Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “iFeng Technology” (ID: ifeng_tech), Author: Xiao Yu, 36 krypton 1. We are authorized to release the extension phone upgrade time, which hurt corporate profits.2. The bigger screen we really want, longer battery life, and a better camera.However, foldable screen phones are not what most people want.3. Foldable screen mobile phone has many deficiencies, why should we worry?Samsung Electronics today unveiled the Galaxy Z Flip, a flip-flop mobile phone, adding a new dimension to the foldable-screen mobile phone camp.Your next smartphone may need a flip to open the screen, and then fold it up when not in use, just like the old flip phone of the 1990s.The question is, is this really the smartphone we want?For Samsung, Motorola, Huawei and other technology companies, they definitely hope so.Many people realized a few years ago that today’s smart phones are very good, and their successors will only be slightly better.Therefore, we are all prolonging the upgrade time of mobile phones, which hurts corporate profits.So in order to launch new, exciting phones that appeal to you at the same time, mobile phone manufacturers have started to promote so-called foldable screen phones.This includes Samsung’s $ 1,380 Galaxy Z Flip, which was released today, and Lenovo’s $ 1,500 Motorola Razr, which was launched last week.Mobile phone manufacturers are also unconventional when launching foldable screen phones.Over the years, technology companies’ attempts to design new phones have partly stemmed from consumer surveys, which has led to the larger screens, longer battery life, and better cameras we really want.However, foldable screen phones are not what most people want.Unlike the cutting-edge innovations of the past, there are only a few foldable-screen phones with major problems.Samsung’s first foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold, released last year was damaged by technology reviewers after a few days of use.Early evaluations showed that the Motorola Razr’s battery life was poor and the hinges were not flexible enough.”It’s a self-inflicted solution,” said Paolo Pescatore, a technology analyst at research firm PP Foresight. “That’s my concern about many of these technologies that get delivered to people quickly.No need, why are you in a hurry? ”So, is the foldable mobile phone a trend or a trend that can be sustained?First of all, foldable screen technology is definitely a fascinating and interesting technology, but the consensus of consumer technology experts is that we may have to wait for this technology to mature even before considering a purchase.Here are a few reasons: Principles of foldable screen phones New foldable screen phones come in many different forms.For example, Samsung Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X have two screens.When you expand, you get a tablet with a spacious screen.Once closed, you can use a second external touch screen for input.Samsung Galaxy Fold In comparison, Samsung’s Z Flip and Lenovo’s Motorola Razr are standard touch screens when opened.When the phone is closed, a small screen outside can display notifications and app previews.Large-sized foldable screen devices will also come, such as the ThinkPad X1 Fold that Lenovo will release this year.It is equipped with a larger foldable screen that can be used as a tablet like a book when folded, and the screen size when unfolded is 13.3 inches.All these devices require the use of a hinge, which brings a moving part to the smartphone, which is as easily damaged as the screen.The main advantage of a foldable screen phone that supports sound is that it can provide you with a larger screen while occupying your smaller pocket space.There are many shortcomings of foldable screen phones that are against sound.It relies on flexible OLED screen technology, which is much thinner than traditional screen panels.Device manufacturers have long used flexible OLED technology to make our phones and smartwatches slimmer.For example, the Apple Watch uses a flexible OLED screen, but it cannot be bent because it is covered by a strong sapphire glass.To bend the device, you have to sacrifice some stiffness.The curved screen used by foldable screen devices is generally covered by a plastic layer, which is more prone to scratches or penetration than the strong glass that protects traditional mobile phone screens.Samsung claims that Z Flip uses a thin, foldable glass that can be folded back and forth 200,000 times.”If you swipe the iPhone screen hard with a ballpoint pen, there will be no problem,” said Kyle Wiens, CEO of maintenance company iFixit. “But if you do this on a foldable screen, youIt will ruin it. “In theory, the flip design of the Z Flip and Razr provides a solution to the durability problem.This is because the home screen is not exposed when the phone is folded.But when you accidentally drop the phone while using it, such as typing while walking, tripping over something, you will have trouble.”The real environment is not like consumers treating their smartphones without the protection of a foldable screen,” said Raymond Soneira, founder of screen testing agency DisplayMate.The foldable phone has another design flaw.Overall, there are noticeable creases on the screen when they are unfolded.These creases are too ugly compared to the crease-free screens used on smartphones and tablets.Last but not least, whether the mechanical hinge of the foldable screen can stand the test of time.Early test reports indicate that there may be a problem with the Motorola Razr’s hinge.Some reviewers say its hinges are too tight to open and fold.Technology evaluation website CNET said that after 27,000 folding back and forth using the robot, Razr’s test machine hinge was damaged.Motorola Razr Motorola said in a statement that it was confident in the durability of the Razr and said CNET’s test method put excessive pressure on the hinges.Carolina Milanesi, a technology analyst at market research firm Creative Strategies, doesn’t buy Motorola’s argument.”Someday, you no longer need to tell every user, ‘You’re so folded’,” she said.The biggest disadvantage of foldable screen phones may not be technology, but price.These phones sell for between $ 1,400 and more than $ 2,400.For most people, this is a fatal flaw.You can get a good phone with a great camera for about $ 400, such as the Google Pixel 3A.Future prospects for foldable screen phones It is too early to tell whether foldable screens will succeed.In the next few years, this technology may become cheaper and more durable.Will you buy it then?Despite stumbling early developments of foldable screen phones, it still seems to attract Waynes.”Obviously, everyone wants to use a large screen, but I hate cell phones in their pockets,” he said. “I think you can think this is the phone that people want.” Sorella thinks that a foldable screen is more suitableA device we have taken care of: computers.Imagine you can enjoy a big screen movie on an airplane and then fold it up and carry it in your carry-on luggage.”If a manufacturer could launch a wonderful foldable screen notebook, I would buy one,” he said.Refer to for information.

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