Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “University of chaos” (ID: hundun-university), Author: Lishan, 36 krypton release authorized.This outbreak is destined to change for all of us.However, don’t stay in grief and let emotion hurt us.In the day when the pause button is pressed, it is the moment to think about an important question: how should we live in order to usher in a completely different future?Many startup company owners like to post the phrase “Nothing unexpected, only impossible” on the wall, thinking that as long as they have great dreams, they will be able to do so.But we often overlook that entrepreneurship is to survive, not to die from competition.Competition is just a link in entrepreneurship. Less than a last resort, there is no need to force yourself to attack the giants directly.In the competition, how to avoid strengths and weaknesses, and use weakness to win strengths is the first proposition for everyone.So, how to solve the problem?In fact, God left a “back door” for entrepreneurs to draw a simple value network model with the abscissa as the market and the ordinate as the technology: there is no doubt that incumbent companies often occupy the best technology and the bestCustomers stand in the most dazzling value network-this is the mainstream market.The fringe value network composed of fringe markets and technologies is often overlooked.Imagine that you are a start-up company. When you enter such an existing competitive landscape, will you choose a mainstream value network or a marginal value network?In real life, most entrepreneurs will enter the mainstream value network market because it looks the most fertile and the least risky.But in fact, the emerging marginal value network is the best window of opportunity for entrepreneurs.Follow or destroy?Returning to the value network model just now, if you choose the mainstream value network, it is clear that you have adopted a follow-up strategy and think that you are more brave than the mainstream market giants.If you choose an emerging value network, you have adopted a strategy of disruptive innovation.A common saying is that entrepreneurs feel that they are more efficient and have better values, so as long as they work hard to compete with a department of a large company, they can win.However, if you go to Alibaba and Tencent Building at 2 o’clock in the middle of the night, you will find that these giant companies are still brilliantly lit at night, and their combat effectiveness and efficiency are amazing.Therefore, don’t think that you are diligent.Many times, we are very diligent, just to cover up our lazy thinking.As Wang Xing said, most people are willing to do anything to avoid thinking.What is the difference between the two strategies?In “Innovator’s Dilemma”, Christensen studied the 20-year history of disk drives and calculated that if you compete directly with the giants, the success rate is only 6%.If you take the lead in an emerging value network and adopt a competitive strategy of disruptive innovation, the success rate will be as high as 37%, a gap of 6 times.So we say that the first rule of entrepreneurship is not as good as it is better.This is the simplest and direct explanation of the thinking model of dislocated competition.The book “Good Strategy, Bad Strategy” has this sentence: “For a start-up company, it does not mean that you have no chance, you must find areas for strengths and avoid weaknesses. Make your strengths longer, and weaknesses are not so important”.This is dislocation competition.The US group specializes in “chicken ribs”. The fat was left to BAT in the early days as a group purchase. At that time, the largest player in the e-commerce field was Ali.When I studied the case of Meituan, I was very shocked. The first consideration of Wang Xing’s entrepreneurship in 2010 was how to compete with Ali in dislocation.He once put forward two disparate competition theories: Wang Xing said that there are four areas in the Internet: information, communication, entertainment and business.In the Web1.0 search era, there are giants in these areas, such as Baidu for information, Tencent for communication, Shanda for entertainment, and Alibaba for business.Therefore, he must go to the Web2.0 era to find opportunities.In the Web2.0 social era, the information giants have Sina Weibo, there is Renren in communication, and Kaixin in entertainment. Is there a chance in business?Therefore, in this field, he made a group purchase of Biao Ali, which is the positioning of 2010.Theory 2: In the AB taxonomy competition, we often have the illusion that giants are standing in front of mountains like mountains, so that you see the ecology of giants as all the possibilities.Actually, this is a huge illusion.For example, most e-commerce players are staring at Ali to compete.However, Meituan put forward a theory called AB classification: First, we take a cross-cutting approach based on whether the supply and performance are online.Supply and performance online is Tencent (category A), and supply and performance offline is Ali (category B).In Category B, there is a more wonderful second knife: Ali is a physical e-commerce. There is another kind of e-commerce that may be a life service in addition to physical e-commerce.For example, take-out is a living service e-commerce, and books, appliances, and clothing are physical e-commerce.This knife is very beautiful. Most people restrict e-commerce to the physical field because Ali has made physical e-commerce.But Meituan cut this second knife, letting you see a completely different world.In the life service e-commerce, you can also cut the third knife: remote life service e-commerce and local life service e-commerce.Wang Xing’s analysis is very interesting. Why do you want to do e-commerce for life services instead of physical e-commerce?Because if it competes directly with Ali’s cost-effective and direct competition, there must be logistics, which is a very high cost for startup companies, it is better to admit defeat first.Second, life service e-commerce is a non-standard product. It is dirty and poor work, and the gross profit is low, so the giants tend to disdain.Meituan Wang Huiwen said: “We have fallen in love with things that have low gold content. One thing is not very profitable, it is difficult, and it is slow. How can BAT be considered. We specialize in chicken rib business and leave fat to BAT.”In retrospect, what are the options for other group buying sites at the same time?In the thousand-group battles in 2010 and 2011, 58% of companies chose physical e-commerce.They were not killed by Meituan. They were cost-effectively killed by Ali Ju.An interview with Wang Xingshi in a 16-year “Finance and Economics” question: Does the appearance of Meituan and Didi bring changes to the original Internet order led by BAT?Wang Xing said: The law of competition in the Internet field has not changed substantially. It is not that the original people are crowded out in the original field, but that the new battlefield is expanded and new players occupy the new battlefield.Innovation is always on the edge.Wang Xing’s words are very exciting. This is the power of the marginal value network. Innovation is always at the margin.If you don’t see perfection, it is because you are too close to the picture.Does the theory really work?”After being killed by the giants, I was relocated and reborn.” Many people asked me, professor, the US Mission is a successful giant. Is misaligned competition useful for small businesses?Is it useful for entrepreneurs?Here, I would like to proudly invite a classmate to tell her story. She is called Sister Deng. Using this theory, she led her company out of the disadvantaged and reborn.”In 2010, I founded ROYMAX (Weimex) LED Company and launched a patented product Apollo (LED three-sided candle light) with a single product turnover of 10 million. But soon, the giants entered the market with 9.9A similar product of Yuan hit our 68 Yuan product, which caused our sales to plummet by 70% and be crushed by the giants. Almost overnight, my ten-year savings vanished. Why is it so different that it is still different from the giants?Crush? An occasional opportunity, I learned the theory of “displaced competition”, and then I realized: “Different is the difference on different value networks. Differences on the same value network are just better.” So we started again and reanalyzedThe market, positioning itself, doing succulent plant lighting, Jedi rebirth.How did you do it?The rough cut market first looks at the LED category map, which is divided into four major areas: general lighting, medical lighting, agricultural lighting, and special lighting.At that time, General Lighting was already a Red Sea market.Medical lighting is all aimed at hospitals, which we can’t reach in professional technology.Special lighting refers to aviation, aerospace, and maritime fields. It is difficult for us to enter the market.But there is one area left, and we seem to have a chance-the field of agricultural lighting.Finely cut the niche and then divide the agricultural planting lights into farming lighting and planting lighting.Farming lighting, because I was not familiar at the time, could not do it.The giants in planting lighting mainly serve B-side users. Philips has launched a total solution and has eaten this market.It can be seen that the opportunity can only be on the C side.The C-end needs flower and fruit lighting and succulent lighting.Due to the variety of flowers, many different spectra are needed to match.We had insufficient resources at the time and had to give up.The pain point of succulents is slow growth cycle and single color. This pain point can be satisfied by our products.And in this field, compared with the giants, as a startup company, we have structural advantages: flexible markets, simultaneous online and offline operations; start-ups have fewer staff, efficient organizational efficiency, and product iteration speed is very fast.Through layer after layer analysis, we finally found this giant industry that is invisible, invisible, and impossible to do-succulent lighting, and engaged in misplaced competition.In the end, we occupied 60% of the market share and had a turnover of more than 50 million in 18 years, becoming a leading enterprise in the field of Taobao and Tmall garden lighting.This is the power of misplaced competition theory. Using it, I let change happen now.”The summary is worse than the difference. In the environment where leading companies have established a dominant advantage, any me too product will become a chicken rib. Do not exaggerate your execution, do not exaggerate your efforts, do not exaggerate your efficiency. TodayThe giant’s effort and efficiency are much greater than ours, and it is unimaginable. Therefore, entrepreneurs should keep in mind the misplaced competition model of “better than better”. Misplaced competition is not for the sake of weakness but forThe chessboard becomes larger. To make the chessboard larger, it is not larger in the same plane, but it becomes a higher dimension after breakdown, and it becomes larger in a higher dimension.

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