36 氪 was informed that big data privacy computing company 锘 崴 Tech announced that it has completed a round of tens of millions of yuan in financing, and this round of financing was exclusively invested by Qiming Venture Capital.锘 崴 Tech is an artificial intelligence and secure computing company that protects data privacy. Its core team is from Silicon Valley.According to business information, the company’s shareholder change was completed in February 2020.New investors include Suzhou Industrial Park Qiming Rongke Equity Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership) and Suzhou Qiming Rongying Venture Investment Partnership (Limited Partnership).Professor Wang Shuang, the founder of 锘 崴 Tech, said, “This round of financing funds is mainly used to attract talents in privacy computing and artificial intelligence technology development, optimize the company’s core product-锘 崴 trust Privacy Cloud Computing Platform, and build a complete market development and sales team., Looking for more business partners in the application scenarios to form a closed business model loop. “In the digital economy era, data is the core asset of government, enterprises and individuals, and the entire life cycle of data encryption is one of the most effective means of protecting core data assets..However, in the data value chain, the processing of encrypted data in the calculation process becomes the bottleneck of data value conversion.The traditional method is to decrypt the data before performing calculations, which creates a huge hidden danger to data security.Solving the above data security gap is a dilemma proposition. On the one hand, it is necessary to provide data that can be used for calculations. On the other hand, the sensitive information in the provided data must be “inaccessible”, that is, the data calculation and analysis side cannotWhile knowing the sensitive data of the data owner, it can accurately return the results of the data operation to the data user.The technology that solves this dilemma is collectively known as ciphertext computing—data is “available and invisible.”This is also the “privacy calculation” often mentioned in the venture capital circle last year.To this end, 锘 崴 Technology has created a “锘 崴 信 Privacy Cloud Computing Platform”, hoping to make the data “available and invisible”, avoid the risk of sensitive original data leakage during the calculation process, and protect users ’private information and trade secrets.It is reported that the platform uses software and hardware encrypted computing technology (such as multi-party secure computing, homomorphic encryption, trusted computing environment), alliance computing technology, blockchain traceability technology, and customizable hyper-converged infrastructure technology in the legal compliance frameworkRealization of multi-center and multi-dimensional real-time data analysis in the case of protecting the rights of data owners, data consumers, and data supervisors, effectively solves the problem of privacy protection of data in the entire process of storage, transmission, and calculation, and ensures calculationProcess integrity and authenticity.锘 崴 Technology said that the company’s solutions have landed in areas such as medical care, finance, and other areas where there is an urgent need for big data security and privacy protection.锘 崴 Technology currently focuses on the vertical field of medical information, and hopes to develop data value under the premise of ensuring the security and privacy protection of medical biological information big data.锘 崴 Tech told 36 氪 that the company has carried out in-depth cooperation with the Chinese medical information big data national team, using privacy computing technology, relying on the two product lines of the data privacy cloud computing platform and the all-in-one machine to ensure the privacy and security of medical data locally and in the cloud.In the case of current cooperation, the solution of 锘 崴 Technology enables the relevant hospitals at all levels to realize the safe transfer and sharing of medical biological data, and provides assistance for the monitoring and analysis of the epidemic situation of new crown virus pneumonia, research and development of new drugs, pharmacovigilance research and national health supervision.In addition to the medical field, 锘 崴 Tech’s 锘 崴 trust privacy cloud computing platform ‘also hopes to be applied in other fields.At present, in the field of financial technology, 锘 崴 Technology provides artificial intelligence data analysis support and core transaction strategy privacy protection for the quantitative strategy of hedge funds; in the field of personal credit information, it provides data query feedback for big data companies while protecting personal privacy data from being affected.Violations, preventing the leakage of personal information; and providing services for a range of other data privacy computing scenarios.Private computing is an industry with high technical barriers.It requires both a team with a professional technical background and a strong engineering ability.锘 崴 Tech has a core team with a background in big data privacy computing and biomedical information. The company is co-founded by Professor Wang Shuang, a privacy computing scientist, and Dr. Zheng Zheng, a bioinformatics scientist.Professor Wang Shuang was selected as China’s National Youth Overseas High-level Talent in 2018. He was an assistant professor at UCSD (University of California, San Diego), and is currently an associate professor at Shanghai Tongji University School of Medicine and a specially-appointed researcher at West China Hospital of Sichuan University.Research papers, multiple international patents / software copyrights.Professor Wang Shuang also serves as a reviewer for several flagship magazines in the field, such as Nature Biotechnology, and is a guest editor or editor-in-chief of several international journals.He has presided over a number of projects of the National Institutes of Health and has participated in projects totaling tens of millions of dollars.In 2014, Professor Wang Shuang organized and founded the iDASH Global Privacy Protection Competition as a co-founder.The “large-scale genetic data security analysis system” developed by Professor Wang Shuang won the “Outstanding Contribution Award” issued by Intel Corporation.Co-founder Dr. Zheng Zheng is a PhD in Bioinformatics from Georgia Tech and a senior scientist in Silicon Valley.He has published more than 20 books and holds more than 10 patents / software copyrights. He is the editor of Elsevier DSP Magazine, Briefings in Bioinformatics and other international authoritative journals. He is also a member of the International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology.Dr. Zheng Zheng led a number of genetic sequencing products developed by the team through FDA and CE-IVD certification.In addition, information from Qixinbao shows that founding consultant Tang Haixu is a professor of bioinformatics at Indiana University and co-sponsor of iDASH.Founding Consultant Wang Xiaofeng, Professor of Indiana University CS, initiator of iDASH, Vice Chairman of ACM SIGSAC, Co-Chair of ACM CCS.Currently, in objective reality, data flow has its rationality and inevitability.Data flow generates value, but at the same time, uncontrolled applications in the process of data flow also bring hidden dangers of data privacy violations.In order to solve the dilemma of data mining and privacy, the concept of data privacy computing came into being.With the successive release of global laws and regulations on data privacy, such as the “Password Law”, GDPR, and “Apps and Methods for Identifying Illegal Collection and Use of Personal Information,” data privacy protection has become a hot spot..

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