GSMA officially canceled the Barcelona MWC Conference; Xiaomi Mi 10 was officially released, and the starting price of Xiaomi’s digital flagship was set at 3,999 yuan … Recall the latest technology news and netizens’ replies that should not be missed.GSMA officially cancels Barcelona MWC conference GSMA (Global Mobile Communications Systems Association), the organizer of the 2020 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, ​​officially announced on Wednesday that many companies have retired due to the new crown pneumonia virus outbreak, So this conference will be [email protected] 龙江 峰: OPPO was canceled, but Huawei said it will participate as [email protected] 我 是 黑灰 的 HERBS CRAB: Only vivo in China said it would not go.Others said that they would continue to participate, and foreigners were [email protected]: Direct reason: Many large companies are not playing.Root cause: bat.Bezos buys Los Angeles’s most expensive mansion for $ 165 millionAccording to foreign media reports, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos just bought the most expensive property in Los Angeles from another rich David Geffen for $ 165 million-9 acres of Warner Estate on Beverly Hills.$ 165 million is only one-eighth of Bezos’s $ 131.9 million in net [email protected] 开车 的 小赵: Equivalent to 800 yuan, I bought a house for 1 [email protected] choose to be a mage: Do you think rich people are happy?You can’t imagine the happiness of rich [email protected] potato plus original chicken: If there is such a house, I will recognize it at home.Xiaomi 10 officially released, 3999 yuan hit Xiaomi digital flagship starting price record In the afternoon of February 13th, at a pure online live conference, Xiaomi officially released the 10th anniversary flagship mobile phone Xiaomi 10 series, Lei Jun said that Xiaomi mobile phones willOfficially hit the high-end market.Xiaomi Mi 10 has been called the first Xiaomi mobile phone to hit the high-end market by Lei Jun. Its 8GB + 128GB version starts at 3999 yuan, setting a starting price record for Xiaomi’s digital flagship. It has also become the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha except for mass production.Starting from the highest-priced Xiaomi phone, the price of the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro top is 5999 [email protected] yujj523: Lei Jun: Originally priced at 2999, last night the executives persuaded me collectively, I think it makes sense, Boom, [email protected] 如 影 梦碎: Price is the original [email protected] 唯 恩 丶 VN: Many platforms are sold out. It seems that everyone is saying no, but their bodies are very honest.Do you have any thoughts about the hot events in the technology industry today?Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. Excellent God replies will appear in the next article ~

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