Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Netease Technology” (ID: tech_163), 36 氪 released with permission.Author | Chen Gong | NetEase Mobile Phone & Digital “Easy Evaluation Machine” column group tubing & B station: Amazing Technology Douyin: JQ163 March 18, 2020 Later, Apple made new products in a “familiar” wayThe online update is understandable because of the outbreak of the global new crown epidemic. Most brand new product launches will meet you in the form of an online launch, but it is clear that Apple announced that WWDC20 will be held in the form of an online launch.After the official update of the iPad Pro 2020, Macbook Air and other new products online, the visual inspection of the spring conference is gone, so this time the online update, Apple basically updated the latest products that can be obtained at the spring conference, exceptiPhone 9.Original video link:▲ New iPad Pro getting started: familiar experience and insurmountable AR benchmark iPad Pro 2020 officially launched on Apple’s official website, and took a look at social mediaThere are basically two types of responses: one is to reach a “climax” for its brand-new upgrade (it is a bit overdone), and the other is to have a deep misunderstanding of the word “productivity” and then becomeLemon Essence, no matter what, there are topics and hot, as long as Apple products are released, it has always been so.The “Easy Evaluation Machine” column group was fortunate to have received the iPad Pro 2020 from Apple (one of the first batch of domestic media, too lazy to make a debut), and the experience time is relatively short. Fortunately, the previous experience of using the 2018 iPad Pro office is good.Let’s take a look at how the first experience of the iPad Pro 2020 feels.The overall design is inherited from the 2018 version. The dual-camera is the identification label. The iPad Pro 2020 is not much different from the previous generation in terms of screen specifications and design. The screen still supports 120Hz dynamic refresh rate, P3 wide color gamut, and original color display.With a maximum brightness of 600 nits.The overall design is also a metal back panel + right-angle border, the appearance of this severe degree is still looking like a tribute to iPhone4.The thickness of the fuselage is 5.9mm, the 11-inch version weighs 473g, and the 12.9-inch version weighs 643g, and the feel is excellent (the students who can bend the iPad, the angels who have wings in their lifetimes).On the side of the iPad Pro 2020, the top is the power button, the right is the volume button, and the Apple Pencil magnetic area (for charging) is integrated in the middle of the right; the USB Type-C interface is at the bottom.Screen This iPad Pro 2020 is equipped with a Liquid retina display. Apple also said that the screen used in the current 2020 version is the same as the 2018 version. Those who are familiar with Apple know that the Liquid retina screen is the brightest and has the highest color accuracy.The iPad screen supports the original color display. This is also because of the need for the iPad Pro’s “light office” positioning. The quality of the screen is still dead.That is to say, it is different from the previous generation: the first is the camera. The iPad Pro 2020 uses a dual-camera combination (single-camera in the 2018 version), and the position of the flash has been moved from under the camera of the previous generation to the dual-camera.Integration module area; because the test is the WLAN version, and the WLAN + mobile cellular version is currently unapproved, it should have the same design as the 2018 version of the antenna (the cellular mobile network version will add a SIM card card on the lower right side of the machine)groove).Unfortunately, the biggest highlight everyone thinks is that the Magic Keyboard has not been tested (sold in May, maybe a product that can be experienced in April), iPad Pro with Magic Keyboard, detailed appearance, how it looks like iMacMaybe it is the insistence on “light office”. Apple is indulged in one-piece design and cannot extricate itself, but this one-piece design of Apple does not follow the rules, but keeps innovating and improving.What the Magic Keyboard keyboard can determine is that this peripheral product has the same keyboard as last year’s 16-inch MBP keyboard (it’s clear, scissors type); the keyboard touchpad does not have Foece Touch, but it will have the same pressure.The keyboard supports backlight and is powered by the iPad. The Magic Keyboard does not support waterproofing. Finally, the Magic Keyboard supports the iPad with a hinge design. The name of the hinge design is called “Articulated Hinge”. The details of the hinge are easy to evaluate.After getting the products to be tested, we will continue to share with you.One last word: Good screens are part of productivity, and iPad has this quality.I did n’t have the regret for A13X, but I do n’t need to worry about performance. It ’s still very hardware. IPad Pro 2020 is equipped with A12Z processor. It adopts core and fusion design. Four performance cores are responsible for handling complicated computing tasks. FourThe efficiency core is responsible for processing common tasks; the graphics processor has also been improved accordingly, 2.6 times faster than A10X Fusion; the neural network engine of the A12Z bionic processor supports up to five trillion operations per second.With regard to performance, the running score may be a bit more intuitive and easy to compare. Geekbench5 has a single-core score of 1111, a multi-core score of 4693, and an operating capacity of 9846. Antutu ’s comprehensive running score is 747493.▲ Geekbench5 running screenshot ▲ Antutu running screenshot ▲ LumaFusion test screenshot In fact, in terms of the performance of the A12Z processor, it was said in the 2018 iPad Pro. This performance is not for gaming. From the current Apple ’sLooking at the direction, more of this powerful performance is released to AR technology. Think about the 3D modeling applications in AR apps. Not only can the calculation be solved, but the neural network engine is also very important.It can be seen from the iPad’s app store that although there are also games, obviously the developers’ energy is not focused on large games. For testing, I ran “Civilization 6”.If it is 3D modeling or medical treatment is a specific unit, then image processing is very close to more people. Image processor software such as PS and LR are basically not too difficult to run on the iPad Pro. There are many usage scenarios, of course.For some video workers, especially the current rise of the short video trend, for efficient processing of short videos, iPad Pro also has corresponding apps.Talk about the chip upgrade this time. From the naming logic of the previous generation A12X to this A12Z, it seems that the performance upgrade is indispensable, but it should not be greatly improved as usual.In fact, many people still value the upgrade of the chip. As for this iPad Pro 2020 chip upgrade, it is indeed a pity, because it is not A13X. This is really a bit regrettable for the iPad Pro released after two years, likeLi Nan said when answering netizens’ questions online: This time the A13X was not upgraded, which more foreshadows that the iPad Pro will have a 5G + A13X version at the end of the year, and there may be an A14X + IP12 lens solution in the future.With regard to the direction of the iPad Pro, Apple may have long thought about it, “light office”, do not hide the iPhone, do not avoid Macbook Air, complement each other, iPad OS is connected in series with several nodes.Dual-camera lens combination, Lidar scanner accelerates Apple’s AR era iPad Pro 2020 Another key upgrade is: the lens, the new 10-megapixel f / 2.4 aperture 125 ° ultra wide-angle lens + 12-megapixel f / 1.8 aperture wide-angle lens dualThe combination of cameras gives users a wider range of framing options, which is naturally better than a single camera. It supports 2x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom, and can support 4K video shooting up to 60fps.In contrast, the new iPad Pro’s lidar scanner is even more eye-catching: The special lidar scanner used in the iPad Pro uses direct time of flight (dToF) to measure indoor or outdoor environments from up to five meters away.Reflected light.It can detect at the photon level and can run at nanosecond speeds. The new depth architecture within the iPad OS can be combined with the depth points detected by the lidar scanner, data captured by two cameras and motion sensors, and passedThe computer vision algorithm of the A12Z bionic chip is further optimized to understand the scene in more detail, opening up endless possibilities for augmented reality and a wider field.The lidar scanner further optimizes the rangefinder app, which can easily and quickly automatically calculate the height of a person, while the practical vertical and edge reference lines displayed automatically allow users to quickly and accurately measure objects.▲ Detect and measure people, and can take pictures and record the rangefinder: The most obvious change this time should be this Apple’s native app. Given that the third-party app that actually uses the lidar scanner is still under development,The distance meter uses dToF’s new function to achieve a scale accuracy of one centimeter in actual distance measurement, and to achieve the height measurement of real users (must have a real user with the front facing the device shooting direction, and back measurement cannot be achieved).Why add a lidar scanner?Lidar is a technology for detecting the space environment. Unlike the methods of sound and electromagnetic waves, lidar is invisible to the naked eye. This technology was first applied by mobile phone manufacturers (remember it should be the first used by OPPO), but in contrastApple is also very stubborn. Especially after taking AR as one of its future directions, all Apple has done so far is to further improve and improve AR technology. Obviously, the lidar scanner is relatively mature before it can be used.On the product (Apple says NASA will use it in the next Mars mission).At present, the ToF technology of many Android devices is: iToF (indirect ToF), and Apple is dToF (transmits a pulse wave, the light is reflected back to be received, calculates the time of light emission and return, and calculates the distance). DToF is a high-precision detection, costIt is more expensive, and at the same time, dToF has better anti-interference ability than iToF. IToF is limited by strong light conditions, so Apple chose to use dToF.Simply put, this set of dToF is more accurate and has strong anti-interference ability, but the cost is high.(IToF can also overcome the above drawbacks, and currently it is Huawei.) After three years of technology precipitation, Apple’s AR technology has reached the stage where it can take out products, which in a way means that Apple has stabilized the technology.Take it out at this time, and Apple hopes to accelerate the arrival of the AR era.The new touchpad operation and the redesign of the cursor look very good. Although WWDC20 has officially opened within a few months, it still has to talk about last year’s WWDC19. Last year, not only the “Dark” iOS13 andMac OS Catalina, the equally important release is iPad OS. If Apple always talks about productivity before iPad OS is released, many people are very disdainful, because iPad runs iOS at best is an enlarged version.iPhone, but after the official release of the iPad OS last year, it should be said that Apple ’s strategy of gradually shifting its tablet to a mobile productivity tool is becoming more apparent.Although a device that can truly be called a productivity tool must at least have an independent desktop, the current development direction of the iPad OS, although it cannot fully reach the productivity tools that people rely on, is also one of the best in the “light office” field.class.For iPad OS13.3, I believe that friends who are familiar with navigation, split-screen operation, dark mode, and the second-generation Apple Pencil that “evolved into a refrigerator sticker” and so on. This time, the “Evaluation Machine” column group includedThe tested iPad Pro 2020 itself is equipped with iPad OS 13.4. The most important new feature of iPad OS 13.4 is: support for touchpad keyboard and mouse operation. For this iPad Pro 2020, there is a new cursor design.The application icons on the home screen and the Dock, as well as the buttons and controls in the application, are highlighted. At the same time, when using accessories such as the Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad 2, the touch operation basically maintains the same properties as the Macbook.In general, iPad OS 13.4 is better than 13.3 because of the upgrade and changes in details. In the 13.3 stage, it can actually connect to peripherals, but the accuracy of the overall cursor and the design of the cursor will always make users feelIt’s a bit weird. With Magic Keyboard, you can handle general tasks.But still the same worry as last year’s WWDC19: there are still a few productivity tool-level apps that can be supported. It is popular to be a simple PPT, handle simple pictures and videos, reply emails and everything is OK, but want to solve the “Social Animal”The fundamental problem is still not in place.(This depends on the development of iPad OS in the future, and it will be a long way to go.) Concluding remarks “Your next computer, why is it a computer?” This is Apple’s official website’s iPad Pro 2020 slogan, the meaning is obvious, not too muchExplanation.It may be a bit sloppy to determine the future of the iPad Pro from the iPad Pro 2020 just released, because everyone knows that the device that really solves the “Social Animal” fundamental problem is: first you have to have a “desktop”, at least for now we can seeWhat’s more, the “light office” property of the iPad is very clear, and the iPad does not have a drastic improvement. First of all, because Apple has put its main exposure on the iPad OS, it is very simple. It was a bit embarrassing when there was no iPad OS before;The second is that there has not yet appeared a necessary application that can completely dry out the performance of the iPad. Therefore, the iPad product line has always seemed to be “Buddhist”. The market share is there, and it is not helpless.Slow is understandable.The key to discussing the next step of the iPad Pro is the iPad OS14 that will be released on WWDC20 this year. After all, AR has put so many big tricks on it, the cold dishes are almost eaten, and the hot dishes may be seen immediately..

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