Huawei, Xiaomi and other domestic manufacturers work together: thousands of yuan 5G mobile phones are expected to be launched by the end of this year


Editor’s note: This article comes from Tencent Technology, author Silicon Valley Analytical Lion, 36 氪 released with permission.According to foreign media reports, domestic mobile phone manufacturers led by Huawei are working with the industry chain to reduce the price of 5G mobile phones.Earlier, Yang Chaobin, president of Huawei’s 5G product line, said in an interview that 5G smartphones around 150 US dollars (about 1028 yuan) are expected to be launched at the end of 2020 or early 2021.5G smartphones are becoming a mainstream product in the smartphone market, and it is expected that all major smartphone manufacturers will launch several 5G phones this year.There are already several 5G devices in the market, but they are basically mid- to high-end products.In the past year, Huawei and Honor also launched a variety of 5G smartphones, including Huawei Mate 30 series 5G phones, Huawei Mate 20 X 5G, Huawei Mate X 5G phones, Nova 6 5G, and Honor V30 series 5G phones.Huawei also recently announced that as of the end of December 2019, Huawei’s total global shipments of 5G mobile phones exceeded 6.9 million units.Huawei ’s 5G mobile phone shipments this year are expected to reach 100 million. Some suppliers have stated that they are very optimistic about the Chinese 5G market, and Huawei will undoubtedly achieve good results in this market. It may sell at least 1 in China next year.Hundreds of millions of smartphones supporting 5G, at least from the order they received, is expected to be such a trend.From the perspective of suppliers, Huawei’s 5G mobile phones will have larger shipments in the next few years, mainly due to their deep reserves in 5G technology, which can achieve true end-to-end, chips, baseband, RF, Signal debugging, mobile phone design, etc. can all be done on their own, which will inevitably increase the push for new developments, and more importantly, it will be better than competitors in cost control.For 2020, the industry chain revealed that Huawei ’s goal for next year is clear. It is to rely on its advantages in 5G chips to sell more 5G mobile phones, grab more market share, increase mid- to high-end market share, and innovateTo drive the brand’s premium capabilities, and finally to compete against Samsung and Apple, becoming the industry’s first.Domestic manufacturers strive to reduce the price of 5G mobile phones. A report from the market research agency IDC shows that 190 million 5G smartphones will be shipped in 2020, accounting for 14% of total smartphone shipments, far exceeding the first year of 4G shipments.(2010) 1.3%, and next year’s smart phone shipments will grow again, thanks to the ambitious 5G plans of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers.Currently, smartphone makers are working to reduce the cost of 5G phones. Thanks to new chipsets from Qualcomm and MediaTek, some manufacturers have successfully launched mid-range 5G smartphone products.The industry chain also said that in addition to Huawei, domestic manufacturers such as OPPO, vivo and even Xiaomi are also actively promoting cheaper 5G mobile phones, because this will promote more users to switch to 5G mobile phones and get more from them.Market share, and for operators, this move can get more 5G users.The news of the industry chain is blunt. With the promotion of domestic mobile phone manufacturers, the current 5G mobile phone industry chain is expanding rapidly. It is expected that in the fourth quarter of 2020, there will be 5G mobile phones launched at less than 1500 yuan. At that time, the commercial 5G networkWill also be relatively mature, 5G mobile phone replacement wave will begin at that time.For users who want to replace 5G mobile phones, the coverage of the 5G networks of the three major operators will be higher this year, which will further improve user efficiency. At that time, terminal manufacturers will also launch 5G that supports NSA and SA.Dual-mode phone.

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