Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “Chi as the network” (ID: passagegroup), Author: SURVEYING, Editor: Li Meng, 36 krypton release authorized.On Valentine’s Day, e-commerce giant Amazon is suspected of launching its own dating platform, Amazon Dating.Men’s and women’s photos are treated as merchandise and displayed on the website. The title is each person’s name and age. Each date is clearly marked, starting at $ 4.99.It’s almost the same as Amazon’s product page, and there are star ratings.Figure: Screenshot of the Amazon Dating homepage. Click on the photo to enter the details page. It has height, health, and other information. The optional dating services are language, action, gift delivery, companionship, and contact.Below the purchase button, there is a Prime Video option, and the user will be redirected to the video chat site Chat Roulette when clicked.Amazon’s “new product”, do you want to try it on Valentine’s Day?Wait, after Bezos divorced last year, was he really crazy about launching such a crazy product?Amazon dating, there is always a platform for you to provide multiple dating objects for users to choose from, and there are hobby introductions and user comments below personal photos.If you want to pick your appointment more precisely, you can use the filter function in the drop-down menu to narrow your selection.Unlike other dating platforms, Amazon Dating is not exclusive to young people.Dating on the platform spans a wide range of ages, ranging from eighteen to eighty. Dating people with different skin colors are also common on the platform.American media Insider tried to take a picture of 87-year-old Teddy. The dating service of his choice was the language, which included detailed information such as sending voice mail every day and watching the sunset together.Figure: Screenshot of Teddy’s detail page. The previous user rated Teddy as “a great gift” and commented that Teddy was given as a wedding gift to an 80-year-old woman who intends to remarry. Their interaction was very interesting.Insider said that it is clear that this evaluation was fabricated by the developers to support the scene, and the platform also gave Teddy the title of “Best of the Day”.The platform is well received by many users.Cora, 78, has a five-star rating and a list price of $ 149.95. The bottom of the page also reminds users to place an order as soon as possible because her inventory service has only 13 items left.Figure: Amazon Dating’s pricing is higher for whites than blacks. At present, Amazon Dating service has not been officially launched, but many American media have described this move as “ironic”, “funny”, “a bit creepy”, “dystopian” and so on.Is April Fool’s Day game a bit eager to try?Unfortunately, it’s fake, just like April Fool’s Day game on Valentine’s Day.This dating platform launched in the name of Amazon has no relationship with e-commerce giants.The idea came from Ani Acopian, a director and concept designer.”At first I wanted to make a joke, because I wanted to make a girlfriend. Then I found out that the moment is the best time, why not act now? At first I planned to post it on Twitter as a picture and seeIs someone really convinced. Later, I met a friend who was equally interested, so we changed it from a picture to the current Amazon Dating product model. “She said.The friends mentioned by Ani Acopian are Suzy Shinn and Morgan Gruer, who are respectively music producers and writers and designers of animation studio Thinko.The starting point of all three is to make a happy and revolutionary online dating product.Modeled on e-commerce pages, they designed different jump logic for the Amazon Dating page options.For example, clicking Prime Video will jump to a video chat site, clicking “Legal” will link to a non-fiction agreement, clicking “Last Love” will pop up a brainwashing music video … clicking “Common Questions” will directly point out that the site is notReally exists, but humorously states that the sponsor is indeed single.It is understood that this is not the first time Acopian has challenged mainstream dating apps Tinder and Bumble.A few weeks ago, she created her own dating ad to promote herself on Twitter and Instagram, and also received 100 treaty requests.”Last year I used Twitter to find work, help friends find photographers, etc., so why don’t I use it for dating?” AmazonDating triggered thousands of Twitter retweets and multiple media reports in just two days.Seems to be a new outlet for online dating.Asked about his next plan, Shinn ridiculed “Maybe meet with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey or Elon Musk?” Although in the introduction of the website, Amazon Dating clarified the relationship with Amazon and acknowledged thatIt’s just a joke. It is still believed by many netizens.Amazon has also performed very well, not only providing participants with numbers, but also issuing supplementary documents and inviting some influencers to participate.Facebook sings real drama If Amazon is involved in dating, it’s just a joke.But another Internet giant, Facebook, started testing the waters as early as May 2018.At the 2018 Developer Conference, Facebook released a dating feature.Users can browse events and groups of interest, mark the event as wanting to participate, unlock the event, and interact with other participating users.For example, offline concerts, food festivals, running groups, etc.Facebook product manager Chris Cox said the dating feature was designed to avoid “acquaintance” socializing.After unlocking a specific event, users can see the personal information of other participants, and can bypass the two commonly used communication software, Messenger and WhatsApp, and open a dialog box.Users can also hide their dating profile information from their friends.Facebook matches users who are not friends with each other.CEO Zuckerberg also said, “We have been thinking about privacy and security since the design. Your friends will not see your information, and you will only be recommended to people who are not your friends.” FacebookThe dating function is a clever use of offline event resources on its platform.On Facebook, many organizations and organizers will open registration and appointments for offline events on the platform. The addition of dating features will make these offline events become dating sites in disguise.Figure: Facebook’s dating feature, Facebook’s move directly affects competitors’ stock market performance.According to CNNMoney, the shares of Match Group, which owns well-known dating platforms such as Tinder,, and OKCupid, fell as much as 22.09% in the afternoon.Shares of its parent company IAC also fell by 17.77%.Tinder is the first established dating platform to be impacted.Tinder gives ratings based on the user ’s geographic location, the number of Facebook’s common friends, common interests, and network. The highest rated recommendations will be displayed first.The user chooses to slide left (skip) or slide right (like) according to the photos recommended by the system. If both sides choose to slide right, then the two can send messages, follow each other on Facebook, and meet offline.Initially, Tinder tested the water on campus. Within two months, it was recommended to match more than one million users, and 35 million users rated it.The biggest difference between Tinder and Facebook dating features is the attitude towards acquaintances.Tinder is based on the expansion of the existing social circle of friends, giving preference to second- and third-degree friends.In other words, your date may be a friend of a friend.Because Tinder can log in using a Facebook account, it reads all basic information on the user’s Facebook account, such as gender, age, nationality, occupation, photo, etc.Fat dating online dating market is a big plate.The online dating market in the US has developed for almost 30 years and is very mature.Founded in 1993,, the largest online dating and dating website, has covered 25 countries and territories, with offices in San Francisco, Tokyo, Beijing, and Rio de Janeiro.The parent company IAC’s Match Group also owns OKCupid. As early as 2007, OKCupid was named one of the world’s top ten dating sites by Time Magazine.Marriage dating sites in the United States also cover market segments, such as JDate, a site for Jews, and ChristianMingle, a site for Christians.There are also special websites for single elderly people in the United States, such as OurTime and SeniorPeopleMeet.In addition, Tinder is another Titan under the Match Group. It was founded in 2012, just in the transition period from PC to mobile.In 2015, Tinder started launching the paid service TinderPlus. As of the second quarter of 2019, Tinder had 5.2 million paid users.In 2019, Tinder’s annual revenue was $ 1.2 billion.The Match Group stated in its financial report that according to an internal survey, people use an average of four dating apps.Therefore, the Match Group also launched a number of sub-brands, such as Hinge, which focuses on serious marriage, Chispa, which targets Latino users, BLK, which targets African-American users, and Ship, which is known as a friend to choose for you..Figure: Several dating apps of the Match Group, AppAnnie According to market research company Statista, by 2020, the online dating and dating market in the United States will reach $ 2.141 billion in revenue.It is estimated that from 2020 to 2024, revenue will grow at an annual growth rate of 4.3%, and the market size will reach 2.533 billion US dollars by 2024.Today, advanced Internet technologies are also being used to date online.American dating website eHarmony announced that it will use artificial intelligence to provide guidance and advice to users.Artificial intelligence will make recommendations and decisions on whether users should start offline dating, and this feature is also applied to most websites.Whether it’s Facebook, which is now in the online blind date market, or traditional dating sites, they want to eat this tempting piece of cake.No matter how the economic situation and external environment change, dating and dating are always relatively needed. The sooner you enter, the sooner you can establish your own barriers.If an online “sale” blind date appears in China, would you try it?.

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