Head Figure Source | Pexels Author: Pack light Yuhe Editor: During the 2020 Spring Festival, the new crown raging pneumonia Danya Qiong ***.In the face of a sudden outbreak, the whole country was “fighting a war.”Numerous individuals, organizations, and business entities have actively and spontaneously helped the epidemic to help and initiate assistance. During this period, technology companies are also indispensable.36 氪 has sorted out some technology companies that are actively acting in the fight against the epidemic. They use their own technical and technological advantages to provide relevant parties with “war epidemic” support.1. PhotoStar Intelligence: AI technology predicts the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in real time. PhotoStar Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a new startup company determined to use intelligent technology to empower national defense security. In response to the epidemic development trends and peak time issues that are widely concerned by all sectors of society,The company formed an outbreak rapid response team and provided and implemented solutions to the problem.Based on publicly available data from the Internet, Seth Intelligent Corporation has designed an intelligent predictive model of the peak value of the epidemic situation and a public-oriented query software to provide the trend, peak time and quantity of pneumonia epidemics in the past month to assist the governmentDepartmental decision making.Taking the epidemic data at 8:00 on February 2, 2020 as an example, the new coronary pneumonia epidemic prediction software developed by PhotoStar Intelligent predicted the number of confirmed diagnoses at that time was 17,256, and the actual number of confirmed diagnoses was 17,205. The error rate was only0.3%.2.Tuju Intelligence: Launched the “National Online Consultation Map”, which has included more than 600 online consultation links. Tuju Smart is an artificial intelligence technology company with indoor positioning and navigation and spatial digital technology as its core.Buildings are empowered to provide new service models and service experiences for multiple scenarios.Over the past year, Tuju Smart has accumulated to serve more than 600 large hospitals in China, providing them with full-process guidance services for patient consultations.The epidemic situation is severe. In order to avoid cross-infection caused by non-fever patients to the hospital for consultation, “online general consultation” and “online fever consultation” have become solutions for many hospitals.PALMAP tracked and surveyed 3,000 large-scale hospitals above the national level, and launched a national online consultation map that helps patients one-stop link to all large-scale hospitals across the country, quickly linking patients to the official online questions of major hospitals across the country.Consultation to help patients complete the visit at home.At present, the national online consultation map has included official fever online consultation and general online consultation services linking more than 600 hospitals, and will provide access services for more targeted hospitals for epidemic situations.3. Spitz: Launch of the “Smart Epidemic Robot” limited service, providing solutions for epidemic monitoring and efficient communication. Spitz To ease the pressure on the community to track the confirmed and suspected cases of the new crown, the Spitz conversation wizard team on January 29Introduced the “epidemic prevention and control robot”, which provided free artificial intelligence services to relevant government departments, medical institutions, and public welfare organizations throughout the country during the epidemic. It can replace human resources in the community, actively call the residents of a large number of jurisdictions, investigate the recent whereabouts, and arrange personnel exchanges to strengthenHealth monitoring and follow-up guarantee for key personnel.The “epidemic prevention and control robot” mainly provides two important functions of residents’ return visits and information notification, which specifically include: (1) timely information interaction, well-being health reminders and follow-up services for residents in the area, and investigation, health monitoring and monitoring of foreign populations.Protective suggestions, record and regularly track the epidemic information of key populations; (2) Provide information transmission and communication channels to push the epidemic prevention and control knowledge and training information for the first-line personnel of epidemic prevention and control in the first time.In addition, the “epidemic prevention and control robot” can also become an AI propagandist to actively teach the community residents about epidemic prevention and control knowledge.Spitz was established in 2007 in Cambridge, England, and settled in Suzhou in 2008. It is a professional dialogue artificial intelligence platform company in China. It has full-link intelligent voice language technology, and independently developed human-machine dialogue operating system (DUI) and artificial intelligence.Smart chip (TH1520); Provide natural language interaction solutions for Internet of Vehicles, IOT, and many industry scene partners 4. Pengsi Technology: Relying on the advantages of AIoT technology, release high-precision intelligent sensorless human temperature measurement systemIn the field of technical advantages, Pengsi intelligent high-precision sensorless human body temperature measurement system is introduced. Through differentiating deployment scenarios of different front-end equipment scenarios such as body recognition temperature measurement access control all-in-one, portable human body temperature measurement system, etc., it can achieve long-distance sensorless fixed point.There are three business models for preliminary temperature measurement screening, access-type universal temperature measurement preliminary screening, and body temperature information screening of returnees in enterprises and institutions, and the business model is switched according to the scenario.Different from the traditional temperature measurement method, Pengsi intelligent non-sensing human body temperature measurement system is equipped with Pengsi self-developed face recognition and pedestrian ReID technology, and adopts infrared thermal imaging body temperature detection method to realize the correlation between human body temperature and human intelligence; and at 30 °In the measurement range of C ~ 45 ° C, the accuracy of temperature measurement of multi-target and long-distance multi-targets is as high as ± 0.3 ° C, and the accuracy of single-point temperature measurement of fixed channels is as high as ± 0.2 ° C, which can quickly realize abnormal body temperature screening. Through local voice, lighting, etc.Real-time alarms in this way greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of quarantine work; at the same time, the temperature and face comparison records will be synchronized to the background to facilitate subsequent traceability.Based on the existing intelligent sensing technology and artificial intelligence technology, Shengzhi Technology accelerates the development and optimization of various non-contact anti-epidemic solutions such as AI digital human infrared temperature measurement system, elevator AI voice control solution, AI medical smart screen, etc.Put AI technology into the epidemic prevention and management of public places in major cities. The specific solutions include: (1) The first innovative use of the AI ​​digital human infrared temperature measurement system based on the SoundAI Azero artificial intelligence operating system: dialogue can be achieved through voice, Call, content services and IoT control, support the rapid development of exclusive customized virtual digital human images and special skills, and support the networking of multiple devices to form a larger-scale online epidemic prevention system, which can be widely used in gates, attendance, front desks, buildings, airportsScenes of public places such as railway stations, stations and ports.(2) Two “contactless” elevator AI voice control solutions: Consider the factors that affect the speaking and speaking when wearing a mask, provide a complete AI voice module development board, built-in optimized voice algorithms for elevator closed scenarios, simple connectionThe development can be linked with the elevator system, and passengers can call and control the elevator without touching the keys.The AI ​​generalization algorithm supports passengers to use dialects and arbitrary speech, call and control elevator lift floors, and supports functions such as voice broadcast reminders, and no wake-up multi-round conversations. The interaction is natural and smooth, and even the elderly can use it without barriers.(3) AI medical intelligent screen: can be used for remote diagnosis and treatment and intelligent disease management, can realize video calls, remote diagnosis online, temperature measurement reminder; suspected patients can use AI voice interaction to upload health data in real time; family members of patients can query in real timeEpidemic situation and protection knowledge, and scientific protection.In addition, the voice intelligence team is also supporting enterprises in efficient remote office, robot remote online triage, AI voiceprint recognition system and other directions.6. Baiying Technology: AI enables the government affairs return visit system to provide real-time dynamic broadcasting of project progress. From January 25, Baiying Technology’s “Smart Government Affairs Notification Return Visit System” was launched and is open to epidemic support organizations free of charge (Government Department / MedicalInstitutions / non-profit organizations, etc.) to help all parties do a good job of information collection and release, and achieve efficient communication and collaboration.As of 6 pm on February 7, 20+ public welfare projects have been docked, including Zhejiang, Anhui, Liaoning, Hunan, Tianjin, Jiangsu, Xinjiang, Hubei, Shandong and other provinces.At the same time, the Baiying Technology Epidemic Support Team produced a “real-time dynamic broadcast map” to facilitate the public to understand the latest progress of this project.7. Hangzhou FunChain Technology: Build a blockchain platform to trace the source of epidemic prevention materials. On February 10th, Hangzhou FunChain launched the blockchain charity donation traceability platform “Good Track” to help donors and recipients track the whole process.Trace the whereabouts of donated materials.The project is developed and supported by Hangzhou FunChain Technology Co., Ltd., and China Xiong’an Group Digital City Corporation is responsible for business operations.The platform uses the alliance’s blockchain network to provide a full-link credible and efficient solution for charitable donations in this outbreak.In addition to tracing every donation in its entirety, the platform also supports the release of donations and demand information to better support epidemic prevention and control efforts.The platform mainly takes advantage of the difficulty of tampering and traceability of blockchain technology. Among them, Feiluo, a blockchain BaaS platform of FunChain Technology, provides the underlying services of the blockchain, allowing developers to focus on the realization of business scenarios.It is reported that the key donation data in the platform has been stored on the chain, and no one, including the platform initiator, can tamper with the data on the chain, ensuring the traceability of information and information sources and facilitating regulatory accountability.Everyone can check the donation information on the platform, which technically guarantees the transparency and credibility of the donation behavior.Hangzhou Internet Notary Office provides corresponding notarization services for the platform, and effectively prevents fraudulent donations and other dishonest acts by legal means.As of 12:40 noon on February 10, the platform has initiated a total of 521 donations, with a total donation of 747.78 million yuan, and 118 requests for donations are posted on the platform.8. Guoxun Micro Technology: Free edge computing full stack module and training services are provided to help unmanned intelligent transformation of the start-up company Guoxun Micro. Utilize its own advantages to assist various industrial enterprises to achieve industry through the core technology of software and hardware integration.Functions such as unattended production, remote monitoring of operation and maintenance, and intelligent manufacturing, to avoid cross-infection caused by the gathering of people, help Hubei Province to quickly recover industrial production, and reduce the huge economic losses caused by the epidemic.From February 6, 2020 to December 31, 2020, Guoxun Micro plans to provide all industrial equipment manufacturers / solutions providers / integrators in Hubei Province with national land projects in Hubei Province and provide them to Hubei Province.Enterprises with core strategic materials (such as masks, disinfectants, chemical protective clothing, etc.) provide 10 free NOM-R001 edge computing full stack modules per customer (pre-installed NECRO industrial real-time operating system standard version + lifetime free operation and maintenance)Service fee), in order to achieve the purpose of unmanned intelligent transformation service; at the same time, in order to facilitate users to put it into use quickly, Guoxun Weiwei has launched free online training services.9. UCloud Youku DEK: Provide free cloud computing resources and technical service support for emergency rescue projects UCloud Youku DEK plans to provide free cloud computing resources and technical service support for emergency rescue projects related to the epidemic situation in disaster areas.Emergency treatment projects include, but are not limited to, enterprise-level users such as timely synchronization of government affairs information, synchronization of medical information, provision of free educational resources, online medical treatment, logistics, assistance information matching, and tracing systems.At present, UCloud has provided free resource support for the sugar-free “new coronary infectious pneumonia diagnosed patients with the same itinerary query system”; UCloud volunteer development team developed a mask reservation system in a certain area in Zhejiang to help prevent epidemics; and a number of educationThe institution cooperates closely to ensure that teachers and students throughout the country are “closed and never stopped”; to provide assistance for the research and development of the visual analysis system of the “new coronavirus infection pneumonia epidemic situation” in the Visualization and Visual Analysis Laboratory of Peking University.Civil War “epidemic” provides protection.In addition, UCloud also purchases and collects medical supplies in various places around the world through various channels, and sends them to Wuhan, Hubei and other places with scarce supplies, and has donated a total of more than 1,500 sets of medical protective clothing.10. Real intelligence: Empowering the “real public welfare” project with AI, emergency research and development of a free epidemic consultation intelligent question and answer robot, the first day of the first month, “Real Intelligence” (Hangzhou Real Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.) launched a “real public welfare” project through a conference call, urgentDeveloped the “New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Consultation Intelligent Question Answering Robot” to provide spoken intelligent epidemic question and answer, and provide free technical support to government departments, medical institutions, non-profit organizations and various social groups struggling to fight the epidemic.The Q & A robot has been launched for internal testing on the fifth day of the first month (January 29), and has been loaded on multiple WeChat public accounts, APPs, WeChat groups and related channels, alleviating the tension of artificial agent resources.All data of the “Outbreak Consultation Intelligent Question Answering Robot” are based on official channels such as the national and provincial governments, health committees and mainstream news media.After screening, analysis and integration of the data, it is used to establish dozens of standard knowledge bases (designated hospitals, diagnosis and treatment guidelines, protective measures, local measures, public safety laws, termination of rumors, etc.), two major knowledge maps (health, law).Based on this, algorithm engineers use AI natural language processing technology (NLP) to learn and model massive amounts of knowledge, and at the same time continue to simulate and generalize various types of sentence queries, so that the robot can better understand and answer user questions.11. Leyan Technology: Limited free of charge to provide intelligent customer service robots to help improve the efficiency of online customer service. In order to improve the efficiency of online customer service reception of epidemic-related material suppliers, reduce the number of online queues for users, and ensure that materials reach the front line faster.In the hands of medical staff and urgently needed personnel, Leyan Technology, the first echelon service provider of domestic AI intelligent customer service robots, introduced the following measures to the society and customers: During the epidemic, free use of Leyu’s intelligent customer service robots was provided to businesses operating masks and disinfection products;Customers who have cooperated in operating masks and disinfection products are not counted in the period of the epidemic; Leyan products and customer service teams have launched the “Prevention and Control Epidemic” related speech packs, which are provided remotely to all customers in need; during the epidemicAt the same time, Leyu helps the intelligent customer service robot help, and also provides online configuration support and consulting work for businesses.Leyan Technology is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the application of cognitive intelligence technology. Led by CEO Dr. Shen Libin and other experts in natural language processing and knowledge mapping, it is a leading domestic provider of integrated artificial intelligence solutions.The company is committed to enabling advanced cognitive computing technology to empower e-commerce customer service, smart education, government consulting, medical consultation and other public service vertical fields, improve industry efficiency, reduce labor costs and tap more customer value.12. Lexin Medical: Supporting frontline anti-epidemic hospitals, providing 1500 medical-grade sphygmomanometers and supporting RPM systems On the morning of February 7, Guangdong Lexin Medical Electronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Lexin Medical”) was doing a good job of itselfAt the same time of prevention and control work, I intend to donate 1,500 medical-grade Lexin intelligent electronic blood pressure monitors to Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital and Zhongshan Second People’s Hospital (Zhongshan Xinguan Pneumonia Fixed-point Treatment Hospital), and supporting the establishment of Lexin Medical remote patient monitoring and managementSystem (RPM) to support the prevention and control of new coronavirus pneumonia.Among them, 1,000 units were donated to Wuhan Vulcan Mountain Hospital, and 500 units were given to Zhongshan Second People’s Hospital. At the same time, the supporting remote medical monitoring and management system (RPM) of Lexin Medical can realize “smart electronic blood pressure monitor dedicated” for patients in the hospital, effectively reducingCross-infection caused by medical devices reduces doctor workload and improves work efficiency.Previously, Lexin Medical and Weiyi Internet Hospital assembled tens of thousands of professional doctors across the country to provide 7×24 free online consultation services.The free consultation not only provides online consultation services for fever and other chronic diseases, but also provides consultation services for popular departments of hospitals such as respiratory, internal medicine, and infectious diseases.Free online free consultation allows patients to communicate with doctors at home in a timely manner, reduces the pressure of outpatient pre-check and triage, reduces cross-infection caused by unnecessary hospital trips and stays, and reduces the risk of epidemic transmission.13. HKUST Xunfei: Supporting epidemic prevention and control in various aspects, providing donations and artificial intelligence products. On the one hand, HKUST Xunfei raises medical supplies in the epidemic area and donates 30 million yuan to support frontline epidemic prevention and control wars;Utilizing the company’s self-controllable artificial intelligence technology and products to help prevent and control the epidemic, including: using artificial intelligence to assist education to ensure that elementary and middle school students are “closed without stopping” during the epidemic, and provide intelligent teaching assistants, intelligent aerial classrooms,Synchronize after-class homework and other “stop-and-stop” products; use artificial intelligence to assist operators in user self-service and epidemic information-based intelligent advocacy for grass-roots Internet blind spots; use artificial intelligence dubbing, transcribing, translation and other technologies and products, service mediaEpidemic prevention and control publicity to help online office.14. YOGO ROBOT: Initiate the first robot epidemic prevention zone in Shenzhen by cooperating with Xinghe Industry on science and technology to fight the epidemic. On February 10, YOGO ROBOT, the world’s leading robot company, announced that it will launch the first robot epidemic prevention zone in Shenzhen in conjunction with Shenzhen Real Estate Leading Enterprise Xinghe Industry Group..The YOGO spray killing robot optimizes the indoor air by using colorless and odorless Jiamba disinfectant to complete the disinfection needs of the building, and becomes the best anti-epidemic solution to ensure the safety of the staff in the park.YOGO spray killing robot has the following characteristics: (1) Form an Internet of Things system with the entire building through intelligent IoT devices, and can move freely in the building without physical touch, such as autonomously passing the gates, taking elevators, and forming automatic disinfection workClosed loop; (2) It has a 360-degree holographic sensing system, which can plan the robot disinfection path in advance, and at the same time automatically avoid pedestrians and issue voice avoidance broadcasts, ensuring efficient and safe indoor multi-point disinfection; (3) For areas where people are concentratedAs well as the dead corners of the building, the robot can be set through the cloud to automatically extend the stay time, increase the spray concentration in the air, and intensify disinfection of these key areas.The use of disinfection robots has greatly improved the safety of the building environment, especially during the epidemic, and reduced the transmission rate of viruses and bacteria.In addition to the disinfection function, YOGO robots can also complete the unmanned distribution of the building, which can deliver four orders at a time, and the delivery items include takeaway and parcels.Founded at the end of 2015, YOGO ROBOT is an artificial intelligence high-tech company focusing on robotics and dedicated to the realization of unmanned delivery at the end.The company’s innovative spray-killing robot and unmanned delivery robot system have become important scientific and technological forces in this “anti-epidemic battle.”15. Hang Seng Electronics: Free online consultation function for hospitals, free of charge for intelligent control of epidemic situation Yuntai Network, a subsidiary of Hang Seng Electronics, relying on years of accumulation and advantages in the Internet medical field, has helped more than 20 hospitals to open new pneumonia”Online consultation” function.Among them, the first batch of Internet hospitals supported by Zhongshan No. 3 Hospital, within a few hours of going online, free consultation of new coronavirus pneumonia quickly reached 10,000+ consultations, and the number of visiting users from all over the country exceeded 100,000.Hang Seng Electronics builds the “new pneumonia online consultation” function for each hospital’s official WeChat platform free of charge. With complete information, it guarantees 2 hours of delivery and 0 costs for the entire journey.By doing this, the role of Internet hospitals will be brought into full play, avoiding cross-infection of patients, alleviating the pressure of emergency and fever clinics, improving the operating efficiency of the hospital, and providing accurate and effective health services to more patients.Hang Teng Network, a subsidiary of Hang Seng Electronics, has launched a smart epidemic prevention and control program at no cost. This program includes: using intelligent AI to notify the return visit system, collecting information such as travel history, fever and other information from the interviewed people by phone, and quickly screening statistics, so thatKey populations can be quickly located; intelligent epidemic AI customer service and manual services are combined to answer basic security policies for the general public under the epidemic situation through telephone, WeChat public account, etc., and improve overall service efficiency..

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