Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “everyone is a product manager” (ID: woshipm), Author: Yi Peng Yu, 36 krypton release authorized.There have been some changes in my work experience and content in the past few years, so this time I want to share some of my new thoughts and suggestions with you.I have talked about two topics: one is to start from the value design of the product, and I hope that the product manager can think about the product he made from a different perspective.For example, if you are in a very good team, you have a project that feels good, but why do you close it when you are doing it?Everyone thinks it is a good idea. Why do the company shut down this project a few months later and not let everyone do it?Another topic is the evolution of product managers in the AI ​​era.Originally, product managers focused on some technical skills, but in the age of AI, what kind of products do product managers want to make?What kind of job?But I found that after learning so much, I still find it difficult. Why?Because the competition that everyone faces is getting bigger and bigger-you may rack your brains and do a project, but the progress you see is getting slower and slower.If you have such feelings, then what we share next, we may have more resonance.I. Changes in the Internet Once we paid close attention to experience, process and logical positioning, entry points, values ​​… We want to get a variety of new skills.Why do we do these things?It is to be better ourselves-we have the skills to do the basic work well in the position of product manager.The number of the Internet began in 2001 and spans about 10 years.There were about 300-500 Internet companies registered nationwide in 2001. By 2010, there were more than 200,000. It is expected that by 2020, there will be more than 800,000.The Internet industry has created a lot of halo effects. If you joined Ali, Tencent and Baidu in 2001 and stick to it now, you will be in the leading position in the industry and have nothing to worry about.The number of employees brought by the Internet, from the initial 50,000 to 100,000, to 3 to 5 million in 2010, is expected to exceed 20 million by 2020.So you might be competing with 50,000 to 100,000 people at the beginning. Today, the number has increased by a factor of 100. You were PK with 1 person today. Today you have to PK with 100 people.This is the biggest change in the Internet, and we need to keep learning to improve ourselves.2. Are there any bonuses to traffic?There is a saying on the Internet that traditional classical Internet companies have completely entered the Red Sea era. No matter if you are in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Shenzhen, or Guangzhou, there are a large number of Internet companies participating in such industries.We have a population of 1.4 billion in China. In the era of the PC Internet and the mobile Internet, we are desperately trying to grow by the number of people. Today, the first goal of many companies is to generate traffic. With traffic, there are ways to monetize the traffic and advertising.As a member, you can even transfer traffic.So, is there a bonus to traffic?WeChat has 1.1 billion users today.And in 2011 or 2012, there was a famous expression on the Internet that we got a ferry ticket for mobile internet. What was that number at that time?100000000.At that time 100 million was a ferry ticket, but for today it is just a fraction.WeChat has 1.1 billion users so far, QQ is 700 million, Taobao 800 million, salted fish also has 300 million users, as well as, Pinduoduo … so today we do anything, if only by trafficThe dividends may not have been accumulated, and they will face competition from one giant after another-because a large number of companies have passed the era of horse racing.3. During the National Day parade on the torrent track, our takeaway brother joined the parade display team for the National Day crowd for the first time. It can be seen that they are very important to appear in the torrent track. The core gathering is with our food and clothingConsumption upgrade and service upgrade.The previous rapid growth of the Internet was due to asymmetric information.When you use WeChat to communicate today, do you realize that it is free?Ten years ago, we might have cost 20 to 30 yuan a month for a text message that might only cost 200 to 300 messages, and now we may have more than 300 messages a day; but it is free, so it can cover 1.1 billion people.What we really need is consumer content from clothing, food, housing, and transportation that is not information: Didi and Cao Cao go out; are you hungry for lunch or a beautiful group; going out to watch movies at night is cat eyes.There is also some information, such as vertical segmentation of dating needs: Momo, Tantan; help to meet our eating and drinking: Ruixing coffee, Hema Xiansheng, daily fresh and so on … these are all based on our needs., We still have many channels to use our services in the middle of food, clothing, housing and transportation.Under the torrent, some industries are staring at the Internet and want to grow from the middle. They lack good product managers to join them and achieve fission with them.Fourth, the Internet + Imagine, what do we think of the Internet +?What is it like in the eyes of industry?When we first talked about Internet +, the first thing we talked about was subversion.What I felt at that time was that we wanted to subvert everything.So the traditional industry is very scared of us, they think: what else can we do if you come?Internet makers in the eyes of industry used to be cautious.The picture above is the Internet that we want to see connected to everything. There is a balloon. Below is a person.We all want to share, but from this screen, everyone doesn’t feel solid enough. What should I do if the balloon bursts?What to do if the line is broken?The balloon lifted me up and went up. I don’t know how it fell.This is a mentality: sometimes we are eager to achieve success, and we will add the knowledge we used and the past skills to a new industry in a particularly simple and direct way.At this time, it may be effective in the short term, but no one feels secure.Let’s look at one more thing: I flew back to Shenzhen from abroad this morning and arrived at about 10:00 in the morning.This time when I was on a business trip in Europe, I saw that the two companies showed me different information, which really struck me.I didn’t expect these famous companies, and I saw in my eyes that China has brought them some changes.On the left is the software leader of Volkswagen. On the PPT he introduced, a beggar asking for money had a QR code on his chest.We rarely carry money with us now, but if you do n’t bring a mobile phone, you do n’t pull out a QR code, which is impossible.In the eyes of Europeans and Americans, what is happening in China now is that the entire Internet of products and technologies have rapidly evolved the industry ecology.If you do a business today, you do n’t use the tools to open a shop, you do n’t have a statistical framework based on Weimeng and Youmeng, a Taobao template, and your shop is basically unable to open — you must connect to WeChat to Alipay.Is an ecology.The logic of making products and doing business today cannot be separated from ecology; as a product manager, in addition to skills, we must also consider some business considerations and know what changes are happening in this industry.Fifth, the true convergence of the industry’s expectations for the + Internet, how can Internet products and technologies be considered truly integrated?First of all, it has evolved for a long time, not how do subversive steel and iron combine?The first is simply tying them together or welding them together. This is the more traditional method.However, iron steel is still steel. The best way is to become an alloy and fuse them together. The hardness and corrosion resistance of the alloy are much better than the steel and iron alone.So whether it’s cross-border or entering a new field, the best fusion is not welding, but really fusion with each other like alloys; this is the industry we want to see, the industry that traditional Internet companies hope to achieve.Many traditional companies recruit people on the Internet, not to ask one person to change them, but to get a team to transform their entire system.The industry also needs to be patient for one year of projects, three to five years of business, and ten years of industry. The industry always exists.To enter such an industry, we need to be more patient.When I was at an Internet company, everyone was anxious, hoping that the product would be online today, 100,000 tomorrow, one million users in one month, financing after three months, and burning a bit of money, and go to the B round after six monthsAfter one year, the C round will be commercialized after two years, and will be listed after three years.Momo did just that, and the earliest Taobao did it too—because they were the first to start from scratch, they could grow exponentially.But at the torrential stage of the industry today, each of us must have enough patience to do products and business.Next is from the perspective of what I do, and I will share with you some thoughts of the new energy industry. Let’s look at what it needs to do specifically.Product managers need a gorgeous turn 1. New opportunities for the energy industry Internet In this process, product managers need to find their new positioning and better development direction.Suppose you now choose a traditional industry, such as sports, oil or real estate.They are not smaller than Internet companies. When entering such an industry, what is your observation point?What product capabilities do these industries need?I think growing up with them will not get worse returns than doing the Internet now.Let’s take a look at the news of the State Grid and Tencent in May 19th: Together with the State Grid Corporation, Tencent focused on the trillion-dollar energy Internet and Ali also participated in: After cooperating with Ali, they negotiated with Ma Huateng, State Grid and InternetWhat is the company doing together and why is it State Grid?Why does State Grid build 5G?2. What is the Energy Internet?I want to ask a few questions first: How many people are paying electricity bills online?How many people pay their electricity bills via WeChat or Alipay?How many people will you encounter once in a month?Everyone knows that the current infrastructure of the power grid is definitely not like our mobile phone is changed every year. It almost stopped there after it was completed.But every summer in the summer, everyone will feel the peak period of power consumption; at this time, we should do the power allocation of energy: the wrong peak power consumption, which everyone can feel.How many people know that the price of electricity during the day is different from the price of electricity you use at night?Know how big the spread is?Let me give an example: if there is a price difference in a place, the electricity consumption during the day may be 50 yuan, the electricity consumption at night is 100 yuan, or vice versa-it may be 50 at night and 100 during the day.Everyone may not feel this, but the difference is very large.After asking so many questions, let’s talk about the energy Internet.In essence, the energy Internet is the same as the Internet: there are different hierarchies, including entities, data, information and operating platforms.The entities are the ones we often come into contact with. For example, there are equipment for generating electricity, some national power grids, electricity sales, and more and more electric cars now in use.Almost all of the taxis in Shenzhen have been replaced by electric cars. If you go out to chat with the driver and talk to the driver, he will tell you how long it takes to charge the battery, and then they will complain about when it is cheaper to charge it; soAt this time, I can’t carry you, I have to hurry to charge and transfer-this group of people has now become the most direct and most directly touched by the energy Internet, but we have not yet reached out.The second is data information. In the field of Energy Internet, there is a large amount of data analysis, data exchange, security and transaction information. There is a very large transaction system here.What has been the biggest concern of the electricity industry in the past two years?Mining, especially in the past two years, is miners.There is a report in the news: a teacher thinks that the school’s electricity is free, so he got 5 miners and placed them in the office. How was he finally found?The electricity used by this school has increased by 5 to 10 times a month; the noise of the mining machine is too loud, and the students next to it have studied.So where did the miners go?They go to Inner Mongolia, to Xinjiang, to Russia, to Canada, to the places where electricity is cheapest and the temperature is the lowest.This group of people feels about the energy system, and we don’t now.But if you own an electric car, then it may be your mining machine next-because it can fully charge the electricity when it is cheap and let it go when it is expensive.3. The connection point of people / cars / electricity network-Smart Charging Pile Energy The Internet has a large architecture, and the connection points they generate are smart charging piles.Today we already have contact points on mobile phones, such as shared power bank, each one will have a standby signal, it will connect to Alipay, to your APP and applet.In the future, the connection point between the car and the power grid is the smart charging pile. The picture below is a picture I took overseas when I was on a business trip the previous two days. The charging pile on Google Maps is on the top.4. Energy transaction form As a very important information in the map, smart charging piles are much richer than gas stations. With these basic equipment, people and vehicles can be connected to the power grid.What can our real business do at this connection point?We call them V2L, V2V, V2G.V2L: An electric car can be charged with electricity for a single person for one month; V2V: Electric cars can be used for rescue and borrowing each other on the road; V2G: The remaining electricity in an electric car can be supplied to the office.This is a very typical big business that can be done through smart charging piles and energy Internet, and everyone can participate.The Value of Energy Internet-Home Energy Management System This is a home energy management system.Our name is Home Electrical Manage System, it can help you manage your home energy.For the entire city, there is also a set of systems. In this way, the city’s power management system will form the basis of the energy Internet for all systems. What it is based on will use the Internet’s big data analysis, operating products and skills, including the entireThe construction of the platform involves people dealing with equipment and resources.Blockchain energy management application scenarios In such a very traditional energy industry, blockchain also has very good application scenarios.Because this industry is naturally distributed, each intelligent stub is a node, and each connected car is also a node; we can conduct fair, reliable, and trusted personnel exchange and information exchange.In this way, information is turned into a better data asset, so that there is better trust among all the people involved.Because Energy Internet has huge nodes, blockchain technology has great potential in it, which is a natural and very good scene.Green Energy Certification This is a charging pile at the McDonald’s gate that I photographed, with 100% wind energy written on it.Should we still not distinguish whether the electricity we use comes from coal burning or wind, water and nuclear power?But electricity may be classified in the future. Why?There is a question: Are our vehicles with new energy environmentally friendly?Some people think it is environmentally friendly, but some people think it is not environmentally friendly, because the electricity used in new energy vehicles may come from coal burning or the engine is converted-this is not environmentally friendly at all.But if the new energy vehicle uses 100% of wind energy and hydropower, then it is environmentally friendly.So in this field, the source of electricity will change a lot in the future.And if it has attributes, there must be a new business model. This is a deeper application in the industry based on the blockchain.If there are students who want to pay attention to the opportunities of the new energy industry and the opportunities of the new energy internet, welcome to communicate with me..

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