Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account connected to Insight (ID: lxinsight), 36 氪 released with authorization.Author | Qingsong Editor | After Shui Sheng won the exclusive interactive partner of CCTV Spring Festival Gala, the quicker did not relax.It was “truncated” by its biggest opponent, beating.On the day of the thirtieth year of the New Year, after getting a cooperation fee of 630 million yuan, the production company “Aunt” pleased the media to sign a cooperation with Byte Beat, and authorized a series of film and television content including the film “Aunt” to Byte Beat.It’s broadcast on platforms like Douyin, Today’s Headline, and Watermelon Video.Byte Beat completed this decision cleanly in a very short period of time.”The” Mom “battle took only 36 hours, from making a decision, contacting the owner of the film company, negotiating the price, signing the contract, to researching and developing product feature pages, watching stress tests online, and finally launching the movie.Work is done online. “Douyin CEO Zhang Nan said earlier in an interview with the media.From winning the copyright of “Aunt” to the continuous heating up of byte-based games, to the “flying book” that is strongly cut into corporate collaborative office software, byte-beating strikes in all directions during this Spring Festival, extending the tentacles of war to more areas,It also doubled the suspense of the opening of the Internet business war.In less than a month, Byte Beat has been deployed in multiple battlefields at the same time. The support behind this is the unique corporate culture formed by Byte Beat over the years.This company, known as the “App Factory”, has entered the mobile Internet market with apps such as today’s headlines, connotations, vibrato, and volcano videos. It was once accused of building information cocoons and creating “addictive”product.But this does not prevent byte bounce from evolving in commercial warfare.The core competitiveness of BYTE is being transferred from products and technologies to management and culture.In the face of risk and competition, this soft power is pushing the company forward.”Develop a company as a product.” In 2015, Zhang Yiming, founder and CEO of Byte Beat, left such a sentence on the social platform.Later, he once explained this sentence: “Technology does not always guarantee the competitiveness of a product (company), but a good team can.” Zhang Yuanming, a source of personal information, may have been thinking about Zhang Yiming as early as then:How does byte beat capture the final dividend of mobile internet?How does the giant beating mobile Internet battlefield break out?Today, the war situation is expanding, the war situation is escalating, and the byte-beating posture is still brave.1 The sniper fast hand needs to go up, and Douyin wants to sink.Penetrating into each other’s hinterland means that their competition will be more intense, business forms will become more and more similar, users will be more and more coincident, and investment will only increase.What is testing them is not only the level of capital strength, but also who is capable of attracting new users and retaining users in a rapidly changing market.The Spring Festival Gala is a new and important battle, and for this reason, it is almost at any cost.On November 18, 2019, “Late Late” reported that the fast hand won the 2020 CCTV Spring Festival Gala exclusive interactive partner through bidding. In the list of Internet companies participating in the bid, in addition to Ali, Pinduoduo, and byte beating.After the news of Kuaishou and the Spring Festival Gala came out, the icon of the 2 billion red envelopes was hung on the vibrato page, and “spreading coins” during the Spring Festival is normal operation.In addition, Douyin is also sponsoring the Spring Festival Gala of other TV stations.Internet analyst and columnist Shi Tianhao has previously written that according to incomplete statistics, after missing the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Douyin sponsored and cooperated with eight Taiwan TV Spring Festival Gala at a stretch.The cost is bound to be high.These are the methods that previous people have played. Perhaps no one thought that because the Spring Festival file cancelled by the epidemic, Byte Beat got the cooperation with “Aunt” and won the attention.According to the official Weibo AppAnnie data of the film source film “Mom”, from January 24 to January 30, among the top 10 in the App Store free list, Byte Beat’s App Douyin Volcano, Watermelon Video, Today ’s Headline, ShakeAudio and video and today ’s top speed version are on the list, and even from January 25 to January 30, watermelon video continued to dominate the list.But it is also worth noting that, in these seven days, no other products in the Byte series except the watermelon video have entered the top three, and there has been a lower ranking.On the other hand, during this period, both the main app and the fast version of the fast player are ranked higher in this list, and their performance is more stable.The battle between Byte Beat and Faster is expected to be even more intense. On January 8 this year, the official Wechat of the “Douyin Volcano App” stated that the brand of volcano and Douyin was upgraded, and the original volcano small video was officially renamed as “DouyinVolcano Edition “and enable new icons.”After the brand upgrade, the Douyin Volcano version will maintain independent operation and continue to increase investment in various aspects. The content of Volcano and Douyin will gradually achieve interoperability in the future, allowing users to see richer content and enabling creators’ content toGet better distribution. “Guan Wei wrote in the post.The volcano small video has been regarded as a product of byte-beating fast hand since its birth, but in the subsequent development, the volcano did not restrain the fast hand, but the vibrato later came first. This time, it can be said thatShrink the front and snip fast.2 In addition to the breakout battle of the “Byte System” mobile game, in addition to attacking in the short video field, in the game field, the byte bounce is already “cutting the cake.In 2019, the layout of Byte Beat in games has been repeatedly exposed.This year, ByteDance internally tilted more resources towards games, not only opening up a game session for campus recruitment, but also setting up offices in Hangzhou, Shenzhen, and Beijing, thereby expanding the team.At the end of June 2019, according to “late LatePost” news, Byte Beat Company secretly formed a team of more than 100 people to implement the “Oasis Project” and self-developed heavy games.This is not a good way to go.According to Mob Research data, from 2017 to 2019, the TOP20 list of the Chinese mobile game market presents two characteristics of difficulty in ranking new games and weak liquidity of the list.From 2017 to 2019, the 20 most popular mobile games among the people, Mob Research Institute of Tuyuan Mob Research stated that “In 2018, there were 7 new games on the list; in 2019, only 3 new games were on the list.The 12 games in the list have been ranked in the TOP20 list for 3 years in a row, and ‘topped mobile games by up to 60%’. ”The difficulty of facing the byte beating in this field can be imagined.But the advantage of byte beating is that it has a strong channel matrix like Douyin and Today ’s Headlines, which form the company’s traffic base in the game industry.The advantage of the traffic side is more prominent in casual games.”Heavy games are content-driven, while mini-games and casual games are not driven by product quality but traffic-driven. This is the advantage of byte beating.” A Tencent source previously told Caijing.For the Spring Festival in 2020, affected by the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the byte beat opened a gap in the game of a group of games and achieved a breakthrough in leisure mobile games.Regarding the performance of the byte-beating Spring Festival in the field of leisure mobile games, InsIght mentioned in the article “Tencent is attracting money, the headlines are fierce, and the mobile game industry has made a good start in 2020”.Qimai data shows that on January 24th, six of the top eight free iOS rankings were casual mobile games, and occupied the top six of the bindings, namely “Little beautiful landlord” and “My little family””,” Brain Hole Master “,” Sunshine Pig Farm “,” I Kung Fu Special Cow “.Figure source Qimai Data’s official website. Among them, “Brain Hole Master”, “My Little Home” and “Sunshine Pig Farm” are co-published by Byte Beat; “Little Beautiful Landlord” was developed by Yao Ji Technology.”My Kung Fu Special Cow” was developed by PeakX Games, and it is released by Ohayoo, a leisure game publishing platform of Byte Beat.This shows that starting from this Spring Festival, the presence of byte bounce in the game field is getting stronger and stronger.Under the background that leisure mobile games took the lead, this company’s layout in the game industry is worth studying.For the layout of the game industry, byte bounce was more restrained at first.On June 14, 2018, according to Titanium Media, Today ’s Headline launched a new section called “Game Today” in a low-key manner in those days, and this section was hidden under the wallet menu of Today ’s Headline Android version, hiddenVery deep.At the same time, industry insiders revealed to GameLook that it has been six months since the headline opened the intermodal transportation.In other words, starting from 2018, ByteDance began to frequently seek cooperation with various game R & D manufacturers, and cultivated the game soil of ByteApp with the help of platforms such as Toutiao today.This also shows that Zhang Yiming had already moved his mind to lay out the game industry, but the byte beat at that time was still in the stage of small steps.This can also be seen from the strategy of byte bounce in the game industry.According to the Caijing magazine report, Byte Beat’s play is: in its own channels (today’s headlines, Douyin, etc.) to establish user awareness through the operation of game content and advertising; and then through exclusive agency mini games,Casual games to gather and further educate users, and to accumulate user portraits of active gamers.After the aforementioned layout is completed, this company can only be considered as a game soil, and it can also harvest the market through agents and self-developed heavy games.The official Weibo of Tuyuanfei Book means that after the successful break through the Spring Festival stalls in the epidemic, the game layout of byte-beating has just taken the second step. In essence, the two most important models of this companyThe product is still vibrato and byte beating, and its external label is still an Internet company with information distribution as its core.Without it, it is not easy to go further in the game market.In other words, for the byte bounce without shortage of traffic, so far, its game journey has only gone through the easiest phase for it. How to go the right way is a tough battle.However, Byte’s strong entry still brings some threats to game giants such as Tencent.”Tencent’s alert to Netease games is at the content level, and Tencent’s defense against byte bounce is that the traffic distribution of Douyin and today’s headlines is more efficient.” A person close to Tencent Games previously said to a reporter from Caijing.On January 20, media reports said that ByteDance has acquired multiple game studios and purchased exclusive distribution rights for a number of games in the past few months.The news also revealed that the current size of the byte-beating game department has exceeded 1,000 people, and two games will be officially launched this spring.Regarding this, byte bounce expressed no comment.However, it is foreseeable that the days when Byte Beats entered the game field are not far away.3 “Feishu” entered the Spring Festival file in the field of telecommuting strongly. In addition to the game of C-end traffic, small games have made breakthroughs, and the online collaboration office software “Feishu”, which is beating by bytes, is also available on Tencent’s WeChat,Under the siege of giants such as Ali Dingding and Huawei Welink, some voices were made.February 3 is the first day for most Internet companies to resume work online. Remote office software ushered in a peak on this day.Ali Dingding data shows that on February 3, tens of millions of enterprises and nearly 200 million people worked from home. At 9 o’clock in the morning, the Dingding video conference function ushered in a historical peak. Since then, the network has experienced short-term traffic restrictions.Enterprise WeChat stated that millions of companies across the country use corporate WeChat online offices. On the morning of the same day, due to the surge in the number of corporate WeChat conference functions, temporary traffic restrictions also appeared.Data released by Huawei Cloud also shows that on February 2nd, 15,000 enterprises newly opened WeLink. In those days, the number of newly opened Huawei WeLink services every day increased by 50% on average.As of now, ByteDance FeiBook has not announced the download data and user numbers since the resumption of work, but this rising star, which was officially opened to the domestic market in September 2019, has accelerated significantly.On February 27, Feishu announced that in order to fight the epidemic, assist enterprises, social organizations and individuals to maintain normal operations. From January 28 to May 1, 2020, Feishu will provide remote office and video conference services to all users for free..Tuyuanfei’s official website, which is a product that starts from the internal of the byte bounce, is becoming a new entry for the byte bounce to enter the B-end market.”Dingding is not suitable for headlines. We have to develop our own office collaboration products.” Zhang Yiming said in a face-to-face interview with the CEO in 2016.During that period, the office software adopted by Byte Beat was still nailed.From the media, Pan Chao analyzed the differences between Nailing and Feishu in the article. The article mentioned that all the functions of Feida are transparent, focused, and flat. The biggest difference from Nailing is thatProduct design is from the perspective of employees, and Naked is from the perspective of managers.”Feishu is trying to create a working environment with full information circulation and transparency within the company, so that everyone can get as much information as possible. But obviously the larger business owners in China care more about company management than internal collaboration., Attendance sign-in to approve business travel reimbursement these are more attractive to FMCG / driving school / factory, and the person who really decides what office software the company uses must also be the manager.This also determines that, compared to Dingding, corporate WeChat and other collaborative office software, Feishu has a certain gene of byte beating from the beginning, which also contains the company’s corporate culture and management methods.Byte Beat does not use the business unit compilation, but builds a middle stage based on user growth, technology, and commercialization departments, forming a network structure of “you have me, you have me”.Tiger Sniff Pro’s article also pointed out that within the byte beating, the premise of “candid and clear” communication is the equality of the two parties. Therefore, two measures have been taken internally. One is to downplay the concept of titles. “Only when they need to be externalWhen we speak, we can see Title in the general sense. “The other is to completely disrupt the job number and avoid the atmosphere of seniority.”They like to use a case to illustrate this. In internal cross-departmental cooperation, often one party does not know that the other party is an intern (byte beating requires everyone to call him by name).This concept is reflected in the tool called Fei Shu, which is expressed in the perfection of the two requirements of communication and collaboration in byte beating.After repeated attempts and reflections, Feishu has evolved from a single point of communication into a complete office suite.A deep report mentioned that from the feedback of many users, the biggest feature of Feishu is its high degree of collaboration.Take the document collaboration function as an example. Unlike most online documents, Feishu’s online documents have a comment function, that is, users can select a certain paragraph of text for commentary comments, while other collaborators can reply.Communication is actually integrated into the workflow.However, the universality of this tool with a strong “byte fan” has been questioned in terms of universality. Whether a flying book with a strong byte beating gene can also be suitable for other companies, many people are skeptical.On the evening of February 9th, Xie Xin, the vice president of Byte Beat, responded in the Fei Shu online open class: “We export general tools, not our company’s values, management concepts and ways of doing things. WeWe are willing to share some of our management practices, but we have not solidified it into the product and exported it to other enterprises. We have paid great attention to its universality in the process of building products. “But for the byte beating, FeiThe battle of the book has just begun. How to retain customers after the epidemic is over, and how to face the competition from the giants are all challenges for it.4 byte beating What kind of company is the byte beating of the password for the Chinese New Year file?At least in the past Chinese New Year, the rapid response agility, the boldness of rapid concentration of resources, and the coherence of unified internal and external operations are enough to explain that the company’s unique corporate culture and values,It is becoming an important force driving it forward.At the 2016 headline Bootcamp summer camp, Zhang Yiming summed up some of his characteristics, including being optimistic about uncertainty, unwilling to be mediocre, and delaying satisfaction.These characteristics of him deeply affect the byte beating.Zhang Yiming gave a speech at the 7th anniversary of Byte Beat. The official source of Byte Beat in WeChat takes “delay satisfaction” as an example. Tiger Sniff Pro has previously reported that the delay satisfaction can be seen from bytes to today without being attached to Tencent or Alibaba.One point is, “In the 7-year development of the byte, there are many nodal moments, but Zhang Yiming has chosen to suppress the impulse to tell each other, which also objectively avoids attracting the attention of the giants prematurely. For example, it was established only two years ago.Today ’s headline, the cost of marketing at that time spent more than 20 million yuan, but the market basically did not perceive it. “” Striving for a miracle “is also an important way for the development of byte jump.Behind this, on the one hand is Zhang Yiming’s courage to spend money, and on the other hand, this key breakthrough makes the byte beat trial and error.Cao Yi, the source code participant who participated in the beating of the investment byte, once told the media that Zhang Yiming will devote all his resources and energy to what he must win, and the premise of determining this “thing” is to think clearly.Mei Xing’s founder Wang Xing’s evaluation of Zhang Yiming is also “rational and focused”.It is not difficult to understand that the early volcanic small video will give way to the vibrato when the momentum is strong, and the vibrato finally came to the top, becoming the core project of fighting with the Kuaishou Chamber.But this does not mean that the byte bounce is “stable”.From the layout of the game industry to seizing B-side traffic, and then trying to go to sea, the current byte bounce is still on the way to find traffic and tap the value of traffic.Its attack on all sides also means enemies on all sides.ByteDance’s 2020 commercial war has begun. How to see it and the giants will be the most noteworthy drama this year..

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