Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Tech Planet” (ID: tech618), author Chen Qiaohui, reproduced with permission from 36 氪.After realizing the gap with the headline product matrix, Kuaishou is accelerating the pace of layout of different segments.Recently, Kuaishou successively launched short video products such as “Say Like” and “Youth”, and aimed at users of different ages.In addition to exploring new businesses in the age dimension, Kuaishou is also experimenting with the layout of short video communities of different interests.Recently, Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) was exclusively informed that Quick Hands recently launched two products, a WeChat applet called “Good Morning Look” and a pet UGC short video community called “Maoyou”.Looking at the product experience, “Good Morning Look” is a small program for making music albums focusing on middle-aged and elderly people, and “Maoyou” is a short video production and sharing community for pet lovers.It is worth noting that during the epidemic period, a WeChat mini program called “Outbreak Prevention and Control” was launched, which can obtain the latest epidemic information nearby.According to the certification information on the “Good Morning Look” applet, “Good Morning Look” was renamed from “Niantangyuan”. The developer is Beijing Chenzhong Technology Co., Ltd. and the developer of the “Maoyou” APP isBeijing Huayi Huilong Network Technology Co., Ltd.According to the sky eye inspection, the suspected actual controllers of the two companies are Su Hua and Yang Yuanxi, who are the co-founders of Kuaishou.After two short video apps, such as praise and youth, are targeted at young users and young users, the “Good Morning Look” launched this time has a layout for middle-aged and elderly users.Fast players have also taken action in the segmented field. “Maoyou” is a short video gathering place for pet lovers.It is not difficult to see that Kuaishou is accelerating the layout of short video services for different user age groups and different interest groups.The music album Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618) suitable for middle-aged and elderly people found that “Good Morning Look” is a WeChat applet for making music albums.At the same time supplemented with a subscription number to publish some interesting things in daily life.From the product side, “Good Morning Look” is divided into three functional areas such as watching videos, making music albums and personal centers.In watching the video, it mainly broadcasts the health, blessings, anecdotes, crafts, dance and other content that the middle and old people like, and can share the video content to family and friends.If users want to make interesting photos into music albums, they can use the internal template, then upload the photos to complete the production, and share to family and friends to watch.The whole product is close to daily life, which is in line with the preferences of middle-aged and elderly people, and it is convenient for middle-aged and elderly users to create short videos suitable for themselves.Of course, some people have doubts. Why doesn’t Kuaishou make “Good Morning Look” into an app alone?Perhaps it is because middle-aged and older user groups are more willing to socialize on WeChat, simplifying and optimizing the user experience.Not long ago, an app called “Mei Ying Ji” was launched, which has similar functions to “Good Morning Look”. The difference is that it targets young people and focuses on trending albums.Kuaishou, whether it is the “Good Morning Look” launched this time, as well as the earlier “Mei Ying Ji”, have prepared templates in advance in an attempt to lower the user’s creative threshold and make it easy for users to get started with short video production.A short video of pet lovers gathered on Tech Planet (WeChat ID: tech618), another place to experience another new product, and found that “Mao Yu” is an online pet community.Here, users can share their pet-raising life, expose their pets, and exchange pet-raising experiences online. It is a gathering place for pet lovers.From the product point of view, the page layout of “Maoyou” still uses the three functional areas of the homepage, published content, and personal center.The homepage is divided into two sections of attention and popular. The content of the favorite is played by the favorite, and the source of the content is fast.In other words, “Mao Pomelo” ‘s current hot content comes from the pet master who is in the hands, which is similar to another product of the youth, “The Youth”.On “Maoyou”, users can make daily pet life in the form of videos or photos, make videos or photo albums, and publish them.Published works will be saved on the personal home page, and at the same time, personal works will also be saved on the personal homepage.The emergence of “Maoyou” means that Kuaishou began to use its own huge Kuaishou short videos as the main content origin to distribute to different groups of users, and continued to expand and seize different interests through the subdivided short videos.field.Attacking fast hand chooses split fast hand is accelerating the split on short video content, which is traceable.The precedent of Kuaishou selection content split comes from Kuaishou Small Theater.This is a short play content platform, whose work comes from the popular part of the quick video.Immediately afterwards, the “Teen of Youth” was launched, and 6 channels including news, fun, psychology, specialty, general knowledge, and sports were selected as content areas. From the short videos of Quick Hands, video content that was suitable for youth education was selected. At the same time, it targeted young people and restrictedWatch duration.Kuaishou then launched “Good Morning Look” and “Mao You”, and continued to distribute the targeted content on Kuaishou short videos to these two products.What is the purpose of this fast hand?As a comprehensive short video community, Kuaishou short video has a variety of video content. When it is recommended to other users through algorithms, inaccurate content will inevitably appear. To avoid this, Kuaishou short video chooses its own content.Split after subdivision.In this way, not only can we expand the short video content market based on niche interest groups, circle this part of the user group, but also allow fast players to achieve differentiated competition and take the initiative, instead of waiting for the competitive products to continue to grow.The approach is the same as that of Tencent’s many social products.The competition for short videos is becoming increasingly fierce.There is the squeezing squeeze in the front, followed by Tencent’s Microvision.Kuaishou selects the subdivisions for quickly laying out short videos, and in these subsectors, it is not guaranteed who will become another “quick”Kuaishou has quietly started its attack..

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