Xiaomi Mi 10 / Pro series posters are exposed from 3499 yuan, Wang Teng responded: not so cheap; Samsung Galaxy S20 series officially released: starting from 999 US dollars … Recall the recent technology news and netizens’ God replies that should not be missed.Jia Yueting was claimed by Gan Wei for a nearly 4 billion bankruptcy agency Epiq website. Gan Wei initiated a divorce lawsuit and claimed Jia Yueting for US $ 571 million, or about RMB 3.97 billion.Documents show that after the relevant agreement takes effect, creditors should waive recourse to Gan Wei’s debt in any [email protected] have a slow: Is this a transfer of [email protected] 空想家 1219: Left pocket to right [email protected] 耀眼 的 你: Many years later, write a memoir, wandering the legendary experience between politics, financial markets, technological innovation and the use of Excel, which is expected to sell well.Samsung releases folding phone Galaxy Z Flip: adopts a flip design and flexible ultra-thin glass At 11 am on February 11, Western time, Samsung released a folding screen phone Galaxy Z Flip, which uses a vertically folded screen and a retro flip designUnlike the Fold, the Galaxy Z Flip no longer covers the CPI protective film on the surface of the folding screen, but uses a new flexible ultra-thin glass (UTG) as the screen cover.This phone will be officially launched on February 14th, priced at 1,380 US dollars, about 9600 [email protected] 心 生 晚 雨 31189: What a good phone to fold [email protected] 宝藏 诗人: Awesome design sense, I bought [email protected] 繁复 如水: Has the film problem been solved?Xiaomi Mi 10 / Pro series posters exposed from 3499 yuan, Wang Teng responded: not so cheap Xiaomi Mi 10 mobile phone will be released soon, Xiaomi official also exposed many new features of Xiaomi Mi 10 mobile phone, including equipped with Snapdragon 865 processor, fullIt uses LPDDR5 memory, WiFi 6, UFS 3.0 storage, 100 million pixel camera, etc.Xiaomi Mi 10’s packaging is exposed, 8GB + 128GB storage starts, and a new color of titanium silver black.However, Xiaomi Product Director Wang Teng commented that there are not so many versions and not so [email protected] 火 火 桃花 鼠: The bucket machine is undoubtedly, I wish Xiaomi 10 big [email protected]_Chen: Mr. Lei: From a later point of view, everyone ’s response to this price is not strong enough. I persuaded other executives throughout the night and finally set the price (the boom): 2999 yuan. Xiaomi will always make friends with [email protected]: I didn’t sleep all night. I thought about it. I was ashamed of meeting the users and the executives.Samsung Galaxy S20 series officially released: Samsung Galaxy S20 series officially launched from $ 999, a total of three models Galaxy S20, S20 + and S20 Ultra.The most eye-catching is the Galaxy S20 Ultra, with a 6.9-inch screen, 10x optical zoom, and digital zoom up to 100x.This is currently the largest mobile phone product with a zoom [email protected] 说 为 信 然: It is estimated that Samsung’s share in China this year will be from 1% ☞ 0.5%[email protected] makes me happy: Samsung has also learned badly from Apple, with only 128/512 memory, but no [email protected] 我 叫阿哲: Apple Samsung holds hands, whoever cuts the price first is a dog.Do you have any thoughts about the hot events in the technology industry today?Feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below. Excellent God replies will appear in the next article ~

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