After five developments, China ’s security industry entered the stage of intelligent monitoring. China ’s security industry started around 1980. At that time, camera equipment could only be imported from Japan, and there were few application scenarios.Since its development, China’s security industry has experienced five development stages and five technological changes, namely the analog monitoring stage, digital monitoring stage, high-definition / networked monitoring stage, intelligent monitoring stage, and intelligent monitoring stage.Cartography: As the AI ​​technology gradually matures and is applied to the security industry, a new type of intelligent monitoring system is gradually developed.Driven by biometrics, speech and semantic analysis, video surveillance systems, big data, and cloud computing, the concept of “AI + security” is on the rise.AI promotes the transformation and upgrading of traditional security, and the development space of “AI + security” is large. As China’s urbanization process has accelerated significantly, the size of the urban population has continued to expand, urban operating systems have become increasingly complex, and security risks have increased.New requirements have been raised.In addition, China’s security application involves extremely rich scenarios such as public security, transportation, family, finance, education, and buildings, with a wide range of impacts.Cartography: 36 氪 Research Institute is driven by new demands, and the transformation and upgrading of the traditional security industry is imminent.The first application of AI technology in the field of security has brought new opportunities for the development of the field of security, and the “AI + security” industry has gradually emerged.The industrial chain is composed of upstream module, chip and other manufacturers, midstream AI technology providers, Saas service providers, security product hardware manufacturers, and downstream channel service providers.”AI + Security” can help the government realize visual, networked, and intelligent management in the field of public safety through proactive early warning, and resolve potential risks in advance.With the in-depth application of AI technology in the field of security, the market size of the security industry will be further opened.According to relevant statistics, by the end of 2022, the market size of China’s security industry will reach nearly one trillion yuan.Market demand, AI development, and policy support have all promoted the rapid development of the “AI + Security” industry and new demands for social security have continued to rise, driving the innovation and development of the security industry.From personal information security to home, community, society, national security, etc., there is an urgent need for “AI + security” products.On the basis of meeting the needs of the government, “AI + Security” gradually moves to the field of civil services.”AI + security” technology providers link the upstream and downstream industries to form an ecological closed loop of integrated services.Head security companies collect and obtain scene-oriented data through their own technology and hardware equipment, and use personalized solutions to effectively solve the pain points of the industry, form a vertical ecological chain, and then complete the closed-loop scenario to create more business value.At the same time, the “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” and the report of the 19th National Congress pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the construction of security video surveillance and increase the construction of new infrastructure represented by 5G, artificial intelligence, and the industrial Internet.The superimposed support of multiple policies provided sufficient funding support for the development and application of “AI + Security”, and also pointed out the direction for its subsequent development.This report focuses on the following: 1. The concept of “AI + Security” and the development process of the industry 2. The development drivers and bottlenecks of the “AI + Security” industry 3. The inventory of key upstream and downstream companies in the “AI + Security” industry 4. The AI ​​securityEnterprise commercialization analysis 5. “AI + security” scenario analysis 6. “AI + security” industry future development trend analysis The following is “AI helps the security industry to intelligent transformation” 36 氪 Research Institute-“2020 China” AI + security “industryResearch Report.Click on the report to download the full text, and extract the code: dk2i About 36 氪 Research Institute 36 氪 Research Institute regularly outputs high-quality research reports based on industry development, capital fever, policy orientation, etc. The research direction covers artificial intelligence, 5G, blockchain, medical, finance, Logistics, entertainment, consumption, automotive, education and other fields, to help governments, enterprises, investment institutions, etc. quickly understand the industry dynamics, grasp development opportunities and define the development direction.At the same time, the research institute is committed to providing professional customized consulting services for governments at all levels, enterprises, VC / PE institutions, government guidance funds, incubators / industrial parks, etc. The services include industry research, industrial planning, user research, equity investment research, Index research, investment allocation, fund / enterprise due diligence, strategic planning, park planning, etc.Analyst: Li Xiaoxiao [email protected] Wechat: 15011504594; Focus on the field of pan artificial intelligence and entertainment consumption.

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