Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “New Mountain daybreak” (ID: new-daybreak), Author: Di Wenting, 36 krypton release authorized.Zhang Yiming is pretty sure that he wants to operate a global company.He also said that he would participate in the construction of global Internet infrastructure.The premise of all this is that he has to make up lessons, going through many firsts.2017.Beijing.Zhang Yiming was invited to a closed meeting.At that time, Byte Beat had just completed a new round of financing with a valuation of US $ 22 billion.The host asked Zhang Yiming, “What is your goal? Is your goal a valuation of 100 billion US dollars?” Zhang Yiming did not answer, and asked, “Why limit our goals? Google has never set such goals.”It was also in 2017.In an interview, when asked about his biggest change, Zhang Yiming said, “From a general manager to the head of a platform company to the head of a global platform company.” At that time, the overseas business of BYTE was very limited.Nothing spectacular.But Zhang Yiming was pretty sure that he was running a global company.He also said that he would participate in the construction of global Internet infrastructure.The world is flat.In such an era of ambition, the valuation figures are not enough to carry his goals, and he has a baseline in mind.In early 2018, Zhang Yiming proposed that half of the users of its products should come from overseas and be completed in three years.But with the surge in domestic Douyin users, it is said that this proportion has been adjusted to 1/3.It is also said that the global DAU target of byte bounce is 1 billion.In 2019, Facebook’s DAU was 1.66 billion.Not long ago, he wrote in an internal letter of the eighth anniversary of the company’s founding that, as the global CEO of BYTE, he will focus on overseas markets, improve the global management team, and spend three years traveling around the world.By the end of 2019, Byte Beat has 240 offices worldwide.A byte-beating insider revealed that overseas market employees are expected to increase by more than 10,000 in 2020.The domestic market has peaked, and overseas hopes are a new growth point.Although this company’s star product TikTok is in trouble in the United States.In mid-2013, when Zhang Yiming took today’s headlines to raise capital, at least two well-known investors were reluctant to take action.As for the reason, in addition to having little confidence in the product, they also hinted that “Zhang Yiming’s aura is not like an entrepreneur who can do big things.”The founder of NIKE once said, don’t care what others say, your idea is crazy … Go ahead, don’t stop.Even before you reach your goal, don’t want to stop or not to pay too much attention to where the goal is.The world is made up of crazy ideas, and history is the long-term development of crazy ideas.01 The first time I went to Silicon Valley in 2017, Zhang Yiming set a flag for himself to learn English well.Sun Qian, a partner at Sequoia Capital China Fund, said that in order to learn English, Zhang Yiming spent a lot of time reading English books and actively communicating with international partners in English in some business negotiations.”I can feel that Yiming’s English has improved significantly.” Zhang Yiming hesitated to listen to English or sing when he was away from work.In the end he decided to listen to the English song and memorize the lyrics.Not only asked himself, he also mobilized senior executives to learn English.At the beginning of last year, Zhang Yu, a CCTV host who joined the byte beat, became a new member of the English language learning class.One day in a cafeteria meeting, just happened to talk about this topic, Zhang Yiming asked everyone to show English one by one to test the learning results.Zhang Lidong, who was recently appointed as the chairman of BYTE China, came first.Zhang Yu thought, Lidong, you must stand up to the pressure.In the end, the “examination” was cancelled, but from these details, Zhang Yiming’s decision must be determined.For global business, Zhang Yiming’s lessons need to be supplemented, of course, not just English.Unlike Wang Xing, he has no work and life experience overseas, and his real perception of Silicon Valley is relatively late.In September 2014, Zhang Yiming followed an event in Geek Park to Silicon Valley.He also accompanied other entrepreneurs, and Cao Yi, who hadn’t established source code capital for a long time.Cao Yi invested in today’s headlines when he was at Sequoia.At that time, when Alibaba Group was listed in the United States, Zhang Yiming got close to how the Chinese giant was closely watched by Silicon Valley. He also found that some employees of Facebook and Twitter liked Xiaomi mobile phones.They visited companies such as Facebook, Google, Airbnb.Experienced Tesla’s new model, bought a new iPhone, and met Yang Zhiyuan.Yang Zhiyuan told him that investing in Ali at that time was mainly because he was optimistic about Ma Yun, his vision was firm and patient, and he was deeply honored.This should be Zhang Yiming’s first intimate dialogue with Silicon Valley and a personal check on the strength of the Internet in China and the United States.The leader asked them which other companies wanted to go but did not go.Zhang Yiming thought about it, it was Apple.”Apple’s culture and the previous management style of Qiao Bangzhu are the ones we are least like and the hardest to learn. But I think the concepts they hold are the most fundamental. Other companies, such as kindergarten, have good colors and deliciousness.But do n’t touch it. ”He read the Jobs book more than three times, and the idea of ​​byte skipping not setting up an organizational structure according to the business department is the inspiration.The day before they left the United States, they came to the Golden Gate Bridge.The magnificent scenery in front of him touched Zhang Yiming.He talked to Cao Yi about what he did today.When he wrote the business plan, he made a model prediction and Toutiao had the opportunity to reach 100 million daily users in five years.Cao Yi asked, how do you do it.He explained clearly the news market size, penetration rate, and where he would be in the news crowd.In October 2016, the headline DAU broke 100 million.A few months ahead of Zhang Yiming’s prediction.This incident was a great shock to Cao Yi.”He must take down very rare big things, he will go all out, devote all his energy and resources, and then work out miracles.” Zhang Yiming is not a crazy person.He is very conservative, hesitating over decisiveness before making a decision.He will think about one thing over and over until he reaches the essence.After returning to Beijing, Zhang Yiming judged that “the golden age of Chinese technology companies is coming.” 02 After dropping the first pawn in 2015, Zhang Yiming set a very aggressive goal for the company.”If you are not aggressive in an industry that is actively competing, you are going backward.” One of the radical manifestations of this year is that this year ’s byte beat laid the first piece of globalization, the overseas version of today ’s headline Topbuzz.The best news about this product is that it once stood on the top of Google play downloads.The worst news is that The Information issued a letter in November 2019 stating that Topbuzz is seeking to sell externally.Byte Beat officially did not respond to this.An entrepreneur of overseas products told Xinmang daybreak, “There are many problems with localization of overseas content. Unlike TikTok, information-based local content output is more specialized.” In fact, Topbuzz has been criticized for its low-quality content.Complaint.What the above entrepreneurs know is that Topbuzz’s monthly life is around 15 million.This figure belongs to the middle-low level in the field of information maritime affairs.Zhang Yiming himself has no special evaluation of this product.After his visit to Silicon Valley, Zhang Yiming began to travel abroad frequently.I flew to Japan twice in 2015.Riding a car in Kyoto, he felt much like his hometown of Fujian, like the scenery looking down from Beimen Mountain in Yongding County.Two years later, Japan became the first place where the overseas version of TikTok broke out.In September of the same year, Zhang Yiming was one of the invited guests of the China-US Internet Forum.In the Seattle photo, Cisco CEO Chambers is on the left-hand side with him at the table, and Amazon’s founder Bezos is on the right-hand side.He also talked to Bill Gates about the future of operating systems.At that time, apart from today’s headlines, Zhang Yiming actually had no good cards in his hand.Before the closing of the connotation paragraph, Wukong question and answer, understand the car emperor, are all subdivided products with limited imagination space.Built in Okinawa in the beginning of the year, he called everyone to an izakaya and discussed whether to make a short video for the second time.The first time was in 2014, when the subway on Zhichun Road near their office building was overwhelmed by advertisements of Tencent Microvision, and Weibo’s second shot was also sparing no effort to promote, and he did not follow up.The discussions in Okinawa have also had no positive results.Towards the end of the year, the most competitive players in short videos became fast hands and beautiful shots.Zhang Yiming felt that he had missed this track.But he is still thinking about globalization.He customized a floating globe for his office, and “globalization starts here.”03 First overseas investment In January 2016, Zhang Yiming and Cao Yi set off for India.In Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, they visited startups such as Ola to meet Sequoia investors in India.India’s mobile infrastructure is developing rapidly, smartphones are getting cheaper, and 3G packages offered by local operators are reasonably priced, allowing users to browse and share more content.Even the rudimentary “Sudden Car” body on the road is a learning advertisement for programming languages ​​such as PHP, JAVA, C ++.All this made Zhang Yiming excited and fascinated.He said there was a “complex” smell in the air.In the 2016 Internet Conference, he made it clear in his speech that Toutiao will expand overseas through Build & Buy.In the same year, ByteDance invested in the Indian news application Dailyhunt and controlled the Indonesian news recommendation reading platform Babe.It is said that they also tried to propose to invest in the US application Reddit in the form of a share swap, but were declined by management.The company later accepted an investment from Tencent.Byte Beat Investment Dailyhunt has an important background information.Chen Fan, a former comrade in arms and co-founder of Friends Union, launched a news aggregation product called NewsDog in the Indian market in 2016. A team of 20 people achieved 10 million users.Chen Ye visited India and found that more locals still use Indian language than English. With this keen discovery, he became the earliest beneficiary of the sinking market in India.In May 2018, NewsDog was invested by Tencent and is a strong competitor of Dailyhunt.UC invested in the Ali camp also has a good foundation in India.And Indian companies are eating into the information flow market.Byte beating has no absolute advantage in this field.But this did not affect Zhang Yiming’s determination to increase investment in the Indian market.In June 2018, benchmarking Sharechat, they built their own social network application Helo in India; in March 2020, Resso, a music streaming media application, was launched to compete with products such as Gaana and Spotify.At the end of 2016, almost two years after the Okinawa meeting, Zhang Yiming filed a short video with the team for the third time.This time they decided not to give up.”Short videos will bring a lot of changes to the world. We must try hard, not only, but also two models, domestically and overseas. We also need to do overseas mergers and acquisitions.” For this company, 2016 and internationalOne of the side events that followed was that Apple CEO Cook visited the byte beat during his visit to China.After learning about the headline growth curve of today, Cook told Zhang Yiming, “When growth can be measured in months to months, the days are wonderful.” 04 Working with the US team for the first time In March 2016, Lei Jun was interviewed by the two sessions.Today’s headlines are certainly representative of China’s innovation and global leadership.Some products will say when financing, to make China’s headlines today.Seeing this report, Zhang Yiming naturally felt a little ecstasy.However, he still showed self-restraint of delayed satisfaction. “In fact, I think of Google and FB’s unique globalization. When I saw SpaceX’s video, a slightly lower feeling sprang up. Chinese companies still need to work hard. The gap is stillIt ’s huge, but it ’s interesting. ”Eleven months later, in the 2017 Chinese New Year holiday, Zhang Yiming took a plane to Los Angeles to buy a US company.He quickly met Flipagram’s management team, when the company’s operations were in trouble, and finally agreed to leave the byte to beating.Deal completed and returned to China.After more than a month, he told the team that he was going to Los Angeles to do integration work.Colleagues are embarrassed.Most of them haven’t traveled abroad very much, unanimously stated that they have no confidence.When Topbuzz was launched in 2015, the team was even less confident.After researching Huawei, the Chinese company that has done the best in globalization, Zhang Yiming found that Huawei’s products have both pre-sale and after-sale, and implementation, but developed countries and Africa can be won.Zhang Yiming encouraged the team, so that companies that need localization can go overseas, and we can.This time they are going to the ocean, and it is a new proposition for the American team to accept the command of a Chinese company with sincerity.Zhang Yiming’s integration work in Los Angeles took less than a month and returned to Beijing in late April.Flipagram’s subsequent performance was not very amazing, but this was his first cooperation with an international team.Within two days of returning, on April 25, Zhang Yiming and Wang Xing participated in a dialogue hosted by Bao Fan.Bao Fan asked what was the other party’s most powerful decision in the entrepreneurial process.Wang Xing said that Zhang Yiming saw it earlier and understood earlier than most people what it was, how big it was, and what was the key to it.And he accumulates it repeatedly several years in advance, rather than starting after doing it.This evaluation by Wang Xing is the most streamlined summary of Zhang Yiming’s thinking and action logic.He has done this, including globalization.A day later, Liu Zhen, who joined ByteDance for half a year, stood at the podium of Harvard in the United States. She told her story as a foreign exchange student, from lawyer to Uber, to today’s headline executive.The central idea is that there are no boundaries until pain.Liu Zhen also introduced how a headline is a mobile information product. Compared to users who spend a lot of time actively probing for information, headlines will make useful information find you.In particular, she mentioned that the headline was 76 minutes per person. “This is longer than Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter users staying on their platform.” The theme of this year’s Internet seems to be to break through boundaries.TMD is playing a big adventure game.Liu Zhen ’s speech is more like an official declaration to mainstream American society: The byte beat is also without boundaries. Are you ready?05 A decisive major merger and acquisition In 2017, the company’s strategic core product has become Douyin.Behind the fast start and beautiful pictures, they need to understand the nature of short videos and find a way to go beyond.In August, the daily average playback volume of Douyin in China exceeded 1 billion, an increase of nearly 10 times in three months.Officials announced that they will invest hundreds of millions of dollars to help Douyin go to sea.Japan was the first stop, and in November of that year, it ranked first in Japan’s free downloads.Capital manoeuvres are also underway.Zhang Yiming and Su Hua also liked, a short video company headquartered in Shanghai but with users in the North American market.According to news from Pan Internet, a technology Internet observer, because Fu Sheng, an early investor in, has a veto right, and the transition of Cheetah’s content has not been smooth. Therefore, when acquiring, it was required to acquire News Republic, its news aggregation platform.And requirement of buying one and two resulted in a quick exit, and Zhang Yiming accepted Fu Sheng’s conditions.Not long ago, Fu Sheng recalled in an interview with LatePost lately, “Zhang Yiming was very determined at that time. His home was on the north side, and I was on the east side. Every time I ran to the cafe downstairs of my house, I came over to talk. I talked continuously for twoThree times. “In response to the issue of News Republic, during the negotiation stage, the Zhang Yiming team should have made a compromise.Today’s headlines can take over the entire content system of Cheetah, and after they realize it, they can be divided.But Fu Sheng insisted that “alliance alliance may be the best way.” In November 2017, only one day after the news of Byte Beat’s acquisition of and News Republic was announced.A few days later, Wuzhen Internet Conference, Zhang Yiming and Fu Sheng were interviewed by the media.At that time, everyone’s focus was not on, but on the cooperation between two leading entrepreneurs.At the interview site, Zhang Yiming told me, “The internationalization of information flow, scale advantage is very important. (Cheetah) may not have the scale advantage by itself, and cooperates with us very well. We provide the content of the information flow, and then monetize, and share with them, thenLike Google works with many companies. “He also said,” I didn’t spend much energy, the team just docked on its own. “Regarding the globalization of byte beating, he responded that there are no particularly complicated things. This is the next threeVery important growth points in the past four years, both direct and obvious, have brought a lot of revenue to the company.If it is an American company, they will naturally say how many users are in Europe and how many are in Canada.”A lot of people have psychological obstacles in overseas markets. Douyin has been in flames for a few months in Japan. We don’t seem to do anything special.” After that, he turned to his colleagues with a smile. “So it seems that I am obliterating the teamWork. “He also said that confidence is very important, and many times you may not have the confidence to do it.”A lot of companies thought it was impossible before, but we tried it as if it was ok.” The next day, I saw Fu Sheng, and he talked about two points about the Internet going abroad: First, not only China, but the whole world’s mobile Internet traffic is basically seenAt the top, the giants’ plunder of traffic has squeezed the space of startups.Facebook copied Tencent and Snapchat. Snapchat lost 20 million downloads in a quarter, and then chased said that Cheetah started from scratch and took 300 million users to go public in the United States in two years. At that time, a user in the United States had only a few ten dollars, and regretted that he didn’t smash all his profits into buying traffic.Second, why is it so difficult for giants to go to sea?The best talents in China cannot be sent out.A person from Baidu told him that after completing an overseas country, there is no sound at all. It is better to make a BD in a domestic province.The better China’s business, the harder it is to go overseas.The people sent out may not be elite, and they ca n’t get much headquarters resources, and give a low rating at the end of the year.This way, no one wants to go out.At first glance, if you don’t see the effect when you spend that money, you might as well do it.Fu Sheng said that this question was passed by Zhang Yiming, and their opinions are in line. It is better for the Chinese team to issue an American version.Cheetah had the opposite problem at the time. People who made overseas versions were unwilling to do the domestic market.He also said that the biological thinking model inspired him so much that he never developed it once and for all and it will always develop dynamically.This should be affected by Zhang Yiming.Judging from Zhang Yiming’s later actions, it is not enough for the Chinese team to publish an overseas version.In 2019, Zhang Yiming spent 2/3 of his time overseas, personally inspecting the local market and managing the team.Although Zhang Yiming spent $ 130 million on the acquisition of, News Republic (hereinafter referred to as NR) is not entirely a burden.In August 2016, Fu Sheng acquired NR for $ 57 million, and the fancy is the copyright of 1,650 news organizations behind it.A year later, it was resold to Zhang Yiming, and the copyright resources have increased to more than 2,700.This is also needed for headlines that invest heavily in copyright.In addition, NR has dual headquarters in Bordeaux and San Francisco, France, and a certain number of users in France, Germany and the United Kingdom.ByteDance has no business in Europe. With this acquisition, the European business has been started.As for, this $ 800 million merger and acquisition has played a decisive role in Zhang Yiming and byte beating.He indirectly received 60 million monthly jobs in the United States and Europe. After merging with TikTok, he has become the fastest-growing and most influential product in globalization.The most important thing is that he gained an important talent, Alex Jun, co-founder of idea of ​​ is the result of his flash of light.Once on a California train, he found that the young people around were listening to music, taking selfies, and sharing content.He thought, why not integrate it all into one application.This application is, which has attracted a lot of low-age users after going online.In the past, Zhu Jun’s focus has been on product design and user experience. He will spend a long time thinking about the color of the keys.At the end of 2017, was acquired, and Zhu Jun stayed to help with the transition, and later retired for a period of time.At the beginning of 2019, Byte Beat was re-added, responsible for Douyin domestic products, and reported to Zhang Nan (now the CEO of Byte Beat China).On October 28, he was transferred to TikTok and reported directly to Zhang Yiming.In this global battle of Zhang Yiming, Zhu Jun is his most important assistant to improve the global management team.Including recently TikTok was questioned by U.S. regulators about data security issues, and as the captain of the fire, he was sent to the front line.In the eyes of Americans, Zhu Jun plays the role of a peacemaker.06 The first overseas star product has cultural differences between different countries or regions. This is a fact. It is also the biggest psychological obstacle for the globalization of Chinese Internet companies.Zhang Yiming wants to know how global and successful companies such as Facebook and Youtube solve it.From the beginning, Zuckerberg established the foundation for Facebook’s global growth: the interface remains simple, just like Google, but the minimalist appearance is wrapped with complex technology; users who use Facebook in other countries will not feel like theyOffline life is too far apart, you can only see your friends.Translation tools allow Facebook to localize content around the world at no cost.These studies allow them to gain reference and confidence.Different markets do not mean that product versions are diversified.Zhang Yiming’s strategy for going overseas is to make global products and add localized content.In short, the products at home and abroad use the same technology, the experience and functions are exactly the same, and the content operations are localized.For five years, Byte Beat has built 7 products overseas: Topbuzz, TikTok, Topbuzz vidieo, Hypstar (later renamed Vigo), Lark, Helo, and Resso. These applications are also available in China.A product is released globally, which is rare in Chinese Internet companies.According to feedback from a byte-beating insider, the technical leader of Base in Singapore reports to Yang Zhenyuan. The technology does not have a separate department to support internationalized products. Instead, it assigns teams in various large groups.Beginning in 2018, overseas business recruited operational talents, and many graduates of Beijing Foreign Studies University were recruited.Then decide whether to set up a local office according to different situations.In the early days, operations leaders in Southeast Asia and other places were based in Beijing.This strategy is not a unique secret, it is difficult to fully explain the staged success of the byte bounce to the sea.At the beginning of 2018, Zhang Yiming and GGV partner Tong Shihao had a brief dialogue on how to win overseas. Zhang Yiming said that products, technologies and operations should be more diligent and better.In the early days of TikTok’s debut, local high-quality content creators on social media such as Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter, that is, the Internet celebrities in the usual sense, were invited to settle in TikTok.These people already have a good fan base and have creative abilities.In mid-2018, I had contact with several creators in Japan and Indonesia.At the time, most of them only considered TikTok as a useful short video shooting tool, high definition, with special effects.The purpose is to upload the captured content to the necessary Ins for everyone.At TikTok, they mainly learn how others can make better videos. Most of the comments from users in the message area are also discussing shooting techniques.However, there was a phenomenon worthy of attention at that time. The number of YouTube fans of the two Indonesian celebrities was almost several times that of TikTok, and the video playback was basically the same.At that time people began to see the flow effect of TikTok.The operation team will translate the explosive content of the domestic Douyin platform to other markets, such as challenges, tags, and awkward dance machines.These strategies have virtually increased the number of people watching.For example, they seize the herd mentality of the Japanese people who are used to holding groups, and recommend group challenges to play more, attracting more people to participate.Japanese people are also shy and restrained. They just do n’t see hair. Dances that are simple for family members to interact with are also popular.In short, a strong fit and strong binding with local culture and customs when landing is the basic criterion for overseas operations.Of course, behind TikTok’s surge in downloads is a high-cost investment.In Japan, a large number of commercial launches began during the cold start phase, such as jointly releasing new songs with local stars.After merging’s account, TikTok became the most downloaded app overseas.On May 7, 2018, Zhang Yiming posted a global download number of Q1 2018 in the circle of friends.TikTok ranks sixth in the overall list, and the number one in the Apple App Store in the world.His essay, Celebrate small success.It was under this circle of friends that he confronted Ma Huateng in words.Zhang Yiming said, “Wechat’s excuses for blocking and Weishi’s plagiarism can’t stop the pace of Douyin.” Ma Huateng retaliated. “It can be understood as defamation.” They all said that they should notarize each other.Half a year ago at the Wuzhen Internet Conference, they were still talking and laughing at the “Dongxing Dinner Bureau”.In overseas markets, Tencent has laid out the key areas of byte beating by capital connection.In China, Tencent’s destructive transmission makes Tencent nervous.They first invested in Douyin’s most important contender, then resurrected Microvision.The latest action is that WeChat tests the video number at the gray level of the second entry.The showdown of short videos is far more intense than we thought.07 An unprecedentedly complicated situation TikTok’s practice of buying overseas for growth is not sustainable.At the beginning of 2019, Zhang Yiming asked the team to re-evaluate all marketing activities in the US market, acquire and retain users at the lowest cost, and improve the return on investment while starting commercial exploration.According to LatePost, TikTok had an independent commercialization target of 7.5 billion yuan for the first time in 2020.The big background for TikTok becoming a phenomenon is that the form of short video applications is widely popular among young people worldwide, forming a trend.Video production publishers such as Complex and Vice also play a role, and even some big names are willing to place ads on short video platforms.According to Captiv8, 69% of TikTok users are between 14 and 26 years old.These young users are described as “elusive”, which is exactly what brand owners want to reach.So overseas marketing companies will use TikTok in combination with Snapchat.Marketers are eager to try new social platforms. Although TikTok does not have much data and tools to provide, its views are too enticing, and more than 1 billion views of tagged content are commonplace.During Halloween, a tag viral marketing campaign at a U.S. restaurant chain saw 3.9 billion views and cost $ 150,000.Part of the reason is that TikTok is still a new platform. There are not too many advertisers for the time being, which means that there is no fierce eyeball competition between brands, and the platform has fewer restrictions or restrictions.The latest news about TikTok is that ByteDance is entrusting a headhunting company to find a CEO for TikTok in the United States.Because of user privacy and data security issues, the hearing in the United States just ended on March 4th local time.TikTok is popular all over the world. As a result, it is regarded as an important opponent by Facebook, Google, and Snapchat, and it has encountered unprecedented complex problems and challenges.Bytebeat’s other overseas products are not unblocked or even more difficult.For example, information flow, the media ecology of the European and American markets is already very mature, especially the personalized recommendation of FB is made earlier than the headlines.Topbuzz also first relied on FB to promote diversion.The operating rules of the Southeast Asian market are that locals are responsible for the underlying content, and in the middle is the platform competition between Indian and Chinese companies.FB and Google hold the ceiling, they control the rules and ecology, and even the global online advertising sales system.A large number of users in Southeast Asia catch up, but their commercialization ability is very weak, one beat slower than China, and there are only a handful of companies that really make money.In 2019, after Zhu Jun took charge of TikTok, he went to the WeWork office in Manhattan, New York to stabilize the army and respond to the US regulatory crisis.The gray long hair and goatee make him look more like a poet than a head of a technology company.In the only interview, he proved that TikTok was not a threat and did not even rule out the reorganization of TikTok into an independent company and the establishment of a new board of directors.This series of questions shows that it will take longer to build and improve the network of byte-beating offshore networks.After the domestic organization upgrade and personnel adjustment were completed, Zhang Yiming’s task was to better improve the management of a very large global organization.The business community is also expecting better results..

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