Musk’s SpaceX is becoming the first private manned space mission service in human history.According to Engadget, SpaceX, a Musk-owned space exploration technology company, is about to make its historic manned first flight.The news was received by Eric Berger, a well-known American technology editor.

Berger) confirmed that after obtaining permission from the Johnson Space Center, he tweeted that SpaceX would launch on May 7.1. manned spaceship
Dragon) is in good shape.The launch date may change, and the mission may be moved to the end of April or postponed to May, depending on some variables that have nothing to do with hardware.It is reported that the manned spacecraft performing the flight was a spacecraft developed by SpaceX and NASA for astronauts to and from the International Space Station.Last month, SpaceX successfully completed testing of its escape system, the last large-scale test before SpaceX was officially launched.SpaceX Escape Test 2020.1 丨 Source: SpaceX official website is ready for everything.NASA claims that it is now only paperwork that is left for SpaceX to send the first astronauts into space.NASA ’s deputy main pipeline for manned space flight, G. Lovello (
Loverro said: “Although it sounds common, there are still a lot of documents that need to be verified, signed and checked to make sure we get everything done.” He also said, “This is probably the longest lasting thing in the cabin.One. It is not valued, but it is extremely important. “The astronauts who performed the flight were selected by NASA: Bob behnken and Douglas Hurley will perform test flights; Victor Glover and Michael Hopkins will perform the first flight.Since 2015, they have long been involved in SpaceX spacecraft development and astronaut training.Astronauts performing the flight 丨 Source: Buiness Insider CNBC said that former NASA manned space program director Bill Gerstenmeier (William
Gerstenmaier) will join
SpaceX.Gerstenmaier was the Deputy Director of Aerospace at NASA Headquarters. He has over 40 years of working experience at NASA and has participated in major projects of profound significance in the history of human spaceflight, from the construction of the space shuttle to the International Space Station.At present, Gerstenmaier has been working at the company’s California headquarters, and he will be responsible for this flight safety task.Former NASA director Charles Bolden congratulated on Twitter, saying Gerstenmaier’s joining “is a huge help to the SpaceX team.”Former NASA manned space program director Bill Gerstenmeier Source: CNBC is not just for Musk, for NASA, this flight is equally significant.Since the retirement of the American Space Shuttle in 2011, the United States and the International Space Station have had to transport astronauts back and forth, having to resort to the Russian spacecraft.To this end, NASA has proposed the Commercial Crew Program, which encourages private companies to design and manufacture new spacecraft dedicated to astronauts. Both SpaceX and Boeing are involved. Their purpose is to “get the launch back to the United States.” With SpaceX, NASAAmerican astronauts will re-fly from home to the International Space Station.With the help of Spacex, NASA will re-transport astronauts from the United States to the International Space Station. Source: SpaceX official website SpaceX was founded in 2002 by Tesla CEO Musk.Ten years later, in October 2012, SpaceX successfully delivered supplies to the International Space Station, thus initiating a new era of private space services.Previously, SpaceX had realized the recovery and reuse of the launch vehicle for the first time in human history, which drastically reduced the launch cost.Today, SpaceX is taking advantage of this to compete with companies such as Blue Origin, owned by Amazon founder Bezos.It is reported that, in addition to bidding for multiple NASA projects, SpaceX is also exploring the sideline of satellite Internet services.The company plans to launch more than 10,000 satellites to provide Internet access to remote areas of the planet to earn extra money to subsidize Musk’s well-known 2050 colonization of Mars.Research and development of interstellar spacecraft, launching the next generation of heavy rockets, and finally realize the dream of emigrating Mars, Iron Man is steadily moving forward.Recently, Musk revealed more new details about this crazy dream on social media. He said that SpaceX plans to build 1,000 “interstellar ships” in the next 10 years to build a complete interstellar fleet.To achieve permanent settlement of human beings.He also said that life on Mars is not out of reach, “as long as everyone is willing to go, people who have no money will get loans.”

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