8: 1 氪 | Ali responds to “sealing Duoduo employee Taobao account”; Apple considers delaying the release of 5G iPhone for several months; Luo Yonghao officially signed a contract with Douyin, which quickly competed at a high price but failed.


The big company Ali responded to “blocking Duoduo employees Taobao account”: Regarding the violations, they did not target “Pingduoduo employees said to be Taobao risk-control accounts”, Alibaba cost-effectively responded that it found that some “users” had violations and violated their rightsAnd disturbing the environment, Ali has made relevant restrictions on such violations, “say no to all actions that harm consumers and businesses.”Earlier, according to media reports, some netizens who were certified as Pinduoduo employees claimed that their account was banned by Taobao, showing that they could not receive any coupons, and could not place orders in such categories as cost-effective 10 billion subsidies.The media said that after checking with Pinduoduo employees, it was found that this was the case.Apple considers delaying 5G iPhone release for months. Media sources have reported that Apple has discussed delaying the release of the 5G iPhone for months.People familiar with the matter said that Apple is discussing the extension because the global new crown virus pandemic could damage demand and disrupt product development schedules.After the news came out, Apple ’s gains narrowed, and the intraday gain was more than 4%.The company eventually closed down 0.55% on Wednesday at $ 245.52.(Sina Finance) The three major U.S. stock indexes rose and fell, and the hot Chinese stocks fluctuated. It was learned that the three major U.S. stock indexes rose and fell, and the hot Chinese stocks fluctuated. Among them, Alibaba rose 1.51%, and rose.0.83%, Pinduoduo rose 3.36%, NetEase fell 4.92%, Baidu rose 0.51%.Pinduoduoduo: The second two ’s mobile Taobao app was banned. 36 It was learned that the second duoduo second group of the Xiaoduoerfu business group posted on Weibo that “Taobao banned the Taoduoduo ’s mobile Taobao app.”Love said that the IP of the downstairs technology” has also been recruited. “Previously, regarding the “Pinduoduo employees claimed to be Taobao risk control account”, Alibaba’s cost-effective response responded that it found that some “users” had violations of their rights, violated their rights and disrupted the environment, and Ali made restrictions on such violations.The Apple App Store restricts Microsoft ’s Google Cloud Games service, and can only use Arcade. According to foreign media reports, Apple has imposed strict restrictions on the types of applications that users can access on their devices.For example, App Store guidelines prohibit streaming services that rely on the cloud.In response, Apple said; “Developers can choose to reach all iPhone and iPad users through the web through the Safari and other browsers on the App Store. But currently, new cloud-based game streaming services are not available on iPhoneAnd the web browser on the iPad. “(Sina Technology) Luo Yonghao officially signed a contract with Douyin. Faster competitors competed at a high price but failed. 36 It is learned from multiple sources that Luo Yonghao has confirmed an exclusive contract with Douyin Live.Turning on live streaming with cargo, Byte Beat declined to comment on this.At the same time, Luo Yonghao’s Douyin account has been exposed. The source said that Luo Yonghao ’s account whose authentication information is “Make a Friend Science and Technology Chief Recommendation Officer” is Luo Yonghao ’s own Douyin account.In addition, the fast hand has bid hundreds of millions for Luo Yonghao’s signing right.BYD and Toyota Electric Vehicle Joint Venture Formally Established 36. It is learnt that the data from the sky eye inspection shows that on March 25, BYD Toyota Electric Vehicle Technology Co., Ltd. was officially established with a registered capital of 345 million yuan. The legal representative is the general manager of BYD Automotive Academy.Zhao Binggen, the chairman of the board is the president of the Hong Kong Global Motive Powertrain Company, An Hongshang. The company’s business scope covers the design and development of pure electric vehicles and their derivative vehicles, as well as parts and components of pure electric vehicles and their derivative vehicles. Pure electric vehicles and their derivative vehiclesWith parts, etc.Toyota Motor Corporation and BYD Co., Ltd. each hold 50% of the shares, and the subscribed capital is 172.5 million yuan.BYD’s response to employee rights protection: Scheduling and job adjustment have an impact on the income of some employees. Recently, it was reported that some BYD employees gathered in front of the company’s headquarters to protect their rights due to lower salaries and other reasons.In response, BYD responded that the incident of employee rights protection was true.Human rights defenders claim that their salaries have been lowered. Due to the impact of the epidemic, the company has adjusted overtime and scheduling of some staff members and adjusted the positions of some staff members, all of which have had an impact on employees’ income.BYD said that the company has been implementing a dynamic performance bonus adjustment and competition assessment mechanism in recent years, and dynamically adjusted monthly performance bonuses for employees at all levels according to the company’s situation and the contributions of teams and individuals.(Booming) Baby Tree Wang Huainan responds to employee departures: Continuous talent optimization For executive departures, Baby Tree founder and chairman Wang Huainan said that Baby Tree has been running for 13 years since its founding in 2007.During this period, some old employees left for personal reasons such as health, family, career, etc. I expressed my understanding and support, and I am grateful because they have worked hard for the baby.At the same time, Baby Tree has always insisted on measuring each colleague from the perspective of culture and performance, so the optimization in it is also continuous.”With the different needs for talents at each stage, more new colleagues are now joining.” (Sina Technology) Biography beating recruits cloud computing related positions A few days ago, a cloud computing company sales said, “Received bytes recentlyThe beating invitation to hire “” From the communication process and career description, this is not an internal project, but To B’s cloud computing business. “ByteDance recently launched cloud computing related positions on multiple recruitment sites.Regarding this, Byte Beat has not yet given a positive response, but said, “There is currently no plan to do public cloud.” (All Weather Technology) Foreign media: Tesla’s Shanghai plant produced 2,625 Model 3 in January. According to foreign media reports, last yearThe Shanghai Super Factory, which started mass production of Model 3, produced 2,625 Model 3 in January this year, and the current weekly production has exceeded 3000.It is reported that Tesla may expand the production capacity of its Shanghai super plant after the Fremont plant has stopped production and suspended electric vehicle production.In addition, Tesla may mass-produce Model Y in Shanghai Super Factory in advance.(TechWeb) Employees in multiple Amazon warehouses infected with new coronavirus According to local media reports, Amazon has confirmed infection with new coronavirus in at least nine warehouses in the United States.The warehouses involved include Queens, New York, Staten Island, New York, Moreno Valley, California, Jacksonville, Florida, Shepherdsville, Kentucky, Brownstown, Michigan, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Katie, Texas, and Wallingford, Connecticut.Amazon says the company is taking extreme measures to keep employees safe.Amazon has hundreds of thousands of warehouses across the United States.(Beijing Business Daily) Moody’s downgraded SoftBank Group’s rating to Ba3, outlook is negative observation Moody’s downgraded SoftBank Group’s rating to Ba3, outlook is negative observation.SoftBank Group said that Moody’s actions were too pessimistic and there was no basis for the downgrade. The downgrade would cause investors to misunderstand and asked Moody’s to revoke its rating.(Bloomberg) WeWork encounters new crisis: New Crown epidemic caused customers to consider cancelling the contract According to foreign media reports, the new crown virus epidemic may have a fatal blow to WeWork’s business strategy.Previously, WeWork executives have been working to accommodate more people in each shared workspace.But due to the new crown virus epidemic, WeWork’s strategy has raised customer concerns.In this regard, WeWork agreed to abandon the planned rent increase to some extent, but refused to refund the rent to customers trapped at home and did not agree to their unconditional termination of the contract.At the same time, WeWork is trying to renegotiate the terms of cooperation with its landlord to ease the financial burden.(Sina Technology) Uber and Airbnb Lobbying Government Rescue Jobs According to foreign media reports, Uber CEO Dara Cosrossassi has been calling members of Congress for help in the hope that drivers affected by the epidemic can get government assistance.Uber also sent a letter to the White House and Congressional leadership.Airbnb also wrote in an appeal to support landlords on its platform.Two people familiar with the matter said Khosrowshahi had spoken with at least 10 members of Congress in the past week.The source also revealed that the three co-founders of Airbnb have talked to more than a dozen members of Congress.(Sina Technology) Investment and financing of people’s livelihood education: It is planned to acquire 100% equity of TCL Education for 420 million yuan. 36 It was learned that Minsheng Education announced that it intends to purchase 100% of TCL Education’s equity for 420 million yuan.After the completion of the transaction, it will hold 100% of the issued share capital of TCL Education, thereby indirectly holding 50% of Aopeng Education through TVU Online and 80% of Silk Road through TCL.The revenue of TCL Education in 2019 is 13,768,500 yuan, and the profit after tax is 23,230,300 yuan.Gome Communications: It is planned to set up a joint venture with Deschmann 36. It was learned that Gome Communications announced that the company intends to invest in a joint venture with Deschmann Electromechanical (China) Co., Ltd. The company will invest 45 million yuan, accounting for the registered capital of the joint venture.75%; Deschmann invested 15 million yuan, accounting for 25%.The main business of the target company is the production and sales of electronic products, the design, development and sales of electronic circuit boards, and the research and development, production and sales of smart home related products.Deschmann’s main business is the production and sales of fingerprint locks and smart locks.It is reported that Wei Chuang Medical intends to spin off its cardiac device subsidiary to go to Hong Kong for listing, and raises 200 million to 300 million US dollars. According to market news, Wei Chuang Medical plans to spin off its cardiac device subsidiary MicroPort CardioFlow Medtech Corp to go to Hong Kong for listing.Raised 200 million to 300 million US dollars, and the spin-off company has a valuation of 1 billion US dollars. Citi and Xiao Mo have been hired to arrange listing.Wei Chuang Medical announced in an earlier announcement that it was considering splitting its non-wholly-owned subsidiary MicroPort CardioFlow Medtech Corp’s shares to be listed on a stock exchange independently.(Zhitong Finance) Aviation e-commerce company “ePlane” received 9 million US dollars in financing 36% was informed that according to foreign media reports, recently, aviation e-commerce company “ePlane” received 9 million US dollars in financing, this round of financing was provided by Japanese trading and investment company MarubeniCorporation led, other existing investors participated.For the new round of funding, ePlane said that most of it will be used for ePlane’s international expansion to further develop its procurement and business intelligence business in the aerospace industry.ePlane is a B2B procurement and business intelligence platform for the aviation parts market and parts maintenance market, designed to allow customers to trade aircraft parts, find repair services, improve supply chain bottlenecks and reduce transaction costs.New product Weimeng: Weimeng live broadcast applet has realized a one-click jump to live broadcast on the friends circle advertising pageThe “Super Live Room” helps brands broaden their traffic entrance.Pollya is the first brand to participate in the “Super Live Broadcasting Room” of Weimeng. On the evening of March 21, Pollya’s 6,000 offline stores synchronized live broadcasts. The 2-hour live broadcast attracted more than 1 million views online and the reviews exceeded 55,000.Baidu Superchain releases new product matrix and ecological cooperation plan 36 氪 It is learned that Baidu Superchain’s new product and ecological cooperation plan cloud launch conference was held in the form of cloud live broadcast, and the latest product matrix was launched at the conference, including Baidu Superchain Professional Edition and Superchain Open.Network and industry solutions.The eco-partner cooperation plan was also released at the meeting, planning for business partners and open source partners from two levels.Other important news: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: The rate of resumption of SMEs has reached 71.7%. The State Council ’s joint prevention and control mechanism held a press conference on March 25 to introduce the next generation of information technology to help epidemic prevention and control, resumed production and SME development.Qin Zhihui, deputy director of the Small and Medium Enterprise Bureau of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the current rate of resumption of SMEs has steadily increased. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s monitoring of SMEs using cloud platforms, the reinstatement rate of SMEs has reached 71.7% on March 24, compared with February 23Japan has increased by 42.1 percentage points, and the change is still very obvious.( Wuhan issued 21 new policies to support enterprises to resume work and resume production, and provide 1-year interest-free loans to small and medium-sized enterprises.Measures.”Policy measures” have formed 21 policy measures from four aspects, including increasing funding support, focusing on reducing corporate costs, strengthening financial support, and improving the level of service companies.The first 20 billion yuan of special funds for small and medium-sized enterprises to rescue them is being urgently raised. A full discount mechanism will be established to provide small and medium-sized enterprises with one-year interest-free loans to help enterprises ease the pressure on capital turnover.(Securities Times) Patients in the first ward of Lei Shenshan Hospital were “cleared” on March 25. The patients in the first ward of Wuhan Lei Shenshan Hospital were “cleared”. The last patient in the ward was transferred to another ward to continue treatment..The “clearing” was A5 Ward of the Department of Infectious Diseases of Lei Shenshan Hospital. The director of the ward, Li Tieying, introduced that on February 14, 32 beds in the A5 Ward were full of patients. So far, 44 patients with new coronary pneumonia have been treated, achieving patients.Zero deaths.After the patients in the ward were “cleared”, 56 medical staff will go to the A12 and B2 wards of the infection department to continue their work.(People’s Daily) The British Crown Prince Prince Charles’s new crown pneumonia nucleic acid test was positive According to the British Sky Channel, the British Crown Prince Prince Charles’s new crown pneumonia nucleic acid test was positive.(People’s Daily) Japan Issues Global Travel Warning for the First Time: Do n’t Go Abroad for Non-Important or Urgent Events According to the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), with the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic globally, Japan ’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has raised the world ’s “risk information level”Level 2 requires people not to go abroad without important or urgent issues.NHK claims that this is the first time Japan has issued a travel warning targeting the entire world.(World Wide Web) Source: unsplash.

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