With the full popularization of the domestic Internet and smart phones, the fragmentation of the Internet giants, and the wave of globalization sweeping around, Chinese companies have begun to see “going abroad” as the next exit.Among them, cross-border e-commerce and gaming Internet companies are particularly active.The next export, the “2019 Overseas Market Research White Paper” jointly released by CBNData and Tmall Overseas shows that from 2013 to 2018, the scale of China’s export cross-border e-commerce has increased from 2.7 trillion yuan to 7.1 trillionMore than doubled.In addition to the peak of the domestic demographic dividend, national policy support is also a driving factor for e-commerce to go overseas.In 2018, the Electronic Commerce Law was promulgated, and the State Council also approved the establishment of cross-border e-commerce comprehensive test zones in 22 cities including Beijing.At the end of last year, 24 cities including Shijiazhuang were also approved.The “Belt and Road” construction is also providing convenience for China’s cross-border e-commerce sellers’ export countries.The game is one of the key tracks for Chinese companies going overseas.In recent years, the tightening of game version numbers has severely limited the launch of new domestic games. Game manufacturers are facing the pressure of “going out and going out” and have stepped up their plans for going overseas.App Annie data shows that in developed countries such as the United States and Japan, about 11% -23% of Top 250 mobile game publishers come from China.In emerging markets such as India, Russia, and Indonesia, Chinese publishers account for 36% -43%.Even in a mature game market such as Japan, Chinese games have grown overseas. Chinese mobile games that entered the TOP100 in Q1 2019 contributed a total of $ 310 million, an increase of 83% year-on-year.Previously, the “Mobile Game Report for January 2020” released by Gamma Data showed that compared with February during the Spring Festival of 2019, the scale of the Chinese mobile game market in January 2020 was about 37%.At the same time, there has been an explosive growth in dressups and chess.The “game fever” of the Spring Festival this year is considered to be related to the escalation of the epidemic, and most consumers are “home away from home”.With the spread of the epidemic globally, game traffic overseas has also skyrocketed.On the evening of March 15, Steam official data showed that the number of simultaneous online players exceeded 20 million, reaching an all-time high; Microsoft’s XboxLive also flooded a large number of players.At this time, whether the game shipping company can copy the game boom during the Chinese New Year to overseas has become a new expectation.Leveling the road to the sea but the road to the sea is not always smooth.There are more than 60 countries along the “Belt and Road” alone, and there are many less developed countries.Overseas companies not only face language differences and cultural differences, but also need to cooperate with local governments and enterprises to coordinate employees of different cultural backgrounds and avoid policy risks.This is undoubtedly a huge challenge for overseas enterprises.Under this circumstance, if inexperienced Chinese maritime companies enter the overseas market on their own, they will inevitably face high costs and it will be difficult to achieve the expected results.On the contrary, with the help of specialized third-party tools, it will help improve the efficiency of cross-border integration, operation and management of enterprises.The Microsoft cloud service, which landed in China in May 2014, can effectively empower Chinese enterprises to go abroad and solve their pain points.Microsoft has three cloud service products, including Microsft Azure, Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365.Among them, Azure has more than 100 data centers in 54 regions around the world, providing a variety of services from IaaS to PaaS, and a global CDN network, which is the first choice for companies expanding global business.At the same time, Azure also provides enterprises with the highest level of DDoS defense technology and equipment for free, a variety of open source solutions, and a variety of blockchains, which can help Chinese offshore enterprises to explore more business models and innovation possibilities.By providing services such as collaborative office and video conferencing, Microsoft 365 improves the efficiency of multi-national companies’ off-site office and helps companies achieve effective IT management.Dynamics 365 provides a large number of out-of-the-box tools such as contract management, product lists, and 360-degree views of customers, which can greatly reduce development and training costs. It is a good assistant for enterprises in countries along the “Belt and Road” to achieve intelligent production.Microsoft cloud empowers enterprises to go overseas. For Chinese game companies going overseas, rapid market expansion is one of their main demands. This requires secure, stable, and fast international game data transmission and storage service support. At the same time, certain defense measures need to be established.Prevent malicious attacks on the public network.Microsoft Cloud Services can meet this need.For example, for China ’s top gaming company Haiyou, the load balancer provided by Microsoft has protected its server and data transmission security by preventing attacks on the core network stack and other port services.At the same time, Microsoft also strictly protects its servers on the internal network and guarantees stable IP address access, avoiding the instability and risks brought by domain name updates.The cache server provided by Microsoft can record user access information and provide faster response for subsequent visits.In addition, public information shows that the distribution of Youzu has spread to more than 200 countries and regions such as Europe, America, the Middle East, Asia and South America, and has accumulated nearly 1 billion users worldwide.With the increase in the number of overseas products and the coverage area, the demand of corresponding multinational players for real-time communication in the game is also increasing.The Azure Cognitive Service provided by Microsoft provides translation tool text and speech APIs, which can be used for real-time translation development in the game. The product language can be automatically translated within 1-2 days to achieve global service and enhance the player’s gaming experience.This greatly reduces the difficulty in the development and operation and maintenance of translation systems for game-going enterprises, saving time for enterprises.At the same time, meeting the needs of players from multiple countries to communicate in real time will help increase the number of users and retention, and help companies achieve in-depth coverage of overseas business areas.For e-commerce companies that are also active overseas, understanding the shopping habits of overseas consumers, realizing digital precision marketing, avoiding policy risks, and efficient collaborative office are their main needs.For such needs, Microsoft can also provide corresponding solutions.For example, for its e-commerce platform Vipshop’s overseas business, through AI + machine learning, Microsoft provides smart product recommendation, product bad comment filtering, and product description translation detection services to help ensure that users have a unique and smoothShopping experience.The Azure public cloud provided by Microsoft has extensive experience in GDPR compliance and technology processing, helping Vipshop avoid the policy and data security risks.In addition, Office 365, as a work and office system for overseas staff communication, provides a globally unified technical architecture, service specifications and security level for the global layout of Vipshop.At the same time, for such e-commerce companies, Microsoft will also provide additional overseas PR and marketing assistance.In addition to games and e-commerce, Chinese overseas players on the tracks of online education, high technology, and consumer electronics are also helped by Microsoft cloud services to catch up with the wave of globalization and expand their businesses around the worldLocalization.The epidemic is now sweeping the globe, bringing a lot of impact to the global economy.However, some experts believe that after the epidemic has passed, suppressed consumption will rebound.At the same time, the depression of the traditional offline economy has provided more imagination for Internet products.If you also want to seize the opportunities in this particular context, Microsoft Cloud Services will be the best choice to help you expand your business boundaries.Text | 36 氪 Sailing Chart | Unsplash.

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