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According to BusinessWire, cloud management service provider Nerdio has recently completed a $ 8 million Series A financing led by MK Capital. Members of the founding team of Nerdio followed suit, including Lianchuang and CEO Vadim Vladimirskiy and CRO Joseph Landes.This round of financing will be used for a series of product development of Nerdio and optimization of support for Microsoft Azure products. It will also expand market operations and continue to expand channel partners.Nerdio was founded in 2016. Its main product is an automated MSP solution for Microsoft Azure. The goal is to provide one-stop packaging services for cloud management service providers (MSPs), thereby providing enterprises with an automated cloud IT environment.At the same time, Nerdio also obtained a sales license from Microsoft and became one of Microsoft’s distribution partners, providing users with deployment, management and optimized packaging solutions from Azure.In other words, Nerdio provides enterprises with a comprehensive virtual IT infrastructure.Nerdio said in a previous report that Nerdio Core can basically build and deploy an IT environment in the Azure cloud in one hour, and it usually takes days or weeks to complete the deployment manually through traditional processes.”Microsoft Azure consists of more than 1,000 different services, and if MSPs (cloud management service providers) have never been used in Azure before, they will initially find that designing solutions in them is technically complex,” said Chief Operating Officer.Closing Joseph Landes said, “Traditional cloud management service providers must now learn how to provide customers with solutions based on Azure while also controlling costs. If they fail to do this, this may quickly erode their profit margins, andFrom a pricing perspective, vendors may be less efficient than before. “CEO Vadim Vladimirskiy said that the current use of public clouds is rising, as is the private cloud. Nerdio starts with cloud hosting services (MSP) and provides private cloud related services.service.In addition to a series of cloud management services, Nerdio also launched a Virtual Desktop (VDI) product based on Windows 10 last year to meet the needs of corporate remote offices.This round of financing is a key step for Nerdio.After this round of financing, Nerdio will accelerate product landing in Microsoft Azure and further expand into international markets.

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