Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Bird Note” (ID: niaoge8), author Jian Feng, CEO of Zero One Fission, 36 氪 Reprinted with permission.Today, I want to share with you how I go about making a WeChat ecosystem and the growth and operation system.Why is private domain traffic so hot?Essentially because of “poor.”Including our company directs all traffic to each account, because the open rate of all traffic carriers on the entire network is not as good as the account number. 80% of people with the account number will brush the circle of friends. Everyone pushes the public account below 10%, and the subscription number opens on average 2%, Not to mention the mechanism of Weibo, Douyin, and quick distribution by traffic.Our company does not have a sales department and a marketing department. It directs traffic to a single account. If customers need communication, we will build a group.Everyone in the group discusses the content. We will precipitate the content and form a community. The community content is sent to the platform: Zhihu and Toutiao. One of the benefits of their content is who I am. The platform has marked my label.Well, when there is similar content on the platform, it will be pushed to me.I can continue to flow from the centralized traffic platform to my private domain traffic system. The more traffic there is, the more traffic will be sent to my group.The more I have, the more content I have, and the more traffic I can spend on the centralized platform to form such a positive cycle.01. How to create private domain traffic?What if you did it yourself?We find that it is not that we cannot do one thing, but that our team does not have this gene.How can we be sure that our company can do this?The core competitiveness of our team is divided into five layers. The top layer is fission gameplay and marketing gameplay. These gameplays will change, but the lower layer of this gameplay is different carriers and interfaces. For example, send a red envelope to the user.Can this red envelope be sent to him through an applet, personal number or service number.Below these carriers are the laws of WeChat ecology and the laws of marketing of different ecology.The following is the insight of human nature. Although we are making different plans every day and week, although these are changed, but every time we make a change, our core competitiveness is constantly enhanced, and our team does not need to be very anxious..Next, the company’s WeChat is to be released, and where is it located? Why does my team win others?When the applet came out in 18 years, our operating team did not have the technology and products. We wondered if we could make a applet to defeat the entrepreneurs from Tencent?Let’s go and see where the so-called mini-programs are. We found that we still have three levels of competitiveness, and then doing each of our mini-programs burst.Before the war, we designed this thing on this basis.First, the laws of WeChat ecology are summed up a lot. First of all, the most important of WeChat ecology is the circle effect. What kind of person you are, what your circle of friends is, what kind of occupation you are, and you are in Shanghai.You are in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and your friends are in this area.I believe that during National Day, if you are in Shanghai, your fireworks display will be in Shanghai, Shenzhen in Shenzhen, and Wuhan in Wuhan.The same career is also the same. I am an operation. You are a market. He is a teacher. Different models can be constantly fissioned in the industry.We find that the information of our WeChat ecology is transmitted layer by layer.Similarly, our marketing method is effective in the e-commerce industry in 2017, effective in the paid education industry in 2018, and effective in the retail industry in 2019, and can be used in the industry circle.On the detonated node, 50% of the users helped us to forward it, and it would not bring any single income, which were all fake users.But we found that the top 100 users brought us 70% of the traffic. These users added it and added it to the number to maintain him in depth. All the platforms, the distribution ratio, the probability of drawing, these allResources are leaning towards them.Including when we do the launch, I will not say that I only go to all users to help us forward, but rather the precise orientation, look for the forward of Xi’an, will not come to a group of Shanghai people, and forward to Chengdu, not a bunchShenzhen people and so on.This is the law of WeChat ecology.02. How do other platforms use centralized platforms to get traffic?The centralized distribution of different platforms is different, and the same Douyin and fast hands, everyone thinks that all short video platforms are the same, but in the eyes of the operation, their traffic distribution rules are different, one is focus-oriented, one isThe traffic distribution algorithm is dominant, and the traffic distributed by the algorithm is also biased.Our strategy is to obtain seed users from a centralized platform, distribute all content to centralized traffic, and channel the platform’s traffic into our WeChat personal account.So a client of our platform, who is a blue-collar recruiter, will tell them how good the food on the site is, how beautiful the building is, how safe it is, without any shooting skills, without any team, hundreds of thousands of recommendations, or even more than two thousand10,000 reposts, all of which tell you where you are and how to recruit.Then add these people to WeChat. WeChat said that he pulled me to your group of workers. He is a worker and his circle of friends are all workers.Through a small program, I can only vote how many times, and then fission. At the same time, I am operating. I have hundreds of WeChat groups operating, and there is no worker group.This is how the sphere effect is applied.When solving why you do this thing, the upper layer is the number, each interface of the number, what is each ability, you can use this carrier to achieve different purposes, otherwise a lot of corporate WeChat is on fireIn the future, you went to make a small program again, and the small program became hot, and you went to do business WeChat again. Each traffic carrier is different.Education companies rarely do e-commerce. Basically, they only pay attention to the public number instead of entering the mobile phone number and the public number. The public number pushes N template messages and customer service messages to the user within 48 hours, and then adds the number and number.Then enter the group, sell in the group and then follow the group purchase, such a paid conversion rate of 27% or more.But now the conversion rate of telemarketing is only 5%, and even some data is more scary. The rejection rate for direct calls to users is less than 10%. However, the phone mass system plus the user’s WeChat pass rate can reach more than 20%.So why did the carrier migrate? I used to sell it face-to-face with you, and then sell it online. Now we can only sell via WeChat if the phone is not connected. Different carriers have different functions, which decides what kind of plan you want to design.I know that several education companies purchase 200,000 personal IDs and add users’ WeChat in batches. He refused me to call again, call telemarketing, and then added WeChat to provide one-on-one services for teachers. Designed like thiss things.This is also the case for small programs. The small programs provide a lot of functions, including the retail industry, which does face-to-face payment traffic. Only small programs can access, H5 and public accounts cannot access, both are limited.What is supported by official policies? The carrier of this thing also has a traffic bonus.Similarly, the model of a typical e-commerce is basically fissioning through various small gifts and red envelopes through small programs, and stickiness by developing classes, and then accurately converting through content, and then increasing private unit traffic to increase customer unit prices.Hit the personal account from the e-commerce platform. Buy 100 yuan on Taobao and add it to the personal account. You can sell more than 300 yuan. Even during the festival, encourage fans on WeChat and place orders on Tmall Taobao.And then rank.After we know that the article comes out, the circle of friends will forward it, and the forwarding has a click rate of 2,000, and then the platform feels that this article is very popular. It will push this article to more fans of the label in the reverse, and it can drive more traffic..It is possible to use the private domain traffic to leverage the subsidy of 100,000 million platforms.Why the breeding class is very hot this year. The pigs, cows, chickens, and ducks are different. The circle of each group is different. Alipay Tmall already has 220 million people to play and plant trees.Ten thousand users planted trees and took them home. Meituan also planted trees, which also cost tens of millions of months.In different circles, popular models can be migrated across platforms, and human nature at the bottom will not change.Basically, the monthly active retention is only over 55%. We found that the migration model is OK for different models.The shortcomings of the applet are very obvious. The push is overwhelmed. How to add the fission of the applet to the service number. The service number wants to increase the unit price of the customer and add it to the QQ group.The public account is used for drainage, and the personal account and group are used for refined operation and monetization.03. Personal account IP operation returns to today’s theme-number, why do we first make a number, is it the number you want to do, this is the ultimate, you are sure to do this thing, others make money, have you doneNot necessarily.A good number, in a word, he is selling desire.I want to be someone like you and have a solution for you.To decide whether to be a number, you first need to determine the model of the operation, which is related to the team’s genes.Many times there is no gene, you expect to recruit someone to do this, 99.99% can’t do it.The genes of the team and the characteristics of the product, such as you are selling audio, it is impossible for you to add me friends, plus you cannot buy your things every day, every month.So your product includes your traffic source channel, how the channel is launched, decide whether you push it, let me scan the code and add your trumpet to send me mineral water, or to recognize your added by looking at the article of the public account, determines your IPPositioning determines what kind of professional person, values, and outlook on life you are.For your personal settings, the underlying logic is similar, except for a different carrier. In the future, the WeChat ecosystem will fall to the carrier in Douyin, Kuaishou or the new social tools.The second is the packaging of IP and the operation of this IP. What type of content do I send correspondingly, such as the proportion of product content and professional content.The open rate determines what I want to do with this event.The difficulty of making a personal IP is much lower than the company IP. Any company likes to communicate with one person, rather than communicating with the company logo.Including people’s ultimate needs, is the emotional needs of companionship.A lot of times to set up a KPI, it is necessary to chat with the user, the more time to chat with him, it is evening.When do people need company, empty, lonely and cold?When I couldn’t sleep at 12 o’clock in the evening, I really wanted to send a circle of friends who would let me down.If the customer service operation starts at 9 o’clock and ends at 6 o’clock, there is no need to do it.Personal number IP packaging, the overall presentation of the form, is the operation, what new content the operation sends, and the corresponding proportion.This proportion is not to say that it is static, but it is what kind of professional person I am in the early stage. For example, I share in the bird brother’s notes, showing that I am an expert in operations, sharing what I write tomorrow, and sharing how great the company isForce, and then quickly buy my products, these related proportions.But you came by reading my article, so you do n’t need to send me a lot of people. I just say how powerful I am and how powerful my products are.Different traffic sources determine different routines.The traffic posted by the public account is directly converted. On-site conversion. After conversion, long-tail traffic is converted through the circle of friends. We evaluate the KPI. It is not an assessment of how many people like it, how many people chat with you, but an active comment., The frequency of likes, and the content you posted, the rate of user comments and interaction with you, this shows that the user ’s true recognition of you, rather than saying that you are a cold man.The user finishes saying that he only knows and knows you, and finally trusts you very much, and finally buys your things, which is very OK.No matter what you are out of, he is willing to buy, and is willing to convert, this will not say this thing, like the current live broadcast, why is live broadcast a trend?Because it solves the problem of credibility in essence, when I was doing an event, my detail page should write the sales volume and the number of comments to build trust.The live broadcast is a live show of my product, and it is more difficult to fake, so it is easy to trust, and skip to the step of trust.The form of live broadcast on WeChat is very good, and the details page does not even have pictures or text, directly in the form of video or live broadcast.The characteristics of different tools, marketing logic, which point on the link is very important, rather than what I do.The daily operation industry can standardize the SOP, which corresponds to the words that come in to chat with you. How do I insert soft implants into my product?And what you mean to me, my corresponding value or product has a set of routines.I take the initiative to stab you, through the region, life, weather, the relevant content you posted, there is corresponding speech.If it is a corresponding question, how can I answer you, all these related things, including how the first order is closed, if there is no transaction, how to tag you, and what kind of content my friend circle can attract you with high probabilityAchieve conversion.There are routines.I do n’t have this gene, what should I do?How does the formation of speech, first, have experience, these routines sort out the draft.Most teams do not have the ability, time, or experience to sort out all the words. The easiest way is to build a team.Like the teacher outside said, altruistic genes.This is my first time starting a business, I don’t know management, and I don’t know the company’s strategy.I studied the company’s strategy in batches and found that all company values ​​have an altruistic value.Huawei takes customers first, Ali takes customers first, and employees second, and Tencent focuses on user values.All the basic values ​​are altruistic. The senior management of all companies are studying Buddhism and Taoism, which is particularly interesting.The essence behind it is to follow the culture of freedom.The entire system in China’s environment is a Confucian culture. The pyramid structure is easier to control and rule. It corresponds to the organizational structure of the system. If you want to sell in this culturally similar way, it is possible.Our organizational structure is not to do everything well, but the horse racing mechanism.A group of 10 to 20 people, the group produces very good words, and then extract and copy them, and use the entire SOP to improve, there is no need for a strong framework in the early stage.But beware of these rules, which may also hinder the innovation of the entire team.I think all the successful models and routines can be copied. If you only use one method, you will easily encounter the middle-aged crisis and fall into the so-called comfort circle.There is nothing new in history. Only by grasping the “law” can you quickly pull a 0-point product to 90 points.Finally, I hope that everyone can use the “rules” to design their own private domain traffic matrix, to create a product with a score of 90 or even a perfect score.Author: Jian Feng, a zero fission CEO, Tencent classroom Honorary Advisor / 36 Krypton 2018 annual growth of the most influential mentors; create “NetEase play fine lesson”, “Life Week membership card” pay-industry marketing knowledge to create refresh mind,0 promotion budget One month, the “operational in-depth selection” will be from 0 to 50,000 users / and 23 city branches will be established, and 7 small programs will be designed..

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