Musk creates a new feat in human spaceflight: bombing rockets in the air


Editor’s note: This article is from the micro-channel public number “qubits” (ID: QbitAI), Author: Lai can dry out thirteen, 36 krypton release authorized.In Florida, where U.S. rocket launches are commonplace, Space X completed a special launch mission-the first in the history of human aviation.The Falcon 9 rocket carried the capsule and exploded less than 2 minutes after launch.But don’t panic, everything is planned.They just want to use actual tests to test: if the rocket explodes after taking off, can astronauts successfully escape and return to Earth safely?At 9 minutes and 04 seconds, the capsule safely “falls into the water.”Musk gave a positive answer.This also means: Space X’s plan to send people into space is almost unhindered.This is a small step in human interstellar exploration, but it is a big step in the development of civil space SpaceX, and it is also a key step in Musk’s Mars colonization plan.Once again, Musk made history.Destroyed the Falcon 9 in public: “The most expensive firework in history” This was a long-planned explosion by Musk.Before the launch of the rocket, he didn’t even bother to share the best place to “watch fireworks”-Port Canaveral Beach: So on the other side of the ocean, a spring festival was also staged: Beijing time 2020 1At 11:30 pm on the 19th, a day and two hours and 30 minutes later than the original plan, the rocket was finally launched.A burst of exclamation erupted at the scene.But soon, everyone held their breath, because the rocket was going to separate from the capsule next.About 1 minute and 24 seconds, the rocket speed exceeded 1600 km / h, the engine went off, and the eight thrusters on the capsule ignited at the same time, reaching the maximum thrust, and the capsule ejected.And the Falcon 9 completed its historical mission in the process of falling downwards–exploding as planned.What a big firework!The most expensive kick in human history.But the entire test didn’t end there. The capsule used the thruster to further leave the exploding rocket.After 2 minutes and 25 seconds, the capsule separated from the thruster and fell freely into the Atlantic Ocean.After 4 minutes and 45 seconds, the two parachutes were unfolded: 5 minutes and 36 seconds, 4 parachutes were thrown out, and after 20 seconds they were fully deployed.Although there are only two “dummy” in the capsule, the capsule rescue team staying on the Atlantic Ocean has also begun operations and went to the target sea for search and rescue.On the one hand, the integrity of the test process, on the other hand, these dummy and space capsule also recorded more detailed data, which can help determine what impact this behavior will have on the human body in the future.After 9 minutes and 02 seconds, the capsule landed perfectly in the Atlantic Ocean.test was successful!!!!!Milestones in Manned Space Flight This test is to demonstrate Space X’s backup plan to respond to the extremes of manned space flight and bring astronauts back to Earth.It can be said that it is an important part of the cooperation between Space X and NASA, and also a key node for NASA to send astronauts into space again.To this end, Space X has been developing a new capsule called “Crew Dragon” for the past 6 years, and through a series of demonstrations to prove that its aircraft is safe and capable of doing this job.△ The core of the entire backup plan of Crew Dragon’s internal structure is an escape system. Eight thrusters are embedded in the capsule’s shell, called the SuperDraco engine.Able to generate 120,000 pounds of axial thrust in one second.On May 6, 2015, Crew Dragon successfully completed a launch termination test. Eight SuperDracos fired at the same time and reached the maximum thrust. They took Crew Dragon off the launch pad, reached a maximum speed of 345 mph in a few seconds, and then stopped burning.The trunk part fell off, the parachute was activated, and the spacecraft landed smoothly on the Atlantic Ocean.△ The video is twice the speed. △ The landing of the spacecraft is put into actual combat, and a complete, full-process test was performed during the flight.And in terms of time nodes, this time the maximum pressure point during the launch of the rocket was also selected, that is, the most complex moment of the stress state.In order to get NASA’s recognition, I also worked hard.The test Falcon 9 has performed three flight missions, and this bombing was also glorious.But the cost is still high-the total cost of a Falcon 9 rocket is about 50 million US dollars, or about 340 million yuan.Space X has also organized a team to prepare to retract the rocket debris after the test is over.Of course, the success of this test is not only related to the smooth progress of the cooperation between SpaceX and NASA, but also a milestone in the manned space flight process.The rocket crash made it difficult for astronauts to survive, and it also brought a lot of tragic color to the space. After successful testing, NASA will approve SpaceX for conventional manned flights to and from the International Space Station.Humans travel to space, and they really feel like flying to another city.And this is exactly the atmosphere that Musk has always wanted to create.Colonizing Mars, Musk has been working hard to build rockets step by step. In order to prove the safety of the system, he even bombed the rocket in public to test the safety system.For Musk, the core goal has remained the same-colonizing Mars.As early as 2016, Musk announced a detailed Mars colonization plan at the International Astronautical Congress.The design plan of the “Big Fucking Spaceship” was released.Suddenly, thousands of waves were stirred up, and when many people sniffed, many people thought that Musk was crazy.But “crazy” like Musk does not care too much about other people’s views.At the 2017 International Astronautical Congress, he came up with a very detailed plan-a 39-page PPT.It introduced the project progress in detail, the latest big rocket design plan, the construction plan of Mars City, and even put forward the idea of ​​using rockets to travel to various cities on earth: it only takes 30 minutes to reach every corner of the earth.At the same time, Space X is also actively promoting the improvement of the Falcon 9 and other rockets, and taking NASA orders to further continue funding and pay for the initial investment in the colonization of Mars.By September 2019, everything is different.Musk, who dared to think more dare to release, directly released the big rocket, Starship, and finally the colonization of Mars was no longer an empty talk, but became more concrete and achievable.Starship claims to be the world’s strongest rocket, which can not only carry up to 100 tons of payload to Mars and the Moon, but also carry more than 100 passengers-and can carry out long-term interstellar travel.Of course, Musk did not forget to make a bold statement at the conference site: conduct a test flight within 2 months and enter orbit 6 months later.Musk did not delay this time. On November 20, 2019, Starship ushered in a stress test, and then-it exploded.Musk then tweeted that for manufacturing, this version of Starship is only a valuable Pathfinder. The second-generation prototype has been built in a Florida factory, and the third-generation will setbacks, getting into orbit in six months was basically futile.But Musk’s dream has not been ridiculed and questioned as in previous years.Because he has proved with action, these are not daydreams, but plans that are becoming a reality.Just before this public bombing, Musk did not forget to tweet on Twitter to “sell” his Mars plan.He said that by 2030, 1,000 humans will be sent to Mars, and by 2050 the number will be one million.Starship is designed for this purpose, with an average of 3 flights per day, 1,000 flights per year, each flight with a load of more than 100 tons, and 10 spacecraft can put millions of tons of load into orbit each year.To achieve this goal, we need to build 100 Starships each year, 1,000 ships in 10 years, and 1 million migrants to Mars by 2050.But what are the prerequisites for giving away to Mars?Security, of course, and countermeasures under extreme conditions.This is not, the Falcon 9 bombing in public, isn’t that a way out for Musk?This time let people ride on Musk ’s rocket. It is estimated that I will be more at ease. After the first astronauts who took the Falcon 9 to space, after this test, Musk sent the Falcon 9 to the sky, basically it was nailed down..The corresponding candidates have already been determined, namely, American astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley.Let’s meet them first: Bob Behnken, full name Robert Louis Behnken.Born July 28, 1970 in Cliff Cool, Missouri, PhD in mechanical engineering, US Air Force officer, NASA astronaut and former director of the Office of Astronauts.Behnken holds the position of Colonel of the US Air Force and has recorded more than 1,000 hours of driving experience on 25 different aircraft.Behnken is a STS-123 mission member. He participated in three space walks during the mission in March 2008; as a mission expert for STS-130, he performed another three space walks during the February 2010 mission.In September 2015, four astronauts under the NASA Commercial Crew Program were selected.Doug Hurley, full name Douglas Gerald Hurley.Born October 21, 1966, a civil engineer and an astronaut at NASA.The former Navy pilot was the first pilot to fly the Boeing F / A-18E and F / A-18F Super Hornet. He has more than 5,500 hours of driving experience on 25 aircraft.In 2009, as a pilot of the space STS-127 mission; in 2011, he performed the STS-135 mission as a pilot of the space shuttle Atlantis.More than 683 hours in space.In July 2015, he was selected with Bob Behnken as the first astronaut in US commercial space.Although the specific time point for manned flight has not been determined.But Musk also revealed some details. They will arrive at the launch site in February to prepare. After all conditions are ready, they will take the Falcon 9 to the space station for 2 weeks.Astronauts are missions into space, but others need to pay for it if they want to go to Mars.However, Musk also considered this scene.When asked before how he would be selected to participate in the colonization of Mars, Musk gave an easy answer: “Anyone who wants to go, people who have no money can loan.” He also further explained that this is himAn important reason for hoarding wealth is to help people pay for travel to Mars.But this is not just charity. Musk also said that there are a lot of job opportunities on Mars, and you can work for money..

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