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Head Figure Source | Pexels Author: Pack light Yuhe Editor: During the 2020 Spring Festival, the new crown raging pneumonia Danya Qiong ***.Facing the sudden epidemic situation, the nationwide “war epidemic” began.Numerous individuals, organizations, and business entities have actively and spontaneously helped the epidemic to help and initiate assistance. During this period, technology companies are also indispensable.In the last issue, 36% organized some of the technology companies that are actively acting in the fight against the epidemic (2020 “War Epidemic: Technology companies in action ① & ②). They used their own technical and technological advantages to provide relevant parties with” war epidemic “support.In this issue, more technology companies have also joined the active anti-epidemic team.1. Tesla: Launching “Fire and Mine Action”, and searching for scarce medical supplies for the first-line of the epidemic. Tesla set up an emergency management team and launched the work of fighting the epidemic code-named “Fire and Mine Action”.Internal and external resources provide multi-faceted assistance to medical workers, serving civil servants and affected clients who are heading to the epidemic area.The “Fire Mine Operation” of Teslink will continue to provide services for the first-line anti-epidemic work. The first group will take Caidian District of Wuhan (where Vulcan Mountain Hospital is located) as the support object, and send a team to the front line of Vulcan Mountain construction to send materials, doservice.Texlink mobilized various resources overnight to actively seek various medical supplies in short supply in Hubei through various channels, and confirmed the implementation of the first batch of 182,000 medical, KN95, N95, KF94 masks, etc. within 24 hours, and 100 cases of medicalDisposable hand sanitizing gel, 100 cases of medical disinfectant 84, GB19082-2003 protective clothing 200 sets, antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs and other materials.As of the night of the 26th, about 200,000 sets of various materials have been collected from China, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, the United States and other places and sent to Wuhan.On the morning of January 27, the volunteer team in Han had already received the first batch of materials and transferred them to the Caidian District Government of Wuhan as soon as possible.In the next stage, Teslink will make use of its resources and experience in smart community services to assist Chongqing, Shanghai, Beijing and other local government departments to provide communities with units of publicity, statistics, monitoring and other smart services required for epidemic prevention and control..In the future, it will also provide living services and prevention guidance for home residents during the anti-epidemic period through the “Wei Neighbourhood” service in the Teslink APP and mini-program. It will also actively use the advertising resources of the covered smart communities and put in place epidemic prevention and control.PSAs.Internal organization online donation platform to initiate voluntary donations by employees.2. Easy preparation: launching the “Episode” companion plan for science and technology warfare, providing free security up to 250,000 yuan. Easy Group is a technology-driven national health protection platform. It has always focused on the health protection field.Science and technology war “epidemic” companion plan.In the afternoon of January 23, Easy Funding set up the first charity fundraising project for the epidemic on the online platform, and collected the first charity of 500,000 yuan in two hours.Successively, a number of public welfare projects supporting the epidemic area were launched on Easy Public Welfare, raising a total of tens of millions of yuan.On January 24th, the first batch of masks, protective clothing and various medical supplies valued by Easy Public Welfare reached the front line of Hubei epidemic prevention.With the rapid development of the new crown epidemic, the number of patients has increased rapidly, medical care resources are urgent, an online health consultation platform has been opened easily and healthily, and 7×24 hours of one-to-one consultation services have been provided free of charge for people across the country.In addition, Easy Guarantee provides all users with a free guarantee of up to more than 250,000 yuan to receive immediate life; Easy Charity will cooperate with China Overseas Chinese Charity Foundation to raise millions of yuan for front-line workers in the epidemic.Easy Health also cooperates with 300,000 doctors to open online free health consultations and continues to provide 7×24 hour one-on-one consultation services for people across the country.In the field of education, Easy Public Welfare also launched a health “cloud classroom”, which popularized health education and health insurance knowledge for free for all people.3. Himalayan: Helps fight the epidemic. With members free to receive the epidemic during the Spring Festival, the Internet company Himalayan made full use of the advantages of the content platform to fight the epidemic in its own way.On January 28, Himalayan announced that during the Spring Festival, all Himalayan App members and Himalayan Kids App members are free of charge, making “home at home” more fulfilling.Users who receive members of the Himalayan App for free this time can enjoy over 11400 members for free books and lessons, including more than 10,000 boutique audio novels, classic comic comics, and Chinese culture gift packages.At the same time, Himalayan helped to achieve “non-stop classes”, its children’s App members announced free.In addition to members receiving free of charge, a number of public welfare initiatives in the Himalayan fight against the epidemic have gradually come to fruition: Himalayan United CCTV News, Xinhua News Agency, and other media have opened special pages to convey authoritative information and reliable protection measures to users;The People’s Book read aloud warmth activities; launched the “famous doctor online free consultation” public welfare activities; set up “sky elementary school” free lecture public welfare activities; launched “how to get out of the panic panic” psychological consultation live broadcast and so on.4. Candela Technology: providing medical distribution robots, science and technology battle “candida” Candela Technology is a high-tech company in Shenzhen with magnetic levitation flywheel energy storage technology and autonomous driving technology as its core business.Technology, successfully developed outdoor unmanned logistics vehicles, building robots, hotel robots and robot cloud management platforms.The shortage of medical care during the epidemic is prominent. Intelligent medical robots can save medical resources and reduce the risk of infection of medical staff.Based on its strong technical advantages and R & D capabilities and according to the specific needs of medical institutions and medical staff, Candela Technology has urgently developed a variety of medical killing and distribution robots.Candela has donated several million yuan worth of medical killing and distribution robots to Wuhan Vulcan Mountain, Shenshan Hospital, Beijing 301 Hospital and other hospitals. It has been put into operation and can perform daily inspection, disinfection, and medication 24 hours a day.Waiting for work.5.Sugr Mitang Technology: providing intelligent non-contact switches, innovative isolation of viruses Sugr Mitang Technology pays attention to the development of the epidemic, exposure to public facilities may be at risk of infection, and the public is therefore worried.Mitang Technology makes full use of its technical advantages and accumulated experience in the field of voice interaction. For public places such as small properties, hospitals and train stations, which have a large number of people, a project has been initiated to develop a non-contact electrical switch controlled by voice-“SesameSwitch “and plans to complete delivery in a non-profit manner.”Sesame Switch” is a product based on Sugr Sense microphone array processing and artificial intelligence technology, which can sensitively respond to and recognize speech and realize long-distance (control distance can be adjusted to 1-10 meters depending on the application scene) voice-activated products.It can be easily and quickly applied to switch devices such as community entrances, hospital wards, or toilet equipment buttons, which can be used without plugging in the network, reducing direct contact of the public with public facilities, and reducing the possibility of virus transmission through direct contact.At present, Sugr has completed product prototype development.6.AB customer: Donate 50 million products to empower Hubei foreign trade enterprises to go to sea. At present, many countries around the world have implemented stricter inspection and quarantine measures for ships from China or berthing in China, crews, and cargo, reducing orders and even returning goods., Rejection, etc.However, the factory faced a long period of downtime and the export volume decreased, which made the shipping market, which was already in a trough, worse.This has caused a great impact on export trade and foreign trade enterprises.ABK has been helping foreign trade companies to explore the global market. At the moment of the epidemic, ABK provides foreign trade information tools for Chinese foreign trade companies who can work from home-the ABK Foreign Trade Intelligent Marketing System.AB customers will help 5,000 Hubei foreign trade enterprises to do foreign trade, and each company will donate 10 accounts.AB Customer is committed to providing a one-stop intelligent foreign trade marketing system (BPaaS) for Chinese foreign trade enterprises with “smart customer acquisition + intelligent customer management + intelligent marketing management + big data operation”, helping foreign trade enterprises to develop global markets!Aiming at the problems of few foreign trade acquisition channels, low efficiency, and high cost, it is designed for intelligent analysis of foreign trade people to match and recommend precise customers.7. Water Drop Insurance: Mall New Crown Pneumonia is free of charge upgrade, up to 200,000 insurance coverage covers minors facing epidemic situation, Water Drop Insurance Mall and Anshen Insurance launched the new Crown Pneumonia Insurance “New Crown Pneumonia Worry-Free Insurance” on February 8th, users (30 days-65 years old) can be obtained free of charge online. It is one of the highest paid products in the market today, and it is also one of the few new epidemic insurances covering minors under 18.In addition, the new crown pneumonia worry-free insurance at the Water Drop Insurance Mall will be effective at 0:00 the next day after receipt, and the waiting period will be 5 days. The diagnosis will be paid immediately, and the mild patient will also be compensated with 1,000 yuan, the highest death benefit.200,000 insurance coverage.It is worth mentioning that the water drop insurance premium has nothing to do with the actual cost of treatment, does not conflict with social security and financial reimbursement, and can be used to compensate for loss of income during treatment and subsequent rehabilitation costs, living expenses, etc.8. Travel on Xiangdao: Set up an “epidemic protection team” to provide medical personnel with special car trips On February 10, Shanghai Motor Group’s mobile travel strategic brand, Xiangdao Travel, announced the establishment of an “epidemic protection team” in Shanghai to fight for Shanghai Ruijin HospitalMedical staff at the front line of epidemic prevention and control provide volunteer travel services to protect travel needs, assist in epidemic prevention and control, and actively fulfill corporate social responsibility.During the epidemic prevention and control, commuting trips of citizens and medical staff were directly affected.In response to the needs of Ruijin Hospital, Xiangdao Travel solicited driver volunteers to set up an epidemic protection convoy. On the one hand, it will schedule well and schedule the completion of the pick-up and dispatch of frontline medical staff at Ruijin Hospital. On the one hand, it will also reserve vehicles for temporary assistance.Urgent needs help the anti-epidemic safeguard work to run efficiently.In addition, for journalists who participated in front-line reporting of the epidemic in Shanghai media, if there is a problem with public buses, the epidemic protection team also plans to deploy special vehicles to provide them with travel security services.It is understood that since the outbreak of the new coronavirus outbreak, Xiangdao Travel has actively responded to the call of the competent government department, responded quickly, and made every effort to protect the safety of the crew and passengers.In order to form an epidemic protection convoy, Xiangdao travel has increased the level of epidemic prevention: the driver is equipped with protective masks, disinfectant sprays and other control materials. During the service period, the driver must wear a mask, gloves, and special protective clothing;Each passenger needs to disinfect the inside of the vehicle after getting out of the vehicle and ensure “one passenger and one ventilation”; the vehicle must be cleaned and disinfected daily before leaving the vehicle, and it must be carried out at the designated Xiangdao travel epidemic prevention service center after the vehicle is removed.Vehicle disinfection; drivers need to report their physical condition to the platform regularly every day. If they have any discomfort such as fever, they need to seek medical treatment in time. The relevant vehicles are sent to the designated place for disinfection and isolation as soon as possible.In order to ensure the safety of drivers, Xiangdao Travel also insures health insurance for all volunteers in the fleet. This benefit will also benefit drivers registered on the platform of Xiangdao Travel.Not only that, in order to further strengthen the epidemic prevention and control, on February 10, Xiangdao Travel Shanghai’s four vehicle epidemic prevention service centers were newly completed and put into use. They will adopt the ozone disinfection method, strengthen the vehicle disinfection and epidemic prevention efforts, and effectively protect the health and safety of the crew.Travel environment.At the same time, in the short period of time, Xiangdao will also build a number of epidemic prevention service centers in Zhengzhou, Suzhou, Kunshan, Hangzhou and Ningbo.9. Lianlian Group: Join hands with dozens of logistics companies to help fight the “epidemic” epidemic. At present, Lianlian Group, as a financial institution, is the first to launch a “foreign aid domestic epidemic” public welfare through its cross-border e-commerce service online trading platform LianLian Link.Action, hand in hand with excellent logistics companies such as Sinotrans, NTE Logistics, 4PX Quartet, etc., to accurately dock donors and recipients, and provide medical masks, gloves, isolation gowns, and virus detection donated by overseas Chinese in the form of free or lowest cost services.Anti-epidemic materials such as kits were delivered to areas with severe epidemics such as Wuhan and Hangzhou.As of January 31, LianLian Link has joined dozens of cross-border logistics service providers and domestic logistics companies to participate in this charity action. It has received donations from 30 countries including the United States, Germany, Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong and Taiwan.Demand for cross-border logistics transportation.According to incomplete statistics, over 2.5 million pieces (sets) of goods will be delivered by overseas transportation capacity public welfare operations, covering 800,000 medical masks, 120,000 sets of protective clothing, 1.6 million gloves, and 10721 pairs of goggles.The counterpart support for donated materials is basically Wuhan, and it also includes major hospitals in Hangzhou, Zhejiang and other places.In the future, more donated materials will be sent from countries around the world to all parts of the country.In addition, Lianlian Payment will effectively play an important supporting role in fund settlement services, and carefully arrange company operations during the epidemic to ensure that the public can use the online payment business smoothly.At the same time, Lianlian Pay will also arrange for someone to be responsible for organizing and connecting with institutional customers with special needs to ensure the smooth flow of its online network payment business and fund settlement channels.10. LinkedCare Lingjian: The first batch of 90,000 masks have arrived in Hubei Hospital in succession. In response to the shortage of first-line protective supplies, LinkedCare Lingjian responded quickly on January 27. The e-chain mall supply chain team actively communicated with multiple channels to find protection.Supplies.At present, the first batch of mask materials have been collected and issued on January 26, 2020. They have arrived at medical institutions in Hubei, including: Jianshi County Government of Hubei Province, First People’s Hospital (Old Hospital) of Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, etc.At present, LinkedCare’s medical materials collection work is still continuing, and the second and third batches of materials are being collected, and donations are continuing.11.T3 Travel: Establish a joint prevention and control group to provide scarce supplies and free travel services. On January 22, T3 Travel Headquarters and the Wuhan City Management Team established a joint prevention and control group to launch an emergency response plan.On January 23, it took the lead to suspend operations in Wuhan and set up a [T3 Travel Wuhan Special Operations Fleet].[T3 Travel Wuhan Special Action Fleet] A total of 729 volunteers and 404 vehicles were recruited and dispatched by the relevant departments and community neighborhood committees to provide free travel services to 101 communities.The company is uniformly equipped with a full set of compliant protective equipment and disinfection equipment such as protective clothing, disposable medical gloves, goggles, masks, disinfectant, and medical disinfection tablets. It has raised nearly 500 sets of protective clothing, nearly 110,000 masks, and more than 60,000.Only disposable medical gloves, 420,000 pieces of disinfection tablets, and nearly 5,000 pairs of goggles were distributed to Wuhan Branch.On February 1, T3 Travel and Chongqing Liangjiang New District Urban Management Bureau provided free travel services for medical staff.On February 6, the “T3 Travel Healthy Car” was launched, gradually pushing the prevention and control standards of its Wuhan Special Operations fleet to all operating cities across the country.12.Sugr Mitang Technology: providing contactless smart switch solutions, Sugr Mitang Technology has been closely monitoring the development of the epidemic, putting the safety and health of all members first, and ensuring the normal operation of global business through flexible methods of remote collaborative office.Sequentially.Sugr Mitang Technology’s mission is “Let everything hear”.After paying attention to the concerns of all sectors of the community about contact infections in public facilities, we immediately organized a team to give full play to the technical advantages and experience accumulation in the field of voice interaction, and targeted large traffic in property communities, enterprises, institutions, hospitals, and train stations.In public places, a project to develop a voice-controlled non-contact electric switch-“Sesame Switch” is planned, and it is planned to complete the delivery in a public welfare manner.”Sesame Switch” is a product based on Sugr Sense microphone array processing and artificial intelligence technology, which can sensitively respond to and recognize speech and realize long-distance (control distance can be adjusted to 1-10 meters depending on the application scene) voice-activated products.It can be easily and quickly applied to switch devices such as community entrances, hospital wards, or toilet equipment buttons, which can be used without plugging in the network, reducing direct contact of the public with public facilities, and reducing the possibility of virus transmission through direct contact.Sugr has now completed product prototype development.13. Youfan Group: Provide non-contact intelligent insulation cabinets to ensure the safety of eating during the epidemic. Faced with the severe new type of coronary pneumonia epidemic, how to ensure the safety of employees’ eating is one of the core concerns of the company’s return to work.Youfan’s non-contact meal-feeding plan means that customers order meals on their mobile phones. After the meal is prepared by the meal merchant, it is packaged in a disposable snack box. After the meal is delivered to the customer’s venue, the meal orderer will place the boxed meal in a smart insulated box lunch cabinetInside the door, the ordering user opens the cabinet to pick up the meal after receiving the notification of the delivery of the meal.The smart insulated box lunch cabinet is sterilized at 60 degrees for 30 minutes before taking meals and after returning to the box to inactivate the virus.Founded in 2015, Ufan is a new Internet group meal platform that integrates social catering resources to provide group meal services for corporate and institutional customers.Youfan is the first company in the group meal industry to use smart insulation box lunch cabinets to achieve contactless and safe meal delivery. It has very advanced and mature solutions and experience in hardware, systems, and operation guarantee. Customers have Sanqi Mutual Entertainment, Netease, ChinaPeace, Didi, etc.14. Signing up: Initiating the “Wanye Resumption Assistance Program”, which can be signed online to provide electronic signing services for enterprises.In order to help more business users to help themselves quickly during the epidemic, Shanghai Shangyue also launched the “Wanye Resumption Assistance Program”. During February 12th to March 15th, 200 free electronic contracts were given to new and old users for free, fasterMore economical online business.At present, the main clients of the contract are Landsea Apartments, a long-term apartment brand owned by Landsea Group.For Landsea Residences, efficient completion of check-in signing and cancellation of lease delivery with tenants is crucial.The signing of the contract helped Landsea to realize the electronic signing of multi-signature scenarios, such as apartment reservation agreements, long-term rental apartment service contracts, occupancy agreements, and settlement settlement lists for rent-out, which improves the efficiency of order delivery.In the epidemic situation, Landsea Residences used virtual channels on online channels to watch and sign electronic contracts online, which could avoid offline meetings and help fight the epidemic.Another customer, Lu Ge of the logistics industry online freight platform, also said that due to the epidemic, thousands of employees worked online for a long time, and the demand for electronic signings also surged..

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