Editor’s note: This article comes from Tencent Technology, reviewing Golden Deer, 36 氪 released with permission.Figure: Shel Kaphan, Amazon’s first employee and programmer, according to foreign media reports, 26 years ago, programmer Shel Kaphan helped Amazon, the world’s largest Internet retailer, lay the foundation for the risebasis.In an exclusive interview with the media a few days ago, Capan said that he was concerned that Amazon had become a “giant and unstoppable force.””I think it’s right to describe Amazon as a relentless competitor. And under the banner of customer obsession, they can do a lot of things, which may not be good for those who are not their customers,” Capan said.Kapan also expressed his concerns about the impact of competition and innovation on Amazon, and said that splitting up part of the company’s business “may be more meaningful.”Capan says he is “proud” of the company and the services it provides, and it has made people aware of the early days of Amazon and its founder Jeff Bezos (now the richest man on the planet)New understanding.Other Amazon executives were also interviewed, taking a very different view of many of Capan’s concerns, refuting the idea that it needed some kind of intervention because of its size, or that it stifled competition in any way.In recent days, the company has received increasing attention, with Democratic senators criticizing Amazon’s approach to workers, Amazon publicly touting its commitment to employees, and its role in helping the U.S. economy.The interview is summarized as follows: On whether the company should be split, Capan considered the possibility that Amazon should be split, “to create a level playing field”, this is the first time he has spoken publicly about this issue and his other concerns: Capan said that his concerns about Amazon are not only about retail platforms, but also software products on AWS.He said: “My biggest concern is to maintain the innovation ability of small companies without worrying about their business being deprived.” Why should I stand out and say that he has not spoken to Bezos for decadesYes, but after reading a book titled “Zucked” written by former mentor Roger McNamee of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, he now wants to stand up and expressYour own concerns.How Capan knew Bezos Capan said that what attracted him to work with Bezos was a desire to work on cutting-edge web architecture or “hypertext,” and his love of book work.He said that when the two met for the first time in 1994, something “was in place”.He recalled: “Bezos came to Santa Cruz, we chose to meet at my house, then went out to buy pancakes for breakfast at the local area, and then drove around. This was a very pleasant meeting with expectations for the future.” AmazonEarlier Cappan described Amazon’s earliest iterations as “interesting” and “eclectic.”This situation has changed as the company has grown.”There was a bit of a cultural conflict between Amazon’s early generation zero and the people who started pouring into the company,” Capan said. He also mentioned business school graduates pouring into the company.When asked about the mentality Bezos brought to Amazon from Wall Street, Capan said: “It’s basically cold-blooded. It looks at things through a special, rather narrow lens, and while it works, it’sIt’s not complete. “Capan said Bezos” likes to win at all costs. “And, although he never heard Bezos explicitly say so, Capan said that he found Bezos’s worldview “essentially liberal.”What Amazon should do now Despite concerns, Capan made it clear that splitting some of Amazon’s businesses would not address systemic issues, including lax regulation and the nature of capitalism, which he believes have allowed the company to grow.”If you want to change the way everyone behaves, then you have to change the system. You can’t just ask a ‘player’ to change their way of doing things,” Capan said. Capan also talked about the specific technologies and tools that Amazon usesConcerns include Ring, its proprietary doorbell camera system.”I’m not very happy with this way of using it or sharing information with the police.”These concerns are in line with his general concern that the company is not interested in slowing growth or adding additional oversight of its products and services. Capan said that without federal regulation or intervention, Amazon’s dominance would make the United StatesThe problem of inequality is getting worse. He said: “A certain level of inequality is inevitable and exciting.But if you go too far, you will reach a tipping point, and we will see that things may get uglier.I don’t want to see this happen.”..

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