The European Union requires Netflix to reduce video quality; German customs seizes masks and protective clothing from 3M companies in the United States: products should have been exported to the United States and Switzerland … Review the recent scientific news and netizens’ replies that should not be missed.Apple China’s official website is limited to two iPhones per person According to the latest adjustment details of Apple’s official website, Apple China’s official website has restricted the number of iPhones purchased by users, that is, each person can only purchase two iPhones.For this purchase restriction, Apple’s official website gives specific instructions. The purchase restriction models include iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.The rules are limited to 2 per person.In addition, AirPods Pro is also limited to two purchases per [email protected] 堂吉诃德 在 吃 云: My two places are for [email protected] 学习 : Who looks down on who is still limited to purchase, I can’t afford it without restricting p[email protected] 高 冷: Under what circumstances will a person buy two or more mobile phones at [email protected] 于 辰 欢: It seems like I can buy a lot if I purchase it without [email protected]: It’s a pity that if it wasn’t for purchase restriction, I would have ordered 200 units today. I can only buy two. Rounding is equivalent to not having one.EU requires Netflix to reduce video quality. Due to EU concerns about high-definition video affecting network data transmission, Netflix announced that in order to ensure network connectivity at special moments, the video quality of content such as film and television programs provided in Europe in the next 30 days will be reduced.In addition to Europe, Netflix is ​​also building its “kingdom” in Asia.On March 13, Netflix launched the second season of “Korean House of Cards” “Kingdom”.Once the play was launched, it entered the top ten hits in various regions, and more than 80,000 people scored a high score of 8.4 for this show in [email protected]_dkk: If you don’t solve your own problems, it will be fine for NetFly to degrade the picture [email protected] 狂风 闪 雨: One thing to say, the high-definition of Netflix and the high-definition of Aiyouteng are still [email protected]: I almost thought it was Onion [email protected] 汉 密 顿 厨: I still ridicule this and that for the high-definition water content of domestic mainstream platforms.German customs seizes masks and protective clothing of 3M company in the United States: products should have been exported to the United States and Switzerland According to the “Rhine Post” local time report on the 19th, German customs recently confiscated a batch of 3M Group’s European distribution center in JüchenProtective equipment, including high-grade masks and protective clothing used in medical, laboratory, and chemical production, and civilian masks, and suspected that the goods were used for illegal export.Both the German Federal Customs Administration and the 3M Group confirmed the seizure.A spokesman for the Krefeld Customs Office in Germany said: “Customs officers at the 3M Group factory inspect the export goods for compliance with the law. All other matters must comply with tax confidentiality requirements. A 3M Group spokeswoman said:”Today, the customs at Mönchengladbach inspected a batch of goods registered for export to Switzerland at our European distribution centre in Jüchen.The spokesman said that according to the customs department, the inspection is related to the current restrictions on the export of medical protective equipment in Germany. @ 亖 沐 亖: Trump: Actually understands seizure better than me. @ 关 二爷 V: GermanyIt ’s so special, extra points. @ 白日 Flight cycle: Here comes, they start to talk about it. @ 百变 小熊猫: Trump: This … this … this dare to grab me? Tweet you! HuaweiP40 / P40 Pro official renderings exposed: The latter has a very narrow border. Foreign exposurers evleaks and Ishan Agarwal released the official renderings that are known as Huawei P40 and P40 Pro. The first is the renderings released by Ishan Agarwal. From the pictures,Huawei P40 Pro’s bezel is very narrow, coupled with the use of a hyperboloid screen, it looks like a bezel-free from the front. In addition, like previous rumors, Huawei P40 Pro uses a dual-punch display with a rectangular rearFour photos of the layout of Leica. @ 小 度 小 度: Really fragrant, but can’t afford it. @ 残雪 玉翠: The screen ratio is too [email protected] 余 忆 童 highlights: It does n’t matter if it ’s good or not, and differentiation is a priority. It ’s enough for others to know that it ’s Huawei, not all high-end machines.Do you have any thoughts on the hot events in the technology industry today?Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. The excellent God reply will appear in the next article ~.

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