The final battle of the short video industry from the Spring Festival red envelope


Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Hot WeChat Review” (ID: redianweiping), author Wang Xinxi, 36 氪 Published with permission.The 2020 Chinese New Year Red Envelope battle is earlier than last year. Recently, six main players of Douyin, Faster, Weishi, Baidu, Taobao, Weibo, and Alipay have announced the red envelope rules, and the six companies have paid 5.2 billion in coins.It is unprecedented.From the perspective of the short video industry, the fast-handed Spring Festival Evening gives out 1 billion, and the card is divided into 100 million. The rules of gameplay are relatively simple and straightforward.From the perspective of seeability, Tencent’s Microvision and Headline Douyin may be more interesting. From the two red envelope gameplay, we can see their strategic layout ideas for the future and some subtle trends in the industry.Towards.WeChat: Multi-level technical creativity, social interaction of content, and expanding market influence WeChat Red Packet activities throughout the Spring Festival include “personal video red envelope”, “24-hour red envelope rain”, “jijiaxiang card”, etc., a total of 10 investment100 million cash, of which 800 million video red envelope subsidies, set hometown Kagua divide 200 million.In addition, during the Spring Festival, Weishi added a “video red envelope” game to WeChat red envelopes, and users can directly send video red envelopes to friends and family within WeChat.On the whole, this year’s WeChat video red envelope has some innovations in creative scene interaction. Through the intervention of AI, fun red envelope templates such as “New Year Firecrackers”, “3D God of Wealth God”, “I want to open”The display form fits the atmosphere of the scene of the Spring Festival, and also enhances the intimate interaction and emotion between users and friends, highlighting the fun of red envelope interaction.In addition, Weishi put 800 million in personal video red envelopes, and included three penny battles, red envelope experience money, and video egg red envelopes. The reason why Weishi invested heavily in this link is because of personal video red envelopes.The potential lies in the fact that it may form a social fission effect in which red envelopes are sent and received.Judging from the rules, the three major ways of playing personal video red envelopes are extremely tempting. A penny battle allows users to pay a penny. The micro-subsidy amount forms a big red envelope for users to issue. The maximum single subsidy amount is up to 888 yuan., The gift of red envelope experience (up to 888 yuan) is to save users a lot of red envelope distribution costs.The essence of both gameplay is to allow users to send red envelopes at zero cost.The video egg red envelope game is to allow users who receive red envelopes to enjoy a wave of extra red envelope benefits.This type of gameplay often drives users who lead red envelopes to participate in red envelopes, which in turn drives more relatives and friends to join in the interaction, fully mobilizes the social relationship chain, and drives DAU growth.The essence of this gameplay is to set up a red envelope fission benefit trigger mechanism: the more you send, the more friends you participate in, the more you earn.It deeply links WeChat video red envelopes with WeChat and QQ. It also follows the offline culture of the Spring Festival. Through the blessings and red envelopes between people, the cultural attributes of everyone’s participation are highlighted, and the temperature of science and technology is highlighted.This may be a surprise for this year’s red envelope event.Let’s look at the hometown card game of Weishi-WeTV will release five types of hometown cards: food card, landmark card, scenic card, cultural card and new era card. Users only need to collect five cards from the same hometown.Combining a set of hometown cards, a set of hometown cards can be divided into 200 million cash.Users can obtain cards by swiping videos, taking videos, inviting users to participate in activities, and so on. They can also collect cards by exchanging cards with other users.WeChat ’s collection card activities carry a user ’s emotional needs and sustenance for their hometown. It has a humanistic side: it is easy to drive the user ’s hometown complex and identity with the hometown. It is actually aimed at the user ’s hometown emotion.This gameplay is actually the mining of social scenes and the mobilization of social relationships during the Spring Festival sinking market.Not only that, gathering cards and exchanging cards with the theme of “hometown” is easy to drive user identity and tacit understanding in the same hometown scene and region, and to promote social activity in the interpersonal relationship of the user’s hometown. Microvision can also drive the market sinkNew increment.Douyin took a video to play the game, competing for the B-end business strategy. Douyin ’s red envelope this year is also very thoughtful. It has the most 2 billion red envelopes in history, and there are roughly four ways to play: one is a card, and the other is an interactive mini gameThree are red envelope rain, and the fourth is koi red envelope.In addition, there are login games, invite friends to remove red envelopes and other games.The total amount of the Douyin “Red Envelope Conference” venue is 500 million, which can be played anytime, anywhere. The biggest highlight is interactive games. Users can experience “auspicious words for Chinese New Year”, “lion dance eating colorful balls”, “relatives walk up”, etc.Six Chinese New Year interactive games.These mini-games are simple but fun to play. For example, “Stealing New Year’s Eve” can be aimed at the camera to open the mouth to “Sneak” New Year’s Eve in the game; “Emoji Dance Machine” is based on emoji expressions to make real-life expressions to obtain red envelope energy, etc.Red envelope energy is used to extract cash red envelopes and koi red envelopes.Douyin encourages users to play short videos and share interactions in various ways. For example, by publishing and sharing short videos of games, you can receive red envelope energy and sponsor benefits. In addition, Douyin ’s “first gift red envelope” is obtained byUsers can directly pick up 8 of their APPs, and red envelopes can be expanded by sharing friends.The card collection activity is similar to last year’s collection of notes. Collecting five cards together can be divided into 300 million.In the collection of cards, if you collect 6 product logos including Douyin, Today ’s Headline, Faceu Jimeng, etc., you can participate in 200 million.In addition, 10,000 “Koi Red Packets” and a total of 500 million “Red Packet Rain” require users to participate in winning prizes by sharing game videos with friends, playing games, watching live vibrato, and collecting cards.Compared to 2019, there are three changes in this year’s Douyin “Fortune China Year” campaign: First, the total amount of red envelopes has doubled, emphasizing full time and full traffic; second, more product access activities, including Douyin and Today ’s Headlines, Faceu Jimeng and Pippi shrimp.Third: the gameplay is more focused on short video content interaction.It lowers the threshold for users to play short videos and improves the entertainment of red envelopes.The fourth is that brand sponsors participate in interactive exposures. For example, Junlebao milk powder is the overall name of the brand for the red envelope activity of the Chinese New Year in Douyin. During the game session and the red envelope collection page, the exposure of the brand is also revealed.This aspect reveals that Douyin’s strategy for the Spring Festival red envelope has changed from pulling new life to promoting liveness and retaining it, maximizing user time.Douyin still encourages users to share socially, but the core of the overall gameplay is more about short video content interaction, allowing users to take selfies and various funny expressions, complete game tasks, get opportunities to earn red envelopes, and contribute activity to Douyin.In addition, the headline department began to focus on the B-end market, spurring sponsors to issue red envelopes and coupons, and promoting merchants to achieve brand exposure and interaction with users during the Spring Festival, increasing user favorability and recognition.This means that the headline strategy in the B-end market is beginning to surface.This year’s Douyin Red Envelope apparently has more linkages with other products under its control, and each other leads.This is well understood. From fast-hand to Weishi, Baidu, etc., they have all invested money to pay attention to competing traffic, grab the sinking market, the momentum is fierce, Douyin has more growth anxiety, and the battle for red envelopes must use more resources.In general, the threshold for vibrato red envelopes is lower, and the fun and entertainment is higher than last year.Looking at the final battle of short video from the red envelope From the micro-vision and Douyin gameplay, you can actually see the four trends of the short video industry.First, the competition for short videos has grown from traffic to competing for effective retention and activity, from focusing on the frequency of content consumption to the frequency of user content interactions.Judging from the commonality of the two gameplays, we see that both of them have begun to focus on user interaction and participation.Douyin wants to drive users’ “habit of seeing and playing” through entertainment-based content gameplay.The interactive gameplay of Weishi pays more attention to conveying humanistic affection, allowing users to have fun, to have money to make money, and to have a stronger social interaction and emotional transmission of red envelopes.In addition, in the event of the two card collections, whether WeChat (watching videos, inviting friends, shooting videos) or Douyin (inviting friends to double the bonus), both are pulling users to play videos and promoting interaction.The interactive gameplay of Weishi has ignited the attributes of social fission transmission, which is in line with the original purpose of the Spring Festival-to make friends who are not often connected, and who don’t move around often have new opportunities and exchanges because of red envelopes.According to QuestMobile data, in the first half of 2019, the entire short video industry has broken through 820 million users, and the industry is facing problems such as homogeneity and growth bottlenecks.The red envelope gameplay reveals changes in the direction of industry competition. On the one hand, it focuses on traffic growth. On the other hand, it also hopes to mobilize the needs of ordinary users to self-display and interactive content sharing, focusing on the business value of individual users.Second, there is still a lot of room for increasing the sinking market, but competition has become more and more exciting.As mentioned earlier, behind the gameplay of Weishi Home Card is to tap the sinking market social scene, to drive the sinking market users’ recognition of their brand from the emotional level, and to expand the influence of sinking market.This is actually a signal of the trend of short video competition in 2020.In the past year, the entertainment and consumption of sinking users still has great potential. The short video industry penetration rate has increased by nearly 20% year-on-year. According to QuestMobile2019 China Mobile Internet Report data, the current sinking population has reached 615 million, and the number of young users in townsThe growth rate far exceeds all Internet users.The pull of the DAU sinking market is a variable for the 2020 short video.Deepening the tentacles into more sinking markets has great benefits for the promotion of the platform’s business ecology, which determines the platform’s commercial value and profitability.Judging from WeChat ’s gameplay, the battle to sink the market is not over. The vibrato has also been sinking in the past year, and the battle for users sinking the market will continue.Third, competition in the short video B-end enterprise market is about to wind up.Last year was a hot year for short videos / live broadcasts. From the perspective of the general environment, B-side companies also have a need for cost reduction promotions and marketing. This year, many red envelope players have begun to take action against the collaboration of brand owners, including vibrato sharing.The game received rewards and sponsor coupons, driving brands to harvest the Spring Festival traffic bonus together, and the strategic focus shifted from competing for users to competing for B-end merchants.From the perspective of the short video trend, the battle on the B side will further escalate in 2020. How to attract more SMEs to enter their own platforms and form a business ecosystem will become an important part of the competition.Fourth, in the beginning of 5G, AI technology-based gameplay may lead the new trend of short video.From the perspective of Weishi ’s intelligent technology, we may see a change in the way short video plays in the 5G era.Because 2020 is the first year of 5G, short video games have new imagination.5G commercial implementation, hardware capabilities such as mobile AI chips will also be further improved, and the combination with AI will be more and more tight, including AR, face recognition, motion capture, etc. will be applied to short videos, AI will also promote the review of short video platformsEfficiency, cutting production efficiency, improving gameplay experience innovation, and even integration and penetration with many industries.To some extent, as the slope of user growth slows down and AI technology advances, short video players will pay more and more attention to competing for young people through innovation in AI gameplay. AI will be a major investment in the short video industry and widen the gap in the future.A field.From the perspective of the short video industry structure, the future battle between the headline department and the Tencent department for existing users and time will continue.In the 5G era, AI technology is playing an increasingly important role. It will be an important match point in the next stage. With the in-depth competition of AI, the short video gameplay in the 5G era will have more creative presentations, or it will bring competition for short video in the future.To new variables.From this perspective, the short video industry structure has not yet been settled, and the battle for the final game is still far away. The future short video battle is still to be seen..

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