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Head Figure Source | Pexels Author: Pack light Yuhe Editor: During the 2020 Spring Festival, the new crown raging pneumonia Danya Qiong ***.Facing the sudden epidemic situation, the nationwide “war epidemic” began.Numerous individuals, organizations, and business entities have actively and spontaneously helped the epidemic to help and initiate assistance. During this period, technology companies are also indispensable.In the previous issue, 36% organized some technology companies that are actively acting in the fight against the epidemic (2020 “War Epidemic: Technology companies in action ① & ②). They used their own technical and technological advantages to provide relevant parties with“ war epidemic ”support..In addition, more and more startups not only focusing on technology have also acted against the epidemic, exerting their own advantages and doing their best to contribute to society, so in the third part of the 2020 “War Epidemic” series, we alsoIncludes some startups other than technology companies.This issue will continue to include more companies that focus on different areas and make efforts to prevent and control the epidemic. This is also the last article of the “War Epidemic” in 2020.With 36 氪, look at their active figures.1. Zeta Cloud Technology: Provide information solutions for Xi’an “Xiaotangshan” and build a cloud environment with a hyper-converged cloud computing platform. Beijing Zeta Cloud Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing innovative solutions for the infrastructure of global databases.As the epidemic struck, Xi’an Eighth Hospital, as one of the local infectious disease hospitals, played a role similar to Beijing Xiaotangshan Hospital, but there were problems such as insufficient hospital beds, outdated hospital management systems, and impeded access.For this purpose, Zeta Cloud and Shuguang Information Industry Co., Ltd. handed over 5 servers, 2 10 Gigabit switches and 16 sets of ZETTAKIT hyper-converged cloud computing platform software for the hospital to provide the hospital with cloud environment support during the epidemic prevention process, Including: cloud video conferencing, remote consultation, etc. At the same time, it also provides staff to cooperate with the hospital information department to collect and organize epidemic information in a timely manner.2. Yi Zhirui: Launched the “public emergency response mechanism” to provide free technical support to units in need. Yi Zhirui is a leading geographic information technology and service provider in China. It has extensive experience in disaster emergency and rescue response.He has participated in assistance in major natural disasters such as the Wenchuan earthquake, Yushu earthquake, Zhouqu mega-debris flow, and Ya’an earthquake.An objective understanding of the epidemic situation will help promote the fight against epidemics.From January 24th, Yizhirui assisted the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in launching a plan, establishing a CDC support service group, and using geographic information systems (GIS) to obtain, process, manage, analyze, publish and share geospatial informationAnd combined with the development of the epidemic.On January 28th, Yizhirui launched the “New Coronavirus Infected Pneumonia Distribution System” on the CDC website to dynamically display the national epidemic situation.At the same time, Yizhirui also provides support services related to epidemic control for different cities and various official institutions.In addition, in the field of online learning and education, Yi Zhirui also provides related services to help more people learn geographic information system (GIS) software and technology: a series of online punch-in training will be launched from February 11th, including indoor GIS, drones+ GIS, 3D and CIM, real-time GIS, ArcGIS Pro and other training topics.3. Neighbourhood: Launching the “Park Epidemic Prevention Platform”, which provides free resumption of work during the SAAS platform during the epidemic, and faces difficult epidemic prevention and control. There is a high risk of cross-infection in crowded places such as office buildings and parks after resumption.In response, Zuo Nei launched the “Park Epidemic Prevention Platform”, which provides free SAAS platforms for parks and buildings, including registration for resumption of work, emergency help for epidemic situations, health information reporting, epidemic management in the park, collaborative office work, contactless access control release,Services and solutions for contactless parking lot access, contactless food delivery and more.”Park Epidemic Prevention Platform” has two versions of applet and APP, applets can be used directly.At present, Yongjia Yongjia’s epidemic prevention plan has been deployed in Shanghai Poster Industry Group, West Valley, Shenzhen Bay, Shenzhen Nanshan District Government, Fuzhou Xinhe Plaza and other projects.4. Beisen: Provide contactless recruitment solutions, 3 strokes define online talents to attract independent operations to promote the progress of epidemic resistance, and isolate patients and prevent offline aggregation is the key.Spring recruiting currently, offline job fairs are cancelled due to the epidemic situation, and companies urgently need online contactless recruitment solutions.Based on the ATS SaaS service and PaaS ecological service, Beisen has launched the No Face to Face contactless online cloud recruitment solution, covering the entire process and scenario of the recruitment, helping companies quickly enter the online recruitment rhythm.Including online non-contact solutions for recruitment, safety and health management of employees affected by the epidemic situation, management of returning to work and pay, on-the-spot management, epidemic prevention measures in the workplace, and corporate social responsibility to support anti-epidemic public welfare activities.In addition, Beisen also provides employees with internal and external platform scenarios, synchronously sharing the talent pool at the business end, and intelligently pushing people based on AI technology to reduce the pressure of layoffs and recruitment costs.Beisen is an integrated talent management cloud platform that provides enterprises with integrated SaaS software and services covering the entire process of HR business such as talent assessment, recruitment, organizational personnel, salary, leave attendance, performance, succession, employee survey, and on-boarding.Through its own PaaS platform, it meets the needs of personalized and independent development of medium and large enterprises.5. Inferencing Technology: The first launch of the AI ​​system for new coronary pneumonia, combating the epidemic, and putting it into clinical use. Inferencing Technology, the first AI system that can be used for the new type of coronavirus pneumonia (special pneumonia AI special edition), helps hospitals screen for pneumonia infected people and surveillance, Has been put into first-line clinical application in Wuhan.Inferred Technology said that this AI product will be developed in accordance with the epidemic situation and iteratively used in a timely manner.It is expected that the special edition of pneumonia AI can help imaging doctors respond quickly and give a diagnosis report, screening and screening of “highly suspected pneumonia patients”, reducing the risk of infection when patients are checked in the hospital; assisting the impact of CT when the nucleic acid detection kit is in short supplyThe diagnosis is confirmed, and rapid isolation and diagnosis are achieved. At the same time, the screening efficiency for asymptomatic infection and mild patients is improved.It is worth mentioning that the intelligent processing of inferred AI can provide orderly graded treatment solutions and curative effect evaluation plans according to the development of patients’ lesions, coordinate medical resource allocation, and help doctors complete treatment evaluation more quickly and accurately.In the future, it is expected that the special edition of pneumonia AI will be put into use in more cities and hospitals.6. Liangfengtai: launched a non-contact AR prevention and control solution. The Shanghai 1929 Park application was applied to resume work during the epidemic. Liangfengtai launched AR glasses that can monitor body temperature with high precision and non-contact. It integrates information reporting, code scanning and other methods.The wearing staff can quickly measure the temperature of the passers by “sweep and sweep” 3 meters away, which helps reduce the risk of contact and cross infection.This non-contact AR glasses temperature measurement product developed by AR company Liangfengtai is based on AI algorithms and AR equipment, and provides personnel screening solutions such as face, license plate, and QR code recognition in addition to AR temperature measurement.At present, Liangfengtai cooperates with Huawei-Shanghai 5G + XR Innovation Center to accelerate optimization of product solutions. In the future, this product will use Huawei cloud computing development capabilities and resource services to improve AR temperature measurement solutions and expand diversified business scenarios.At present, the product has been put into use in Shanghai 1929 Park.In addition to the AR temperature measurement glasses, the AR remote communication and collaboration system independently developed by Liangfengtai also provided a solution for enterprises to resume work in the epidemic.7. Chuanhua Group: play a platform role to ensure smooth and secure supply Chuanhua Group has a logistics platform throughout the country.Facing the problems of shortage of supply and manpower of logistics enterprises caused by the resumption of work during the epidemic, Chuanhua Group cut into e-commerce, new retail, after-cars, international trade, etc. through the integrated “warehouse transportation and distribution” logistics supply chain services and payment services.In the field, it helps logistics companies to find sources of goods and orders; integrates transportation resources such as routes to provide logistics companies with the ability to deliver orders.On January 28, Chuanhua Group donated 30 million yuan in cash and materials to participate in the epidemic prevention and control.It is reported that Chuanhua Group has opened the green logistics channel and has donated 1 million bottles of “84 sterilization liquid” and other germicidal supplies and other emergency supplies.In addition, the Chuanhua Group’s Chuanhua Zhilian Online-Offline nationwide integration integrates resources and services such as warehousing, transportation capacity, distribution, payment services, and intelligent information services, provides capacity docking and fully opens more than 50 highway ports in 27 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country.The warehousing resources of the urban logistics center provide more than 200,000 cubic meters of warehousing services for various anti-epidemic materials.At the same time, Chuanhua Zhilian’s logistics payment business 7 * 24 hours online customer service, and in conjunction with financial institutions such as banks, to develop flexible credit and deferred repayment service standards for the majority of logistics companies and small and medium-sized business enterprises using logistics wallets and credit payments.At the same time, it also provides comprehensive services such as credit and insurance for SMEs.8. Baicaowei: Donated 1 million food materials to Wuhan’s first line of epidemic prevention. Baicaowei is one of the representative enterprises in the food industry and assists the society in its own efforts to fight the epidemic.On January 25, Baicaowei launched a joint enterprise and other social forces to launch a plan to raise 100 tons of epidemic prevention materials. On January 28, it launched the first wave of material donation and donated 880,000 yuan of food materials to Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University to fully support hospital personnel.Life guarantee.On January 29, the second batch of material donations was launched, and 200,000 yuan of food materials were donated to Wuhan Blue Sky Rescue Team.On February 5th, the second wave of the first batch of material donations, donated 5.71 tons of food and materials to 55 hospitals around Hubei.9. Baidu: Launched the “Joint Plan”, freely opening up AI technology, and all-round marketing empowerment to help SMEs fight the epidemic. Baidu is open and provides a variety of technologies and corporate services for a limited time and free of charge, including AI technology and comprehensive marketing grants.Energy system.For example, the 240 AI technologies in the Baidu Brain AI open platform are all free of charge, providing in-depth technical support and free resource allocation for existing epidemic prevention and control special projects that can be implemented; Baidu’s intelligent cloud IoT services, due to prevention and control of epidemic conditionsCustomers who need to use can apply for “AIOT Epidemic Shield Program” members to use the Tiangong Internet of Things platform for one year free of charge; Baidu HI enterprise intelligent remote office platform provides free 50-line online high-definition voice calls and Baidu Enterprise Cloud for Wuhan enterprisesDisk encrypted transmission service, WEB video conference system free trial; Baidu enterprise network disk paid package is extended for free for one year (effective for all users, new purchase users can also enjoy).In addition, Baidu also freely opens 4 core impact value-added functions, including: basic wood fish, enterprise live broadcast, intelligent consulting solutions, and Baidu statistical analysis cloud.Baidu’s direct-operated e-commerce solution stores are free of technical service fees from merchants across the country. Hubei users can register for free security deposit and enjoy priority review privileges. National enterprises can use the Ivanfan integrated marketing and sales management CRM cloud service for free.Apply for and add a user account to give Hubei companies 3,000 minutes, and other 1,000 minutes to dial a free middle number time; B2B purchasing platform love purchases give Hubei merchants who have newly purchased services a one-year membership benefit.10. Gangbang Insurance: United Insurance Company launched outbreak insurance, and the National Insurance Gangbang Insurance and Hongkang Life Insurance jointly developed an outbreak insurance against new coronary pneumonia: based on the original health insurance (the original included: animal bites, high altitudes)Fall, burns, burns, etc.), according to the needs of the epidemic, the new type of coronavirus risk protection has been extended, and the responsibility is extended to the death caused by the infection of the new champion virus.The insurance premium is 0 when you receive the insurance. If you are diagnosed for a day, you can pay 600 yuan, up to 36,000; the maximum coverage (death insurance) is 200,000 yuan, and the coverage period is 90 days.The insured’s age range is from 30 days to 70 years of age and can be collected free of charge. Each person can receive one copy, which can be collected online. The operation is simple and convenient.At the same time, Xiaobang Insurance also simplifies claims procedures, removes restrictions on designated hospitals, actively opens claims services, and cancels waiting period restrictions.11. Rebenefit: Free extension of SaaS cooperative catering customer system, strengthening takeaway supervision, providing contactless meal fetch rebenefit is China’s leading member system platform and takeaway agency operation solution provider.During the epidemic, Zaihui launched preferential policies for three major business lines: all SaaS cooperative catering customer system use periods are extended for one month free of charge; SaaS cooperative merchants are given two months of free takeaway products; free of charge provides merchants with special period membership solution consulting services.In addition, there is also a discount on the service policy of the takeaway agency operation: the service period of all takeaway agency operators is extended for one month free of charge; all national merchants in January and February are exempted from the full amount of points; open takeaway courses and the “epidemic” strategy are provided for free.In addition, the service period of all self-branded cooperative merchants will be extended for free for another half a year.In terms of takeaway, Zaihui also strengthened the process of making and delivering food under its own brand. Consumers can designate takeaway locations and choose non-contact meals to avoid contact and cross infection.In all the take-away stores of Zaihui, the employees take a daily temperature test and publish data online. The take-out rider’s hands must be disinfected before they can touch the packaging. The take-away packaging is provided with a food safety seal and attached with a “security card”. The recorded information on the card includesThe temperature of the catering staff, the service staff, and the rider.12. NetEase Smart Enterprise: Provides solutions such as PaaS platform and enterprise email. Its 5 product lines help to fight the epidemic. NetEase Smart Enterprise Division has 5 product lines: PaaS platform that provides communication and video services. NetEase Cloud Trust is secure and stable.Enterprise mailbox solution provider NetEase Enterprise Email, SaaS products around customer service and intelligent marketing, NetEase Seven Fish, one-stop enterprise talent development solution provider NetEase Cloud Enterprise Class, and real professional user research and experience management platform NetEase positioning.Netease Yunxin, a subsidiary of the NetEase Smart Enterprise, joins hands with fintech institutions such as the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security and Kelan Software to provide free remote online video seats for NetEase Yunxin to financial institutions in the Hubei epidemic area, and provide remote technical support services preferentially.At the same time, related expenses such as video traffic will be waived in 2020.In addition, during the epidemic period, NetEase corporate mailboxes pre-checked the mailboxes of key disease control agencies to ensure timely delivery of internal and external letters of the disease control agencies. At the same time, NetEase corporate mailboxes are national epidemic prevention agencies, designated epidemic hospitals and HubeiProvincial customers provide free extensions for old users and free use support plans for new users. Epidemic user support plans are available until May 31, 2020.NetEase Seven Fish, which provides SaaS products around customer service and intelligent marketing, provides intelligent customer service systems to relevant government agencies, non-profit organizations and medical institutions for free, quickly establishes service channels, leverages the advantages of AI technology, and efficiently implements epidemic prevention and control.At the same time, an outbreak service robot was launched. Through the two scenarios of [online service] and [phone call service], it provided a variety of services including community policy inquiry and epidemic inquiry, with the largest scope, highest efficiency and lowest cost, to complete the epidemic prevention and control work.In terms of online education, as a one-stop enterprise talent development solution provider, NetEase Cloud Enterprise Class has donated a learning platform worth 180 million yuan to the National Vocational Education Informatization Conference to promote students to suspend classes without stopping teaching or non-stop;The company provides a two-month free training platform (including 200 accounts, 500 quality courses, 500 hours of live broadcast time and supporting operation support).13. XCMG Information: Use the Industrial Internet Platform to deploy equipment online and develop an epidemic prevention and control screening system. During the epidemic, XCMG Information deployed emergency online equipment to assist Wuhan, Henan, Beijing, and Xi’an “Xiaotangshan” hospitals through the Hanyun platform.Platform technicians work 24 hours a day to monitor the health of the equipment and escort the construction progress.During the construction of Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital, 72 sets of XCMG equipment were monitored through the Hanyun platform, including six major types of equipment, including excavators, cranes, rollers, pavers, coagulation mixers, and loaders. As of February 3, a total ofWorking time is 2198.83 hours.In addition, XCMG Information also urgently set up an infrared imaging body temperature screening system research and development team to develop an epidemic prevention and control screening system based on the Hanyun platform.This system can be used in hospitals, schools, enterprises, public transportation hubs and other key units for epidemic prevention and control, identifying abnormal individual body temperature, uploading data in real time, achieving witness comparison and uploading to epidemic prevention and control screening platforms to improve epidemic prevention and control management work.accuracy.At present, Hanyun Platform has cooperated with the Center for Disease Prevention and Control of Sanshui District, Foshan City to detect the temperature of passengers at the public transportation hub of Sanshui South Station of Foshan High-speed Rail. It supports an average daily detection peak of more than 100,000 people, and effectively protects the safety and health of the people in Foshan.14. Kujiale: Provide core products and services for free to help the home industry to fight the epidemic. At present, the pressure on home furnishing companies has increased sharply. Before the company resumes work, marketing, design, management, and production will be difficult.From February 3 to February 7, Kujiale launched the WFH (Work From Home) system, all employees work from home; at the same time, Kujiale training services are fully online, providing free online to all non-basic partners in the country.Separate training and additional online course training; From February 12th, the key functions of Kujiale 30+ core products 200+ will be free for a limited time, including the five major business processes of full link enablement.In addition, Kujiale has also launched remote office products, which can realize remote order negotiation and easily acquire customers.For Wuhan and Hubei Province, where the epidemic is severely affected, Kujiale also provides the following support: 1) For client companies whose contracts expire in the first quarter of 2020, the contract validity and corresponding rights will be unconditionally extended to April 15, 2020On December, the exclusive account manager will contact you; 2) All individual users in Hubei Province will get 60 days of membership rights, and you can get it for free when you enter Kujiale Tools.The membership is valid from the collection date, and the collection time is February 15, 2020.15. Haier COSMOPlat: Launching of the new crown pneumonia epidemic medical material information sharing resource aggregation platform started on January 28 and launched on January 30. Haier COSMOPlat new crown pneumonia epidemic medical material information sharing resource aggregation platform makes hospital medical supplies more dockedGuarantee.The platform can realize the timely and accurate interconnection of supply and demand information of epidemic prevention and control materials to help match the needs of the epidemic area with the production company’s materials with higher precision and efficiency, and also provide data support for the allocation of government materials and solve the issue of materials.Asking for inconsistent demand information.At present, the platform has demand modules (medical protection supplies, medical supplies production raw materials and logistics resource requirements) and supply modules (medical supplies, medical supplies production raw materials supply, logistics resources supply) and ecological resource aggregation platforms–All-people epidemic prevention intelligent management platform, “Jieban” online office collaboration platform, unmanned distribution and epidemic prevention platform, mold resource aggregation platform, and the latest online [Xinhua Credit] to fight the epidemic”Doctors” epidemic prevention and control platform, Hubei medical materials demand information platform, support logistics logistics information sharing platform in Wuhan and other ecological resource aggregation platforms.At present, the products have been put into use in the following projects: helping the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences Guang’anmen Hospital to connect 1,000 individual temperature guns, helping the various manufacturers in Changyuan City, Henan Province to urgently connect non-woven fabrics, and helping the Wuhan Blue Sky Rescue Team to emergencyDocking transportation forces, etc.The product has connected 1600+ institutions of various types, 930 hospitals, more than 500 communities, enterprises, etc., and released 30 million pieces of protective supplies such as masks. The subsequent platform will continue to iterate on the supply and demand information of procurement, production, logistics, and service of epidemic materialsMore modules..

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