major hot pot brands drove live cloud eating hot pot. Even in recent years, Liang Jianzhang, who has been paying more attention to population issues than business issues, started live broadcasting in the most expensive hotel room in Sanya and sold it all at once.Hotel package worth 10 million yuan.A week ago, on March 19th, Luo Yonghao stated on Weibo that “after watching the famous report of China Merchants Securities, he decided to do live streaming of e-commerce”. Just a few hours later, he sent a Weibo again, saying that he had received theThousands of cooperation emails.Weibo also stated that currently there are not enough staff and the pressure for screening is very high.Live broadcasts are so hot, but Douyin does not have a strong sense in this regard, and was thrown out two streets by two direct competitors, Taobao Live and Kuaishou.Not only that, the China Merchants Securities e-commerce live report mentioned by Luo Yonghao clearly pointed out that the Douyin Reds may go to Taobao Live in the future to seek faster and better cash.This is a red flag.To accelerate the development of e-commerce, for Douyin, it is no longer an offensive behavior, but a defensive behavior.On the balance of content and e-commerce, Douyin undoubtedly focuses on content. This is determined by the company’s genes. Byte Beat will create 200 billion revenue this year. It depends on advertising, not e-commerce. Therefore, Luo Yonghao will not become Li Jiaqi.For those who like Luo Yonghao, this is a blessing. People who flocked to Luo Yonghao’s live broadcast room must still want to listen to talk shows instead of “eight stars and eight diamonds” or “OMG”.Douyin will not become another Taobao live broadcast, but Douyin must create a good monetization environment for content producers, so as to prevent content producers from carrying traffic to Taobao.01The battle for Luo Yonghao started in just a few days.When “Tech Planet” reported that the cooperation between Luo Yonghao and Douyin involved 60 million yuan, there were also rumors that Taobao’s live broadcast price was 80 million.However, a 36 报道 report pointed out that the two sides who fought fiercely for Luo Yonghao were in fact Douyin and quick hands.The founder of Faster Cheng Yixiao personally led the team to communicate with Lao Luo, and “the offer is not less than 100 million”, but Luo Yonghao eventually chose Douyin.Regarding the above news, the fast-hand side responded that the content of the article was seriously untrue, and the byte-beating side said it would not comment.The last time it seemed that it was still the top red celebrity MC Tianyou who was so fast. He was rumored to have changed the volcano video for 20 million yuan.People did go, but the offer was denied by the byte beating.For Luo Yonghao, Douyin is indeed a good choice.Douyin does not yet have a native, publicly recognized anchor.Quick hands already have Sanda and Xin Youzhi, and Taobao also has Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya. A benchmark character is not their urgent need in the short term.For Douyin, as a national-level application with more than 400 million daily users, even if the focus of commercialization is not on e-commerce, from a long-term strategic perspective, an e-commerce person with broad social influence is also required.Another meeting point between Luo Yonghao and Douyin is their content attributes.The outbreak of Douyin relies on its powerful content operation capabilities.Luo Yonghao’s earliest popularity came from the output of his content as a New Oriental teacher. Some people made his class a recording and spread it in the workshop more than ten years ago.At present, users have long-term shopping through live broadcasts. There are mainly two modes. One is special-sale consumption. The anchor sells goods cheaper than other places. The other is fan-type consumption.Whatever they buy.What’s more, users place an order to “support the scene” for the anchor. This behavior mode is common in the live room of the fast red celebrity.When Luo Yonghao enters the market, he may open up a third mode of onlooking consumption. If the unit price of the merchandise is not high, the user may hold a psychological shopping similar to buying performance tickets. The consumption target is the process of Luo Yonghao selling goods.At the end of last year, Luo Yonghao explained that when he was included in the restricted consumption list, he said that in the future, he would pay off all his debts in a “competitive manner.”In Luo Yonghao’s previous entrepreneurial projects, the “launch conference” link has always attracted wide attention, and many people will even buy high-priced scalper tickets to attend his conference.Today, the live broadcast room may become another conference venue for Luo Yonghao.Compared with the “sale” attributes of Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya, and the “idol” attributes of Sanda and Xin Youzhi, Luo Yonghao has a stronger “content” attribute.From this perspective, the platform that suits him best must be vibrato.According to Ma Changbo, CEO of Shizhi Media, if a celebrity only has traffic, it is difficult to sell goods.But Luo Yonghao’s advantage is that he is a celebrity-type celebrity and has a strong knowledge attribute. Such celebrities can bring goods.This is probably the reason why Luo Yonghao is worthy of the founder to bring the heavy money personally.For a long time, there is no shortage of phenomenon-level anchors, but to a certain extent, these anchors have only “lizi” and no “face”.Sanda Brother’s sales on Double Eleven in 2018 were as high as 160 million yuan, and during the epidemic of Xin Youzhi donated 150 million yuan in cash.But their number of hot searches on Sina is far from comparable to that of Li Jiaqi.At that time, MC Tianyou, the influence once went out of the circle, but after breaking the circle before standing still, he was banned.Kuaishou does not need an anchor who can bring goods, they already have a lot.But quickly need such a master-type, knowledgeable senior spokesperson to help them further reverse the brand image.From this perspective, Luo Yonghao’s value for fast hands is comparable to investment.However, Luo Yonghao, who has failed to start a business on several occasions and is still paying off debts, needs more than a senior spokesperson position. He needs a successful and sustainable career, not simply realizing the popularity and influence accumulated in the past..02 Can Luo Yonghao succeed this time?Since the launch of Weibo on March 19, announcing its entry into live e-commerce, there have been many discussions about the success of Luo Yonghao’s entrepreneurship. There are still many discussions about whether Luo Yonghao can become the next Li Jiaqi.E-commerce analyst Li Chengdong told reporters on the alphabet list that Luo Yonghao is more of a marketing selling point for Douyin e-commerce. He has questions about whether he can sell goods and whether he can continue to sell them.With Luo Yonghao’s hardcore powder, the e-commerce can’t afford the vibrato.And the Douyin e-commerce is not the focus of Douyin’s commercialization at present. The latter is mainly realized by advertising.He believes that live streaming of goods requires two elements, one is the anchor’s own ability to carry goods, and the other is the quality and brand of the product, which is the ability of the supply chain.The latter requires long-term accumulation, and this is not Luo Yonghao’s advantage.Among several well-known anchors, Wei Ya and Xin Youzhi have their own brands and supply chains.Long before the live broadcast brought attention to her, Wei Ya was already well-known in the women’s clothing field.In 2019, with live broadcasts becoming increasingly popular, many stars ended up participating.In April, Li Xiang launched the first Taobao broadcast, with a wide range of goods, including cosmetics, health products, jewelry, etc .; At the end of June, Liu Yan completed the live broadcast of the fast hand, and sales exceeded 10 million in 3 hours; in July, Guo FuchengCooperate with Xin Youzhi to sell a shampoo of your own endorsement.However, the continued combat effectiveness of the celebrities carrying goods is not strong. Even Li Xiang, the host, has encountered many awkward scenes with poor results.Li Chengdong believes that selling goods is a professional act.Internet celebrities are mostly professional.Although there are many celebrities who have opened online stores, many of them are mediocre sales.”The price is expensive, the number of people who buy it is low, and the repurchase rate is low. It is purely an IQ tax,” he said.Although Luo Yonghao’s public influence and radiation range is much higher than that of entertainment stars, if he is to be the next Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya, I am afraid it is not enough.A number of people in the live broadcast e-commerce field interviewed by the Alphabet List said that Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya’s success was influenced by factors such as time, place, people, and many other factors, and it was almost impossible to copy it.Weiya started from Taobao. The growing process was accompanied by the release of Taobao’s live broadcast bonus and gradually formed a strong relationship with the platform. It is difficult for anchors in the development period to find a breakthrough and grab Weiya’s share from Taobao.And Li Jiaqi was originally an offline gold medal shopping guide. A person’s sales performance can exceed a team of thirty or forty people. As the anchor, the MCN agency behind it has also invested a lot of resources.Give the resources tilt also Taobao live broadcast, as early as 2018, Taobao arranged Ma Yun and Li Jiaqi for a lipstick and goods showdown.If last year, practitioners in the field of live e-commerce still geared up to build the next Li Jiaqi. By this year, everyone has already achieved a lot.Ma Changbo bluntly said that there is not much methodology to build a phenomenon-level anchor like Li Jiaqi. It is more a matter of luck.”Li Jiaqi himself cannot hatch a second Li Jiaqi.”As an organization that focuses on short videos of knowledge, the current standard for training media anchors is that in the vertical field, anchors can have their own unique value.”He may not be a super-large, but must have wide recognition and uniqueness in vertical fields,” said Ma Changbo.Practitioners are now more concerned with the opportunities in segmenting verticals than building a national-level cargo leader.Content marketing lecturer Yang Zhiyuan has been providing various companies with short videos and live broadcast training. He introduced to Alphabet List reporters that in the past live broadcasts have developed rapidly in industries such as FMCG, clothing, jewelry, beauty, food, and mother and baby.Today, affected by the epidemic, many traditional companies have begun to transform online and offline new retail.Since February, he has given relevant real estate companies, offline furniture chain brands, and beauty offline brands to relevant training.In his opinion, although Luo Yonghao has a high reputation and awareness, he is good at speaking and understands product development.But when it comes to e-commerce live broadcast, it is still important to choose which vertical track.Zhang Shuai, the founder of beauty e-commerce service provider Net Red Cat, believes that because Luo Yonghao brought his own black constitution, there are a large number of “black powders”. Although the first batch of companies looking for him to bring goods will gain a lot of attention, they will also be hacked.Fans conduct a comprehensive inspection.”The products of the first batch of enterprises must be quite good, otherwise it is easy to be attacked by Luo Luo’s black powder group.” Luo Yonghao is almost impossible to become the next Li Jiaqi, but as a person who takes live e-commerce as the main business,He will certainly devote more energy to this job than the stars from the entertainment industry.The difficulty of starting a live e-commerce business is much lower than the hammer mobile phone that he has put into a lot of hard work and was heavily in debt.The supply chain of the mobile phone industry is complex and requires very high capital. For Luo Yonghao, who has neither management experience nor related technical background, it was the most difficult model in the beginning.It is also the time of the day. The barrier to entry for live e-commerce is obviously lower. And this time, if you successfully cooperate with Douyin and bounce back by bytes, Luo Yonghao, who is not alone, may get traffic, supply chain, etc.With all kinds of support, these will increase his success in starting a business.03 Douyin is currently more restrained in developing e-commerce, but Luo Yonghao may be a further opportunity.Douyin began to set up e-commerce very early.In March 2018, Douyin opened the shopping cart function by inviting Douyin numbers for millions of fans, and the shopping cart link jumped directly to Taobao.According to the official data of Douyin, more than 7,000 Douyin accounts participated in the sales on Double Twelve that year, and the number of Taobao and Tmall transaction orders exceeded 1.2 million. Among them, the Top 50 account completed 100 million GMV.However, in the same Double Eleven, the fast-handed celebrity Sanda created 160 million yuan in sales in one day.Kuaishou officially entered the e-commerce market a few months later than Douyin, and the shopping guide program “Huaishou Xiaodian” was launched in June 2018.However, the strong community attributes of the fast hand itself, and the stickiness between the anchor and the fans are also stronger, which are conducive to live streaming.More importantly, although it was initially cut through shopping guides, fast-handed e-commerce established the closed loop of transactions outside Taobao earlier. Now, many reds are selling goods directly through fast-hand shops.A person engaged in live streaming e-commerce once told the Alphabet List reporter that judging from the sales of fast-moving consumer goods they represent, the same fan base is about 5-10 times the realizable value of Douyin.The Douyin e-commerce as a whole relies more on Taobao, and the traffic of the Douyin system may be sucked out by Taobao.A well-known case is Li Jiaqi. An important step in his influence breaking is that the company cut Li Jiaqi’s emotional clips into short videos during live broadcast, and then played them in Douyin, and then the fans of Douyin and Taobao grew rapidly.According to 36 氪, the strategy of expanding influence through Douyin was proposed by Zhao Yuanyuan, who was then the head of Taobao Live Broadcasting.In fact, Li Jiaqi’s situation is not a case.In the China Merchants Securities e-commerce live report mentioned by Luo Yonghao, it was clearly pointed out that the Douyin Reds may go to Taobao Live in the future to seek faster and better cash.This is a red flag.To accelerate the development of e-commerce, for Douyin, it is no longer an offensive behavior, but a defensive behavior.Since 2020, Douyin E-commerce has indeed made several adjustments.From January 2020, Douyin will limit the frequency of shopping cart video release, and the specific release frequency is linked to the number of fans.Accounts with less than 1,000, 1000-3000, 3000-10000, and 10,000 or more fans can send 1, 2, 5, and 10 videos with shopping carts each week.In late February, Douyin also launched the “Commodity Sharing Author Level Rule”, which only applies to authors who have permission to share products.The four dimensions of content quality, content influence, fan influence, and business influence determine the level. The higher the level, the more platform functional rights enjoyed.In March, at the peak of the epidemic, Douyin also launched a marketing tool called “group buying”, which serves businesses in the catering, hotel, and tourism industries.The first two measures are obviously to control the e-commerce ecosystem.The “Commodity Sharing Author Rank Rules” stipulates that authors of levels 1-3 cannot be on the list of good people and good things.This means that even if an author sells well, if there are few fans, he cannot be on the list.To a certain extent, this has prevented some authors who came to the Douyin Nuggets to release a batch of videos intensively, and then quickly increase sales through marketing methods such as in-platform purchases and earn a wave of money.This is not the same as the idea of ​​fast flash e-commerce.Due to the rapid development of fast flash e-commerce, it follows the path of development first and then governance. Douyin e-commerce is more like governance first and then development.When it comes to “development”, Luo Yonghao may be an important key.The attributes of the platform determine the mature form of Douyin e-commerce, which is not exactly the same as the current fast flash e-commerce.It is a mature e-commerce form of Douyin. Even if a closed loop of transactions is established in the future, it may also be an ecology with stronger content and marketing.However, exploring this ecological possibility requires more participants.Making a benchmarking case is the most efficient way to attract more participants. At least keep the existing Douyin Reds, and do n’t let them form a model of “Douyin sucking powder, Taobao to make money”.From this perspective, if Douyin wants to make full use of Luo Yonghao’s communication value, he should use this opportunity to launch new products or functions related to e-commerce.Luo Yonghao called himself “the only remaining Chinese first-generation internet celebrity (perhaps)”.What’s worth noting next is how long the first-generation internet celebrity can last for only a few months today..

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