Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Xin Zhi Yuan” (ID: AI_era), editor: Peng Fei, 36 氪 released with authorization.AMD chip designers revealed that hackers have stolen the upcoming GPU source code, some of which have been posted online.The intruders said that they had obtained the source code for Navi 10 (considered Radeon RX 5700 series), as well as Arden GPUs in Navi 21 and Xbox Series X.GitHub has taken the files down, and arrogant hackers are still hailing the source code.AMD has been a little bit sad recently. The secrets of martial arts used to combat NVIDIA have been stolen at critical moments.Source code including Navi 10 (think of the Radeon RX 5700 series), Navi 21 (N card killer) to be launched in the future, and the Arden GPU in the Xbox Series X, were stolen by hackers and are said to be female hackers.The hacker contacted AMD after stealing the source code and asked for a $ 100 million ransom. He threatened to “open the source for these three GPUs for free” if no money was given.This happened at the end of last year, and AMD naturally couldn’t agree.The hacker is also a red-faced child (Chinese). Immediately fulfilling the promise, he really announced part of the code on GitHub, which was a bit of a killer.AMD rushed out and clarified that this was all irrelevant code. It was reported to the police and forced GitHub to urgently delete the leaked code through legal means.The bumpy road of the “N-card killer”: The source code has been stolen. For a long time, the A-card and the N-card have their advantages and disadvantages, and each has a large number of fans.However, when the world began to enter the AI ​​era, the gap widened.The N card has the advantage in the AI ​​field. On the other hand, AMD has been slow to come up with a countermeasure, and even the “Machine Leaning” misspelling on the official website has occurred.In the face of NVIDIA’s dessert card, AMD still has the RX 5700 series to compete with it, and if you go up, Lao Huang Dugu will be defeated.Seeing that friends and merchants are flourishing in today’s hot AI field, of course AMD cannot give up such a large piece of fat.AMD not only issued a statement, implying to focus on cost-effective GPUs, but CEO Su Zifeng also promised to launch high-end RDNA GPUs by the end of 2020, known as “N-card killers”.According to reliable anonymous sources, AMD is preparing two products to compete with the flagship NV flagship card. The core is Navi 21 and Navi 23, of which Navi 21 is one of the unlucky eggs whose source code has been stolen.This card combines the world’s fastest memory with a huge bus and has more memory bandwidth than most workstation cards.At the same time the card will have 5,120 shader cores, including 80 compute units.This is twice the RX 5700 XT, which indicates that AMD has finally broken through the limit of 40 computing units of its GCN architecture with the new RDNA 2 architecture.In addition to its huge core count, the card will utilize 24GB of enhanced second-generation high-bandwidth memory (HBM2e), which is faster and more efficient than HBM2 in cards such as Vega 56 and 64.The GPU’s memory bus is 4096 bits and it claims a bandwidth of 2048 GBps.This is more than four times the bandwidth of the 5700 XT and more than three times the bandwidth of the Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti.Unfortunately, the code of the RX 5700 was also stolen.Another stolen GPU is the Xbox series x-core Arden GPU, which is scheduled to be released at the end of the year, which is also the Navi core.The following figure is the leaked Arden GPU parameters.The hacker is very arrogant: is the spy installed by N card?Still an avid fan of N cards?From the current public information, we can only roughly understand that the hacker claimed to be “a lone wolf and a girl”.Of course, this kind of statement is good to hear. As for whether it is a team or a lone wolf behind it, it can only wait for the final police investigation.Although GitHub deleted the code, the account that published the code is still alive.It can be seen that this account was newly registered 4 days ago, the avatar is still the default, and 4 commits were made on March 26.And this hacker is still very arrogant. Didn’t you delete the code I posted on GitHub?I took a screenshot to let you see how much hardship I got: According to the BTC wallet address left by the hacker, we found that no transaction has occurred.Of course, you don’t need to check and you know that no one is giving money to the hacker, otherwise the hacker will not be ashamed to publish the code.The most interesting thing is that in addition to leaving an email address and BTC wallet address, this person also left a personal introduction: I <3 nvidia.This inevitably leads people to think about the meaning of this person writing this sentence, and it is easy to judge that there are 3 possibilities here: NVIDIA's spy is committed by NVIDIA's fanaticism and loyalty.Timing is critical.At present, several GPUs are not on the market, it is easy to think that competitors are stumbling on them, and if this time, if the competitors get the core, it will be a very fatal disaster for AMD.AMD is currently not sure exactly how much code the hackers have in their hands, and whether they have obtained the core code. It can only hope that the police can pick out the hackers as soon as possible to minimize losses.In the context of the global epidemic, it is indeed so shameful that it is still so dangerous.Some netizens commented: I hope that hackers will be caught, the computer will not be disconnected from the mobile phone, so that he can only ask the prison guard for the rest of his life!I have to say that breaking WiFi is too hard ...

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