Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Heart of the Machine” (ID: almosthuman2014), Editor: Yu Yang, 36 氪 Authorized to release when the new crown epidemic becomes a large-scale public health event, security companies have also begun to join this epidemic preventionControlled sniper battle.This is also a training ground for security and AI technologies. On the timeline of the race against time, companies quickly develop algorithms, design products, integrate supply chains, and finally deploy. After this battle, the intelligent security industry may accelerate differentiation.At the moment of the epidemic, it is also the Spring Festival holiday. With the cooperation of the government, the AI ​​enterprise temperature measurement project is effectively scaled up: quickly complete algorithm research and development, solve supply chain problems, and implement landing verification …The story of the aided AI war epidemic has been staged.However, in this big test, the shortage of the supply chain and the postponement of the start date have brought a lot of challenges to the actual landing of the AI ​​thermometer. On the one hand, there is an urgent need for public health facilities, and on the other hand, there are objective limits on the epidemic situation., How about the actual landing of the AI ​​thermometer?What new opportunities will the security industry bring in 2020?Emergency requirements in the new scenario If you are already on your way home, after passing through transportation hubs such as train stations, airports, and subway stations, it is not difficult to find that there is an additional camera around the security checkpoint.That’s right, this is a set of AI temperature detector, a tripod, a camera, and a notebook piece together its basic form.As each pedestrian passes by, his temperature will be shown on the display screen, and the sensor can pass without any sense when the temperature is normal; once a suspected high temperature pedestrian is detected, the system will automatically alarm and then the security personnel will perform a second temperature measurement.In order to effectively respond to the high-traffic needs for epidemic prevention and temperature measurement, the AI ​​temperature measurement project has a two-way blessing of infrared and artificial intelligence technology: infrared technology guarantees the need for temperature measurement at long distances without contact, and computer vision technology accurately identifies the forehead part of a personFor fast positioning.How to ensure efficient traffic and accurate temperature measurement is the proposition of a new generation of “security + AI” enterprises to tackle the epidemic.Baidu started AI temperature measurement R & D in the year of the year. Nearly a hundred people in multiple departments fought. On the night of the night, the mask wearing monitoring model for the epidemic was completed. Basic research and development from video data sample collection to detection model construction was completed within 3 days.Work, followed by a pilot deployment at Beijing Qinghe Railway Station on the fourth day of the new year, to welcome the peak passenger flow back to Beijing.Despise, CEO Inge personally took charge, and urgently set up a working group of more than 100 people. The preliminary design of the AI ​​temperature measurement was completed in the thirteenth year. The algorithm development and internal debugging of the screening system were completed before the third day of the new year. After more than 10 daysFighting overnight, the entire system was officially launched on February 4.Joining the fight was also Geling Shentong, an emergency R & D call of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission on the second day of the new year, which coincided with the idea of ​​CEO Zhao Yong. A team of more than 30 people was quickly established, and AI was developed in just 8 days.Temperature measurement system, the eighth day of the product has been “posted” in Beijing West Railway Station.According to the heart of the machine, in order to catch up with the AI ​​temperature measurement project, many employees eat and live directly in the company, and some sleep only 2 to 3 hours a day … At present, no matter whether it is Baidu, Shangtang, Deafness, Geling Deep Pupil, orGaode Infrared, Hikvision, Dahua, Yushi and other companies have launched AI infrared temperature measurement products.From the perspective of the market landing plan, the industry mostly uses dual infrared / visible light sensors, combined with infrared thermal imaging and face recognition, to achieve multi-target temperature screening in a non-contact manner, and the temperature measurement accuracy is mostly ± 0.3 ° C.Technically speaking, it requires AI algorithms to do portrait recognition and tracking, that is, to accurately locate each face in the camera picture, and then calculate the temperature of the face (mostly the forehead) by combining the infrared temperature dot matrix.The behind-the-scenes face recognition, ReID (Pedestrian Re-Identification), and calibration between two cameras directly affect the effectiveness of each solution.From the perspective of the industry’s positioning of AI temperature measurement products, the value it plays is still in the initial screening. For people with suspected high temperature, manual secondary temperature measurement is still needed to verify.The reason why it is positioned as the initial screening is that on the one hand, the initial screening + re-inspection can enhance the safety of the process; on the other hand, it is limited by the accuracy of the product and the complex environment, which also has a certain impact on the availability of the product.In crowded scenes such as airports and train stations, once the crowd is out of the camera’s field of vision, temperature detection cannot be performed.Therefore, when deploying AI temperature measurement products, certain personnel guidance is also required, or entrances and exits are set through the isolation belt to ensure that the temperature measurement is not missed.Of course, there are still some restrictions on the initial screening program for fast launch.The differences in technology and engineering of different companies bring different levels of temperature error. Although the error of most solutions is ± 0.3 ℃, some products still have errors of ± 0.4 ℃, ± 0.5 ℃, which will bring usabilityCertain impact.In addition, the working temperature of the infrared sensor is often 0 ~ 50 ° C. If the temperature is too high or too low, it will affect the temperature measurement accuracy. Therefore, in northern winter, outdoor may not be the ideal landing scene for AI temperature measurement equipment.Although it cannot replace manual labor, the value of AI temperature measurement products is still important.In high-traffic scenarios, close-range security inspections are inherently very risky. Once crowd crowding is caused, the risk of security personnel’s work can be reduced through preliminary screening of body temperature.Chen Tianbo, the product director of Geling Deep Pupil, also said that through the company’s test, the AI ​​temperature measurement system has the same effect as the forehead gun.In his opinion, a good AI infrared temperature measurement solution must meet at least three conditions: the first is to have a high temperature measurement accuracy, and the second is to meet high traffic flow in a non-inductive, non-contact, and non-cooperative manner.Three easy to use, can be simple and intuitive for security personnel to use.Once an element is not available, the risk of spread of the epidemic may increase.At the same time, AI temperature measurement solutions have also begun to spread to low-flow entrances and exits such as buildings, gates, and access control.In addition to the synchronous advancement of Shangtang, Deaf, Geling Deep Pupil and other companies, innovative Qizhi, Yufan Intelligent and other companies also launched face access control systems with AI temperature measurement function.As a part of community control, such products are valuable, but there is an obvious problem. The face recognition rate under a mask is insufficient.The despised AI temperature measurement products do not yet support face recognition under a mask, which explains, “This time through AI image technology + remote temperature measurement, the core is to complete a more accurate body temperature test remotely in the case of a crowd of people.”.Shangtang Technology claims that when a person wears a mask, the face recognition accuracy can reach 85% when 50% of the bridge of the nose is exposed.Although some access control manufacturers have added infrared temperature measurement modules, they do not support face recognition under masks. They still need to remove the mask to “brush face” or cooperate with access control cartoons.It can be seen that there are still some technical bottlenecks behind the initial screening.Under the epidemic of the supply chain, factories were shut down and logistics stopped. Not only was there a shortage of core infrared sensors, but even some accessories were difficult to find. Security companies encountered non-technical problems. With the assistance of local governments, they started the pilot.step.Since the 4th day of the new year (January 28th), security companies have successively promoted the pilot implementation of AI temperature measurement solutions. Baidu has launched a pilot project at Qinghe Station in Beijing, and has despised pilot projects in Beijing Haidian Government Affairs Hall and Mudanyuan Metro Station.Lingshen pupil was put into use at Beijing West Railway Station.After several days of trials, around February 3, each AI temperature measurement system has been formally operated.According to the data released by various companies, 15 to 20 people can be detected at high speed per second, and 200 to 300 people can pass the temperature measurement in one minute.Despise said that from February 4th to February 10th, its AI temperature measurement system went online for a total of 6 days, and the actual temperature measurement totaled nearly 5,000, of which more than 2,000 were measured on the first day of the resumption of work in Beijing on February 10.AI has begun to strongly support the return to work.Accompanying the tide of rework is the urgent demand for AI temperature measurement equipment from government units at all levels and the public sector.However, the other end is the severe supply chain shortage caused by the epidemic and the Spring Festival shutdown. The core infrared sensor has been included in the “wartime supplies” by the government, giving priority to the epidemic area, followed by the government, the public sector, and finally the enterprise.With the help of the government, Chen Tianbo, the product director of Geling Deep Pupil, said that the AI ​​temperature measurement equipment has been mass-produced, and currently supplies about 50 sets per day, and after February 13, it can supply 80 to 100 sets per day.In addition to the Beijing area, many other provinces and cities have also raised demand, and companies will give priority to the public sector such as the government.In order to shorten the product supply time, security companies have hired “courier”.Chen Tianbo said that the company in Beijing directly sent a car for transportation, and the operation and maintenance personnel also followed it, and it was installed as soon as possible before the air was sent outside.”Now the landing speed is basically in units of hours. This morning (February 8), it was still at Jinsong Subway Station (deployed). At 11 o’clock, it was at Xiaoying Subway Station (deployed), and then hurried to the next place.” HeSaid one step closer.At the same time, due to shortages in the supply chain, it is difficult for companies to directly obtain core components such as infrared sensors, which has led to products such as AI temperature measurement, face brushing, and access control that are still in pilot or in short supply.Innovation Qizhi said that its AI temperature measurement and access control all-in-one machine has been tried out in some relevant government departments, and many government and enterprise customers are interested in buying, but due to the tight supply chain caused by the epidemic, it will still take some time for product volume.A sales manager of security manufacturer Yufan Intelligent said that with regard to temperature measurement components, the delivery cycle given by domestic companies is more than 6 weeks.AI temperature measurement will become a routine?After this battle, there is a voice in the industry that AI body temperature detection will become a basic service.Baidu said that after the epidemic, the AI ​​temperature measurement system can still be deployed in personnel-intensive places such as transportation stations, medical institutions, and various service centers to quickly detect the temperature of people entering and leaving. In the long term, people-intensive places will pay more attention to relatedSkill building.Chen Tianbo, the product director of Geling Deep Pupil, said that while developing AI temperature measurement equipment, the company also extended the AI ​​temperature measurement capabilities to existing industry scenarios, such as face-access control, building ladder control, and iterating on existing products.However, due to the urgency of demand brought about by the epidemic management and control, the shortage of the core supply chain, and the main supply of AI temperature measurement equipment to the government and other public sectors, the cost has become a neglected issue.The market price of high-flow AI temperature measurement equipment used in airports, railway stations, subway stations, etc. often starts at 10,000 yuan, and even the equipment integrated into the face brush access control needs 10,000 yuan.A sales manager of Yufan Intelligent said that the total price of software and hardware for facial recognition gates with AI temperature measurement is 12,000 yuan.The ordinary face-washing brake only costs two to three thousand yuan, and the price is several times higher.Innovation Qizhi also said that currently various components, especially infrared temperature measuring devices are in short supply. On the whole, the level of 10,000 yuan is already a reasonable price.If AI temperature measurement becomes a basic service, such a high price will become a key issue for its scale.This is not only related to the current shortage of the supply chain, but also to the program itself.For example, in order to ensure the accuracy of infrared thermal imaging, deaf eyes and Dahua have adopted the “black body” solution, and the real-time temperature correction of the black body is used to ensure the accuracy of the camera’s temperature measurement, but this physical implementation is often costly.In contrast, Shang Tang and Geling Shentong used non-black body solutions.Chen Tianbo said that it combines infrared thermal imager to measure temperature, ambient temperature, human body temperature and face temperature to form a unique algorithm, which can also control the accuracy to ± 0.3 ° C.Software guarantees accuracy. As the market expands, it may help to form more competitive prices.Beyond the price, as more and more AI temperature measurement solutions appear or are integrated into existing products, the phenomenon of a rush in the industry has already appeared, but do you need such products in every scenario?What is the real need?The industry should look more rationally at the “new opportunities” that the epidemic has spawned.There are also rumors that some manufacturers use industrial infrared sensors for human body temperature measurement, and industry chaos has already appeared.Accelerating the differentiation of “AI security” AI infrared thermometers, epidemic-proof outbound robots, AI diagnostic systems for new coronary pneumonia, disinfection robots, and epidemic-proof drones … AI is playing an important role in the epidemic.In retrospect, the epidemic is more like a technical training ground. It tests the ability to develop algorithms for specific problems, rapid solution migration, supply chain integration, and deployment capabilities. It tests the comprehensive capabilities of AI companies.Although not a hard-hit area, the epidemic has affected the business progress of AI companies to varying degrees.Under the epidemic situation, who can quickly develop a product that truly solves the problem and has withstood the test of the market, rather than blindly tapping hot spots, can occupy an advantageous position in the industry competition.From this perspective, the epidemic situation may accelerate the differentiation between AI companies to a certain extent.Back to the AI ​​temperature measurement products, in addition to the participation of AI companies, there are also many security companies. Hikvision, Dahua, and Yushi have all unveiled intelligent temperature measurement systems, and the landing volume is wider.Its supply chain integration capabilities and channel capabilities are yet another direction for AI companies to strengthen.The increasingly mature artificial intelligence is becoming a special group of “retrograde” on the front of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.No matter it is to accelerate the research of epidemic situation in the early stage, or to assist the front-line epidemic diagnosis and treatment and on-site prevention and control, as well as the construction of the back-end information platform, artificial intelligence technology and solutions have appeared and achieved practical results..

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